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The Best Home Warranty for Homeowners of 2024

David Granahan
Homeowners need a home warranty plan
If you’re a homeowner, having an appliance break down without warning can be a financial nightmare, especially if you’re juggling the many other expenses involved in maintaining a property. And, if the appliances in your home haven’t been replaced recently, the chances are that they may be approaching the end of their lifetimes.

By taking out a home warranty plan, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you’ll be covered financially should the worst happen. That's why we've taken a deep look at the pricing, availability and coverage offered by the most popular warranty plans specifically for homeowners, to help you understand which home warranty plan for homeowners are the best. 

Top 10 Best Home Warranty Plans for Homeowners in 2024:

1. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty logo

Product highlight: One month’s free coverage

Best for: Homeowners seeking a well-respected brand

Price: $476-$660 per year

With low premiums on its two plan types, Choice Home Warranty is an excellent option if you’re seeking reasonably priced coverage for the essential appliances in your home.

As well as offering a month of free coverage to new customers, the company will allow you to submit a claim 24/7 online or over the phone, which could be extremely convenient for busy homeowners. 

If you’re seeking an established company to protect your home, you may be reassured to learn that Choice Home Warranty has covered more than 1.65 million homes nationwide and has a network of more than 25,000 contractors. However, you should note that services are not available in California, and Choice limits coverage to $3,000 per item per contract term.

Why we chose Choice Home Warranty: Choice Home Warranty stands out for its 24/7 customer service, allowing homeowners to request service for covered items at any time, ensuring prompt assistance and convenience in case of unexpected breakdowns or repairs.


  • Competitively priced premiums
  • A months’ free coverage
  • 24/7 online and phone claims support


  • Low payout limits
  • Not available in California

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2. Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty logo

Product highlight: Free roof leak coverage

Best for: Affordable premiums

Price: $404.99-$474.99 per year

Select Home Warranty allows you to choose between three different plans, which will cover most of the major systems and appliances in your home.

In addition to offering lower premiums than many of its competitors, the company provides several discounts that can help you cut the cost of your coverage. As a homeowner, you may find Select’s free roof leak coverage to be one of its most attractive features. Likewise if you’re a new customer, you may also receive discounts on your premiums if you pay upfront.

Note, you may need to provide maintenance records for up to three years in order to qualify for coverage.

Why we chose Select Home Warranty: Select Home Warranty is worth it for its speedy claims processing, ensuring that homeowners can receive quick resolutions and repairs for covered items.


  • Free roof leak coverage
  • Competitive premiums and service fees
  • 24/7 phone support


  • Relatively low payout limits
  • Maintenance records may be required

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3. First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty logo

Product highlight: Covers older items

Best for: High-quality replacements

Price: $372-$546 per year

With more than 35 years’ experience in the home warranty industry, First American Home Warranty is a great choice if you’re looking for a well-established brand to cover your home’s systems and appliances. One of its most attractive features for homeowners is its promise to cover items regardless of age, which may be especially appealing if the appliances in your property haven’t been replaced recently. If an item is beyond repair, it will offer you a brand new replacement, while many of its competitors only offer the current market value. 

As well as a 24/7 claims service, First American offers an extensive network of fully vetted tradespeople. And, although it imposes payout caps on many items, these are typically well above the industry standard.

Why we chose First Home Warranty: First American Home Warranty offers their "First Class Upgrade" option, which allows homeowners to upgrade their coverage for certain items at a discounted rate. This provides flexibility and enhanced protection for specific issues that may be of particular concern to new homeowners like correcting code violations or incorrect installations. 


  • Covers older items
  • 24/7 claims service
  • Offers brand-new replacements


  • Only two plan types
  • No app

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4. The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club logo

Product highlight: Covers pest damage 

Best for: Covering a wide range of items and issues

Price: $552-$679 per year

With one of the most comprehensive levels of coverage in the industry, The Home Service Club is an attractive option if you value the peace of mind of knowing that your home is well protected.

Covering more than 30 items on its Comprehensive plan, the company will protect you against standard wear and tear, as well as incidents excluded by many other providers, such as pest control. It also guarantees that it will only use new and brand names on any replacements for your systems and appliances.

If you make a claim, The Home Service Club aims to schedule your tradesperson’s visit within 12 to 48 hours, and offers a 90-day service guarantee. However, it does charge high service fees and premiums compared with competitors.

Why we chose The Home Service Club: HSC stands out as a home warranty choice for homeowners due to its coverage of pest damage under the Comprehensive plan, a feature that sets it apart from competitors. Additionally, HSC offers unique optional coverage options such as the Utility Line Package and protection for a sprinkler system.


  • Provides coverage for pest damage
  • Available nationwide
  • Only offers brand name replacements


  • Relatively high premiums and service fees
  • No 24/7 phone support

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5. Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard logo

Product highlight Two months’ free coverage with annual billing

Best for: Excellent customer service

Price: $499.99–$699.99 per year

Offering first-rate customer service and with a great reputation, Liberty Home Guard could be an excellent choice if you’re seeking a home warranty provider that takes the stress out of protecting your property’s systems and appliances.

As well as three decently priced plans, it offers several attractive deals and discounts when you purchase a plan. For instance, you could receive two months’ free coverage if you sign up for annual billing. You can make a claim 24/7 and the company will attempt to dispatch a technician within 24 to 48 hours.

Although it has slightly fewer technicians in its network than competitors do, it’s a reliable service that could save you time and money in the long run.

Why we chose Liberty Home Guard: One standout feature of Liberty Home Guard is that you can get free roof leak coverage with the purchase of a plan. This small gesture shows how far Liberty can go to keep you a satisfied customer, as roof leaks often happen when you least expect them.


  • Excellent customer service and reputation
  • Two free months with annual billing
  • 24/7 claims available


  • Not available in all 50 states
  • Relatively high premiums

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6. Cinch Home Services

Cinch Home Services logo

Product highlight: 180-day labor guarantees

Best for: Short response times and workmanship guarantees

Price: $419.88.88-$815.88

With one of the most transparent and easy-to-use websites in the industry, Cinch Home Service’s can provide an instant quote based on your location, which could be extremely convenient for time-pressed homeowners.

In addition to normal wear and tear, Cinch’s policies cover rust and corrosion damage and pre-existing conditions, which makes the company’s coverage especially attractive if you’ve had previous issues with your property. In another attractive feature, the company will schedule repairs within two to 24 hours and guarantee repairs for 180 days. 

Why we chose Cinch: Cinch is a preferred home warranty provider for homeowners because of its and user-friendly website. Their online quote feature allows you to obtain instant quotes for any of their three plans or service fee options based on your location, eliminating the need to contact an agent.


  • Covers rust pre-existing conditions
  • 180-day guarantee on repairs
  • Schedule repairs within two to 24 hours


  • Not available in all 50 states
  • Fewer add-ons than some competitors

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7. First Premier Home Warranty

First Permier Home Warranty logo

Product highlight: Two months’ free coverage

Best for: Affordable premiums

Price: $399-$449 per year

Despite being a relative newcomer to the home warranty market, First Premier Home Warranty offers reasonable premiums, which are lower than many of its competitors. And if you're on a tight budget, you may be pleased to learn that it also offers two months’ free coverage when you buy coverage.

If you need to make a claim, you can do so 24/7 over the phone or through the company’s website, and First Premier will assign a service tech to your case within 24 to 48 hours. Note, there is a $1,500 cap on claims, which means you’ll only be covered for claims up to this limit.

Why we chose First Premier Home Warranty: First Premier is different than other home warranties because they offer a 90-day guarantee on top of the 30-day guarantee for labor, making for more than three months of protection on house work if something goes wrong. 


  • Two month's free coverage
  • Fully vetted tradespeople
  • 24/7 claims service


  • Relatively low payout caps
  • App not available

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8. AFC Home Club
AFC Home Club logo

Product highlight: Guarantees repairs for the term of your plan

Best for: Choosing your own contractor

Price: $345–$575 per year

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, AFC Home Club could provide affordable and reliable coverage for your home’s systems and appliances. 

In one particularly favorable feature, the company will guarantee repairs to the lifetime of your plan, which could be especially attractive if you would like to ensure the durability of the items in your home. This is much more generous than the periods offered by other providers, which are typically 30, 60, or 90 days.

Why we chose AFC: AFC Home Club allows you to choose the tradesperson who visits your home, which may be appealing if you have a trusted local tradesperson who often works on your property.


  • Home inspection/maintenance records not required
  • Unlimited number of service requests
  • Freedom to choose own contractor


  • Live chat not available
  • App not available

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9. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty logo

Product highlight: Exclusive discounts on GE and Whirlpool products

Best for: High payout caps

Price: $239.88-$720 per year

With prices beginning at $19 per month, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty could be a great choice if you’re looking for affordable coverage. With three plans available, you can choose whether you would like coverage for your kitchen alone or your entire property.

As a homeowner, you may also be pleased to learn that the provider offers exclusive discounts of up 65% to customers who buy new appliances from retailers such as GE and Whirlpool. And if you need a replacement appliance, it will try to ensure that your new model matches the color of other items in your home.

Although premiums on its more comprehensive policies are higher than some competitors, it does offer other benefits such as $25,000 annual coverage.

Why we chose 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty: If you choose 2-10 HBW as a homeowner, you can benefit from their network of Builder Members, allowing you to obtain structural coverage directly from the home builder when constructing your house from the ground up.


  • Exclusive discounts on appliances
  • High annual coverage limit


  • High base service fee
  • Expensive annual premium

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10. Advanced Home Warranty

Advanced Home Warranty logo

Product highlight: One month’s free coverage

Best for: Reasonably priced coverage

Price: $560-$660 per year

If you’re looking to protect the systems and appliances in your home for a competitive rate, Advanced Home Warranty could be an attractive solution. As well as charging reasonable premiums, the company will offer you a month’s free coverage when you take out a plan.

With two plans, Advanced Home Warranty covers both systems and appliances, while also allowing you to add a range of optional extras for an additional fee. Before you buy coverage, note that the company’s coverage limits are lower than some of its competitors, although this may not be an issue if you don’t have high-value items in your home.

Why we chose Advanced Home Warranty: Things usually break when you least expect them, and malfunctions often happen at weird hours. That's why you need a home warranty service whose customer support team is available 24/7. Advanced Home Warranty's team is available around the clock, but over the phone only.  


  • Affordable premiums
  • All plans include appliance and systems coverage
  • New customers get a free month of coverage


  • Low coverage limits
  • No online support

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What is Home Warranty for Homeowners?

A home warranty is a service contract in which your provider agrees to cover the repair and replacement of systems and appliances in your home if they break down.

Typically based on an annual subscription, these plans cover the maintenance costs on items such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, plumbing, and heating—although this list isn't exhaustive.

In addition to their standard cover, many providers allow you to include extra items on your plan for an additional fee. Common add-ons include additional refrigerators, pools and spas, water softeners, additional heating coverage, and well pumps.

Most home warranty companies work with a network of fully screened contractors, which should ensure the person who visits your home has been properly vetted by the appropriate authorities. 

Although the size of these networks varies, several nationwide companies work with networks of more than 40,000 tradespeople. Depending on your provider, you can either pay for your coverage on a monthly or annual basis. You’ll also normally pay a service fee to the tradesperson whenever you make a callout. 

Why Do Homeowners Need a Home Warranty Plan?

A home warranty plan, like you can find at Choice Home Warranty, is a good choice for many homeowners. You know that every appliance is going to break down or wear out at some point—you just don’t know when. A home warranty policy gives you the peace of mind of knowing that whenever it happens, you’ll be covered.

Usually, a home warranty gives you better prices for repair or replacement of your appliances than you'd be able to negotiate on your own. It helps that the age of your home doesn't make much difference to the cost, so if you have an older home with appliances that are more likely to need fixing, you'll be able to get coverage without paying through the roof.

Having a home warranty policy also makes it easy for you to access a reliable local contractor. It’s an especially good idea for older homeowners who might find it difficult to do small repairs on their own, or for anyone who’s too busy to search for an electrician in an emergency (which would be most of us).

A home warranty is particularly recommended for home buyers and sellers. If you’ve agreed to buy a home, a home warranty provides reassurance that if anything breaks down between signing the contract and your move-in date, it’ll be fixed. For home sellers, offering a home warranty can be a good sweetener to attract buyers. It also means that you won’t worry about a broken furnace tanking your deal at the last minute.

How Does a Home Warranty Work?

If you become aware of a faulty system or appliance, you’ll need to report this issue to your provider as soon as possible. You can typically make reports over the phone or online, with many providers offering a 24/7 claims service.

In most cases, your home warranty provider will arrange for a tradesperson to inspect your appliance, although a few will allow you to choose your own tradesperson. While all companies are different, many will initiate your claim within two to four business days. In the case of an emergency such as a burst pipe or loss of electricity, certain providers will expedite your claim.

Once the tradesperson visits your home, they will decide whether your appliance can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. After the work has been completed, your provider will typically guarantee the parts and labor for a set amount of time. This period is often 30, 60, 90 days, while certain companies will guarantee the work for as long as you hold a valid plan.

What’s the Difference Between a Home Warranty and Home Insurance?

Home insurance pays for damage done to your home itself or to your personal possessions by some kind of catastrophe. It could be a fire, flood, burglary or other natural disaster—home insurance will cover it.

Home warranties are different. A home warranty covers the cost of fixing or replacing your electrical or mechanical appliances only. Unlike home insurance, a home warranty pays for damage due to the wear and tear of regular use. Learn more about the differences between home warranty and home insurance here.

Make the Right Home Warranty Choice

As a homeowner, you know the importance of keeping your appliances and systems running like new, which is why it’s vital that you protect them with a home warranty plan. Select the home warranty plan that's right for you and you'll never need worry about home repairs again. Read here if you'd like to know more about what home warranty for homeowners covers and things home warranty surprisingly doesn't cover.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a home warranty for homeowners cost?+-

The cost of your coverage will depend on the type of your property type, your location, and the plan you choose. As a general rule, you can expect to pay between $400 and $700 for home warranty coverage per year. Most companies also charge a service fee, which you’ll pay to the tradesperson when you make a claim.

Is a home warranty for homeowners worth it?+-

If you would struggle to meet the cost of unexpected repair on one of your essential appliances, this type of protection can provide invaluable peace of mind. If, however, you have sufficient savings to meet the cost of repairs yourself, you may not need a home warranty plan.

How long does a home warranty for homeowners last?+-

Most home warranty plans cover you for a period of 12 months. Note, most companies have a waiting period before you can make a claim. Although this period is typically 30 days, it can be up to 60 days in certain cases.

David Granahan
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