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ToolBox Genomics Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Toolbox Genomics uncovers insights from your genetic profile so that you can live a healthier life. With deep DNA analysis that focuses on nutrition, weight loss, exercise, and wellness, you can optimize your lifestyle for a healthy life.


  • Deep genetic insights into every aspect of a healthy lifestyle
  • Accepts DNA test data from most other DNA testing companies


  • No information about customer support hours

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Toolbox Genomics Review 2022

Ideal For

Learning about your genetic health to improve your health, nutrition, fitness and wellness

Why Go With Toolbox Genomics

Toolbox Genomics is dedicated to giving you deep insights into your genetic health. It offers 4 products, each product covering a different, vital angle of your wellness and lifestyle. All of the products touch on nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, and exercise, so that you get information on every aspect of your life no matter which product you choose. We particularly appreciate that Toolbox Genomics only charges you once for DNA testing and then keeps your data on record for future product purchases.

What’s on Offer

Toolbox Genomics will analyze your genetic profile and provide you with tailored advice for living a healthy lifestyle. There are 4 products: Empower, Thrive, Nourish, and RunDNA. Every product begins by collecting a sample of your DNA and analyzing your genetic makeup. Once your DNA has been analyzed, you won’t need to do it again when you buy another product further down the line.

Empower is a taster package. You’ll get recommendations about your best nutrition options, science-based advice about the most effective type of exercise, and advice on how to get better sleep. You’ll also receive information about your endurance performance and ways it can be improved.

Thrive is focused on DNA testing for weight loss, with insights into the best way for you to reach a healthy weight. You’ll get healthy eating recommendations based on your genetic profile, exercise guidance, and advice on enjoying more restful sleep and reducing stress. Thrive helps you understand how your metabolism functions and the ways that you handle stress.

Nourish aims primarily to tell you about the best nutrition plans for your genetic disposition. You can learn about nutrient deficiencies, understand how your body metabolizes certain foods, and discover how your taste buds determine your food preferences.

RunDNA provides genetic-based information for athletes to optimize their performance. RunDNA tells you the most effective ways to train for your body, how to reduce injuries and restore your body to peak performance, and insights into your nutritional and psychological needs.

Ease of Use

All of Toolbox Genomics products are easy to use. The first step is the same for all products:

  • Order a Toolbox Genomics product with a DNA testing kit. You'll be asked for your full name and email address, to confirm that you are over 18, and your shipping address.
  • When you get your DNA kit, you’ll find a barcode on the box. Use the barcode to create an account and register your DNA kit.
  • Sign a consent form accepting Toolbox Genomics terms and conditions.
  • Complete a questionnaire about your lifestyle and environment. It helps you get a more accurate report, but you can choose not to complete it.
  • Use your DNA testing kit to collect a DNA sample:
    • Rub the cheek swab against your cheek for 30 seconds
    • Wave it in the air until it’s dry (about 60 seconds)
    • Seal the swab in the DNA sample envelope provided
    • Repeat these steps for all 4 cheek swabs
    • Send your swabs in the prepaid return envelope
  • You’ll get a full report with all the information you need in about 6 weeks.

Speed of Kit Delivery and Results

Once you’ve sent off your samples, you’ll need to wait about 6 weeks to get the results, which is on the long side for DNA testing companies.

Your results come as an email report, with different information depending on which product you chose. All reports include actionable information and advice for your health and wellness.

All Toolbox Genomics reports cover 5 main wellness areas:

  1. Lifestyle - sleep disorders, stress management, and oral health 
  2. Diet and Nutrition - the best foods for a healthy life 
  3. Supplements - which vitamins and nutrients you should add to your diet 
  4. Exercise - exercise strategies for cardiovascular, muscle strength, and overall health
  5. Further testing areas

DNA Test Type

Toolbox Genomics doesn’t give information about which type of DNA test it uses. It does use a CLIA/CAPP certified laboratory. Since this isn’t an ancestry DNA testing company, you won’t find information about your Autosomal, mtDNA, or yDNA. You’ll only find information about your health, wellness and metabolic profile.

Report Features

You’ll receive the following health information from your Toolbox Genomics product:


  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Advice on the best type of exercise for your body
  • How to get deep, restful sleep
  • An overview of your endurance performance strengths and weaknesses


  • Which nutrients your body needs most
  • Genetic predisposition to obesity, weight loss and gain, sleep disorders, and stress
  • Insights into your metabolic rate and process


  • Nutrient and micronutrient deficiencies
  • Your body’s metabolic rate for caffeine, alcohol, and saturated fats
  • Your sensitivity to gluten and lactose
  • How you react to various taste sensations


  • Scientific information about your competitive edge
  • Your genetic disposition to increasing muscle and fat, and endurance potential
  • How likely you are to suffer muscle or tendon injuries
  • What nutrients you need and how your metabolism works to affect your performance
  • Your motivation and psychological focus

Customer Support

Toolbox Genomics offers customer support through email and phone, although it encourages email for questions and further inquiries. There’s also an online resource center that’s dedicated to registered users. The FAQ page is reasonable, but it didn’t cover all of the questions you could have. There’s also no information about when customer support lines and email are manned.


1st Toolbox Genomics product with DNA testing
Any further product without DNA testing
Multi-product discount (without DNA testing)
2nd item for $47, 3rd and more for $37

Toolbox Genomics charges $157 for your first DNA test and product, but once you’ve had your DNA sequenced and saved to its database, you can buy any further product for just $57. There are also discounts when you buy multiple products at one time.

If you’ve already had your DNA sequenced through a different company, you can transfer your data free of charge. Toolbox Genomics accepts DNA data from most DNA testing companies.


To order your Toolbox Genomics DNA kit, you’re not required to share any personal information beyond your name and email address. You'll create a password to be able to access your DNA data and keep it secure, and the site is HIPAA compliant. All data is protected by SSL encryption. Toolbox Genomics also promises to delete all of your data at any time if you request it.

Bottom Line

Toolbox Genomics offers a very thorough DNA testing kit for health and wellness. It’s heavily grounded in science and academic research and provides extensive references. The range of wellness products means that you can get in-depth information and advice about your genetic makeup and fully understand the impact that it has on your health.

Toolbox Genomics Toolbox Genomics Visit Site

About Toolbox Genomics

Headquartered in San Francisco, ToolBox Genomics is a new player on the DNA wellness scene. It was founded in 2017 by Dr. Erika Gray PharmD. She was repeatedly asked for wellness recommendations by people who had had their DNA sequenced by 23andMe, and decided that it was time to create a dedicated company to provide genetic-based wellness insights. 

Gray and co-founder Elvina Hewitt, RN, MBA, reviewed thousands of PubMed scientific articles to determine which genetic markers can reliably give information about lifestyle changes. Together, they built the software to provide this analysis, which eventually emerged from beta testing and seed fundraising to join the market as Toolbox Genomics.

Contact Details

Phone: (415) 361 4017



75 Broadway, Suite 251

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