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Family Tree Builder Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Family Tree Builder by MyHeritage is a valuable, free download resource for documenting and researching your family tree. The company offers an easy-to-navigate interface that unlocks access to billions of historical records. If you’re looking for powerful family tree research, Family Tree Builder should be considered.


  • Easily create posters, charts, and reports
  • Easy-to-use mobile app


  • Some search results are irrelevant
  • Overall graphic design could be nicer

Family Tree DNA Family Tree DNA Visit Site

Resources/Database Quality and Quantity

The site offers a wealth of resources, many of them free, for those exploring how to use genetics to further their genealogy research. Ultimately, however, success will differ by each customer, depending on their genetics and the number of matches in the DNA databases used by Family Tree DNA. Things like geographic locations of ancestors come from the DNA database and from scientific research done around the world. has video and written tutorials and background articles that range from general introductions to genealogy, down to very specific topics on genetics. A great place to start on the site is the surname finder, which quickly tells you how many other customers of that surname have done testing. Video testimonials explore project successes of other customers. There is also a browsable database of surname and geographic research projects that customers can join. For instance, if your ancestors came from Pomerania near the Baltic Sea in Europe, there is a project on the site for you. A glossary of terms helps explain the language of genetic genealogy. There are a range of users’ guides, a Q&A forum, and an expert’s handbook.

Search Results

It is impossible to gauge search results here like on other types of genealogy research websites, since results are unique to each person’s research. Two searchable areas on the site can provide hints at what is available: the surname finder and the database of ongoing research projects.

Interface & Navigation (Ease of Use) presents itself very nicely. This is a clean, attractive and easy-to-use web site. Free resources and background information are easy to find. Video presentations are hosted on YouTube and play without technical issues. The site has clear details on the different tests for sale and what each test examines.

Features and Extras is a useful genealogy site even for those who are not yet ready to purchase DNA test kits. It has a learning library of webinars, video presentations, case studies, and scientific papers that offer background from general information to very specific topics. The Forum features posts, questions and replies on topics such as “DNA and Genealogy for Beginners,” “DNA Success Stories,” “Geographic Project Forums” and many others. You can transfer DNA testing done by other companies and compare it with potential matches in the Family Tree DNA database.

Family Tree DNA Family Tree DNA Visit Site

Cost and Subscription Options

The site does not have subscriptions like other types of genealogy research platforms. The costs are based on the type of genetic testing done. The Family Finder test is $79 USD. It explores autosomal DNA (from father and mother) going back five generations. Y-DNA tests explore paternal lineage and surname histories. Tests cost $169 to $649 USD, depending on how many genetic markers are examined. The more markers tested, the more refined results. Mitochondrial DNA tests look at the maternal lineage. Costs range from $79 to $199 USD. The site also allows transfer of test results from other vendors such as 23andMe or AncestryDNA. Once tests are complete and in the system, there is no ongoing cost to look for matches or collaborate with other researchers.

Conclusion is a great resource for genealogists looking for background information on genetic genealogy and for those ready to order test kits and start their own DNA learning adventure.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.
Family Tree DNA
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