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Nebula Genomics DNA Testing Review 2024

Is This Whole Genome Sequencing Test Worth It?

Daniel Blechynden

In a Nutshell

Nebula Genomics stands out as one of the best DNA testing companies I’ve seen. It offers basic ancestry tests for just $99 and more powerful complete genomic sequencing from just $299. You will also have access to Nebula Explore, a powerful genetic research tool that you can use to analyze your results. Overall, it’s an attractive DNA testing option if you’re looking for in-depth genetic results and full genomic sequencing.


  • Full genomic sequencing available
  • Excellent focus on privacy and data security
  • Competitive prices


  • No family tree builder or genealogy research tools
  • Limited support options

Types of Tests and Kits You Can Get from Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics specializes in DNA testing, and it offers three packages. 

Standard DNA Test

Although it’s Nebula Genomics’ simplest DNA test, this stands out to me as an excellent option if you want to find out more about your ancestry. It decodes specific genetic markers and comes with a basic ancestry report based on autosomal DNA. This kit comes in at just $99, making it a very attractive option. 

Deep DNA Test

The Deep DNA Test ($299) offers full genetic sequencing and generates nearly 100GB of genetic data. You can use this information to find out more about your genetic predisposition to specific health conditions, any genetic mutations you have, and more. 

I also like the in-depth ancestry report, which provides detailed information about your roots based on mitochondrial and Y chromosomal DNA. 

Ultra Deep DNA Test

Nebula Genomics’ high-end Ultra Deep DNA Test costs $999, but it provides ultra-high-resolution genomic sequencing. It’s a little over the top for the average person, but it offers excellent value for money if you want to take a closer look at your genetics. 

It comes with full access to various genome exploration tools, and it includes an even more detailed ancestry report than the Deep DNA Test. 

Other Features at Nebula Genomics

Along with its powerful DNA testing service, Nebula Genomics enables you to upload raw DNA data for analysis. 

DNA Upload and Analysis

I particularly like that Nebula Genomics offers tools to help you analyze existing DNA data. Creating a free account will enable you to upload DNA data from Ancestry.com or 23andMe tests. 

You will have access to a smart DNA expansion tool and a free DNA analysis, which provides information about more than 30 genetic traits. However, you will need a premium subscription to access a more detailed analysis. 

How much does Nebula Genomics cost? 

One thing I don’t like about Nebula Genomics is its unclear prices. 

Along with the test price, you will have to pay a fee for Nebula Explore Reporting if you want access to anything other than raw DNA data. But you will get free shipping with all orders, and your Nebula Explore subscription doesn’t begin until you receive your DNA results. There’s also a lifetime license for Nebula Explore if you want ongoing updates and access to analysis tools.

How much does Nebula Genomics cost? 

One thing I don’t like about Nebula Genomics is its unclear prices. 

Along with the test price, you will have to pay a fee for Nebula Explore Reporting if you want access to anything other than raw DNA data. But you will get free shipping with all orders, and your Nebula Explore subscription doesn’t begin until you receive your DNA results. There’s also a lifetime license for Nebula Explore if you want ongoing updates and access to analysis tools. 

Standard DNA Test

Deep DNA Test

Ultra Deep DNA Test

DNA Test Price




Nebula Explore - Quarterly Price




Nebula Explore - Annual Price

$129.96 (Save 35%)

$149.88 (Save 50%)

$149.88 (Save 50%)

Nebula Explore - Lifetime License




Basic Ancestry Testing

Full Genomic Sequencing


High-Resolution Genomic Sequencing



Nebula Genomics’ kits ($99 to $999) are also very competitively priced considering the amount of DNA data they provide. For example, the cheapest Standard test comes in at $99, which is more affordable than many of the other leading DNA test kits on the market.

How to Get Started With Nebula Genomics? 

The Sign-up process

To get started with Nebula Genomics, you will need to purchase a DNA test kit. Once you receive it, you can use the Register Kit button on the top right of the company website to create a new account. Simply enter your Kit ID Number (which is included in your kit) and a small amount of personal information, and hit the submit button. 

What’s in the box? 

Nebula Genomics kits include the following:

  • Two cheek swabs

  • Two sample vials

  • Plastic pouch for returning samples

  • Postage-paid return envelope

  • Step-by-step instructions

How to Collect your DNA Samples

Nebula Genomics uses a simple cheek swab self-collection kit. The hardest thing about it is making sure that you don’t eat or drink anything in the hour before you collect your samples. 

Get started by carefully removing the cheek swabs from their plastic packaging. Rub the first swab on the inside of one cheek for 45 seconds before placing the head of the swab in the first sample vial and securing the lid. Repeat the process with the second swab on your other cheek. 

Once you’ve collected your samples, you will need to place them in the included plastic pouch. Place this in the postage-paid return envelope, and mail it back to Nebula Genomics at the specified address.

Full instructions are included with each kit outlining exactly how to complete each step of the sample collection process. It’s important to follow these carefully to reduce the risk of contamination and poor-quality DNA results.  

Getting The Results

Once you’ve returned your DNA samples, the Nebula Genomics team will have them processed and sequenced. Nebula Genomics says your results should be available within eight to 10 weeks, but a few people I’ve spoken to have reported slightly longer wait times of up to 14 weeks.

You will receive an email when your results are ready to view, and the raw DNA data will be available for download or further analysis through your Nebula Genomics account. Note that you have to register your kit before you can receive any results.

How Nebula Genomics Protects Your Privacy

Nebula Genomics is a privacy-centric company that takes pride in securing user data. Some information may be provided to partner laboratories, and data will be shared with other third parties if you elect to participate in scientific research. Apart from this, the only time Nebula Genomics will release your data is if it is legally obliged to. 

  • Nebula Genomics doesn't sell or license any personal or genetic data.

  • Nebula Genomics doesn't provide data to insurance companies.

  • Users can delete their data from Nebula Genomics at any time.

Help and Support

How to Contact Nebula Genomics

The only way to contact Nebula Genomics is by filling in the online contact form. I sent a support request and received an answer in just under three hours. However, I would have liked to see live chat and/or phone support options for when you just need a quick answer to a simple question. 

Are FAQ Pages Available on Nebula Genomics? 

Yes, Nebula Genomics has an in-depth FAQ page containing numerous questions and in-depth answers. But if you can’t find the information you’re looking for there, you will have to contact the support team. There is a support site, but it has under 10 articles, and they are outdated.

How Nebula Genomics Compares to Other DNA Testing Companies

Nebula Genomics









Price Range

$99 to $999

$99 to $199


$79 to $149

Best For

Complete genomic sequencing

Advanced ancestry testing

Health and wellness testing

Budget-friendly DNA testing

Nebula Genomics Vs 23andMe

23andMe offers one of the most powerful ancestry testing services on the market, and its basic kit costs the same as Nebula Genomics’ ($99). It comes with a neat family tree builder and a selection of other genealogy tools, and it presents as an excellent option for all-around family research. However, Nebula Genomics' full genomic sequencing stands out as much more powerful on a pure DNA testing front. 

Nebula Genomics Vs InsideTracker

InsideTracker is a personal health company offering DNA testing for various health and wellness traits. Its DNA test costs $249, which is slightly cheaper than Nebula Genomics’ Deep DNA Test, and it delivers information about a selection of genetic markers. InsideTracker is an attractive option if you are purely interested in genetics and health, but Nebula Genomics stands out as a more powerful all-around choice. 

Nebula Genomics Vs LivingDNA

LivingDNA offers competitively-priced DNA testing solutions for ancestry and wellbeing. There’s a family tree builder and a selection of other tools. However, LivingDNA’s results are a little simple when compared to Nebula Genomics’, and I’d only recommend it if you’re looking for a true budget option.

Is Nebula Genomics Worth It? 

If you’re looking for a powerful DNA testing solution, Nebula Genomics’ Deep and Ultra Deep tests present as attractive options. I particularly like the sheer amount of genetic information that you will get with a test, and there are options for everyone. 

At the end of the day, I’d suggest having a closer look at Nebula Genomics if you’re interested in delving deeper into your DNA to research your ancestry and understand your genetic predispositions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Nebula Genomics trustworthy?+-

Yes, Nebula Genomics is one of the most trustworthy DNA testing companies that I’ve seen. It places a strong emphasis on privacy and clearly states that your data won’t ever be shared with or sold to any third parties.

What is Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Testing?+-

Whole genome sequencing involves mapping the entire DNA sequence of a person’s genetic code. This can be particularly useful if you’re looking for information about genetic predispositions, health conditions, and more. Nebula Genomics offers some of the most attractive whole genome sequencing options that I’ve seen.

Why is there a subscription? What happens if I cancel my subscription?+-

Nebula Genomics charges a quarterly or annual subscription fee for access to the Nebula Explore toolkit. This includes a suite of tools that you can use to analyze your genetic data as well as various custom reports and other information. If you cancel your subscription, you will retain access to your raw genetic data, but all analysis and other information will be lost.

Does health insurance pay for Whole Genome Sequencing?+-

Very few health insurance policies will include cover for whole genome sequencing. Even when DNA testing is covered with a doctor’s recommendation, whole genome sequencing generally won’t be paid for by your health insurance provider.

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