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Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies 2022 - Plans & Prices Comparison

Laura Schier

You just purchased your dream house or moved into the perfect rental along with the elegant décor that turns your house into your home. It has been a few months and everything is unpacked and placed in its designated spot. However, within a few months of moving in, you get hit with a costly and unexpected expense when your heater blows out during the winter.

Buying a home warranty plan is a safeguard against unexpected costs as well as stress, especially during the winter months when you'll want to make sure all your heating appliances are in working order. 

But choosing the right plan is no easy task—there are many factors to consider, including budget, type of home, and lifestyle.
Here’s a look at the top 10 best home warranty companies plans of 2022 that might be right for your new home. selects
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Our Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies

  • 1
    Choice Home Warranty

    Choice Home Warranty

    • Best forHomeowners seeking affordable full-home coverage
    • Average annual premium$476–$660
    • Service requests24/7 by phone and online

    Choice Home Warranty offers affordable plans that cover most of your major appliances and systems. In addition, new customers qualify for a free month of coverage. You can submit a claim 24/7 online or via phone, and a service provider will contact you within 48 hours. However, services are not available in Washington or California, and Choice limits coverage to $3,000 per item per contract term.

    • Low premiums
    • First month free
    • 24/7 online and phone claims support
    • Coverage limit of $250–$3,000 per item
    • Not available in Washington
  • 2
    Select Home Warranty

    Select Home Warranty

    • Best forCustomers seeking affordable premiums and fees
    • Average annual premium$404.99-$756
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Excluding Washington, Wisconsin, Nevada, and New York, Select Home Warranty provides coverage nationwide. Homeowners can choose between 3 different plans that cover most major appliances and systems. Although it offers discounts that make its premiums affordable, its coverage limits are lower than those of many competitors. However, Select includes free roof leak coverage with all of its plans and 24/7 customer service support via phone.  

    • Affordable premiums and fees
    • 24/7 phone support
    • Free roof leak coverage
    • Low coverage limits
    • Not available in Nevada, New York, Washington, or Wisconsin
  • 3
    First American Home Warranty

    First American Home Warranty

    • Best forHigh payout caps
    • Average annual premium$372-$546
    • Service requests24/7 phone and online claims service No limit on number of service requests

    With more than 35 years’ experience, First American Home Warranty is a robust offering for those seeking strong all-round protection for their systems and appliances. Among its most attractive features are its promises to cover items regardless of age and to replace items that are beyond repair with a brand new equivalent.

    Although there are maximum payouts for multiple items, these are highly reasonable and affordable. Thanks to its clear and transparent application process, customers should also be well aware of which items fall within their coverage plans and which do not.

    • 24/7 claims service
    • Fully vetted tradespeople
    • Only 2 standard plans
    • App not available
  • 4
    Home Service Club

    Home Service Club

    • Best for Homeowners looking for extensive coverage options
    • Average annual premium$552-$799
    • Service requests24/7 online and by phone during normal business hours

    Since 2008, HSC has provided home warranty coverage to homeowners nationwide. Its two service plans cover most of your home’s major appliances and systems. Although its premiums and service fees are higher than many of its competitors, it offers promotions to make its plans more affordable. With HSC, you can get coverage for pest damage as well as unique optional features such as utility line coverage. You can submit a claim online 24/7, and HSC will schedule your service request within 12 to 48 hours. 

    • Provides coverage for pest damage
    • Available nationwide
    • 90-day workmanship guarantee on all repairs
    • High base premiums and service fees
    • No 24/7 phone support
  • 5
    Liberty Home Guard

    Liberty Home Guard

    • Best forHomeowners looking for reliability, reviews & quick claims process
    • Average annual premium$499.99-$639.99
    • Service requestsPhone or online, 24/7

    Liberty Home Guard has an excellent reputation with its customers, a great customer service offering, and a host of deals and discounts when you purchase a plan. For example, you’ll get 2 free months when you purchase a year’s worth of cover. Although Liberty Home Guard has a slightly smaller network of technicians than some competitors, you can source your own technicians, too. 


    • Excellent customer service
    • 2 free months with annual billing
    • Highly rated by customers
    • Not available in 3 states (WA, WY, WI)
    • Lower number of technicians
  • 6
    Cinch Home Services

    Cinch Home Services

    • Best forWorkmanship guarantee
    • Average annual premium$335.88-$1,163.88
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Since 1978, Cinch Home Services has provided home warranty services to homeowners nationwide. It offers 3 plans that cover most of your home’s major appliances and systems. While its service fees are on par with most of its competitors, Cinch’s premiums can be very affordable depending on your state.

    Unlike many of its competitors, it provides coverage for corrosion and rust damage as well as pre-existing conditions. You can submit a claim 24/7, and best of all, Cinch’s 180-day service guarantee ensures that you keep your service fees low for repeat calls.

    • Covers rust and corrosion damage and pre-existing conditions
    • 180-day workmanship guarantee
    • First 2 months free on all plans
    • Not available in Alaska or Hawaii
    • Not as many add-ons offered as some competitors
  • 7
    First Premier

    First Premier

    • Best forLower service fees
    • Average annual premium$420-$540
    • Service requestsPhone or email, 24/7

    First Premier Home Warranty has reasonable prices that are slightly cheaper than some competitors, and two free months included with your plan, making it a good choice if you’re on a budget. Its basic plan, Premier, includes a decent range of appliances and systems, with the option of upgrading or adding extras if you need more cover. 

    There’s also a 30-day guarantee on labor and a 90-day guarantee on parts. While the contractor network isn’t the biggest out there, First Premier aims to get your problems looked at within 48 hours.

    • $60 service fee
    • Two free months
    • Quick customer service response
    • Full details not on website
    • Not many plan options
  • 8
    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

    • Best forCustomers seeking high coverage limits and fast service
    • Average annual premium$239.88-$720
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has 40 years of experience in the home warranty industry. It offers 3 plan tiers for $19.99 per month, $51 per month, and $60 per month. Service fees are adjustable, ranging from $65–$100 per visit, but the base fee is $85. 2-10 HBW offers a generous $25,000 annual coverage limit, so you’re protected in case of multiple appliance or system failures.

    To start, simply visit 2-10 HBW’s website or call customer service. You can purchase a warranty anytime, whether you are buying, selling, or currently living in your home. Support is available 24/7, and you can expect a service call within 24–48 hours of submitting your claim.

    • Available in 48 contiguous states
    • Purchase a plan anytime
    • $25,000 annual coverage limit
    • Expensive annual premium
    • High base service fee
  • 9
    AFC Home Club

    AFC Home Club

    • Best forChoose your own contractor
    • Average annual premium$345-$575 (based on quotes obtained in August 2021)
    • Service requestsOnline or phone 24/7

    Offering coverage for a wide range of systems and appliances, AFC Home Club could provide essential peace of mind if one of the key items in your home were to fail. It offers 4 plan types (Systems, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), with each providing 24/7 in-house claims support. 

    Although its prices are roughly in line with industry standards, the provider does have a number of advantages over its rivals, including the longest workmanship guarantee in the industry and a range of attractive benefits.

    • Home inspection/maintenance records not required
    • Unlimited number of service requests
    • Freedom to choose own contractor
    • Live chat not available
    • App not available
  • 10
    Advanced Home Warranty

    Advanced Home Warranty

    • Best forCustomers who want appliance and system coverage at an affordable price
    • Average annual premium$476–$660
    • Service requests24/7 hotline

    Advanced Home Warranty operates as a sister company of Choice Home Warranty. It offers 2 plans that cover your home’s major appliances and systems for an affordable price. However, its coverage limits per item are lower than other providers. While it offers a free month of coverage to new customers, it doesn’t provide 24/7 online support.

    • Affordable premiums
    • All plans include appliance and systems coverage
    • New customers get a free month of coverage
    • Low coverage limits
    • No 24/7 online support
Breaking Down our Top10 Choices: Which is Best For Your Needs:
Choice Home Warranty-Affordable full-home coverage
Select Home Warranty-Reasonably priced premiums and fees
First American Home Warranty-Lower costs for premium plans
Home Service Club-Comprehensive nationwide coverage
Liberty Home Guard-Reliability, reviews & claims process
Cinch Home Services-Comprehensive workmanship guarantee
First Premier-Coverage on a budget
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty-Affordable appliance and system coverage
AFC Home Club-Contractor selection and repair gurantees
Advanced Home Warranty-Appliance and systems coverage
Compare the Top Home Warranty Companies
Choice Home Warranty
Select Home Warranty
First American Home Warranty
Home Service Club
Liberty Home Guard
Cinch Home Services
First Premier
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
AFC Home Club
Advanced Home Warranty
Reviews118 reviews100 reviews13 reviewsWrite Review44 reviewsWrite ReviewWrite Review18 reviews19 reviews30 reviews
Best for
Homeowners seeking affordable full-home coverage
Customers seeking affordable premiums and fees
High payout caps
Homeowners looking for extensive coverage options
Homeowners looking for reliability, reviews & quick claims process
Workmanship guarantee
Lower service fees
Customers seeking high coverage limits and fast service
Choose your own contractor
Customers who want appliance and system coverage at an affordable price
Average annual premium
$345-$575 (based on quotes obtained in August 2021)
15,000 in-network
10,000 in-network
Fully vetted local network
15,000 in-network
10,000 in-network
19,000 in-network
15,000 in-network
6,000 in-network
Both in- and out-of-network (number unspecified)
In-network (number unspecified)
Service call fee
$100, $125 or $150
$85 (or cost of repair if less than $60)
Service requests
24/7 by phone and online
24/7 online and phone
24/7 phone and online claims service No limit on number of service requests
24/7 online and by phone during normal business hours
Phone or online, 24/7
24/7 online and phone
Phone or email, 24/7
24/7 online and phone
Online or phone 24/7
24/7 hotline
Frequently Asked Questions
Which is the best home warranty company?
Choice Home Warranty, a national home warranty company with a great reputation and years of experience, is a top home warranty company that offers comprehensive plans at affordable prices along with reliable support and around-the-clock claim policy.
Are home warranties worth the money?
Yes, home warranties are the best way to protect your investment from common and unexpected incidents.
Is there a deductible for home warranty?
Yes, most home warranty plans come with a deductible that ranges from $80-$100, depending on the company.

What a Home Warranty Policy Can Offer Homeowners and Landlords

Let's say that you just purchased your dream house or moved into the perfect rental along with the elegant décor that turns your house into your home. It has been a few months and everything is unpacked and placed in its designated spot. However, within a few months of moving in, you get hit with a costly and unexpected expense when your heater blows out during the winter.

With a new mortgage payment and a limited amount in savings, you're looking at numerous financial options on how to pay for this unexpected expense. Had you purchased a home warranty plan, this expense - as well as any major systems and appliances that may need repair or replacement in your home - would have been covered.

What Types of Home Warranty Plans are Available?

Home warranty plans are usually broken down into appliance plans and systems plans. Some will simply be called Appliance and Systems plans, while others may have names such as Gold, Platinum, etc, though you’ll be able to tell which is which. Most home warranty companies offer a Combination, or Total, plan that combines appliances and systems. 

What Does a Home Warranty Include?

Home warranties typically include coverage the following major appliances and systems:

  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Central heating systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Interior electrical systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges, ovens, and cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Built-in microwaves
  • Water heaters
  • Plumbing systems 
  • Garbage disposals
  • Washers and dryers
  • Garage door openers
  • Roof leaks

When Do You Need a Home Warranty?

Home warranties are offered to all homeowners, both new and existing. Typically, home warranty plans are offered to the home-buyer when they are purchasing a new home. However, if the buyer decides not to purchase home warranty insurance simultaneously with their home purchase, then they can secure a home protection plan at a later date. There is no time restriction as to when a homeowner can decide to purchase a warranty plan.

Cost Involved with a Home Warranty Plan

Typical home warranty plans cost anywhere between $350-500 per year, or $45-60 per month, which can be paid in a lump sum amount during the purchase of a new home. This lump sum payment would be collected at the time closing costs are due for the newly purchased home. However, the seller, real estate agent or a family member or friend can purchase home warranties on behalf of a home-buyer. If a home appliance insurance claim is filed then the homeowner may be responsible for paying a service fee or deductible that typically ranges from $50 to $125. Please note, home warranty companies have different contract agreements, therefore fee amounts may vary.

What is the Coverage Term for Home Warranties?

While coverage varies depending on the home warranty company and the policy definitions, it is important to understand that these policies are more like home service contracts that cover repair and replacement of appliances, equipment and other home features should problems occur within the period of coverage.

Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance

A home warranty is not the same as homeowners insurance. For buyers who finance their homes through any lending program, homeowners insurance is a year-to-year requirement. Home warranty provides very specific coverage for select appliances, equipment and other components over a fixed duration of time defined by the terms of the policy. Home warranty coverage may be extended, and warranty companies, such as Choice Home Warranty, normally send courtesy reminders to homeowners before the end date of the policy.

Home Warranties for New Construction

Builders may provide home warranties to buyers of newly-built homes. This type of home warranty may include coverage for some structural elements such as siding and stucco. At least for the first year of coverage, most warranties for new construction would cover the cost of labor and materials on features such as doors, trim and paint. Components of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system as well as the plumbing network may be covered for at least one year, as with Select Home Warranty. Some builders may extend home warranty coverage up to 10 years for major structural defects in new construction homes.

Home Warranties for Resale Homes

With a resale house, the home seller may provide a home warranty as part of an incentive package to reassure the buyer that repairs and replacement of existing appliances and equipment included in the home will be covered. The duration of coverage can run from one month to one year from the date of closing. Depending on how the policy is written, the coverage may be staggered based on the appliance or equipment in question. For instance, home warranty coverage for a washer and dryer set may be good for the first 3 months only, but the water heater may be covered for a year. Companies such as AFC cover on a yearly basis.

Homeowners may also opt to purchase a home warranty policy from a third party provider as additional coverage. Buyers who are financing the home purchase through loans from the Department of Veteran Affairs may be asked for add-on contracts that may be provided by the builder.

Coverage terms vary between home warranty companies, which is why it’s crucial that you know how long you’re covered for before signing on the dotted line.

Home Warranty Process

Filing a claim is a simple process. Prior to filing, review your insurance contract to verify the item that you need to repair or replace is covered under your plan. Next, complete the following steps:

Contact your home warranty company to file a claim

  1. The warranty company will review their home warranty plans to verify that you have a plan that covers the item in question
  2. The warranty company will schedule an appointment for you with a local contractor
  3. The contractor will diagnose the situation and makes a recommendation to repair or replace the item in question
  4. Repairs and replacements will be carried out
  5. You pay a cost in the form of a service fee to the warranty company
  6. Done

How to Choose the Best Home Warranty Plan for You

As there are many providers to choose from that have a variety of plan options, the best home warranty companies depend on how they can meet the needs of your home. The best way to select the right home protection plan for you is by doing your research on what each company has to offer.

Want to learn more before choosing? These in-depth reviews are packed full of information on the top home warranty providers. Once you've selected the plan that best fits your needs, you'll join the many homeowners that have peace of mind because they are protected by one of the top home warranty companies.

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