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Who’zTheDaddy Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Who'zTheDaddy? is a DNA testing company that specializes in paternity tests, which can help you determine if the person tested is the father of a child in question. The results are fast, accurate, and reliable, with free delivery anywhere in the US and results ready within 4 days. All of the testing and analysis is performed in an AABB-accredited lab (American Association of Blood Banks), so you can be sure the process is reliable.


  • Receive results within only 4 days
  • Accurate testing to identify biological fathers
  • Free US delivery


  • Doesn’t have as large of a reputation as other testing companies

Who’zTheDaddy Who’zTheDaddy Visit Site

Best For

Best test for identifying a biological father

Why Go With

Who'zTheDaddy?’s test results are 99.99% accurate. The test uses many genetic markers to analyze your DNA and give you the peace of mind that you're looking for. Unlike most popular DNA testing services that use only 16 genetic markers, Who'zTheDaddy? uses a total of 21. All of its paternity tests are analyzed in a laboratory that’s accredited by the AABB and in accordance with the ISO. In order to be accredited, the lab has to pass inspections, audits, and display a high level of technical expertise in carrying out tests. Knowing that your results are being analyzed in an accredited lab gives you the assurance of high quality, accuracy, and reliability.

What’s on Offer

  • Swabs for up to 3 people (4 swabs per person), consent forms, a pre-addressed return envelope
  • ISO- and AABB-accredited labs
  • Fast results in 4 days
  • DNA tested against 21 genetic markers
  • View results on its website, by phone, email or post
  • Can send DNA using a discrete sample
  • Receive result guidance and support with 24-hour customer care

Ease of Use

Ordering your paternity test is extremely simple. It starts with figuring out which test you want, whether that’s a basic paternity test, immigration DNA test, or any of the others available. Before ordering a kit, it’s important to note:

  • You must be 18+
  • Your information may be shared with relevant 3rd parties

You will be asked to answer a few questions before placing your order:

  • Is the mother going to be tested?
  • How many children will be tested?
  • How many possible fathers will be tested?
  • Kit postage charges
  • Do you require another kit to a 2nd address?
  • How would you like to receive your results?
  • Whether you need express results in 3 working days
  • Are you submitting a discrete sample?

After answering the questions and confirming the product you want, you will be asked to input information including your name, shipping information, and payment details.

Speed of Kit Delivery and Results

After ordering your DNA sample collection kit either by phone or online, you will receive a package with easy-to-follow instructions, the swabs, and a return envelope. The DNA collection is completely safe and painless. The step-by-step instructions included in the kit outline the process:

  • Remove the swab from the sterile packaging
  • Roll the tip of the sample collection swab against the inside of both cheeks
  • Repeat the process for the same person with the 2nd swab
  • Allow the swabs to air dry
  • Place the used swabs in the collection envelope
  • Sign the details required on the outside of the envelope
  • Seal the envelope

Repeat the sample collection process for however many people you’re testing. Before sampling, make sure that you:

  • Don’t drink coffee or tea, or use tobacco products for 4 hours
  • Wash your hands and rinse the applicant’s mouth 3 times with warm water

After taking the samples, send them to the lab for testing and wait 4 days to receive your results. Results can be downloaded from the website, sent to you by mail or post, or you can receive them by phone.

DNA Test Type 

Autosomal (family DNA)

YDNA (paternal)

Report Features

DNA relative matching

Customer Support

If you need help making a purchase, have questions about your results, or would just like more information, you can refer to the help & FAQ page or contact customer support. Unlike most FAQ pages, Who’zTheDaddy?’s doesn’t answer specific questions, but rather gives an overall run-down of DNA testing and paternity testing. It details how your DNA gets analyzed in the lab to make you feel more comfortable about using the product.

Who’zTheDaddy? also offers a customer support line. You can visit the physical office if you live in California, but you must have an appointment, or you can use its online methods. The company offers a toll free number, or you can submit some basic information in an online form and a customer care representative will call you back. Another great option is online chat, which you can start whenever by clicking on a button in the bottom right hand side of the website. If you message during operating hours a representative will answer you immediately, and if not, they’ll email you shortly.


Home Paternity
Legal DNA
Immigration DNA
Price on request
Prenatal Paternity

Who’zTheDaddy? offers 4 different kinds of paternity tests. The simplest one, Home Paternity, offers a basic paternity test to help you figure out if you’re the father of the child in question. This test comes with free delivery anywhere in the US. Legal DNA testing is slightly more complex and can be used in court cases to provide evidence of a biological relationship between relatives, such as father and child. The Immigration DNA test is a form of documentation that can be used to support immigration paperwork by providing evidence of a biological relationship between those tested, such as father and child, and the test provides you with results that meet the requirements of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The highest level test offered in the paternity category is prenatal paternity testing, which can help you find out the paternity of your baby before it’s born. All of the products have a slightly different procedure, and each one requires personal information at the time of ordering. This information includes who’s being tested, if anyone’s been tested before, and how you would like to receive your results.

Who'zTheDaddy? has a data protection procedure to protect all of its clients’ data from any unauthorized use. The website takes precautions to protect your information both online and offline.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a quick and reliable DNA testing service, Who'zTheDaddy? is for you. Whether you’re looking for animal testing, legal testing ordered by a court, or paternity testing, this product does it all. The tests are painless, only requiring a simple cheek swab, and results are ready within only 4 days.

Who’zTheDaddy?’s test results are 99.99% accurate and are backed by industry leaders. It also has an excellent, 24-hour customer support line that can be reached by phone, email, or chat.

Who’zTheDaddy Who’zTheDaddy Visit Site

About Who’zTheDaddy?

Who’zTheDaddy? is a US-based DNA testing company with over 8 years of experience. It’s backed by experts in the fields of genetic and DNA testing, who keep the company on the cutting edge of technology. The company prides itself on having close relationships with various labs around the world, which enables it to give customers the best care and services.

Contact Details

Phone: 1 800 837 1725

Email: info@whozthedaddy.us

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