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In a Nutshell

Select Home Warranty provides coverage for homeowners looking for a basic but solid home warranty plan at an affordable price. Serving the entire United States, Select is a growing, yet relatively small home warranty company with a dedicated customer base.


  • Various special offers
  • Claims made by phone, email, or online form


  • Previously repaired items not covered
  • Coverage value limited in first 3 months

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Select Home Warranty

Best For

People with newer homes and appliances that have not previously undergone any repairs.


  • 2 months coverage free with sign-up
  • Customer service claims available 24/7


Select Home Warranty offers 3 coverage plans - ‘Bronze’ for select appliances, ‘Gold’ for select household systems and ‘Platinum’, which is a combination of the Bronze and Gold plans. Additional items such as limited leaking roof coverage or ice maker can be added for an additional premium.

The coverage from Select is fairly basic, but it does cover all appliances and systems commonly found in most homes and would be suitable for the majority of households.








Call for details




Call for details


Packages and Plans





Clothing washer

Clothing dryer

Garbage disposal






Heating system

Water heater



Air conditioning


Electrical system

Plumbing stoppage

Garage door opener

Ceiling fan

  • Bronze Care Plan: Basic coverage package
    • $36/month or $429.99/year

    • Includes repair or replacement of clothes washer, garbage disposal, refrigerator, oven, microwave, cooktop, dishwasher and clothes dryer

  • Gold Care Plan:
    • Most popular plan

    • Protects core services and items essential to the home. These include heating system, water heater, plumbing, ductwork, air conditioning, cooling and electrical system.

  • Platinum Care Plan:
    • $42/month or $499.99/year

    • Ultimate protection

    • Combines all of the coverage available through the Bronze and Gold care plans. Platinum also protects against plumbing stoppage, garage door opener and ceiling fan.

Any of the 3 plans available can be customized to include warranties for the following items; pool, central vacuum, sump/well pump, roof leak, freezer, sprinkler, septic system, ice maker, heat/furnace, water heater and spas.

Terms and Conditions

In line with the basic coverage from Select, terms and conditions are basic and easy to follow. As with the majority of other home warranty companies, Select Home Warranty covers only the elements of a system or appliance that are essential to the functionality of that appliance, meaning that the refrigerator is covered but any ice maker, drinks dispenser etc. that is part of the refrigerator is not.

Notable is the fact that during the first 3 months of coverage, the dollar limits are significantly lower than for the remaining 9 months.


Terms and conditions are clearly displayed on the Select Home Warranty website, and it is easy to see what is and what is not covered. The company is also clear about the limitations of coverage in the first 3 months of the agreement.

An online chat facility is available to discuss any questions you may have before signing up and an online quote system is in place. Copies of contracts/service agreements are available but must be asked for - they are not offered. 

Customer Service

Customer service is available 24/7 by telephone and an additional option of online chat is available during business hours. Claims can be submitted by telephone, online form or email and Select commits to having a contractor to you within 2 days, for claims submitted during business hours or 4 days for claims submitted at weekends or on public holidays.

A service fee of $60 is payable to the contractor upon arrival to your home. Failure to pay this fee will result in suspension of service.

Reviews on the Select Home Warranty website demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction. Theymention both speed and quality of repairs along with the helpfulness of the customer service representatives.


Select Home Warranty only uses qualified, licensed contractors. The contractor network extends to every state and every home system and appliance. If an occasion should arise where a qualified local contractor is not available within the stated time-frame, Select may authorize you to employ a qualified licensed contractor of your own choosing and will reimburse you (up to the dollar limit set in your plan) within 30 days. 

Select Home Warranty Select Home Warranty Visit Site

Bottom Line

Select Home Warranty offers basic coverage at an affordable price. As long as you understand the limitations and restrictions of the terms and conditions, Select could be the home warranty company for you. Based on reviews it appear that many customers are happy with the service they have received from Select.

About Select Home Warranty

Founded in 2012 and based in New Jersey, Select Home Warranty provides affordable service and contract coverage to home systems and appliances across the United States.

Industry: Home Warranty

Founded: 2012

Regions served: Nationwide

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