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"Get a glimpse into the blueprint of you” - Orig3n offers DNA tests that the company says helps them develop a personalized profile of your health. The company sells almost 2 dozen different types of DNA tests, each one geared towards a different customer goal. Orig3n is best for using DNA science to craft a custom-made fitness and nutrition plan.


  • Free shipping
  • Wide variety of health-based tests available
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  • No DNA ancestry program
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Ideal for

  • Athletes, marathon trainers, and fitness buffs
  • Individuals with diet and weight-loss goals 
  • Those who want to be proactive about health

Why Go With Orig3n

Orig3n offers a different approach to DNA tests than the ancestry-based kits that the industry is perhaps best-known for. All you do is order your test online, use a cheek swab to gather DNA from your saliva, and then mail it in to the company. Register your results, and within 2-4 weeks they should be ready. 

If you’re looking for an easy-to-take test that can provide you with a personalized health assessment, then Orig3n offers a wide variety of options. These tests are typically meant to be a way for users to craft a personalized workout or diet regimen, using the information provided in their DNA. 

The company also puts a premium on client privacy, and promises to encrypt your test results so that your genetic data stays safe. 

These include kits like the “child development test” which the company says can help you “understand what makes your child unique and uncover his/her highest potential,” a “beauty test” meant to use your DNA test to help you forge a beauty routine, or the “superhero” test which is packaged as a way to learn “what’s your superpower?”

What’s in the Box

Orig3n’s test kits include:

  • Registration card
  • Cheek swab in protective sleeve
  • Plastic zipper bag
  • Prepaid return envelope 

Orig3n offers nearly 2 dozen tests. Here are 3 of their featured kits:

  • Fitness and Nutrition test 

The company’s top offering is the “fitness and nutrition test” which uses your DNA sample to chisel out a road map that the company says “provides unprecedented insights to help you  optimize your workout, adjust your eating habits to support a diet, avoid adverse food reactions, and more.”

The company says the test can provide insight on your metabolism, how your body builds muscle, and your potential for success in endurance sports. The tests assess how your body recovers from exercise, if you’re more built for power or speed, and which foods you should avoid.  

  • Beauty test 

The purpose of this test is to help you get some insight into how your DNA affects the success—or failure—of particular wellness regimens. The test is meant to gauge other issues dealing with “aging,” such as if you’re more likely to get wrinkles, and how you could take care of skin and hair so it stays healthy for the long haul. It’s not meant to cure any of these issues, rather, to help you plot out a course. 

  • Child Development 

Orig3n’s child development kit is designed as a “gene profile that will start you and your child on the path to lifelong discovery.” 

The 4 main areas tested by the kit are enlightenment, fitness, sleep and behavior, and nutrition. Enlightenment is meant to gauge which areas your child could excel in cognitively, the fitness aspect is meant to look at your child’s physical aptitude, sleep and behavior focuses on your child's sleep needs, and nutrition looks at how you can craft a diet more suited to your child's needs. 

It is worth noting that on Orig3n’s terms and conditions page, the company stipulates that the tests are provided for informational purposes only, and that the company “is not a healthcare provider, and does not provide medical services or render medical advice. Nothing contained in the service should be construed as such advice or as a diagnosis.”

It adds that the tests should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a physician or be relied upon when making medical decisions for diagnosing or treating a medical condition. 


All of the around 20 tests range from as little as $29 to $149, and the tests are frequently discounted by as much as 50%. Here are the company’s most commonly used DNA tests:

Fitness and nutrition test
Behavior test
Run test
Child development test

How Do I Take the Test?

Orig3n uses a simple cheek swab test. You simply order your kit, and when it arrives you swab your cheek for about 30 seconds, reseal it, and register your kit online. Then you ship it back, and in 2-4 weeks your results will be ready for viewing. 

Speed of Kit Delivery and Results

Orig3n promises to supply your test results within 2-4 weeks, at which point you can view your results online. The test will remain encrypted and password protected in order to protect your privacy.

How Orig3n Compares

MyHeritage DNA
Ancestry DNA
Price Per Kit
Collection Type
Cheek swab
Cheek swab
Results in
2-4 weeks
4-6 weeks
6-8 weeks
SNA Test Type

DNA Collection Type

  • Cheek swab

DNA Test Type

The tests offered by Orig3n don’t examine your matrilineal and patrilineal DNA, rather they examine your sample in order to look for specific genes that can provide insight about your health. 

The company says that once your sample is in the lab, scientists decode it by looking at the specific SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphism), which are variations in a nucleotide within a certain spot in your genome, and which can provide insight that can be reflected in your test results.  

Report Features

The company provides results that can give an overview of a variety of physical attributes from your skin and potential to excel at endurance sports, to whether or not you are likely to enjoy caffeine or have a sweet tooth.

Ease of Use

Ordering a test with Orig3n and submitting your sample for review is quite simple. First things first, you find the test you’d like to take and order it online. Within a matter of days you will receive the test in the mail.

When taking the test, you’ll first want to rinse your mouth with water 2 times. Then you take the enclosed cotton swab and rub the tip of the swab on the inside of the cheeks, about 20 times on each side. Then wave the swab in the air for about 30 seconds and place it back in the sleeve and then in the plastic zipper bag, both of which come inside the package sent by the company. 

You then seal the sample backup and mail it back to the company’s lab in the prepaid envelope you received in the package. Then download the Orig3n app (if you have an iphone) or go on the company’s website and register your test. 

The results will be available for viewing in 2-4 weeks.

Customer Support

On the company’s website you can access a lengthy FAQ section that should be able to answer most questions. If you still need assistance, the company operates a toll free number as well as an online contact form where you can submit a request and receive a reply from a company representative.

Data privacy

According to Orig3n, users’ DNA data becomes the content of the company, and in the terms of service, the company states that by taking the test “you hereby waive and agree to waive (or if not waivable, agree not to assert) any rights of privacy or publicity, or any moral rights or other similar rights, with respect to Your Content.”

This content does not include your genetic information unless you post it on a public forum on one of the company’s websites. 

In addition, the company states that “you understand and agree that you will not be paid or entitled to receive any compensation for your content, either now or in the future, including without limitation to the extent that Orig3n or other parties use your content, receive compensation from third parties for your content, or develop and sell products based on your content.”

Orig3n adds that it does “not control what users and other third parties who gain access to your content may do with your content.”

Again, this does not include your genetic material unless you post it on one of the company’s websites. 

Contact Details

Phone: 617-943-7800


27 Drydock Avenue

3rd Floor

Boston, MA 02210

United States


If you’re curious if a DNA test can provide health insights that can help you craft a personalized wellness regime, then you may want to consider taking an Orig3n DNA test. The main offering is the health and fitness test, which is marked down to less than what most DNA testing companies charge for ancestry tests. 

The tests are affordable, easy to take, and the results will be made available to you in a matter of weeks. 

One thing to keep in mind though, while many companies offer health and ancestry packages, none of the kits sold by Orig3n provide a DNA ancestry breakdown. So if you’re looking for a DNA test that can give you clues about your family history, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

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About Orig3n

Founded in 2014, Orig3n is a Boston-based biotech company that works in the fields of genetics and regenerative medicine, and today offers a series of DNA health tests available to the wider public. The publicly-sold DNA tests helps fund the company’s research into new cell therapies, and ways to repair tissue damage and treat genetically inherited diseases. 

This year the company has announced a joint venture with Chinese insurance company ZhongAn to provide “lifestyle genetic solutions to Chinese consumers.” 

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Ease of use

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Value for money

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Service quality

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

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Top Reviews

Desi, MN
a year ago

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

I got the results I was looking for! Looks like it is confirmed that we have some Native American family.

Abraham, CA
10 months ago

it was easy to use and quick. the turn around time was fast and the sample was quick and easy. I trust the accuracy of the results.

Amy, TN
a year ago

Orig3n is the best dna test I have ever took. It's not expensive and it doesn't take as ling as other dna test do.

Kalani, MD
8 months ago

It's really easy to use they're very helpful and the instructions are easy to understand. The results were eye opening.

Jas, NC
9 months ago

It's way better than ancestry in terms of the quality of detail you receive. The data is displayed in a way that's easy to understand and the findings are mind blowing!

Sarah, CA
8 months ago

It's an indispensable brand name for genetic testing and I find it to be best of breed and quite top of the line

Ash, NY
9 months ago

It was an easy to use DNA test. We got our results promptly, and feel that they are accurate (at least compared to the history told in our family).

John, PA
10 months ago

I loved the experience and easiness and I learned more about my family and origin. it was overall a good product

Miria, TX
9 months ago

Orig3n was easy to use. Orig3n also gave very accurate results. I have no complaints about Orig3n.

Kywan, SC
7 months ago

Org3n was very good to me, as I enjoyed learning about my heritage. I wanted the most top quality service I could get and then got more than that. I would use org3n again if I had choices.

a year ago

It was given to me so I used it. It was easy to use. It took too long to get results back but overall I liked it

a year ago

The overall ease of use left me incredibly satisfied. It was a bit confusing at first on the initial interface, but once I got use to it it was great. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a DNA test

Debra, PA
a year ago

I truly like this brand, it is everything it says it is. Very easy to use. This testing goes into your personal fitness potential, wellness

Adrienne, AR
a year ago

Friendly customer service but it took forever to get the results and analysis of the submission.

7 months ago

Everything about the service provided me with what I would call great customer service that I was satisfied with the information and knowledge I was provided.

Josh, NJ
9 months ago

Their customer service could be better but I highly recommend to family and friends because they give good advice on what they focus on

Jeff, CA
7 months ago

Easy testing and results but the kit was too expensive and they gather too much information. The testing mailing process was simple

Elaine, DE
a year ago

I'm still in the process of getting results. still not sure what I'll get out of this. they will be sending another swab, the first one didn't work.

Lexi, CT
10 months ago

They're very thoughtful and polite when it comes to their customers, they try to pick a plan that will make your life easier or benefit you in anyway possible, they like to appeal to your needs.

Rylee, OK
a year ago

It got our results back quickly and accurately. There was no question that it worked well for what it was used for.

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