The Best Home Warranty Companies for Keeping Repair Costs Down

Scott Hirsch

Buying a home warranty plan is a safeguard against unexpected costs as well as stress. But choosing the right plan is no easy task—there are many factors to consider, including budget, type of home, and lifestyle.

These are the best home warranty companies I tested and ranked:

1. Best overall: Choice Home Warranty

2. Best for accessibility : Select Home Warranty

3. Best for customized warranties: American Home Shield

4. Best for those on a budget: AFC Home Club

5. Best for online accounts: Liberty Home Guard

6. Best for flexible plan types: First American Home Warranty

7. Best for accessibility: Total Home Protection

8. Best for straightforwardness: Amazon Home Warranty

9. Best for real estate endeavors: Home Service Club

10. Best for low fees: Advanced Home Warranty

Full-spectrum coverage
Accessibility and ease of purchase
Customized warranties
Homeowners on a budget
Online accounts and support
Abundant and flexible plan types
Transparency and accessibility
Real estate endeavors
Low service-fee costs
10,000 in-network
15,000 in-network
In-network and out-of-network
10,000 in-network
10,000 in-network
15,000 in-network
24/7 online and phone
24/7 online and phone
24/7 online
24/7 online and phone
24/7 online and mobile app
24/7 online and phone
24/7 online and phone
24/7 online and phone
24/7 online and phone
24/7 hotline

Our Top 10 Best Home Warranty Companies

  • 1

    Choice Home Warranty

    Peace of mind from a nationwide provider
    Choice Home Warranty
    • Best forFull-spectrum coverage
    • Average annual premium$485
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Choice Home Warranty provides protection for all of your home’s systems and appliances in case of damage or break down. Customers can choose from 2 home warranty plans, the Basic or the Total plan, and both are reasonably priced. 

    Choice Home Warranty plans include all of the most common household appliances and systems including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, water heaters, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, and clothing washers and dryers. There are also some usual add-ons like pools, spas, well pumps, and stand-alone freezers, not to mention the less frequently covered roof leaks.

    You don’t have to worry about your home or appliances being in tip-top shape in order to receive coverage. In fact, Choice Home Warranty doesn’t require a home inspection at all. You can get coverage 30 days after the contract is signed. But you can have this grace period waived if you were just recently covered by another reputable home warranty service. What we really like about Choice Home Warranty is that you can call in a claim at any hour of the day or even night. Service requests are taken 24/7.

    • First month free
    • Round-the-clock claims hotline
    • Low service call fee
    • Only available in 48 states
    • High service-call fee
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  • 2

    Select Home Warranty

    Home protection without the fuss
    Select Home Warranty
    • Best forAccessibility and ease of purchase
    • Average annual premium$379
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Select Home Warranty offers 3 home warranty packages, the Bronze, Gold, and Platinum Care plans, and there are several add-ons you can include as well. The Bronze package is basically the appliances plan—covering your basic white goods and kitchen appliances. The Gold is the systems plan, and the Platinum is the combo package, which covers everything from appliances and air conditioning systems to your garage door. So, you pick the one that works best for you. 

    Select Home Warranty makes it easy to get coverage, not requiring any home inspection before purchasing a plan. But what was really impressive about this company was the huge network of contractors it has on staff. The more contractors available to you in your area, the faster you can expect a technician to arrive and have your item fixed. All technicians employed by Select Home Warranty are qualified and experienced professionals, so you can trust that you are getting quality work done.

    Another strong aspect about Select Home Warranty’s coverage is the repair or replace policy. The technician will assess your damaged appliance/system. If it is fixable, that’s what they’ll do. If the technician deems it unfixable or not worth the time, money, or effort needed to repair the item, you’ll be given a cash settlement for a new item. What’s more, Select Home Warranty will let you ask for a second opinion at no extra charge. 

    • Vast network of contractors
    • Available in all 50 states
    • Low monthly pricing, discounts offered
    • Claims must be filed within 3 days
    • Website has no live chat
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  • 3

    American Home Shield

    Flexible plans for homeowners across the US
    American Home Shield
    • Best forCustomized warranties
    • Average annual premium$439
    • Service requests24/7 online

    Since its founding in 1971, American Home Shield has provided more than 1.5 million homeowners with bulletproof home warranty plans. 

    One of the biggest selling points is the amount of choice it affords its customers—the company offers 3 plans as well as 3 service-call fee options, allowing greater flexibility than is standard in the field. Accessibility is another strength of American Home Shield. It offers coverage in 49 states and boasts a network of more than 15,000 contractors.

    As far as plans go, American Home Shield offers 3 clear-cut options to choose from: an appliances, systems, and combo plan. On top of that, you can build your own plan from scratch, a nice option if you’d like to bypass certain components of the standard plans. No home inspections are required before purchasing, and claims can be filed at all hours through an online portal.

    • Well-established company with millions of customers
    • Option to build your own warranty plan
    • More than 15,000 contractors
    • Must request quote to view pricing
    • No live chat on website
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  • 4

    AFC Home Club

    Thorough plans with extended guarantees
    AFC Home Club
    • Best forHomeowners on a budget
    • Average annual premium$350
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Another home warranty that emphasizes choice, America’s 1st Choice Home Club offers more plans than the average provider as well as the ability to choose your own technicians. 

    AFC’s 4 plans offer plenty of freedom in choosing a path that’s right for each home and lifestyle. As far as coverage, the plans are consistent with industry standards: there’s a basic system plan and 3 tiers, from silver to platinum, that include all the essential appliances and systems as well as optional add-ons such as pools and septic systems. 

    Whereas most home warranties provide 30-60-day guarantees on work and labor, AFC extends the period for as long as your membership lasts, an impressive bonus that far exceeds most other companies. The company also lets you choose your own contractors when service is needed (though they can provide one as well), and offers easy service requests through its website. 

    • Parts and labor guarantee for the duration of your membership
    • Choose your own technician
    • Four plans with plenty of flexibility
    • No pricing on website
    • Service-call fees unclear
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  • 5

    Liberty Home Guard

    Transparent provider with 24/7 access
    Liberty Home Guard
    • Best forOnline accounts and support
    • Average annual premium$399
    • Service requests24/7 online and mobile app

    Liberty Home Guard offers solid warranty plans with personal online accounts that make them manageable for busy professionals. The coverage is pretty traditional, with one appliance plan, one systems plan, and the total home guard package that combines the 2. What stands out about Liberty is its consistency and accessibility. The company lays all of its information on the table and offers numerous avenues for interacting with customer service. When you sign up for a warranty plan, you can create an online account, which is where you can manage your plan and request service calls. Liberty uses a nationwide network of contractors though it allows out-of-network contractors upon request.  

    • Three comprehensive plans
    • Request service through personal online account page
    • Use out-of-network contractors upon request
    • Unavailable in some US states
    • Cumbersome website
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  • 6

    First American Home Warranty

    Budget-friendly plans tailored to your home
    First American Home Warranty
    • Best forAbundant and flexible plan types
    • Average annual premiumN/A
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    First American Home Warranty has the impressive claim to service close to half a million customers across the US, and with simple, straightforward contracts, low pricing, and professional technicians, it’s no surprise.

    Whether you opt for the Basic or the Premium coverage plan, First American Home Warranty plans are some of the lowest priced home warranty coverages in the industry. What’s even more exciting about First American Home Warranty, is that it allows you to pick and choose some of the coverage options, with up to 35 add-ons to choose from. This means you will pay for the items you want and not pay for the ones you don’t.

    All First American Home Warranty technicians are pre-screened, which means they are carefully vetted to ensure that they're qualified to do their job and will do so in a professional manner. Another useful feature of First American Home Warranty is that technicians are available 24/7/365. You can get a technician to come down even on Thanksgiving, July Fourth, or Easter. Isn’t it time you lived more securely? 

    • Guarantee on all work done
    • Long-standing reputation
    • 24/7/365 claims and coverage
    • Not available in some states
    • A/C coverage costs extra
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  • 7

    Total Home Protection

    24/7 support and solid customer service
    Total Home Protection
    • Best forTransparency and accessibility
    • Average annual premium$419
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Total Home Protection offers straightforward home warranty plans for homeowners and real estate professionals. The plans are easy to parse out and the company offers everything you’d want in regards to contractors and claims filing. The lack of pricing on the website is unfortunate, but the overall transparency and abundance of contact information is reassuring.

    THP offers 2 major plans, a gold and platinum plan. Both are relatively standard, with the gold plan offering 15 components including the plumbing system, electrical system, and most common appliances, while the platinum adds AC and heating systems to the list as well as additional appliances. Homeowners can opt for additional add-ons such as pool/spa and extra appliances. 

    As far as service details go, Total Home Protection falls near the top of the list. It features a wide network of contractors who are thoroughly vetted, licensed, and insured. You can file claims 24/7 online and via hotline, which makes it a contender for sheer convenience alone.

    • Plans are easy to understand
    • Pre-screened contractors
    • 24/7 claims filing
    • No prices on the website
    • Basic plan has less coverage than typical
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  • 8

    Amazon Home Warranty

    Accessible warranties without the baggage
    Amazon Home Warranty
    • Best forStraightforwardness
    • Average annual premium$479
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Amazon Home Warranty has been in operation for more than a decade, and in that time it has developed a straightforward trio of plans that are easy to understand and flexible with regards to add-ons.  

    AHW’s plans include an essential appliances plan, a major systems plan, and a combo plan. Together, they cover 23 items such as HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical systems, and refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens. The company boasts more than 10,000 in-network contractors and a 24/7 online service-request system. Service calls are a flat rate of $75. Though the plans themselves may be at the higher end of the price spectrum, the company’s experience, transparency, and reliability make them a solid choice for those looking to avoid hassles and attain peace of mind.

    • Plans are easy to understand with no stipulations
    • More than 10,000 in-network contractors
    • 10 years of experience
    • Higher prices than others in the field
    • Not available in all states
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  • 9

    Home Service Club

    Great for homebuyers and real estate agents
    Home Service Club
    • Best forReal estate endeavors
    • Average annual premiumN/A
    • Service requests24/7 online and phone

    Home Service Club’s plans can cover as many as 50 items in the home, making it one of the more comprehensive home warranty providers in the field. Homeowners can choose between 2 plans, a standard and a comprehensive plan, and opt for add-ons such as sprinkler systems and roof coverage. The company also offers specialty plans for real estate agents and homebuyers, plus a unique utility and service-line plan that broadens protected areas into the backyard water, sewer, and gas lines.

    • More than 10,000 contractors
    • Flexible service fee calls
    • Specialty coverage for water and gas lines
    • Minimal customer service information online
    • Cluttered website
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  • 10

    Advanced Home Warranty

    Simple coverage with speedy responses
    Advanced Home Warranty
    • Best forLow service-fee costs
    • Average annual premium$370
    • Service requests24/7 hotline

    Advanced Home Warranty’s strengths are not reflected in its website, which is sparse and somewhat lacking in essential information. This is a shame, since its home warranties are worth advertising. AHW offers 2 plans, a basic and total plan, whose coverage runs the gamut of essential appliances and systems. 

    Though the website is threadbare, the policies themselves are fleshed out and supplemented with solid service. The company offers a 24/7 claims hotline and responds to requests within 2 business days. Service call fees are fixed at $60 and include a 90-day guarantee on parts and 30 days on labor. 

    • Two comprehensive plans
    • 24/7 claims hotline
    • 90-day guarantee on parts, 30 days on labor
    • Sparse website
    • No online service requests
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Frequently Asked Questions
Which is the best home warranty company?
Choice Home Warranty, a national home warranty company with a great reputation and years of experience, is a top home warranty company that offers comprehensive plans at affordable prices along with reliable support and around-the-clock claim policy.
Are home warranties worth the money?
Yes, home warranties are the best way to protect your investment from common and unexpected incidents.
Is there a deductible for home warranty?
Yes, most home warranty plans come with a deductible that ranges from $80-$100, depending on the company.

What You Need to Know About Home Warranties

What a Home Warranty Policy Can Offer Homeowners and Landlords

You just purchased your dream house or moved into the perfect rental along with the elegant décor that turns your house into your home. It has been a few months and everything is unpacked and placed in its designated spot. However, within a few months of moving in, you get hit with a costly and unexpected expense when your heater blows out during the winter.

With a new mortgage payment and a limited amount in savings, you're looking at numerous financial options on how to pay for this unexpected expense. Had you purchase a home warranty plan, this expense - as well as any major systems and appliances that may need repair or replacement in your home - would have been covered.

What Types of Home Warranty Plans are Available?

Home warranty plans are usually broken down into appliance plans and systems plans. Some will simply be called Appliance and Systems plans, while others may have names such as Gold, Platinum, etc, though you’ll be able to tell which is which. Most home warranty companies offer a Comprehensive, or Total, plan that combines appliances and systems. 

What Does a Home Warranty Include?

Home warranties typically include coverage the following major appliances and systems:

  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Central heating systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Interior electrical systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges, ovens, and cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Built-in microwaves
  • Water heaters
  • Plumbing systems 
  • Garbage disposals
  • Washers and dryers
  • Garage door openers
  • Roof leaks

When Do You Need a Home Warranty?

Home warranties are offered to all homeowners, both new and existing. Typically, home warranty plans are offered to the home-buyer when they are purchasing a new home. However, if the buyer decides not to purchase home warranty insurance simultaneously with their home purchase, then they can secure a home protection plan at a later date. There is no time restriction as to when a homeowner can decide to purchase a warranty plan.

Cost Involved with a Home Warranty Plan

Typical home warranty plans cost anywhere between $350-500 per year, or $45-60 per month, which can be paid in a lump sum amount during the purchase of a new home. This lump sum payment would be collected at the time closing costs are due for the newly purchased home. However, the seller, real estate agent or a family member or friend can purchase home warranties on behalf of a home-buyer. If a home appliance insurance claim is filed then the homeowner may be responsible for paying a service fee or deductible that typically ranges from $50 to $100. Please note, home warranty companies have different contract agreements, therefore fee amounts may vary.

Home Warranty Process

Filing a claim is a simple process. Prior to filing, review your insurance contract to verify the item that you need to repair or replace is covered under your plan. Next, complete the following steps:

Contact your home warranty company to file a claim

  1. The warranty company will review their home warranty plans to verify that you have a plan that covers the item in question
  2. The warranty company will schedule an appointment for you with a local contractor
  3. The contractor will diagnose the situation and makes a recommendation to repair or replace the item in question
  4. Repairs and replacements will be carried out
  5. You pay a cost in the form of a service fee to the warranty company
  6. Done

How to Choose the Best Home Warranty Plan for You

As there are many providers to choose from that have a variety of plan options, the best home warranty companies depend on how they can meet the needs of your home. The best way to select the right home protection plan for you is by doing your research on what each company has to offer.

Want to learn more before choosing? These in-depth reviews are packed full of information on the top home warranty providers. Once you've selected the plan that best fits your needs, you'll join the many homeowners that have peace of mind because they are protected by one of the top home warranty companies.

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