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How to Use Your Phone as Your Secret Weapon Against Allergies

Allergies are irritating and at times can be life-threatening. Want to use an app to keep your allergies in check and stay safe, but aren’t sure which to choose?

Allergies affect as many as 30% of adults and 40% of children, and the numbers are only increasing. Though the runny nose and watery eyes are irritating, allergies can also be life-threatening. One of the best ways of avoiding symptoms is by avoiding allergens altogether, but that’s not always easy.

Lucky for you, there’s a secret weapon – your smartphone. Read on to see how allergy-focused mobile apps can ease symptoms, and maybe even save your life.

Avoid Irritants 

Aside from making phone calls and sending messages, we use our phones to download and use apps. Allergy apps have been springing up, as they offer allergy sufferers the advice they need during specific times, such as pollen season. Apps like Zyrtec AllergyCast and Allergy Alert take the guesswork out of allergies. Zyrtec AllergyCast is a free iPhone and Android app created by the allergy and cold medication provider, Zyrtec. The app helps you avoid allergies by tracking the daily pollen index and informing you when it’s high. It analyzes 40,000 zip codes to give you real-time and relevant updates, as well as showing hourly and 10-day weather and allergy forecasts. Allergy Alert has many of these abilities, with an added benefit; the app syncs with Ford cars, so you can check allergy information and the pollen index from the car’s display system.

Riskier allergies, like food related ones, can include nut, dairy, or fish allergies; and can be life-threatening in many cases. As anybody with high-risk food allergies knows, it’s extremely important to avoid the specific food at all costs. This is particularly challenging when eating out at restaurants because you aren’t in control of what’s going into your dish. For this, you should check out the AllergyEats app. The peer-based feedback app came out in 2010 and lets you see restaurant menus, ingredient information, and reviews posted by other users. Biteappy

is another app that can help you find restaurants that suit your dietary restrictions. You can input your allergens and then either search by location or food type to find the perfect restaurant for your needs.

If you’re more cautious and try to avoid restaurants altogether, Yummly and Substitutions can become your best friends. Yummly is available for iPhone and Android, and helps you collect

recipes from different websites according to your preferences. So if you are only interested in fish-free recipes, just type it in, search, and voila! Substitutions, which is only available for iPhone, helps you find substitutes to an ingredient in a recipe you are allergic to. Get suggestions for ingredients in place of fish, gluten, nuts, alcohol, and dairy.

Learn Symptoms and Get Relief Tips 

Allergies are frightening. Aside from having to avoid them, it’s critical to know what to do in the case of a bad reaction. Be sure to never get caught off guard by arming yourself with trusty apps. First Aid by American Red Cross is a free app available for iPhone and Android. The app provides you with walkthroughs, explanations, videos, and instructions on scenarios that may require first aid. This is particularly useful in the case of anaphylactic shock. Another useful app to have on your smartphone is the WebMD Allergy app. It has tons of information on indoor, outdoor, and food allergies, and lists treatment options. A cool feature is the app’s journal feature, where you can log your symptoms daily to keep track of your health.

Treat Allergies 

Like all medical conditions, it’s recommended to not only keep up with your symptoms and reactions, but check in with a doctor to ensure they’re not getting worse. We like ZocDoc. It’s a helpful app for finding doctors, in this case allergists. You can find a doctor near you, see what insurance they accept, and book appointments straight from the app. If you aren’t sure about your symptoms or what your symptom patterns are, use AllergyManager for a week or so before visiting a doctor to get the most out of your appointment. You can track your symptoms on the app, see their severity, and see patterns and trends. With this information, you’ll make the most of your doctor’s appointment, and leave feeling like you gave accurate information to get the best treatment.

Throw Away the Pills and Tissues

Allergies are rough. From kids, to teens, to adults, they affect a large portion of the population. Use the resources that are out there and arm yourself against both seasonal irritants, and more life-threatening allergies. There are incredible apps out there for people suffering from allergies, so make sure you’re always prepared.

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