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Paternity Depot Test Kit Review 2024

Scott Hirsch

In a Nutshell

Paternity Depot utilizes cutting-edge science and a staff of Ph.D-trained scientists to provide accurate results for those looking for their biological fathers. The company offers a select few other DNA services, including sibling and maternity tests, though paternity tests is where it excels. Tests are offered for personal and legal purposes and performed in state-of-the-art labs with 99.99% accuracy.


  • Staff of Ph.D-trained scientists
  • Offices in New York and Toronto
  • 99.99% accuracy on paternity testing


  • No 24-hour customer service
  • No information on data sharing on website

Paternity Depot Kit Paternity Depot Kit Visit Site

Best For

Best test to identify a biological father

Why Go With Paternity Depot

Paternity Depot offers DNA testing at lower-than-average costs while maintaining higher standards than other testing facilities. This is because the company operates its own in-house laboratories, as opposed to using 3rd-party labs as is the industry standard. 

As a result, Paternity Depot can focus on higher standards of testing, in this case by staffing Ph.D-trained scientists and running tests on 16 loci, which exceeds the FBI CODIS standard. This allows the company to perform more rigorous tests while offering the most attractive prices on the market. Customers benefit with an easier, streamlined process that saves them money and lets them walk away with accurate results and peace of mind. 

What’s on Offer

Paternity testing

Paternity Depot’s signature test is good for one father and one child, though additional samples can be added if there are other siblings you’d like to be tested. If the child and alleged father are in different locations, Paternity Depot can send out a split test to each location. 

The analysis is done in-house, tests for 16 loci—3 more than FBI CODIS standards require—and is run twice for precision and accuracy. The tests are 99.99% accurate for inclusion and 100% for exclusion, and results can be expected in 7-10 business days. The court-admissible test is one that can be used for legal purposes. It’s a more expensive option which requires a chain of custody form as well as identification from the father and child. 

Paternity Depot utilizes the same state-of-the-art labs and rigorous testing standards for a number of other ancestry DNA services, including:

  • Maternal testing
  • Sibling testing (half or full)
  • Avuncular testing (cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent)

Ease of Use

Ordering and Shipping 

All of Paternity Depot’s tests are simple to order and use. You can purchase your desired kits through the order page or by phone and customize your shipping as needed. For example, if the best paternity test kit is intended for 2 people who live in separate states (or even countries), you can add 2 addresses and Paternity Depot will send out a split kit with 1 test for each person. In the case of a split test, each kit will have its own reference number and will not undergo testing until all samples have been received. 

Taking the Test

Collection can be done at home and takes a matter of minutes. You’ll receive a kit in the mail which will include 2 sterile buccal swabs, a pre-addressed envelope, a form, and collection envelopes with easy-to-follow instructions. To collect your sample, remove the swabs from their packaging and swab both cheeks. Place the swabs in the collection envelopes, fill out the form, and send the swabs and form back in the pre-addressed envelope. 

Speed of Kit Delivery and Results

You have the choice of receiving your results by mail, email, telephone, or fax. Results will be delivered in roughly 7-10 business days.

DNA Test Type 

Paternity tests differ from other DNA tests in that the results are contingent not on the makeup of your DNA profile alone but how it compares to that of a second individual, the potential father. To determine paternity, Paternity Depot tests your DNA profile for 16 genetic loci, specific markers in your DNA profile. These are compared with the loci present in the potential father’s DNA profile through an algorithm called Combined Paternity Index (CPI). 

Report Features

Maternal and paternal Loci markers 

Customer Support

Understanding the sensitive nature of paternity testing, Paternity Depot takes efforts to be accessible and supportive with its customers’ questions and needs. A multilingual support staff is available by phone in English, Spanish, and French, as well as by email. The website offers an FAQ section and multiple resources to clarify difficult concepts, as well as resources for discretion and collecting samples from those unwilling to cooperate.   


Paternity Test (1 father + 1 child)
Additional sample for paternity test
Chain of custody for court use

Paternity Depot’s pricing is pretty straightforward. The signature test costs $59 and covers 1 father and 1 child. If additional samples are needed (for example, if there are 2 brothers being tested), each one costs another $50. To make the results court-legal, customers need to complete the chain of custody process which costs $50 and requires photo ID (for the father), and documentation such as a birth certificate for the child. 

Though the company specializes in paternity tests, they offer a few other tests as well. These include a maternity test ($59) and a sibling test ($199). 

Bottom Line

Paternity Depot offers one of the most affordable paternity test kits available. This is no indication of compromise though—by using its own in-house laboratories, it forgoes the costs of going through 3rd-party labs and keeps the price down for its customers. Paternity Depot does rigorous DNA testing with Ph.D level staff, cutting-edge technology, and a double-testing policy to ensure the accuracy of every test.   

Paternity Depot Kit Paternity Depot Kit Visit Site

About Paternity Depot 

Paternity Depot has been doing DNA testing for more than 10 years. The company boasts 2 locations, 1 in New York and the other in Canada, with onsite laboratories and Ph.D-trained staff. It offers international shipping on paternity tests and provides its clients with a multilingual customer service staff who field calls in English, Spanish, and French. 

Contact Details

Phone: 1-877-206-5288 or 1-877-842-4827

Email:  test@paternitydepot.com

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Paternity Depot Kit

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