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Top 10 Best Dog DNA Tests Kits in 2024

Daniel Blechynden
Top 10 Best Dog DNA Tests
At-home pet DNA tests have become commonplace over the past decade or so. Modern dog DNA test kits can provide accurate results about your pet’s breed, genetic health predispositions, and physical traits.

For many people, these results will be interesting, enabling them to understand their furry friends better and take better care of their health. Others, such as breeders and veterinarians, can use more specialized tests to look for different traits and genetic predispositions. 

There are quite a few different DNA tests on the market, but there are large quality differences between the best and the worst tests for dogs. For example, many have quite limited genetic databases, which makes it difficult for them to provide accurate results.

We’ve spent hours researching the best dog DNA test kits available on the market. We’ve looked at everything from their prices to their accuracy and main features so you don’t have to. 

Our Top 10 Best Dog DNA Tests in 2024:

A Closer Look at Our Top 10 Best Dog DNA Tests - Reviews:

1. Embark


Embark is a clear leader in the canine genetic testing industry. Its dog DNA tests are fast, with results coming back to you in just two to four weeks in most cases. It also offers super accurate testing, with more than 350 breeds and 210 genetic health markets in its database. 

After completing a test, you will receive results with information about your pet’s breed mix and ancestry. This will include a family tree, and there’s a powerful relative-finder tool that you can use to find other dogs related to yours. 

With the more expensive health kit, your results will also include your dog’s genetic health makeup and data about its genetic traits. Overall, Embark is an excellent all-around option that you should be considering. 

Product Highlight: Fast, accurate dog DNA testing

Best for: Accurate, in-depth DNA results

Price per kit: $109-$159


  • Super accurate results

  • Relatively fast delivery

  • Very easy to use 


  • Slightly expensive

  • Results are too detailed for some people

Embark Embark Visit Site



UCARI offers quite unique pet testing services. Its tests focus on allergies and intolerances, enabling you to ensure your furry friends are living in comfort.

The test requires a simple hair sample that’s fast and easy to take. You will receive everything you need to take your sample in the simple test kit, which is returned to the lab for testing. Once the lab has received your sample, you will receive digital results within two days. 

UCARI tests for more than 1000 intolerances and allergies, including skin, food, and environmental issues. Overall, it’s a great option if your aim is to find out more about your pet’s health. 

Product Highlight: Health-focused dog testing 

Best for: Health-related results

Price per kit: $79.99


  • Tests for 1000+ intolerances

  • Fast and easy to take a sample

  • Super fast results


  • No information about your dog’s breed

  • Questionable accuracy


3. Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel’s dog DNA tests range from a simple kit that provides information about your dog's heritage for $79.99 to a comprehensive health and breed test for $159.99. 

The breed test analyzes more than 350+ breeds, providing detailed information about your dog’s breed makeup. Up to 210 health tests can be performed depending on your kit, and the two more expensive kits test for 35+ physical and appearance traits. 

On top of this, the DNA test comes with a simple mouth swab that makes it super easy to collect a sample. The hard part is making sure your dog doesn’t eat, drink, or lick anything for at least an hour or two beforehand. 

Product Highlight: Comprehensive dog-breed testing

Best for: Mixed breeds

Price per kit: $79.99 to $159.99


  • Tests for 350+ breeds

  • Simple mouth swabs

  • Health data available


  • High-end tests are expensive

  • Genetic marker testing is limited

Wisdom Panel Wisdom Panel Visit Site

4. Paw Print Genetics

 Paw Print Genetics

Paw Print Genetics offers powerful dog DNA testing that encompasses both health and parentage. For starters, its in-depth genetic mutation testing is designed to provide information about your pet’s predisposition to certain conditions or diseases. 

Basic DNA testing is also available to help you determine the parentage of your dog, which can be useful for breeders. All samples are tested twice with two independent tests to ensure the results are accurate. 

The test kit comes with a simple cheek swab that you can use to collect a DNA sample, and you should receive your results within a few weeks. DNA profiling costs just $49, and health testing starts at $80, making this an attractive option that’s definitely worth considering. 

Product Highlight: 

Powerful dog DNA testing

Best for: Comprehensive Results

Price per kit: From $19


  • Analyzes more than 225 health markers

  • Uses two independent analyses 

  • Simple cheek-swab DNA collection


  • No breed identification testing

  • Limited health tests for mixed breeds

Paw Print Genetics Paw Print Genetics Visit Site

5. Windogz


Windogz offers simple genetic health screening for dogs. Its DNA test kit includes a simple mouth swab and sample collection instructions. After collecting a sample, you will need to send it back to the lab. You should receive results within two to three weeks. 

One thing we like about the Windogz genetic screening test is that it’s super easy to use. It’s a little basic and includes no breed identification testing, but this won’t be a major issue for many people. 

It does test for more than 75 popular diseases and inherited traits. With this information, you can better care for your pet’s overall health and well-being. 

Product Highlight: Simple canine health screening 

Best for: Ease of use

Price per kit: $99.99


  • Fast and easy to take a sample

  • Tests for 75+ diseases

  • Can be used with all breeds


  • No breed identification

  • More basic results than some other tests

6. Orivet


Orivet offers powerful DNA testing that focuses on breed-specific traits and diseases. The cheapest testing kit comes in at just $79.95 and includes full breed identification. Orivet has more than 350 breeds in its database, enabling it to provide accurate ancestry and breed mix information. 

The more expensive DNA kit tests for more than 220 health risks and 40 physical traits, providing much more information than the simple ancestry test. 

There’s also a neat full breed profile test for purebreds that enables you to test your dog for traits and diseases that are relevant to their breed. This is useful for breeders and others who already know their dog’s breed. 

Product Highlight: Powerful purebred DNA testing

Best for: Purebred testing

Price per kit: $79.95-$139.95


  • More than 350 breeds in the database

  • Advanced purebred DNA testing

  • Health testing available


  • Customer service isn’t great

  • Results can be a little slow

Orivet Orivet Visit Site

7. Find My Pet

Find My Pet

The Find My Pet dog DNA test kit is a budget-friendly option, but that does mean it’s more pared-back than most competitors’ kits. Its breed database contains genetic information about 100+ breeds, significantly fewer than most other testing companies. 

You will also receive information about your dog’s genetic predisposition to certain health conditions and physical traits. The kit is easy to use, and results should be delivered via email in three to four weeks. 

Product Highlight: Cheap, simple dog DNA testing

Best for: Cheap DNA testing

Price per kit: Around $70  


  • Cheap

  • Easy to use

  • Simple PDF results


  • May not be accurate

  • Only 100+ breeds in database

Find My Pet Find My Pet Visit Site

8. 5Strands


5Strands offers a selection of dog and other pet health testing kits. These use bioresonance technology rather than DNA testing, but they are still great tools for caring pet owners. 

The complete Pet Health Test comes in at $212, and it tests for food intolerances, environmental intolerances, nutritional imbalances, and metal and mineral imbalances. You can also buy individual kits or smaller bundles if you would like to test for one or two of these. 

One thing that stands out about 5Strands is the speed of results. You should receive a detailed report within seven to 10 days of your sample arriving at the lab. 

Product Highlight: In-depth pet intolerance testing

Best for: Pet intolerance testing 

Price per kit: $66-$212


  • Fast intolerance testing

  • Competitively priced

  • In-depth results


  • No DNA testing

  • Provides no breed information

5Strands 5Strands Visit Site

9. DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog offers a number of DNA and health testing kits, including simple breed testing, allergy testing, and deceased dog DNA breed testing. The basic breed test costs just $68.99, making it one of the most affordable breed identification options on the market. 

At the same time, it’s very easy to use. A simple cheek swab is the only sample collection you need to do. Once you mail your samples back to the lab, you will receive results within two weeks of them arriving. 

Product Highlight: Simple dog DNA testing

Best for: Ease of use

Price per kit: $68.99


  • Easy to use

  • Simple breed identification

  • Competitively priced


  • Results can be inaccurate

  • Basic health testing

DNA My Dog DNA My Dog Visit Site

Why Should I Have My Dog DNA Tested?

A quick dog DNA test can reveal a wealth of information about your furry companion. Ever wondered what breed your pup is? Or what their heritage looks like? A DNA test can reveal the answers to these and many similar questions. 

With a dog breed DNA test, you should receive information about your pet’s genetic makeup. For some people, this will be useful to confirm that they are purebred. For others, this is simply interesting information that can help you understand more about your dog.

Dog genetic testing tends to provide information about the traits that could be passed on to offspring, which can be useful for breeders. It can also deliver data about your pet’s predisposition to certain conditions, along with some health issues they may currently have, such as food sensitivities. 

At the end of the day, most people use dog DNA health testing and dog breed test kits to find out more about their pets so that they can care for them and provide for their needs better. 

What About Cat DNA Tests? 

You can get a DNA test kit for your dog, so what about your cat? It would be pretty cool to find out more about your feline companion as well, wouldn’t it? 

Unfortunately, cat DNA test kits aren’t as accurate as dog DNA kits. This is because cats have much lower genetic diversity than dogs, which makes it difficult to single out individual breeds. Domestic cat breeds also tend to interbreed much more than dog breeds, which makes it even harder. 

There are a few cat DNA testing kits on the market, but they don’t provide nearly as much information as dog kits. For example, the Basepaws cat DNA kit only tests for 21 breeds, and it has clear disclaimers stating that its results may not be accurate.

The bottom line: A cat DNA test could be fun to try, but the current options are limited and may not provide accurate results. 

How to Choose the Best Pet DNA Kit

There are a few important things to think about when you’re choosing a pet DNA test kit, including the following. 

Accuracy of Results - Some dog tests guarantee a high level of accuracy, but cheaper tests or those done by companies with smaller genetic databases can be inaccurate, so make sure you read the fine print.

Speed of Results - Pay attention to this if you want to receive your pet’s DNA test in a timely manner. Some tests return results in just a few weeks, while others can take months. 

Depth of Results - Some dog DNA test kits only return basic information about your dog’s heritage and breed. Others add higher-resolution ancestry testing, and some return more detailed information about your dog’s health profile. 

Cost - While you’re unlikely to find a free dog DNA test, if cost is a factor, you can find some for as low as $70. More affordable tests are usually less detailed, so do your research to find the best balance of features and value.   

Bottom Line

Dog DNA testing can provide a range of interesting and potentially useful information about your pet’s breed mix and genetic predisposition to certain physical traits and health conditions. Most at-home tests are very easy, and the top options are quite accurate. 

Our leading dog DNA testing option is Embark, which offers highly accurate breed mix and health trait testing. Platforms like Wisdom Panel and UCARI are also popular among pet owners, and every option on this list is worth considering. 

At the end of the day, we’d suggest getting a dog DNA test if you’re interested in finding out more about your furry friend. Tests that include health information can also help you maintain your dog’s health and well-being. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which dog DNA test is most accurate?+-

Embark offers the most accurate and comprehensive canine DNA test kit. It claims that its results are 95% to 99% accurate and it analyzes more genetic markers and screens for more mutations than any other kit on the market.

What will a dog DNA test tell you?+-

At the most basic level, a dog DNA test will give you information about your dog’s breed mix and heritage. You may also get information about its genetic traits and predisposition to certain health conditions with a more advanced test.

How do you do a DNA test on a dog?+-

Most dog DNA tests require you to collect a mouth swab from inside your dog’s cheek. Some require hair samples as well, but you will receive clear instructions with your DNA test kit. Once you’ve collected your sample, you will need to return it to the testing company for analysis.

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