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Toolbox Genomics DNA Test Kit Review (2024)

Deep genetic insights into every aspect of a healthy lifestyle
By Nicky LowneyBy Nicky Lowney -
Last Updated: Oct 20, 2023
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Results in
3-4 weeks
Collection method

Our Verdict

Is Toolbox Genomics Worth It? 

Although their kits are expensive, Toolbox Genomics provides a valuable service. With their reports, you’ll get in-depth insight and useful advice for improving your health. The DNA test gives information about your genetic health traits, along with personalized diet, exercise, and supplement recommendations. If you upgrade to the Epigenetics test, you can see how your genes are affected by environmental and lifestyle factors.

Results in
3-4 weeks
Collection method

Toolbox Genomics at a Glance

Editorial Score

Services Offered

The Toolbox Genomics DNA and Epigenetics test kits use a saliva sample - use markers not databases/records

Brand Reputation

Founded in 2016, under 10 employees, no awards

Speed of Results

DNA Test results ready within 3-4 weeks, after a further 8-10 weeks, you can view your epigenetic results


DNA Test $199, Epigenetics Test at $249, DNA+Epigenetics Test at $299, all with 20% off a second test

Customer Support

Call customer service at (844) 406-9824 or email info@toolboxgenomics.com, hours not listed

Toolbox Genomics Pros & Cons


Deep genetic insights into every aspect of a healthy lifestyle
Actionable, personalized health advice
Friendly and accessible company representatives


Does not accept DNA data from other companies
No ancestry information

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Toolbox Genomics Toolbox Genomics Visit Site


Types of Tests and Kits You can Get from Toolbox Genomics

The Toolbox Genomics test kits use a saliva sample and a lifestyle questionnaire to provide two different types of reports.

DNA Test

The DNA test provides the following details:

  • Virus Risk Score. This score estimates your risk of contracting a variety of viruses, based on an analysis of 60 genes linked with virus susceptibility.

  • Trait analysis. This report provides your genetic predisposition to 16 health traits:

    • Immunity

    • Diet and weight loss

    • Anti-aging

    • Mental health and memory

    • Sleep

    • Vitamin deficiencies

    • Stress

    • Skin health

    • Supplement response

    • Injury risk

    • Muscle health

    • Eye health

    • Gut health

    • Heart health

    • Exercise response

    • Health overview

  • Custom meal plans. Your report will include meal plans tailored to your genetic makeup.

  • Personalized Training Regimen. You will receive recommendations for exercise adapted to your DNA.

  • Vitamin recommendations. This is a detailed list of suggested supplements based on your genetic data

Epigenetics Test

The epigenetics test provides information on health factors that are influenced by genetics but can be changed with lifestyle improvements:

  • Epigenetic factors: biological age, eye age, hearing age, memory age, and inflammation score

  • Track DNA expression changes over time

  • Air Quality Impact by location

In addition, you can subscribe to epigenetics updates, which allow you to retest your epigenetics every three, six, or 12 months.

DNA+Epigenetics Test

The comprehensive DNA+Epigenetics Test provides all the reports for each separate test.

Is Toolbox Genomics Safe and Reliable?

Toolbox Genomics provides detailed privacy information on their website. Here are the highlights:

  • Your genetic sample is destroyed after sequencing is completed. 

  • At any time, you can request your raw genetic data be destroyed. 

  • They keep your sequenced data anonymized to protect your privacy.

  • You can deactivate your account at any time.

  • Toolbox Genomics follows the standards established in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

  • All samples sent to the lab are de-identified and tracked by an identification number.

  • All details used to identify you are separated from your genetic data. 

  • Your personal information is encrypted in their servers and in transit through the web.

How Toolbox Genomics Works

How to Get Started with Toolbox Genomics? 

To begin, you’ll need to order a test on their website. 

Your kit will include:

  • A small plastic tube to hold your saliva sample with your kit ID printed on its side

  • A plastic funnel

  • A folded instruction card 

You will need to download their app to register your kit. The company recommends taking your sample first thing in the morning, before you have brushed your teeth or had anything to eat or drink. To take your sample:

  • Unscrew the lid of the tube

  • Attach the plastic funnel to the end of the tube

  • Spit into the tube until the saliva reaches the line on the tube

  • Detach the funnel and close the tube

  • Enclose the tube into the prepaid envelope and drop in the mail to the laboratory

Getting the Results 

Your DNA Test results will be ready within 3-4 weeks after you submit your sample. After a further 8-10 weeks, you can view your epigenetic results. 

You will need the app to initially view your results. Once your results are completed, you can request an electronic PDF version by email.

Your results will be divided into sections:

  • DNA Results

  • Health Insights

  • Genetic Action Plan

  • Epigenetic Results

  • Meal guide

Within each section, you can click to view more information.

Toolbox Genomics Customer Support

There is a small FAQ section on the website with answers to questions about test kits, genetics, and epigenetics. There are also blog articles covering a variety of health and genetics areas.

The chat feature on the website is manned by extremely responsive representatives. When we asked for a list of instructions for collecting the saliva sample, a customer service representative sent us a photo within 2 minutes. Customer service can also be reached by phone at (844) 406-9824. You can also schedule a free 15 minute phone call with one of their scientists. 

Every three weeks, their Chief Medical Officer hosts a free 30 minute Zoom call to share research and answer questions about their tests.

Toolbox Genomics Pricing

How Much Does Toolbox Genomics Cost?

The Toolbox Genomics DNA Test costs $199

Regular Price
Sale Price
DNA Test


20% off a second test

Epigenetics Test


20% off a second test

DNA+Epigenetics Test


20% off a second test

Although the kits from Toolbox Genomics are pricier than other wellness DNA kits, the depth of knowledge you will receive is extremely valuable.

Toolbox Genomics Coupons and Promo Codes 

Toolbox Genomics runs frequent sales and offers a coupon code for 5% off plus free shipping if you sign up for their newsletter. 

Toolbox Genomics Alternatives

How Does Toolbox Genomics Compare to OtherDNA Test Kits?

Toolbox Genomics

Price per kit



$129 (Wellbeing kit)


Collection type


Cheek swab

Cheek swab


Results in

3-4 weeks

6 weeks

6-8 weeks

8 weeks

DNA Test Type

Not published


Autosomal, mtDNA, Y-DNA (males only)


Toolbox Genomics vs. HomeDNA

Toolbox Genomics is a great choice if you are looking for personalized genetic health information and wellness tips for a range of conditions and traits. The health testing choices from HomeDNA are more specific (skin care and food sensitivity, for example), but also more limited in scope.

Toolbox Genomics vs. LivingDNA

Toolbox Genomics is most comparable to LivingDNA’s Wellbeing test, which provides lifestyle advice based on your genetic makeup. LivingDNA Wellbeing lacks several key features offered by Toolbox Genomics, however, such as virus susceptibility and custom meal plans.

Toolbox Genomics vs. AncestryDNA

While Toolbox Genomics is most useful for gaining health insights, AncestryDNA is best for learning about your ancestry and building a family tree.

Toolbox Genomics Toolbox Genomics Visit Site

Bottom Line  

Toolbox Genomics is an excellent choice if you are seeking concrete advice to improve your health and change the effects that your environment is having on your genetic code. Their excellent customer service and detailed reports make them worth the high price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I take a My Toolbox Genomics test?+-

To take the My Toolbox Genomics test, you’ll need to order a kit, register it through the company’s app, provide a saliva sample, and send it back in the prepaid envelope.

How much does the Toolbox Genomics test cost?+-

The Toolbox Genomics DNA costs $199 and the Epigenetics report costs $249. For $299, you’ll get both reports.

How long do My Toolbox Genomics results take?+-

The DNA results take 3-4 weeks, while the epigenetic results take an additional 8-10 weeks.

Can My Toolbox Genomics tell me if I have any illnesses?+-

Your report provides a detailed list of wellness traits and lifestyle advice but will not diagnose any illnesses.

Nicky Lowney is an accredited health communication expert and writer for Top10. Having worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, Nicky specializes in translating complex medical information into content that informs and helps people. Nicky has also written for Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and Decision Resources Group, among others.

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