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Home Security America (HSA) Home Warranty Review 2024

Plans, Pricing & Coverage

Katy Ward

In a Nutshell

HSA Home Warranty offers comprehensive and affordable coverage to those in the process of buying or selling a property. Offering 2 basic plans (Buyer Only and Buyer/Seller), it allows customers to include an extensive range of add-ons with their policies and make claims 24/7. Although the provider is available in fewer than 30 states, it does not require a home inspection and allows policyholders to transfer their plans to new owners.


  • Prices clearly displayed online
  • Home inspections not required
  • 24/7 claims service


  • Not available in all 50 states
  • Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau

HSA Home Warranty HSA Home Warranty Compare All

HSA Home Warranty Plans 

The provider offers 2 basic plan types, although the level of coverage you receive will depend on the state you live in. When we searched for coverage in the state of New York, we received the following details.

Item covered

Buyer only

Best for purchasing a new property

Best for all aspects of a property sale

Central heat, central air/heat pump, thermostat, and ductwork

Optional $40

Water heater and instant hot water dispenser

Water, gas, drain and waste lines

Routing of drain line stoppages

Toilet tank and bowl (builder’s standard); wax ring seals

Plumbing parts, sump pump, whirlpool bathtub

Electrical system, garage door openers

Attic fans, exhaust fans, and ceiling fans

Dishwasher, trash compactor, and garbage disposal

Failures due to sediment

Failures due to lack of maintenance

Clothes washer and dryer

Re-key (up to 6 keyholes and 4 identical keys)

Refrigerator (including ice maker/beverage dispenser)

Doorbell and central vacuum

Burglar alarm & fire alarm

Roof leaks

You can also add a 7-star upgrade to your plan, which will provide the following protection:

  • $250 towards code violations
  • Permits up to $250 per occurrence
  • Central air: refrigerant recovery and non-ducted window/wall air conditioner
  • HVAC: registers, grills, filters, and heat lamps
  • Mismatched heating and/or air conditioning system
  • Improper installation/repair
  • Removal/disposal of replaced equipment
  • Oven/range interior lining, clocks, rotisseries, racks, handles, knobs, and dials
HSA website home page screenshot

Optional Add-Ons

When we searched for coverage in the state of New York, we were offered the following optional add-ons:

  • Electronics plan by Asurion
  • Home freezer
  • Swimming pool
  • Water well pump/septic system
  • Freestanding ice maker/wine chiller
  • Pool/hot tub combination
  • Water softener
  • Hot tub 
  • Electronic air cleaner

Plan Exclusions

You will not be covered for the following:

  • Non-mechanical items such as windows, walls, and doors
  • Normal maintenance services such as replacing filters
  • Failures due to improper maintenance
  • Improper installation
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Modifications to fit a new system to an existing space

HSA Home Warranty Plan Pricing (Plan Pricing, Service Fees)

The price of your plan will vary depending on the levels of coverage in your state. When we searched for coverage in a range of states online, we received the following quotes.


Buyer only plan

Seller/buyer plan

Trade call fee




Upgrade to central heat, air/heat pump, thermostat/ ductwork: $65





Upgrade to central heat, air/heat pump, thermostat/ ductwork: $60





Upgrade to central heat, air/heat pump, thermostat/ ductwork: $60


Rhode Island



Upgrade to central heat, air/heat pump, thermostat/ ductwork: $40





Upgrade to central heat, air/heat pump, thermostat/ ductwork: $40


Although these prices are competitive when compared with other home warranty companies, we were surprised to see the level of variation between individual states.

We then called the company and obtained a quote for an address in Detroit, Michigan, and received the following information.

Platinum plan
Gold plan

Silver plan (systems only)

Service fee

$69.99 per month

$49.99 per month

$39.99 per month


How to file a claim with HSA Home Warranty

If you need to request a service, you can do so online or over the phone 24/7. Based on the information you provide, HSA Home Warranty will assign you a qualified local tradesperson within 24-48 hours who will then contact you by phone to arrange a time for a home visit.

The following payout caps will apply:

  • Platinum plan: $6,000 per appliance
  • Gold: $3,000 per appliance

Is HSA Home Warranty Legit? 

Having been in business for more than 30 years, HSA Home Warranty is one of the more well-established names in the industry. It is worth noting, however, that the provider is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Although it has just 4 reviews on Trustpilot, these are all critical of its customer service.

 HSA new customer sign up

What’s Unique About HSA Home Warranty?

By catering exclusively to those in the process of buying or selling a property, HSA Home Warranty operates in a niche market as most companies of this type are also available to current homeowners, while some also cover renters.

Help and Support

If you need to make a claim, you can do so 24/7 online or over the phone. Unlike some of its competitors, HSA Home Warranty doesn’t have an email address on its website.

When we contacted the provider by phone, we found its agent to be polite and friendly, and we received all the information we requested.

The provider has a fairly detailed FAQ section on its website. Although these mainly provided the information we needed, we were unable to find certain pieces of information such as payout caps.

HSA Home Warranty also has a dedicated resources section on its website, which contains a selection of home maintenance tips on topics such as refrigerator repair and air conditioning maintenance.

What about the HSA Home Warranty app?

HSA Home Warranty doesn’t currently have an app.

How to Get Started with HSA Home Warranty

If you’d like to take out a plan, the first step is to visit the provider’s website and select the state you live in from a dropdown menu. You can then see whether coverage is available in your area. If so, you can see the types of plans available and the cost of coverage.

You can also call the company to obtain a quote and will need to provide information such as your home address, name, email address, and residence type.

HSA Home Warranty doesn’t require you to submit to a home inspection before taking out a plan. However, it does stipulate that items covered under the plan must be properly installed, well maintained, and in good working order.

If you sell your home while your coverage is in effect, you can transfer your plan to the new homeowner at no additional cost.

How HSA Home Warranty Compares to Other Home Warranty Services

When we compared the provider against its competitors, we found its premiums and service fees roughly in line with its competitors. The principal difference in its model is that it is available primarily to those in the process of moving home.

Advanced Home Warranty

ServicePlus Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty

Average annual premium





In-network (number unspecified)

In-network (number unspecified)

n-network (number unspecified)

Service call fee

$85 (or cost of repair if less than $60)



Service requests

24/7 by phone

24/7 online and by phone

24/7 online and by phone

HSA Home Warranty vs Advanced Home Warranty

When it comes to premium prices, there is little to choose between HSA and Advanced—with the former quoting us prices of $445-$635 and the latter $476-$660. If you take out a plan with Advanced, however, you’ll also receive a free month of coverage. In terms of service fees, customers may potentially face lower costs with Advanced as it charges $85 or the cost of repair if this is less than $60, whereas HSA charges between $75 and $125. Unlike HSA, Advanced doesn’t allow customers to file their claims online, which may be an issue for tech-savvy customers. 

HSA Home Warranty HSA Home Warranty Compare All

HSA Home Warranty vs ServicePlus Home Warranty

If you’re basing your home warranty search on premium costs, you’re likely to find HSA and ServicePlus offer similar prices at the lower end of the quote range ($445 and $419). However, you may notice a more significant price difference if you have extensive coverage needs, with HSA charging up to $635 and ServicePlus quoting us prices up to $756. When you take out a plan with ServicePlus, you’ll also receive 2 month’s free coverage and limited roof coverage. We were pleased to see that both providers offer a 24/7 claims service online and over the phone.

HSA Home Warranty vs First American Home Warranty

First American has a definite advantage over its rival when considering premium costs, with the former quoting us prices of $372-$546 compared with HSA’s range of $445-$635. Although both providers operate on the basis of in-network contractors, First American doesn’t specify the number within its network, while HSA works with 25,000 tradespeople. One feature that sets First American apart from many of its rivals is that it will offer a brand new replacement for any covered older items it deems beyond repair. If you’d like to manage your finances on the go, you should note that neither company operates an app.

The Bottom Line

HSA Home Warranty offers comprehensive and affordable coverage to those in the process of buying or selling their home. And unlike some of its competitors, it displays its prices clearly online on a state-by-state basis. It is important to note, however, the service is not open to everyone as it doesn’t operate in every state. That said, it may prove an attractive solution for those in the areas it covers.

Frequently Asked Questions
When does HSA Home Warranty coverage begin?+-

If you take out a plan when you are purchasing a property, your coverage will begin the day of closing. Your plan will last for 12 months.

Does HSA Home Warranty cover pre-existing conditions?+-

Like the majority of home warranty companies, HSA Home Warranty will not cover defects that existed before your coverage began.

How much does HSA Home Warranty cost?+-

The cost of your coverage will depend on factors such as the state you live in, the plan you choose, and any add-ons you select.

How do I cancel HSA Home Warranty?+-

If you have paid for your coverage up-front, you can contact the company to receive a refund. If, however, you have paid in monthly installments, you can cancel any time and your coverage will cease.

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