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Top 10 Best DNA Testing Kits in 2023 - Unlock Your Ancestry

Nicky Lowney
The Best DNA Testing Kits of {year}

People buy DNA testing kits for a variety of reasons: You can use At-home DNA testing to get a clear image of your health for early detection and prevention, learn more about your genealogy, and see how your traits and your health are affected by genes. 

As DNA testing becomes more precise and affordable, the features offered by DNA companies grow more varied. While that's great news for anyone looking to explore their DNA from home, it can also quickly become confusing.

In order to narrow down the list and make your decision easier, we compiled this handpicked list of the top 10 reliable, affordable, and secure DNA testing kits and ancestry companies.

Our Top 10 Best DNA Test Kit and Genetic Testing Companies in 2023:

What are DNA Tests?

A DNA test (genetic testing) is a medical test that can identify mutations in your genes, chromosomes, or proteins. These mutations can indicate if you have or don’t have a genetic condition. DNA tests can also identify your risk for developing a certain condition or passing on a genetic disorder.

With DNA tests, you can build your family tree, confirm paternity, and even explore the migration patterns of your ancient ancestors. As of 2019, over 26 million people have been swabbed to receive in-depth info on their genetic history. 

Privacy & DNA Test Kits

While some people may be tempted to share their genetic information with friends and family, it’s important to consider the privacy concerns that come along with this type of data sharing. 

Though at-home DNA testing kits can be a great way to find out more about your heritage and family, there are some drawbacks. It could be that many who sign up for these kits are not aware of the implications of giving up their data. 

Further below, we’ll walk through why you might or might not want to share your DNA test results, and how you can make an informed decision on the matter.

How Does DNA Testing Work?

DNA testing works by taking a sample of cells from the person who’s undergoing the test. Scientists isolate the DNA code that is at the heart of every single cell and carries the information which determines all of your physical characteristics, from your hair color and height to your chances of developing certain conditions.

We tried some of the top DNA testing services, assessing the breadth and depth of their offerings, methodologies, reputation, and price. Take a look at our recommendations below.

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Our Top 10 Best DNA Testing Kits

  • 1
    MyHeritage DNA

    MyHeritage DNA

    • Best forgenetic genealogists of all kinds
    • Price per kitKit: $59 (normally $89) + shipping Subscription: $149 (normally $299) annually
    • Results in 3 to 4 weeks

    MyHeritage offers a free family tree builder and complimentary access to select records, plus 2 paid services: an ancestry DNA kit and a subscription package. The MyHeritage DNA kit retails for $59 (normally $89) and allows you to discover your ancestral origins, mapping your ethnicity from across 2,114 worldwide groups. Using your DNA kit results, you can locate living relatives and find ancestors you may have previously been unaware of.

    Meanwhile, MyHeritage’s Complete subscription—which retails for $149 for the first year (normally $299)—provides access to the company’s full set of genealogical research tools. This includes the Deep Nostalgia™ photo editing tool, in addition to a database of 16.9 billion historical records from newspapers, marriage, birth, and death records, censuses, immmigration records, and more. You can complement your DNA kit results with these records to reveal even more information about your ancestry.

    • Extensive knowledge base
    • Online genealogical tools complemented by DNA testing
    • Import existing family trees for free
    • Online genealogy tools can be expensive after the first year
    • Majority of historical records are outside Asia and Africa
  • 2


    • Best forAdvanced genealogical research
    • Price per kit$99 to $119
    • Results inUnder 8 weeks

    AncestryDNA Genealogical Services offers a range of advanced genealogical research tools. All subscribers will have access to billions of US records, a family tree builder, and various other tools. With a higher-end plan, you can also access international records along with newspaper archives and other resources. 

    DNA testing is also available to aid your research. The tests themselves are competitively priced, though an Ancestry membership sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Still, there’s decent value for money here due to the suite of tools on offer. If you can afford it, we’d recommend Ancestry as one of the leading genealogical research tools around. 

    • Billions of US and international records
    • Very easy to use
    • High-quality DNA testing is available
    • Above-average price range
    • Can’t merge family trees
  • 3
    Living DNA

    Living DNA

    very good
    • Best forExploring ethnicity details, especially UK and Ireland
    • Price per kit$79
    • Results in6-8 weeks

    LivingDNA is a great choice if you’d like to explore a deep level of detail of your geographic ancestry, especially if you originate from the British Isles, Europe, or Africa. The LivingDNA test uses a cheek swab sample to provide recent ancestry, DNA matching to find relatives, and extended ancestry to gain insight into ancient migration patterns.

    The separate Wellbeing test kit provides insight into aspects of your health that are influenced by your specific genetic makeup, including vitamin response,  food metabolism, nutrition advice, and exercise tips. The Wellbeing test does not measure your risk of developing hereditary diseases.

    • Advanced details for Africa, Europe, and British Isles
    • Haplogroup reports give ancient ancestry
    • Portal is easy to navigate
    • Relative newcomer to DNA testing market
    • Smaller user database than market leaders
  • 4


    very good
    • Best forMedical tests
    • Price per kit$69-249
    • Results in2-5 weeks

    LetsGetChecked doesn’t do DNA testing. Instead, the company offers at-home health screening kits for those who prefer not to visit a doctor to obtain a test order. There are dozens of health tests to choose from, including kidney and liver tests, cholesterol tests, hormone and fertility tests, and STD screenings.

    The fact that customers can be tested for everything from thyroid conditions to hepatitis, HPV, and vitamin D deficiencies without going to a doctor makes it an attractive option for those without insurance or who are dealing with sensitive or confidential topics. Their team of medical professionals approve every diagnosis and can even prescribe medications.

    • Discreet at-home testing
    • Results available in 2-5 days
    • Medication available for certain conditions
    • Some tests require at-home blood test
    • No genetic testing
  • 5
    Futura Genetics

    Futura Genetics

    • Best forDetailed genetic health risk information
    • Price per kit$375
    • Results in 4 weeks

    Futura Genetics harnesses the latest in cutting-edge DNA science to give you detailed insights into your health. The company’s team of scientists perform advanced DNA tests to determine your relative genetic risk of developing 28 of the most commonly occurring diseases.

    Based on studies of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), scientists zero in on genetic markers for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, lung cancer, type 1 and 2 diabetes, and provide individualized reports that detail your level of risk and the steps you can take to improve your chances of staying healthy.

    • Scientifically supported insights
    • Lifestyle advice for lowering disease risk
    • Detailed disease and risk information
    • No ancestry report
    • No information on health or other traits
  • 6
    GPS Origins

    GPS Origins

    • Best forMapping out your roots
    • Price per kit$199
    • Results in4-6 weeks

    GPS Origins touts its tests’ ability to map DNA and family histories in more than 900 unique geographic regions across the globe. This is more than most companies promise, though with GPS Origins the price is also somewhat higher. 

    The DNA origins test checks DNA to find the specific migration paths of one's gene pool by looking at hundreds of thousands of autosomal markers.

    In addition, the test results are very easy to read across a series of color-coded maps, as well as reading material that is included with the results. 

    It's worthwhile to note that GPS Origins is now owned and distributed by HomeDNA.

    • Free shipping
    • Health tests available
    • Robust migration tracking reports
    • Higher price than other kits
    • Limited customer service options
  • 7
    very good
    • Best for learning about ethnicity and ancient roots, genetic health report
    • Price per kit$79 + $9.95 Shipping
    • Results in3-4 weeks

    The 23andMe user experience is smooth and easy to follow, with excellent customer service options. There are various options throughout the process, giving you control of the reports you receive and the level of sharing you’ll allow. The baseline “Ancestry+Traits Service” gives you a breakdown of your global ancestry—including fun information on Neanderthal and haplogroups. If you upgrade to Health + Ancestry Service, you’ll also receive useful information about your genetic risk of certain hereditary diseases. You can choose to keep your information completely private, or you can opt into the DNA Relatives tool, which enables you to connect with other users and to find any distant or close relatives on the platform. 

    It’s important to note that 23andMe does not provide genealogy research services offered by the other leading test companies like MyHeritage and Ancestry. But if you’re looking for insight into ancient roots and/or health information, 23andMe is a great option.

    • Excellent genetic health information
    • Haplogroup reports show ancient roots
    • Gives estimate of Neanderthal heritage
    • No genealogy research available
    • Health test requires upgrade
  • 8
    • Best forDNA test-taking enthusiasts of all kinds
    • Price per kit$69 to $199
    • Results in6 weeks (0 to 2 days for paternity tests)

    HomeDNA is an at-home DNA test kit provider that offers a large variety of test kit products. The company’s GPS Origins® series are comprehensive tests that provide detailed results that can determine your ancestral origin down to a single city, town, or region. Other, more affordable test kits provide broader results, emphasize specific health-related genetic factors, or are designed for pets.

    Regardless of the DNA test kit you use, HomeDNA allows you to download your raw data free of charge. You will receive your results after 6 weeks (within 2 days for paternity tests), and all your data will be permanently stored online in a secure fashion. With affordable pricing, a thorough FAQ, and multiple support channels, HomeDNA’s tests are easy to purchase, use, and interpret.

    • Large selection of test kits
    • Provides access to raw data
    • Detailed, very specific results
    • No family tree services
    • Cannot expedite results for most tests
  • 9
    • Best for personalized health and wellness advice
    • Price per kit$79+9.95 shipping
    • Results in4-6 weeks

    Vitagene is a wellness-focused company providing a range of health tests. Their DNA testing service is focused on giving customers useful tips for improving their health based on their individual genetic makeup. What’s unique about Vitagene is that their recommendations are tailored to your DNA as well as to the lifestyle factors you report yourself. 

    If you’re interested in getting advice on diet, supplementation, and exercise, Vitagene is a solid option. Although they offer ancestry services, this is not the main focus of their work. They don’t publish the size of their DNA database, so ancestry details are unlikely to be as detailed as with bigger companies. Unlike other companies that provide health reports, Vitagene does not provide risk reports for inherited diseases.

    • Useful wellness tips
    • Supplement advice based on DNA
    • Offers health add-on if you already have DNA data
    • Low level of detail for ancestry report
    • Website FAQs are limited
  • 10
    • Best forTesting any DNA sample
    • Price per kit$80-$1,295
    • Results in3-5 days

    EasyDNA offers a wide range of DNA tests for paternity, ancestry, health, pets, and more. The company offers free delivery and results within 3-5 days of receiving your sample. EasyDNA results are simple to interpret, but you do not get access to your raw sequence data. Relative to competitors, most EasyDNA tests are affordably priced.

    EasyDNA particularly stands out for its ability to test non-standard DNA samples. Most test kits require an oral swab, but you can also send in a hair sample or cremated remains. In addition, EasyDNA offers a DNA storage service so you can preserve samples for future testing. EasyDNA only works with accredited laboratories.

    • Wide variety of DNA tests
    • Results in 3-5 days
    • Works with accredited laboratories
    • No database for finding relatives
    • Does not include access to raw data
Breaking Down our Top10 Choices: Which is Best For Your Needs:
MyHeritage DNA-Checking ancestry and family lineage
AncestryDNA-Huge worldwide database
Living DNA-Next-level accuracy
LetsGetChecked-Discreet health screenings
Futura Genetics-Proactive health control
GPS Origins-Mapping family roots
23andMe-Ancient roots and health insights
HomeDNA -A wide range of DNA tests
Vitagene-Individualized wellness tips
EasyDNA-Fast DNA processing
Compare the Top DNA Testing Companies
MyHeritage DNA
Living DNA
Futura Genetics
GPS Origins
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Price per kit
Kit: $59 (normally $89) + shipping Subscription: $149 (normally $299) annually
marked down from $79
$99 to $119
marked down from $99
$79 + $9.95 Shipping
$69 to $199
$79+9.95 shipping
Free shipping
Yes, when buying 2 or more kits
When buying 2 kits and more