SquareSpace Review

ByJo SavilJan.10, 2019

In a Nutshell

With simple point and click functionality, you can build an original website with completely customizable features from start to finish. Plus, every feature is mobile responsive without any extra work. Using best SEO practices, and linking seamlessly with social media, allow search engines to find your brand easily, and start driving traffic towards your business today.


  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • SEO and analytics tools included


  • Customization options can feel overwhelming
  • No manual mobile editor

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Website Building Features

The Squarespace editor is very simple to use. The templates to choose from are split into easy-to-navigate categories, including business, photography, wedding, artists, and music. These templates can be completely customized by adding images and text and by choosing design features such as background or fonts, or by adding additional templates on top in a layering effect.

Man building a website

The number of customizable features at SquareSpace is seemingly endless. The drag-and-drop editor allows users to easily customize the location of website elements and the layout itself. In addition, users will be able to see exactly what their website looks like before it is published.

SquareSpace also has a wide range of Ecommerce features that customers can use to create a functional online store. Real time carrier shipping, integrated accounting features, as well as original personal touches like label printing are all included with the Unlimited package.

Squarespace provides a superb blogging platform with great features. These include LayoutEngine Based Editing with all Squarespace pages, and all Content Block types (text, image, gallery, video, audio, etc.) are available for use within each blog entry. You can also use media management, social media integration and much more. The design templates are visually pleasing, and like all SquareSpace templates, they are mobile responsive to attract new readers on the go.


Once upon a time, creating your own website meant learning CSS and HTML. Now, thanks to the Squarespace CMS, you can create a custom website and start managing your content in virtually no time at all—and you don't need to be a Web developer. A Squarespace CMS review shows that this platform clearly stands up to its strongest competitors: Squarespace templates are responsive, drag-and-drop capabilities make organizing content a cinch, and you can integrate Google Analytics.

Custom Templates

Squarespace templates are responsive, easy to customize, and allow you to tell your story with style. Choose a Squarespace theme that matches your personality or brand, and simply add your personal photos and text. Squarespace blog templates are also responsive, so it's easy for your readers to connect on desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Custom Fonts

Make your custom SquareSpace site truly your own by changing the font to reflect your brand and style. Create a sophisticated feel on your homepage or add a sense of whimsy to your blog—the choice is yours. SquareSpace font size is easy to alter, and you can even add SquareSpace custom fonts to your CMS using the style editor.


Creating a powerful SquareSpace ecommerce site gives you the chance to turn your store into a memorable brand and a powerful force in your industry. Display your products, tell your story, and utilize online marketing tools to reach more people. SquareSpace Ecommerce pricing is reasonable, so even the smallest operation can set up an impressive online presence in no time. SquareSpace Ecommerce templates make selling and shipping easy.


Deciding on the right look and feel for your website is a big deal. SquareSpace knows you want to create the perfect design, so SquareSpace template examples are available for free. View a live preview of an artistic blog, or get inspired by a SquareSpace Ecommerce example. Whether you are setting up a personal blog, artist's portfolio, or making an online splash with your new store, SquareSpace examples are here to get you started on the right foot.

Logo Maker

The SquareSpace logo maker has taken the stress out of crafting personal and business logos. Simply enter your name, choose an icon, and add your tagline. Once the SquareSpace logo creator has delivered your new logo, you can add it to business cards, T-shirts, and more. The logo builder puts branding in your hands like never before.


SquareSpace templates are always responsive, so you automatically have a SquareSpace mobile site that looks great on tablets and smartphones when you create a desktop site. Your SquareSpace mobile website will have seamless navigation, including a mobile menu. Visitors to your mobiles site will see the same attractive template theme you selected for your desktop site. Plus, SquareSpace mobile CSS alterations are possible for advanced Web developers who want to tweak their mobile websites.

SquareSpace SquareSpace Visit Site


Point your website domain purchased from a third-party provider to SquareSpace with only a few pieces of information, including your default nameservers. Thanks to domain mapping, your custom website URL will direct your visitors right to your SquareSpace site. You can also take advantage of SquareSpace nameservers by purchasing your custom domain right from SquareSpace.

Additional Features

Hosting is included with all packages at SquareSpace and all customers will receive a free custom domain name. If preferable, you can choose to add your own existing domain name. The premium packages at SquareSpace offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited pages, unlimited storage and unlimited blogs and galleries. Websites created with this builder are also automatically mobile-optimized so visitors can easily navigate the site on their mobile devices.

SquareSpace also has built-in website analytics that enables users to view the number of visitors to their site in real time. In addition, these analytics will tell users where their visitors are coming from and what keywords they are using to search for the site. SEO techniques including proper tagging, article links, XHTML code and XML sitemaps are also built-in to all SquareSpace websites.