Top DNA Test Kits Reviews

Check out our in-depth reviews of the top sites in the DNA kit industry and make the most informed decision today.


Dec.31, 2018
Backed by physicians, experts, and universities, Vitagene’s DNA tests can help you learn about your past in order to shape your future. The test re...


Jan.08, 2019
The world we live in today looks far different than it used to. Social media has torn asunder the tight circles that bound the existence of countle...


Dec.19, 2018
TeloYears offers a genetic test that uses your DNA to help you measure and improve your vitality. The test tells you your cellular age by looking a...


Dec.13, 2018
With an industry-leading reputation, AncestryDNA testing kits combine reliability and affordability to produce a superior product. was...


Dec.13, 2018
Living DNA helps customers learn the ethnic makeup of their DNA and gain some insight into their family background and where their ancestors came f...


Dec.13, 2018
GPS Origins DNA tests revolutionized the DNA testing industry. Since entering the market in 1995, GPS Origins has taken ancestral genealogy to the ...


Jan.08, 2019
The 23andMe solution is a good all-round package that offers almost everything you need in a DNA testing kit, along with some great extras thrown in.


Dec.13, 2018
Using Nutrisystem’s Body Blueprint DNA kit, you can find out which foods to avoid, how your metabolism works, and what to do in order to finally lo...

Family Tree Builder

Dec.10, 2018
Family Tree Builder by MyHeritage is a valuable, free download resource for documenting and researching your family tree. The company offers an eas...


Dec.12, 2018
HomeDNA offers a whole range of DNA tests, both for ancestry and for health and wellness reasons. Its HomeDNA Starter Ancestry Test is a good intro...


Jan.06, 2019
"Get a glimpse into the blueprint of you” - Orig3n offers DNA tests that the company says helps them develop a personalized profile of your health....