The Best Website Builders of 2020

Sarah PritzkerBySarah PritzkerNov. 21, 2019

Welcome to the 21st century. It’s a digital age in which consumers won’t even look at a business without a website, product searches have shifted to the online platforms, and buyers are making their decisions based on online reviews, availability, and website content. Yes, living in the digital era means one important thing for a business owner: you better have an online presence if you want anyone to notice you.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have a website yet. Another beautiful thing about living in the digital era is the ease with which you can build and populate a website in no time. Selecting the right website builder for your business could take time and a lot of research, though, which is why we’ve made it easy on you. Below is a list of the best website builders in the industry and just what makes them great. 

SMBs, restaurants, musicians, photographers
Professional websites with top quality design
Beginners and SMBs looking for a quick site
Well-designed sites with a great vibe & tools
Affordable sites that are easy to edit
Making a prof. website with lots of features
Professional site design with lots of extras
Those seeking a cheap, DIY website builder
From $4.50per month
From $12per month
From $4per month
From $9per month billed annually
From $2.95per month
From $4per month
From $10.80per month billed annually
From $1.95per month, $22.95 after
No14-day free trial
No14-day money-back guarantee
Yesand 14-day free trial
Full analytics
Dedicated Squarespace Analytics tool
Dedicated tool with upgrade
On all plans except free one
Yes via add on
Advanced statistics and analytics tools
Analytics plugins
Drag and drop
Various tools
Built-in tool
Basic editing
Built-in tool for advanced editing
Easy image editor
Basic editor with image library
Yeswithin 30 days of expiration
No RSS or export option
Partial information transfer
Yes via domain name transfer request
Personalized SEO, email marketing, social, +
Site map, SSL cert, HTML markup, tagging, +
Site submissions, basic SEO tools
Smart tech for auto SEO and customized plan
Smart SEO optimizer, customized plan
Built-in sitemap, tags, social, +
Tags, sitemap, 301s, webmaster, +
Business listing, content dev, keyword, +
Yeswith advanced plans
Yes with dedicated plan
Yes with dedicated plan
Yes with dedicated plan
Yes with dedicated plan

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Website Builders

  • 1


    All-inclusive website builder with the frills
    • Best forSMBs, restaurants, musicians, photographers
    • PriceFrom $4.50per month
    • Free versionYes

    Wix easily sits as one of the top 3 website builders on the market. It’s got hundreds of templates to choose from, delightfully simple drag-and-drop editor functionality, and packs a lot of features even into its free accounts. Without an ounce of design knowhow, you can create, edit, and upload your own website in a relatively short amount of time too.

    There’s even an Ecommerce solution for businesses that want to sell their products directly online. Of course, Wix isn’t for everyone. It’s a bit barebones if you’re looking for something totally customized to fit your business. And the number of options just may set your head a-spin. But if you’re looking for an incredibly intuitive, coding-free, and good looking website builder, Wix is a top choice that comes with plenty of user satisfaction and reviews to back up its reputation.

    • Comprehensive free version
    • Easy to use for anyone
    • Best-in-class reputation
    • Templates are rigid, not much flexibility
    • Confusing pricing structure
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  • 2


    Professional websites with powerful features
    • Best forProfessional websites with top quality design
    • PriceFrom $12per month
    • Free versionNo14-day free trial

    Squarespace does an excellent job of delivering a top-quality website builder experience. For one thing, the templates are crisp, clean, and professionally designed. It’s also nice the way Squarespace conveniently organizes templates by industry and genre, so you can quickly pick one based on your requirements.

    Squarespace also includes a lot of features and extras into the pricing plans, even the lowest tier. Things like SSL security, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and on-site SEO features come even with the Personal Plan. And again, you see the unique professionalism and high ranking quality of this service within the strong features set being offered. Bottom line, if you’ll settle for nothing but the best for your business, Squarespace is your best option.

    • Professional quality and design
    • Great mobile app
    • Blogging app with commenting, multi-author, and more
    • No third-party app integrations
    • Shallow menu hierarchy
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  • 3


    Back to the basics site builder for beginners
    • Best forBeginners and SMBs looking for a quick site
    • PriceFrom $4per month
    • Free versionNo14-day money-back guarantee

    SiteBuilder is another option if you’re looking for a simple website builder tool. You won’t find a lot of the extras that come with some other website builders, but if all you want is to launch a basic website design, then SiteBuilder performs beautifully. Featuring the classic drag-and-drop editor, SiteBuilder lets you play around with templates to create a more personalized look to your site. 

    What’s more, SiteBuilder has hundreds of templates that span a huge range of industries. So, you can easily find an attractive theme that fits your niche and style. SiteBuilder also has a few additional features to make your website better, like creating contact forms and mailing lists to uploading live social feeds and videos. SiteBuilder also throws in a free domain name for the first year of service, a nice benefit.

    • Customizable layouts
    • Ecommerce store solution
    • Free domain name for first year
    • Barebones features set
    • No SSL certificate
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  • 4


    Solid builder with great usability and features
    • Best forWell-designed sites with a great vibe & tools
    • PriceFrom $9per month billed annually
    • Free versionYes

    Jimdo is a real rags to riches story, starting out in an old rundown farmhouse in the boondocks of Germany. Today, over 20 million websites have been designed using this innovative platform.  If you’re looking for a user-friendly and feature-rich website builder, Jimdo is a good place to turn. The templates are designed well and mobile-responsive, there are tools to integrate and sync with social media channels, and every plan comes with a free SSL security certificate.

    But best of all, Jimdo requires absolutely zero coding experience. While it does have an expert model for coders, Jimdo prides itself on being extremely lightweight and easy to use for anyone. Create forms, pages, and portfolios quickly and enjoy perks like domain names and email accounts, SEO tools built-in, and an upbeat, friendly customer support staff to turn to for help.

    • Free plan and inexpensive upgrades
    • Top of the line customer support
    • No coding required for fast and impressive website design
    • Needs a restore option
    • No credit card gateway for online stores
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  • 5

    Network Solutions

    Strong tools with plenty of add-ons
    Network Solutions
    • Best forAffordable sites that are easy to edit
    • PriceFrom $2.95per month
    • Free versionNo

    Network Solutions offers businesses all manner of tools and software for managing and running a successful business. Now, you can even build your own site using this popular tool. Network Solutions has both a DIY option and a professional builder plan. Either way, you'll get a free domain name, high-quality design layouts, and personalized email.

    The DIY builder comes with an easy point-and-click editor, so you can customize the templates to your taste, several integrations, and access to a massive image and icon library that you can use to make your website look the way you want it. Network Solutions also offers several advanced tools like social sharing buttons, SEO code, XML sitemaps, and MonsterMarketplace submission eligibility.

    • Impressive stock image library
    • Free domain name and personalized email
    • Easy point-and-click editor
    • Confusing interface
    • Site and tool could use a makeover
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  • 6


    Flexible, feature-rich, professional builder
    • Best forMaking a prof. website with lots of features
    • PriceFrom $4per month
    • Free versionYes

    No list of website builders would be complete without WordPress. The unrivaled king of content hosting tools, WordPress powers a staggering 34% of the internet’s content. Whether you want to open an online store, build your fan base, or design a portfolio, WordPress has the tools and features to make that dream a reality.

    WordPress has a free plan, so you can launch your own website without paying a dime. But if you really want the full functionality, you’ll have to pay for an upgrade. Pricing is reasonable, and all plans come with storage space, dozens of colorful templates to choose from, and some design customization. The premium plans also include important features like social media, site monetization, and Google Analytics tools.

    • Excellent customization tools
    • Tons of extra functionality and tools
    • Almost unlimited 3rd-party app integrations
    • Requires technical knowledge at some points
    • Plugins get tricky
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  • 7


    Feature-rich with more than the average
    • Best forProfessional site design with lots of extras
    • PriceFrom $10.80per month billed annually
    • Free versionYesand 14-day free trial

    Site123 is cleverly-named to tell businesses exactly what they can get: a website builder that will help you build your own customized site as easy as 1, 2, 3. In fact, this system is wonderfully simple to use. Despite its user-friendliness, Site123 comes with a robust set of features that can give your website an obvious edge over the competition. Tools like website design, booking scheduler, logo designer, responsive web templates, and SEO tools really create a comprehensive package for a reasonable price.

    Site123 is very good for bloggers because it offers comprehensive blogging tools like a full-featured comment system, auto-confirm comments tool, and easy blog post scheduling. Site123 plans are also heavily loaded with domain features, including a free domain name, domain management, privacy protection, redirects, and free SSL certificate. So, the company does a good job of covering a lot of your bases in a single service.

    • Flexible pricing plans and subscriptions
    • SEO, design, logo, and more tools built-in
    • Responsive designs
    • Pricey upgrades
    • Limited control over functionality
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  • 8

    Fast & easy website design for anyone
    • Best forThose seeking a cheap, DIY website builder
    • PriceFrom $1.95per month, $22.95 after
    • Free versionNo lets you choose between a DIY website builder or a professionally-built site. If you’re a do it yourself kind of business owner, you’ll appreciate the easy to use platform. Drag-and-drop editor, image library with thousands of choices, and customizable content blocks all add up to a fast and painless design process.

    Alternatively, offers the option to have its pro team design and create your website for you. The benefit of this option is that you get a sharp website without doing any of the work. websites are mobile-friendly, loaded with SEO-friendly features, and come with marketing tools to help grow your business. Even when building your own site, allows you to incorporate tools and apps, including PPC management, local business listing services, and ecommerce options.

    • DIY or pro build design options
    • 24/7 phone support
    • Launch your site in 15 minutes
    • Very limited template selection
    • Difficult to make complex edits
    Read Full Review

The Advantages of Using a Website Builder

The minimum average cost of a website built by a designer is $2,000, but every time you change your mind, your bill can get larger. You also have to wait until your designer is available to make the changes you requested. And in the end, there's a risk that you'll end up agreeing to a website that you're not actually happy with, just because you don't feel that you can afford to ask them to try something else.

Using a website builder is much less expensive. The best website builders offer plenty of choices. You can switch out the fonts, color schemes, and templates as many times as you'd like, without paying anything extra. Making changes to your website using a website builder is also much faster. With a website builder, you are in control of everything, from the placement of the call-to-action button to the font on your homepage.

What to Consider When Choosing a Website Builder Platform

The best website builder is the one that best fits your needs. Ask yourself some of these questions about your new website:

  • What type of site will it be?
  • What key features do you need?
  • Are you running an online store? If so, how big will it be? Some website builders have Ecommerce plans that limit the number of items you can sell per month.
  • What is the vibe of your business?

Ease of Use

The most important feature of a website builder is its usability. Try out the user interface on the 5 best website builders listed above by using their trial site builder. This will give you an idea of which one you find the most intuitive and easiest to use. If you do have some knowledge of coding, check that the website builders give you access to the CSS code, too.


Hopefully, your business will expand. In this case, you need to ask yourself if you need a website builder that can process more online bookings, reservations, sales, or sales inquiries. Similarly, if you decide to transfer your site to a different hosting option in the future, can you easily download the full site?


You should also check which templates are available. Take the time to check that they aren't all just slight variations of the same template. You'll need templates for your business' specific category, so a builder with hundreds of blog templates, but none for restaurants won't be much help if you're promoting your corner cafe.


All the best website builders offer a number of extra features to make building your website easier and better. Here are some features to look out for:

  • Setup wizards which guide you through the building process
  • Drag-and-drop, intuitive interface to design your site
  • SEO tools such as editing meta tags
  • Marketing tools including email marketing
  • Built-in analytics to track visitors' demographics, location, interests, and more
  • Ecommerce tools such as multiple payment processor options, inventory tracking tools, product descriptions, etc.
  • Integrated social media buttons to connect your social media networks with your new site
  • Mobile-responsive sites that update at the same time as your main site
  • Mobile-editing tools which permit you to continue tweaking your new website from your mobile phone

Site Speed and Tech Support

Your website loading speed is also important. You don't want to lose visitors just because your site takes a long time to load. Twenty-four-hour technical support is vital if you're creating a website yourself and need help when you get stuck, even if that's the middle of the night. Finally, although pricing shouldn't be the main yardstick you use to measure a good website builder, you don't want to pay too much for a mediocre website builder, so compare prices as well.

Is a Free Builder Worth It?

If you just want to build a basic site without an online store, then free website builders are excellent ways to get started. Usually, the free website builder plans come with much less storage, slower load time, and fewer SEO and marketing tools, if any. Critically, websites built on free plans don’t have their own unique URLs, but rather they have the website builder’s name in the URL, for example: 

Paid plans provide much better technical support and give you an ad-free website that doesn’t have any branding from the website builder. So, if you know that you need Ecommerce facilities, lots of storage space (for high-resolution images, videos, etc.), extra customer support, and/or a lot of webpages, free site builders are unlikely to work for you.

On the other hand, to just test the waters and begin establishing an online presence, a free website builder could give you just what you need to get started. This way, you'll have a professional-looking website that unites your social media networks and gives you a platform to present your business without a lot of bells and whistles. You can then upgrade to a paid plan when you need it. This could be when you outgrow your existing storage limit, need more Ecommerce options, or want particular features such as analytics or email marketing that are only available for paid users.

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