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DNA Test Services Reviews

We're here to help you make the most informed decision when choosing which DNA testing kit to go with. Check out our in-depth reviews on the top sites in the industry and get started today.

MyHeritage DNA

Sep. 19, 2022
MyHeritage offers a wide range of tools and tests that allow you to discover your genetic profile, build family trees, animate old photos, examine ...


Sep. 19, 2022
AncestryDNA is one of the leading DNA testing services in the industry. They have a DNA database of 15 million people and more than 20 billion hist...

Living DNA

Jul. 03, 2022
Living DNA helps customers learn the ethnic makeup of their DNA and gain some insight into their family background and where their ancestors came f...


Jun. 17, 2022
LetsGetChecked is not your traditional testing service. Rather than test your DNA for genetic markers, LetsGetChecked focuses its attention on at-h...

Futura Genetics

Jun. 17, 2022
Futura Genetics is one of the most advanced genetic testing services that exists. With state of the art technology, a robust security and privacy n...

GPS Origins

Jun. 17, 2022
GPS Origins DNA tests revolutionized the DNA testing industry. Since entering the market in 1995, GPS Origins has taken ancestral genealogy to the ...


Sep. 21, 2022
23andMe offers outstanding options for DNA testing. The basic report gives ethnicity estimates and relative matches, like other brands, but it adds...


Sep. 21, 2022
With a wide number of ancestry, health, paternity, and pet DNA test kits, HomeDNA covers many bases. Its tests are affordable and especially well-s...


Sep. 21, 2022
Vitagene is focused on giving users tips for improving their wellness based on their individual genetic makeup. If you’re interested in getting adv...


Sep. 21, 2022
EasyDNA offers a wide variety of DNA tests for paternity, relationships, ancestry, pets, and more. Most tests require an oral swab, but EasyDNA can...

Nebula Genomics

Jul. 17, 2022
Nebula Genomics stands out as one of the best DNA testing companies I’ve seen. It offers basic ancestry tests for just $99 and more powerful comple...

National Geographic DNA

Aug. 15, 2022
A great kit for anyone looking for a real deep dive into who they are and where they come from, going further back than any other kit on the market.


Jun. 17, 2022
homeDNAdirect is a California-based company that offers a range of DNA tests for legal and peace-of-mind purposes. Services include legal, immigrat...

Toolbox Genomics

Sep. 21, 2022
Toolbox Genomics uncovers insights from your genetic profile so that you can live a healthier life. With deep DNA analysis that focuses on nutritio...

Bio-Gene DNA

Jun. 17, 2022
Bio-Gene DNA combines cutting-edge science with a sensitive, discrete approach to helping clients identify their biological parents. The company of...


Jun. 17, 2022
"Get a glimpse into the blueprint of you” - Orig3n offers DNA tests that the company says helps them develop a personalized profile of your health....

Family Tree DNA

Jun. 17, 2022
Family Tree Builder by MyHeritage is a valuable, free download resource for documenting and researching your family tree. The company offers an eas...


Sep. 15, 2022
Billed as “the world’s largest family tree”, OneGreatFamily is a collective online genealogy database and family tree builder. When you join, you c...


Sep. 15, 2022
At first glance, Findmypast seems like an excellent family tree building tool. And that’s what it is. You can find long-lost relatives, connect to ...


Sep. 19, 2022
JustAnswer enables you to ask a pool of experts questions and have them answered in a timely manner. It’s a useful resource for anyone who’s stuck ...

Dynamic DNA

Jun. 17, 2022
Dynamic DNA Laboratories is a genetic testing company that offers information about your health, fitness, ancestry, and more. You can expect result...

International Biosciences

Jun. 17, 2022
International Biosciences offers a broad range of DNA testing and paternity testing services. It works with accredited labs around the world to pro...