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Bio-Gene DNA Review

Scott Hirsch

In a Nutshell

Bio-Gene DNA combines cutting-edge science with a sensitive, discrete approach to helping clients identify their biological parents. The company offers a slew of family-based DNA testing kits that can be used for legal and personal purposes. With 4 accredited labs across the world and a quick turnaround time for results, Bio-Gene offers its clients accurate, science-based results and peace of mind.


  • Tests 24 genetic markers
  • Results in as little as 1 day
  • Strong data protection policy


  • Pricier than other tests
  • Customer support is lacking

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Best For

Best test for quick paternity test results  

Why Go With Bio-Gene

Paternity tests are a sensitive matter that can invoke a series of emotions and anxieties. Understanding this, Bio-Gene offers lightning-quick analysis, offering test results in as little as 1 business day. The speedy turnaround time doesn’t compromise precision, however; Bio-Gene’s scientists test 24 genetic markers—far exceeding the industry standard—inside state-of-the-art facilities that produce dependable and accurate results. 

What’s on Offer

Home Paternity Test

Bio-Gene’s signature product, the at-home paternity test is easy to use and yields accurate results with just a day’s wait for results. If you’re looking to identify your biological father, Bio-Gene makes a case for itself in its process alone. Its kits test 24 DNA markers (industry standard is 16), thus exponentially improving the accuracy of the results. In addition to that, you can add your mother’s DNA sample to the test for no extra charge, another element that drastically increases the accuracy of the test. 

Legal DNA Paternity Test

Court-admissible paternity tests are those that can be used in child-care, custody, and other legal cases. The science and analysis is the same as the home paternity test, but require a specialized collection process that includes a 3rd-party witness and chain of custody for the samples. 

Family Relationship Tests

In addition to paternity tests, Bio-Gene offers DNA testing to help you identify biological siblings, aunts, uncles, and biological parents through DNA testing of grandparents. These DNA tests for siblings rely on statistical probabilities, and therefore are not as conclusive as paternity tests, but they offer an alternative solution to those who wish to ascertain information about their biological families, but whose parents are deceased or unavailable to submit DNA. 

Ancestry Testing

Bio-Gene’s ancestry tests utilize Short Tandem Repeat testing (STR) to determine your genealogy and ancestral roots. These tests yield a 10-page report that includes your top regional matches, an 8-page report detailing the historical migration patterns of your ancestors, and a large full-color map depicting your population matches, which you can frame and hang from the wall. 

Ease of Use

Bio-Gene’s DNA tests are easy to take, and include all of the necessary sample-collecting materials. Each kit includes 2 buccal swabs, a collection envelope, information form, and prepaid UPS return mailer. 

It’s important to avoid eating, drinking, or smoking 30 minutes prior to taking the test. When you’re ready to take the test, remove the buccal swabs from their package and gently rotate along the inside of your cheek for 20-30 seconds. You’ll want to use 1 swab for each side of the cheek. Remove and let them dry for about an hour (Bio-Gene recommends placing them in an empty glass), and then place them into the collection envelope and label it with your name, birthday, date of test, and Bio-Gene case number (these will be included in your kit). Send them to the lab in the prepaid envelope. 

Speed of Kit Delivery and Results

Once all samples have been received by the lab, each person being tested will be emailed login information to Bio-Gene’s secure results portal, as well as a due date of when the results are expected to be posted. 

Bio-Gene produces results in as little as 1 business day. When first purchasing a DNA test kit, clients will choose a password and username. This is what they’ll use to log into the secure portal, where there results will be posted. 

DNA Test Type

Short Tandem Repeat (STR) 

24 loci DNA paternity markers

Report Features

For ancestry test

Ethnic makeup estimate, regional detail 

Deep ancestry 

Historical migration patterns 

Color-coded map with population matches

Customer Support

While Bio-Gene does list a phone number and email for inquiries, existing customers are routed through the help desk, where they have to submit an online form with their questions and provide their case number. It’s not as convenient as a live chat or toll-free number, though the company states that security is its biggest concern and the help desk ensures that all information is handled securely and in a sensitive manner. However, the website does include a relatively detailed FAQ section to help with more common inquiries.  


Home paternity test (1 father & 1 child)
Each additional child in paternity test
Legal paternity test (1 father & 1 child)
Each additional child in legal paternity test
Ancestry DNA test

In addition to its signature paternity tests, Bio-Gene also offers sibling DNA tests ($139), grandparent tests ($139), identical twin tests ($109), and avuncular (aunt and uncle) DNA tests ($139). 

Data Privacy

Bio-Gene’s privacy policy states that the company will not use its customers’ information for anything outside of the stated and identified purposes of DNA relationship testing. All personal information and results are deleted from the system 30 days after the delivery of results. 

Bottom Line

The standards of testing and quick turnaround time make Bio-Gene an attractive company for those looking to identify their biological fathers. By testing 24 DNA markers instead of the standard 16, Bio-Gene offers a more accurate reading that can play a big role in customers’ peace of mind, as well as their court standings in relevant situations. Pair that with a results turnaround time of as little as 1 business day, and you have a strong contender in the field of DNA family-relationships testing. Bio-Gene is a company that will provide you with all the information you’re seeking while minimizing the waiting and uncertainty that can come with sensitive matters such as paternity testing. 

Bio-Gene DNA Bio-Gene DNA Visit Site

About Bio-Gene DNA

Bio-Gene DNA is a DNA testing company that specializes in paternity and family relationship testing. Its laboratories are accredited and staffed by specialists who perform cutting-edge DNA tests for clients around the world. 

Contact Details

Phone: (844) 246-4363

Email: clientservices@biogenednatesting.com

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Bio-Gene DNA

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