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DNA Direct Solutions Review (2024)

Family DNA Testing Kits

Scott Hirsch

In a Nutshell

DNA Direct Solutions specializes in family DNA testing kits that are difficult to find elsewhere. These range from traditional paternity tests to paternity solutions for those whose alleged parents are deceased, as well as siblingship and infidelity tests to determine if your partner has been unfaithful. The kits are easy-to-use and yield results in as little as 2 days with 99.99% accuracy.


  • Lightning-quick results
  • Wide range of family tests
  • Live chat support feature


  • No ancestry tests
  • Niche services may not apply to everyone

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Best For

Sensitive DNA tests for parentage and infidelity  

Why Go With DNA Direct Solutions

Results are obtained within 2 business days of the company receiving your samples. Compare this to other companies, which return your results on average in 7-10 days, and you can see why this would be a great option for matters of sensitivity such as DNA testing for paternity

In addition to the quick turnaround time, DNA Direct Solutions tests with high accuracy and precision and offers complete confidentiality. Its tests cover a wide range of concerns, from needing to identify a biological father to finding out if a spouse has been unfaithful. Customers with personal, time-sensitive matters will find in DNA Direct Solutions a viable go-to for quick, confidential, accurate answers. 

What’s on Offer

Paternity testing

The centerpiece of DNA Direct Solutions’ testing kits, paternity testing, is performed by an AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accredited laboratory and yield results with 99.99% accuracy on inclusion and 100% accuracy on exclusion. 

The paternity test is done by analyzing shared DNA sequences in a father and child. Mothers do not need to be tested to determine paternity, though their inclusion helps to improve accuracy. When ordering a paternity kit, customers can add on additional children to be tested with a simple click of a button. 

Maternity testing

Similar to the paternity test, DNA Direct Solutions also offers a maternity test to determine a child’s biological mother. The test and the process is the same as the paternity test. Fathers do not need to be tested along with the child and alleged mother, though their inclusion helps with the accuracy of the results. 


Siblingship tests use probability to determine whether 2 people share a father, mother, or both. Since the results offer probabilities, with results that can land anywhere from 0% to 99% likelihood of siblingship, these tests are not as reliable as traditional paternity tests, but they are a big help in determining whether 2 people are siblings when their parents are deceased or not available for testing. 

Missing parent testing

A missing parent analysis is used when the parent in question is deceased or unavailable. It uses instead the DNA profiles of grandparents to determine whether the deceased was your biological parent. Another niche but unique test, the missing parent test provides a unique solution for those whose alleged parent is not alive or available to take a traditional paternity test.

Infidelity testing

Customers who suspect infidelity in their partners can use the infidelity test to determine whether or not they are faithful. This requires 2 samples: 1 incriminating sample, such as a garment with a semen or blood stain on it, a condom, or cigarette butts, and another evidentiary sample with your DNA, which is used as a reference for comparison. This way, analysts can determine whether the suspected sample carries your DNA or that of somebody else. 

Ease of Use

Test kits are simple to use and can be done at home. Each DNA testing kit includes 2 FDA-approved buccal swabs (per person), envelopes for the samples, a prepaid USPS return envelope, and simple instructions. To obtain a sample, simply swab the insides of your cheeks with the buccal swabs, place them in the sample envelopes, and then send them in the prepaid envelope to DNA Direct Solutions Review for testing along with the included consent form. 

The above process goes for the traditional paternity and standard DNA tests. The company also offers a number of specific tests, such as the infidelity test, which require a different, and oftentimes more extensive, sample collection process. 

Speed of Kit Delivery and Results

DNA Direct Solutions offers paternity results in as little as 2 days, a turnaround time that far exceeds that of most companies. If it’s urgent, you can opt for next-day and even 24-hour results, though rush testing drives up the price considerably. Result reports are delivered by email for maximum confidentiality. 

Customer Support

The best way to have your questions answered is through live chat on the website. Support is also available by phone on business days between 9am and 5pm Mountain Standard Time, and you can reach customer service through email as well, though it takes up to 24 hours for a reply. 


Paternity test
to add 1 mother to paternity test
to add 1 additional child to paternity test
Siblingship test
Missing parent test
Infidelity test
Cost depends on sample being tested

Data Privacy

DNA Direct Solutions collects customers’ information when they make purchases, but requires permission to use it for email marketing. They offer a way to withdraw consent on their website. Otherwise, they disclose information only if required to do so by law. 

Bottom Line

Those looking for DNA tests related to sensitive family situations will find that Direct DNA Solutions offers many unique tests not offered elsewhere. The quick turnaround time on paternity tests alone makes it a great option for anybody, though its more niche services, such as infidelity testing and biological testing for those whose alleged parents are deceased, make it an attractive go-to for people with circumstances that are not addressed by other DNA companies.  

DNA Direct Solutions DNA Direct Solutions Visit Site

About DNA Direct Solutions

DNA Direct Solutions offers cutting-edge DNA tests in partnership with a human identity laboratory. It offers discrete DNA testing for a number of sensitive family issues, and is available to assist with further legal matters such as determining court-admissible test results. 

Contact Details

Phone: (575) 915 1030

Email: info@dna.direct

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DNA Direct Solutions

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