Top10 From Home

Top10 lists of the essential products and services that make it easier to live and work from home.

At our specialty is helping you make informed decisions that you can be confident about. Adjusting to a new reality of social distancing and working from home amid the coronavirus outbreak means you probably find yourself with lots of new decisions to make. We thought it would be a great idea to put together all the resources needed for living and working from home in one convenient place. From staying fit, to maintaining productivity, here is your ultimate #FromHome guide.

We've compiled 10 lists in each of the following categories:

1. Top 10 Lists to Help You Stay Productive From Home

2. Top 10 Lists to Help You Stay Healthy and Fit From Home

3. Top 10 Lists to Stay on Top of Your Finances From Home

4. Top 10 Lists to Maintain Your Relationships From Home

5. Top 10 Lists to Help You Stay Calm and Focused From Home

6. Top 10 Lists to Keep You Entertained From Home

7. Top 10 Lists to Stay Creative From Home

8. Top 10 Lists to Feed You and Your Family From Home

9. Top 10 Lists to Help You Stay Stylish From Home

10. Top 10 Lists to Stay Educated From Home

Top 10 Lists to Help You Stay Productive From Home

Working from home can be a challenge. However, with the right tools you can be every bit as productive as you are in the office. Read our tips on Staying Efficient While Working From Home.

  1. Best Tools for Working From Home - Staying connected, organized and synced with all of your colleagues and clients is key to successful remote work. Be sure you have the right tools.
  2. Best Project Management Software - How do you keep tasks straight, projects on target and teams collaborating smoothly? With the right software made to work from anywhere.
  3. Best Online Store Builders of 2020 - When you want to expand your customer base beyond geographical limits, take your store online and let your business flourish from home.
  4. Best Business VoIP Providers 2020 - Your business communications can thrive outside of the office, letting you connect successfully with your clientele from anywhere.
  5. Best Video Conferencing - Meetings, consultations, job interviews and just about any business interaction can be held from the comfort of home with a crystal clear connection.
  6. Best Productivity Apps - To work from home successfully, productivity is the name of the game. You need the right apps to help keep you running at peak efficiency.
  7. Best Anti-Procrastination Apps - Staying focused on the task at hand despite the myriad distractions you’re faced with at home demands useful apps that can keep you on track.
  8. Best Job Listing Sites - Seeking a job, or finding employees, doesn’t have to be put on hold. You can connect with the right people from home with the right job listing site.
  9. Best Website Builders of 2020 - Being online is essential for businesses in the 21st century, and building a website for your business is easier than ever before.
  10. Best Web Hosting Services 2020 - Keep your business website running smoothly from home with the right hosting solution for your budget and needs.

Top 10 Lists to Help You Stay Healthy and Fit From Home

You don’t necessarily have to leave the house anymore to get proper medical attention and information. And just because you can’t hit the gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay in great shape.

  1. Best House Call Apps - You can get expert medical help without leaving the house—on the phone, via video, or even face-to-face with a house call from a doctor.
  2. Best Medical Alert Systems - Ensure you or your elderly parents will get an immediate professional response in the event of a medical emergency at home, or outside.
  3. Best Apps For Surviving Flu Season - Whether you are already sick and need diagnosis and treatment, or you want to avoid viruses with the latest flu trends, there’s an app for that.
  4. Best Health Websites - Stay updated with medical information you can trust and make sure you’re going to vetted sources for advice on nutrition and health.
  5. Best Weight Loss Plans of 2020 - Staying home is the perfect time for setting a winning weight loss routine with a responsible diet plan that helps maintain your health.
  6. Best Fitness Apps - Going to the gym isn’t the only way to get motivated to hit your fitness goals. Fitness apps let you stay part of a healthy community from home.
  7. Best Workout Channels on Youtube - There is a world of guidance from fitness gurus in all different disciplines on YouTube that you can access from home, for free.
  8. Best Calorie Counting Apps - Monitoring your calorie intake can help you keep track of what you’re eating, and inform the changes you need to make to reach your health goals.
  9. Best Sites for Workout Clothes - The first step to crushing your fitness goals is to look the part. You can order a wide variety of workout clothes without stepping foot in the mall.
  10. Best Diet Meal Delivery Plans - Get the healthy food you need to hit your desired weight delivered directly to your door and keep your weight loss goals on track.

Top 10 Lists to Stay on Top of Your Finances From Home

You can get access to much needed funding or expand your investment portfolio without leaving the house. Take advantage of current financial trends to make a smart investment with the right tools.

  1. Best Lenders to Refinance Your Mortgage - There may be opportunity in tough financial times, such as taking advantage of lowered interest rates to refinance your mortgage.
  2. Best Personal Finance Apps - Everybody could use a personal assistant to help them to budget, especially in financially challenging times. These apps can be your financial helper.
  3. Best Money Making Apps - Want to make a quick buck by shopping, reaching your goals or carrying out simple tasks from home? These apps can help you do that.
  4. Best Money-Saving Apps - Knowing how to save money in times of need is a valuable skill that you don’t have to go alone. These apps can help you reach your savings goals.
  5. Best Online Investment Platforms - You can let your money work for you from your cellphone at home with these apps that bring the stock market to your door.
  6. Best Bill Negotiation Services - You can pay less for your utilities and other household bills with the help of a service that does the negotiating for you while you sit at home.
  7. Best Free Tax Filing Platforms - You can file your own taxes from home, for free, without the need for an accountant, and make sure you get your return in on time.
  8. Best Mutual Fund Brokers - For beginning investors, mutual funds are a sure and easy way to enter the world of investing without any prior knowledge.
  9. Best Debt Consolidation Providers 2020 - If your high interest debts from credit cards are piling up, you can look to debt consolidation providers for one lower payment.
  10. Best Business Loans Lenders 2020 - Every business faces challenging times, and a business loan can give you a much-needed infusion of cash to get you through it.

Top 10 Lists to Maintain Your Relationships From Home

Your love life, friendships and family ties don’t have to be put on hold because you can’t meet in person. You can connect from home and even gain new friends.

  1. Best Online Dating Sites and Apps - If you’re bored at home, now’s the time to perfect your dating profile and start connecting with others, whether it’s for romance or friendship. 
  2. Best Relationship Apps for Couples - Why not use the time you’re at home to cultivate a loving relationship that will last way beyond the era of social distancing. 
  3. Best Social Media Apps - Thanks to social media apps, you can chat, send photos, share stories and keep updated at all times with your loved ones, all from your phone.
  4. Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens - If you just want to stay connected with your family, without all the frills and spills, these phones are the best way to do it. 
  5. Best Video Chat Software - Just because you can’t physically meet with friends and family doesn’t mean you can’t see them. Video chat software helps you connect, wherever you are.
  6. Best Tools To Keep Kids Safe Online - If your kids are at home they will want to connect with their friends, and these tools make sure they do so in a safe and secure way.
  7. Best Xbox Streaming Apps - Thanks to these incredible apps, you can play your favorite Xbox games while connecting with friends and family simultaneously.
  8. Best Online Counseling for Marriage and Relationships - Being at home all day together isn’t easy, and it’s okay to ask for help if you care about your relationship, especially if that help is online. 
  9. Best Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas You and Your Partner Will Love - Who said you have to leave the house to have the perfect date? You’d be surprised at the amount of fun you can have together at home!
  10. Best Tips for Dating Someone With Anxiety - Uncertainty is not much fun if you have anxiety. If you’re dating someone with anxiety, make sure you know how to be supportive, for them and you. 

Top 10 Lists to Help You Stay Calm and Focused From Home

In trying times it’s important to have tools to keep you centered and going in the right direction. For example, online therapy is an ideal way to help you cope if you’re dealing with anxiety

  1. Best Online Therapy Services 2020 - Having an experienced, affordable therapist can help you with whatever life throws at you, especially when sessions are direct from your living room. 
  2. Best Apps for Anxiety - If you deal with anxiety, uncertain times can be hard. If you’re struggling and you don’t know who to talk to, there are apps you can turn to. 
  3. Best Meditation Apps - The beauty of meditation apps is that you can find a slice of mindfulness no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 
  4. Best Yoga Apps - Who said you need a fancy studio and a rigid schedule to do yoga? The best classes are the ones you can do from home how you want, when you want. 
  5. Best White Noise Apps - For better sleep or a more productive work environment, white noise apps enable you to create your own mood and drown out distractions.
  6. Best Apps for Better Sleep - Adjust your habits to your new schedule by using one of these amazing apps for better sleep that can really improve your sleep quality.
  7. Best Apps to Make You Smarter  - With all this spare time on your hands, why not use your phone or computer to improve your memory or speed up your thinking?
  8. Best Motivation Apps - Being at home all day can be pretty demotivating. But it doesn’t have to be. Download one of these apps and you’ll be raring to go in no time. 
  9. Best Self-Improvement Apps - Whatever your goal may be, downloading a self-improvement app can set you on your way to being that person you’ve always dreamed of being. 
  10. Best List-Making Apps - Making lists and being organized can really help when you’re thrown off schedule. Download one of these apps to help keep your life in order.  

Top 10 Lists to Keep You Entertained From Home

Your cellphone, television and game consoles contain an unending world of stories and adventures that can keep you riveted and keep boredom at bay. Or read an entertaining book that makes you smarter.

  1. Best Ebook Readers - The bookstores are closed and Netflix can only take you so far. Ebook readers can connect you to the best stories and help your imagination soar.   
  2. Best Android Games - From puzzles and brain workouts to action games and retro arcades, Android-based games can keep your mind limber and help you wile away the hours. 
  3. Best iPhone Games - iPhone games offer unlimited possibilities for world-building, role-playing, puzzle-solving, or simply wasting time. 
  4. Best Animated TV Shows for Adults - Adult-themed animated shows are a great way to combine childhood nostalgia with your love for darker humor.
  5. Best Anime Series of All Time - Anime’s otherworldly graphics and sophisticated storytelling are perfect for escaping your surroundings and exploring other realms.  
  6. Best Web Series of All Time - Entertainment is no longer the sole domain of big studios. These esteemed web series can make you laugh, cry, and stay glued to the screen for hours.
  7. Best Addictive Online Games - If you’re sick of looking at the clock or staring at the walls, these online fantasy and adventure games can help you forget about the world. 
  8. Best Netflix Original Series - The juggernaut streaming platform has been producing award-winning comedies and dramas that stand up to the best of Hollywood. 
  9. Best Playstation 4 Games - Playstation 4’s engrossing games offer players the chance to run, shoot, explore, and problem-solve from the comfort of their armchairs. 
  10. Best Shows to Watch on Amazon - Amazon offers a veritable treasure trove of comedies, dramas, and TV series that will have you blissfully binging the hours away. 

Top 10 Lists to Stay Creative From Home

One of the advantages of spending more time at home is finally having the time to pursue the creative endeavors that you’ve always dreamed of, such as teaching your kids how to prepare food.  

  1. Best Blogging Platforms - With time on your hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts, photographs, and creations via a personal blogging platform. 
  2. Best Podcasting Software - If you’re sick of talking to the walls, these programs can help you record, create, edit, and launch your own personal podcast. 
  3. Best Music Creation Apps - Music creation apps bring the studio to you with instrumentals, special effects, and recording and editing software that can capture your inner song.  
  4. Best Video Making Tools (for amateurs) - Beginners and budding filmmakers can produce their own professional-looking videos with these inspiring, easy-to-use video-making tools. 
  5. Best Online Tools for Writers - This is a great time to get your ideas down on paper. Writing tools are great for organizing, brainstorming, and turning your ideas into art. 
  6. Best Photo Editing Apps - Whether you’re updating old photos, perfecting your Instagram game, or preparing for a virtual gallery, these apps can hone your photography skills.
  7. Best Photo Apps to Boost your Instagram - Social distancing is a great time to reassess our social media approach. These photo apps are great for taking your Instagram game to the next level. 
  8. Best DIY Home Improvement Apps - If you’ve been putting off that redecorating project or avoiding those pesky repairs, these apps can inspire you and help you get to work.  
  9. Best Online Interior Design Tools - There may be no better time to breathe some new life into your space. These design tools can help you with practical advice and tons of inspiration. 
  10. Best Photo Book Services - Yes, the future feels uncertain right now. It might help to revisit the past and turn our memories into beautiful albums that we’ll cherish forever.   

Top 10 Lists to Feed You and Your Family From Home

You don’t have to travel to Paris to enjoy culinary delights. You can have a world of cuisine delivered to your doorstep, and even have the chance to eat like a celebrity with speciality meal kits. 

  1. Best Meal Kit Delivery Services - If you want to avoid going to the supermarket, or to restaurants, but you still want to eat healthy at home, meal kits could be the ideal solution.
  2. Best Online Wine Club Subscription Services - Treating yourself to fine wines delivered to your door is a fun and easy way to keep things interesting when you’re sequestered at home.
  3. Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services - Want to make sure your freezer is stocked full of healthy and tasty food for whenever you need it? These aren’t your old school frozen dinners.
  4. Best Survival Food Kits - You can never be too safe when it comes to preparing you and your family for an emergency. Survival food kits are good for outdoors, and for home.
  5. Best Online Grocery Services - Time is money, and going to the grocery store can take a lot of time. Instead, you can get groceries delivered to you fresh at home.
  6. Best Online Food Delivery Apps and Websites - Remember when the only food you could get delivered was pizza? Pizza’s great, but now you can get deliveries from almost any restaurant imaginable. 
  7. Best Cocktail Apps - You don’t have to go to the bar to get world-class cocktails anymore. These apps can turn your living room into a swinging cocktail bar.
  8. Best Cooking Apps - Recipes, tools and more are all at your fingertips with these apps that will have you feeling like a top chef in your own kitchen.
  9. Best Gluten-Free Meal Kits - Eating gluten-free has never been easier thanks to these meal kits that will have you eating healthy cuisine that fits your diet restrictions at home.
  10. Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services - Meal delivery kits are fantastic, but maybe you’re too busy for the cooking they include? Enter prepared meal delivery—an easier way to eat at home.

Top 10 Lists to Help You Stay Stylish From Home

The mall is no longer necessary for keeping up-to-date with trends. You can find a bigger, more chic selection without leaving the house. Be sure to shop smart to take advantage of the best deals

  1. Best Beauty Subscription Boxes – Bring the beauty counter to you with luxurious tailor-made boxes full of your favorite hair, makeup, and skincare products. 
  2. Best Fashion Sites – Looking for the perfect pop of color? Now’s the time to sift through your closet and refresh your wardrobe for spring. 
  3. Best Men's Fashion Online – With malls closed there’s no need to wait in long lines anymore. Access hundreds of top brands for men, delivered directly to your door.
  4. Best Eyeglasses Online – Getting a headache from staring at the screen too long? It might be time to keep an eye out for these leading eye care websites. 
  5. Best Online Jewelry Stores –  Trying to stay glamorous or treat someone to a special gift from the couch? These sites let you discover beautiful jewelry with just a quick click.
  6. Best Online Sites for Beauty Products - Say goodbye to mismatched samples and hello to variety. These beauty product sites allow you to find your perfect match with ease. 
  7. Best Places to Buy Shoes Online - Take a walk on the wild side! Ready your closets to hit the streets this upcoming fall with these online shoe stores. 
  8. Best Places to Buy Vintage Clothing Online - Reduce, reuse, recycle by shopping at these online clothing stores filled with retro and vintage fashions. 
  9. Best Sites for Plus-Size Fashion - Shopping is often hit or miss when it comes to fit. Avoid the struggle with the best brands and retailers for curvy girls. 
  10. Best Sites for Workout Clothes - You want to look the part and feel good doing it? Start moving and grooving in the latest workout gear. 

Top 10 Lists to Stay Educated From Home

Keeping your little ones busy and positively engaged at home can be a challenge, but with the online tools available today, they, and you, have multitudes to learn. You can start with this history lesson that has to be seen to be believed. 

  1. Best iPad Apps for Kids - Learning with your little ones is just a few swipes away. Keep your family sharp while home with these top rated educational apps for kids. 
  2. Best Tools to Teach Kids Coding - Do your kids love technology? Enrich their passions and teach them to code with these child-friendly learning tools. 
  3. Best Reading Apps For Kids - Discover fantasy lands and mythical creatures, or learn about the history of the stars, with these reading apps that will inspire and educate. 
  4. Best Language Learning Apps - Master the languages of the world with these educational and age-friendly apps for learning languages at home. 
  5. Best Online Learning Sites - Taking this time to hone your skills? These online learning sites let you or your children engage with your favorite subjects whenever, wherever.   
  6. Best Online Tutoring Services - Go back to school at the top of your class! Stay sharp or learn something new with interactive online tutoring available for all ages.
  7. Best Study Tools Apps - Easily distracted? Terribly unorganized? Stay focused with these smart study tools that will help boost your productivity and performance. 
  8. Best News Websites - With an influx of information on the web each day, stay up to date on the world around you with these reliable news websites. 
  9. Best Virtual Museum Tours - Experience the treasures of the world from the comfort of your own home by taking a virtual tour of these memorable museums. 
  10. Best Educational Podcasts - Pass the time with these entertaining and easy-to-listen to podcasts about history, economics, science and more.