The Best Business VoIP Providers 2020

Amanda BradleyByAmanda BradleyJun. 11, 2019

VoIP systems can benefit your business in many ways, with a number of important features and functions that go well beyond traditional phone service. 

But when comparing business VoIP providers, what are the most important factors one should consider? We have researched and compared a large number of business VoIP providers, checking their pricing plans, ease of setup, customer support, connection quality, system customization, mobile options, video conferencing, file sharing, and other key factors. 

We have composed a comparison list and detailed reviews of the 10 best business VoIP providers of 2019 to help you find the best VoIP system for your business needs. 

Businesses that want lots of features
Businesses with a lot of call traffic
Small to mid-sized businesses
Inclusive plans for virtual calling
All-in-one solution
Businesses looking for mobile solutions
Contract-free service
Budget-conscious businesses
Small businesses of up to 10 people
Simple business VoIP service
From $19.95
From $18.95

The Best Business VoIP Services: Quick Reviews

  • 1


    Best all-around business VoIP solution
    • No. of usersUnlimited
    • Pricing$14.99-$39.99
    • Best forBusinesses that want lots of features

    Vonage was one of the very first VoIP providers, and it has only improved its product offerings over the last 20 years. Offering a fully unified communications platform for businesses of all sizes, Vonage is an excellent solution for any type of connection. Whether your company is looking for a virtual receptionist to make your business sound more professional, a more convenient directory assistance tool, or the ability to connect multiple devices to a single line, Vonage has the tools and the flexibility to let your business run like a pro.

    What really makes Vonage stand out is the incredible set of features available on its plans. From privacy to customer service, personalization, and collaboration, Vonage makes every aspect of running your business better. The plans include important features such as caller ID blocking, call screening, spam shield, and do not disturb settings to ensure that you and your team have the utmost control over incoming calls.

    What’s more, Vonage allows you to control the call flow as well, providing tools like call hold, call continuity, and call parking. You can even avail yourself of the call recording, call queues, and call waiting that will give your business a professional edge. 

    Your team will also appreciate how mobile Vonage makes the entire system available for work on the go or from anywhere you want. With call forwarding, you’ll never miss a call no matter where you are. And you’ll always get your mail directly to you with your own private business inbox. Vonage even provides cell phone integration, a sleek mobile app, and Never Miss a Call functionality for the ultimate in mobile VoIP.

    Of course, no VoIP service is complete without a solid set of collaboration tools, which is why Vonage offers excellent features like call group, group chat, conference bridges, file sharing, and even video conferencing to help your team function like a real crew.

    To make matters even better, Vonage makes pricing affordable and easy to understand. You pay a flat rate for each line per month depending on the plan you've chosen. Vonage has 3 plans: Mobile, Premium, and Advanced, and they range in price from $14.99 to $39.99 depending on the features you want and the number of lines you’re using. Best of all, Vonage offers a 14-day free trial. So, you can test drive the software and see if it’s a good fit for your business.

    Vonage runs on your high-speed internet connection, so you never run into lag issues. It also offers a 99.999% uptime reliability, superior voice quality, and 24/7 customer support. You can use point-to-point video calls with the same top quality for business meetings or collaborative staff meetings to connect members from all over the world.

    • Fabulous mobile app
    • Superior voice quality
    • 24/7 customer support in English
    • Add on features can get pricey
    • You need to add on some basic features
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    Scalable and convenient VoIP solution
    • No. of usersUnlimited
    • Pricing$24.99-$59.99
    • Best forBusinesses with a lot of call traffic

    RingCentral is another frequently-heard name among VoIP pursuers. The company provides solid offerings for both small businesses and enterprise level ones, so you can get the features that are important to your business needs.

    Small businesses will appreciate how easy it is to set up and use RingCentral. In fact, you can have everything up and running in a matter of minutes. And you’ll have access to 24/7 customer support in case you have any questions along the way. SMBs will also appreciate the deep pocket savings that you’ll get from using RingCentral. You can cut back on phone bills and other communications costs using this all-in-one communications solution.

    RingCentral is also well-suited for enterprise businesses, offering a more robust set of features for these larger scale companies. For one thing, RingCentral has excellent administration tools to make managing the front and backend of your operations a cinch. Things like cloud PBX, multi-level IVR, and call monitoring help managers stay on top of multiple tasks at all times. Other tools, such as multi-site management and Cloud Connect, ensure that you can handle your team members from wherever you are. For another, RingCentral allows you to connect with more than 100 third-party applications, so you can use the system seamlessly with all the tools your staff is already using and familiar with.

    RingCentral can save you money on global operations, too. With international numbers, international calling, and signature Global Office, you can connect your entire workforce, no matter where in the world they are. RingCentral's pricing is all-inclusive, so you don't have to worry about hidden fees creeping up on you at the end of the month. Even the most basic plans include unlimited phone calls within the US and Canada, toll-free or local numbers, and a number of toll-free minutes per month. Higher tier plans include other goodies like unlimited audio and video meetings, unlimited fax capabilities, and thousands of minutes of toll-free calls per month. With flexible plans, RingCentral ensures that it will grow alongside your company. It even lets you choose the features that are right for your business at any given time.

    RingCentral is particularly good at reliability and security. In fact, this service provides a full 7 layers of security. So, your data and connections are always airtight. What’s more, RingCentral uses redundant data centers to ensure that your service is always up and running without a hitch. You will even be able to maintain service during power outages and other loss of power situations.

    • Up to 10 users for cheapest plan
    • Generous toll-free minutes per month
    • Enormous array of features
    • Rates are higher than some competitors
    • Customer service is not US-based
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    Award-winning call solution for SMB
    • No. of usersUnlimited
    • Pricing$24-$115
    • Best forSmall to mid-sized businesses

    8X8 is trusted by some of the biggest businesses around the world, like McDonald's. It caters to industries like high-tech, retail, manufacturing, sales, collections, government, healthcare, and more. So, no matter where your business falls, 8X8 has a unified communications solution to get you up and running with your customers and team members instantly.

    8X8's X series provides business VoIP solutions for every situation you could imagine. Need an integrated communications solution? The X2 plan has one-click connection that brings you everything from chat to voice to video meetings, meetings for 100 people at a time, and integrations with most major business applications. Looking for speed and efficiency? The X4 and X6 plans deliver features to help you out. With things like 4,000 minutes per agent, customer engagement analytics, and customizable dashboards, you’ll be maximizing your resources to the hilt.

    8X8 also has plans to enhance customer experience, including integrated voice, email, web chat, and social channels, advanced speech and interaction analytics, and predictive outbound campaigns. Managers will love using the 8X8 system because it makes designating and handling call flow so simple. The Switchboard Pro takes care of all calls automatically.

    In case you were worried about collaboration tools, 8X8 has plenty to go around. There's built-in team messaging that allows team members to communicate with one another quickly and efficiently. 8X8 also integrates with G Suite, Office 365 Outlook, NetSuite, and Salesforce for further collaboration ease. 

    And we haven't even gotten to the premium cloud communications features yet. Things like queued and web callback, interactive voice responses, and outbound predictive dialer make your customers’ experience the smoothest it has ever been. In-depth analytics and reporting, and post-call surveys also keep you and your team performing optimally at all times.

    8X8 has 4 pricing models to choose from. Each plan offers unlimited calling within a given list of countries around the world. The most basic plan covers 14 different countries and clocks in at $28 per month per user. As you graduate in plans, the pricing goes from $28 to $38 to $60 to $115, and you’ll have access to unlimited calling within 32 and 47 countries around the world, respectively. Plans also come with media storage space, business texting, unlimited internet faxing, and audio and video conferencing. 

    If you are interested in using 8X8 for more than 100 users, you’ll pay even less per month regardless of which plan you choose. So, you’ll save on local and international calling, and on bulk ordering. 8X8 plans come with both mobile and desktop apps, operator switchboard, and call recording. You’ll also get basic features like voicemail, auto attendant, click to dial, and hold music.

    • Affordable pricing plans
    • Lots of features included in plans
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Customer support is limited
    • No open API
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    Robust mobile solutions
    • No. of usersUnlimited
    • Pricing$19.95-$39.90
    • Best forInclusive plans for virtual calling

    MegaPath is an obvious choice for small business because of its competitive pricing, remote availability, and flexible integrations. But this communications solution company is also well-suited for larger companies with all the right features to make it comprehensive, powerful, and efficient. MegaPath has hosted PBX, unified communications, hosted voice integrations, call center, SIP trunking, and PRI & analog line solutions. So, there’s really something for everyone in this mix.

    If you work remotely on a regular basis, the hosted PBX will be your best solution. MegaPath helps you cut costs, provides solid mobile features and collaboration tools to connect team members, and simple self-service management. Of course, if you’re looking for a full-service solution, MegaPath’s unified communications solutions will work well for you. This option provides businesses with a more robust set of features like video and voice conference calls, group messaging, and video calls for that quick question and answer. This is an excellent solution because it's all in one. So, there’s no switching from one platform to the next to get the job done.

    MegaPath has 3 plans to choose from. You can get the Business Voice plan, the Premium Business Voice plan, or the Enterprise Voice plan. Plans cost $19.95, $24.95, and $39.90 per month and the features increase in impressiveness as you climb the tiers. You’ll get unlimited nationwide calling for all packages plus more than 50 calling features, visual voicemail, voicemail to email, and voicemail to text transcriptions.

    All plans also include call flow features like full call management web portal, call logs, and inbound caller ID. MegaPath makes working from any mobile device or computer with BYOD compatibility, and even the most basic plan has enterprise directory integration. What’s more, all plans provide crystal clear HD voice quality, so you always sound professional when you’re talking to customers. More advanced features come with the upper tiers like desktop sharing, presence, instant messaging, web conferencing, integrated messaging, and mobile to desktop call pull. To top it all off, MegaPath allows you to use the software completely without commitment for 30 days before signing up. With a 30-day, no hassle satisfaction guarantee, you can easily get to know the software, see how it works, and see if it fits your business needs without any financial commitment.

    MegaPath provides all customers with US-based service activation and tech support that’s available 24/7 every day of the year. You can even get custom training webinars and professional on-site installation for the fastest, easiest, and most convenient service around.

    • No contracts required
    • US-based tech support
    • Good collaboration tools
    • Have to pay more for some standard features
    • Video conferencing not available
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    Simplified national calling solution
    • No. of usersUnlimited
    • Pricing$21.95-$29.95
    • Best forAll-in-one solution

    Jive is a fun and user-friendly business VoIP option, and this is certainly not your grandma’s VoIP service. With sleek apps, punchy text, and advanced features, Jive makes using a unified communications solution fun, easy, and cool. What’s more, Jive has a whopping 80+ features, and you get all of them for a single monthly rate. That’s a dizzying amount of features, and it means you will have everything you need within one software. No need to switch over constantly to another service for optimal use. Jive’s got it all.

    Jive gives you full control over your call flow. You can set up different call rules for when your business is open and closed, so the calls will go to sales or customer support during business hours, and to the auto attendant after hours. Jive also lets you use neat features like simultaneous paging of all agents or specific group paging for a more personalized but still public announcement.

    Connect team members using Jive’s conference bridge, good for up to 10 members at once, listen to your business voicemail wherever you are, and use collaboration tools to really stay connected.  Want to really get serious about your communications? Use Jive call analytics, call logs, and call monitoring to analyze and go over calls to improve customer experience and tweak staff members’ techniques. Use custom greetings, dial by name directory, and local directory on phone to give a more professional appearance to your business. Handle calls more efficiently using tools like presence monitoring, shared line appearance, and ring groups.

    Jive pricing is really simple, and there are no gimmicks. We like that in a company. You’ll pay between $19.95-$29.99 per user per month for 1-99 users. More specifically, you’ll pay $19.95 for 50+ users, $21.95 for 25-49 users, $23.95 for 10-24 users, $25.99 for 5-9 users, and $29.95 for 1-4 users. 100 users or more get special custom pricing, so you can speak to Jive directly about that.

    What’s really nice about this pricing structure, aside from its simplicity, is the range of users it gives you. Most VoIP for business solutions clump you into very small or very large user bases. So, if you have something in between, you’re kind of stuck settling for something less than what you need or paying for something much more than what you want. Jive makes it simple to pay for exactly the number of users you have, saving you money and frustration.

    • Unlimited extensions
    • First month free
    • Flexible pricing plans
    • International calling is pricey
    • Limited video conferencing feature
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  • 6


    Best mobile communications option
    • No. of users3-unlimited
    • Pricing$26-$80
    • Best forBusinesses looking for mobile solutions

    Grasshopper is the business VoIP solution for small businesses everywhere that want to look big. The secret behind this cleverly-named service is simple: you don’t have to BE a big company to appear to be one. You just have to make a big noise (like a grasshopper!). Grasshopper provides small businesses with all the communications tools and features they need to look big and impress their clients while remaining the same cozy size they are currently.

    Grasshopper offers 2 types of plans, the Grasshopper plans and the Grasshopper Connect option. The first option is the more traditional VoIP service you are used to and comes in 3 flavors. You can get Solo, Partner, or Small Business plans for this service, and all 3 can be billed monthly or annually.

    It’s nice that Grasshopper lets you sign up for a single month contract because it means you aren’t tied into any long-term commitments. Of course, if you sign up for an annual plan, you’ll save more than 10%. Most businesses will decide that the savings are worth the commitment. Grasshopper VoIP plans run $26 per month for a single number with 3 extensions included, $44 a month for 3 numbers and 6 extensions, and $80 a month for 5 numbers. With the last plan, you get unlimited extensions, a huge benefit if you’re hoping to scale your business over the year.

    Whichever plan you sign up for, you’ll get some great features including a convenient mobile app that lets you activate and access the system from wherever you are. You’ll also get neat features like the ability to read your voicemail, handy if you are trying to stay on top of a conversation with a client but can't listen to audio at the moment (think on a noisy train or in the middle of a meeting), and business texting. This last one makes texting cheaper, faster, and easier than other methods of communication. Grasshopper plans provide incoming call control, call forwarding, and multiple extensions, so you give a professional appearance even if you're doing work in your PJs from your couch.

    Grasshopper Connect, on the other hand, is a more basic VoIP service that gives you some excellent features for a single line. This is the perfect solution for a one-person business running from different places every day. Grasshopper Connect costs just $35 a month, which makes it affordable for any business owner. And the features you get for that money are well worth the investment. Features like a proper business phone number, email integration, hold incoming calls, voicemail, call blocking, business texting, unified inbox, timeline view, and mobile app really help your small business give off the big dog impression you need to impress customers.

    • Unlimited domestic calling
    • 24/7 live support
    • Easy setup
    • Missing the robust features of larger brands
    • Not as attractive if you’re not going mobile
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  • 7

    Ooma Office

    Affordable startup VoIP solution
    Ooma Office
    • No. of usersUnlimited
    • PricingFrom $19.95
    • Best forContract-free service

    Ooma is the PCMag VoIP Business Choice award winner for 6 years running. That ought to tell you a bit about what a great service this is. Ooma is a cloud system, which means it's effortless to run, easy to learn, and can be taken anywhere you are. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this system ensures that you are always available for your customers when they call. While Ooma is a great solution for any size business, it is particularly attractive for small businesses because it offers advanced phone features at affordable pricing. Plus, Ooma has simple step-by-step DIY set up instructions and videos. So, you don’t have to wait for tech to get started.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of those features. For starters, Ooma offers unlimited calling to anywhere in the United States, Mexico, or Canada. This already translates to major savings for most businesses that frequently spend a fortune on phone bills each month. On top of that, Ooma has competitive, low international rates. You can call Australia for just $0.038 per minute, the United Kingdom for just $0.028 per minute, and China for just $0.025 per minute.

    Businesses get free number transfer and one free toll-free number as well as a main line company phone number to work with. In terms of mobility, Ooma can’t be beat. You’ll get the always convenient call forwarding feature that allows you to be ever-present for your customers even when you can’t be in the office. And virtual extensions mean everyone is on their game, even if they’re off duty. Additional features include voicemail audio email attachments for easy access and faster response times and multi-device ring. That last one makes it easy for calls to be answered by someone who is available at the time of the call.

    Ooma plans are very affordable. You can get basic services for $9.99 a month. This includes unlimited calling to the US, Canada, and Mexico and special low rates for several other countries. Ooma world plans are available from $19.99 a month with unlimited calling plans for just $17.99 a month. If you want unlimited international calling across the board, it’ll cost you just $25.99 per month.

    But let's not forget the convenient office features that take Ooma customers to the next level. The virtual receptionist has flexible tools to make sure each call gets to where it has to go quickly and efficiently. Ooma does this with features like multiple settings for on or off hours, dial by name directory, route callers, and custom messages for the different extensions. You can also set up call groups, choose hold music, provide call transferring, and use the call park feature to best service your customers.

    • Easy admin portal and scaling
    • Unlimited users for the same price
    • Unlimited calls to US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico
    • No PC apps
    • No softphone options
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  • 8


    Straightforward, mobile communications solution
    • No. of users5
    • PricingFrom $18.95
    • Best forBudget-conscious businesses

    You may have heard of OnSIP before as it is a major communications provider for businesses of every size. And if you haven’t, you probably know a few of its customers like Mozilla, Tumblr, and Disqus, just to name a few of the SMALL businesses that use OnSIP on a daily basis. It is particularly popular among businesses that love it for the handy BYOD (bring your own device) functionality, making the software easy to use with just about any device you could whip out. With a rich set of features, competitive pricing, and flexible payment options, OnSIP is a strong hosted VoIP solution for businesses.

    OnSIP has all of the usual VoIP features you’d expect like voicemail, group ring, and personal attendants. Plus, you’ll get more premium features like voicemail to email, third-party softphone integration, and web-hosted PBX. You can also take advantage of the robust admin portal that makes managing and changing things up a cinch.

    One of the things that makes OnSIP so popular is how flexible it is to work with. You can use desk phones exclusively if this is the way your business operates. Alternatively, you can use softphones with the OnSIP software if that’s your preference. And OnSIP even has a convenient method for combining both desk phones and softphones, so no matter how you roll, OnSIP has you covered.

    Another thing users love about OnSIP is the simplicity. You sign up using Google, Slack, or an email address. Then you can add members as you see fit, organizing them into groups as you go along. You can be connected and making calls within minutes of signing up. It’s just that simple.

    OnSIP has a massive unlimited plan for a reasonable $18.95 per person per month. This plan comes with a desk phone or a headset for each user you pay for and all the unlimited features you could ask for. We’re talking unlimited announcements, auto attendant, call parking, call recording, dial by name directories, ring groups, standard calling minutes, and voicemail boxes. You name it, with this plan it’s unlimited. The Unlimited plan also has enhanced hold music, busy lamp field, Polycom phones, and sayso website chatting. Inbound bridges are available for $1.95 plus 0.5 cents per minute as well.

    Looking for something more basic? OnSIP offers the Basic Plan at $49.95 per month plus 2.9 cents a minute for the standard calling area. This is a good way to get your average VoIP needs met without signing up for a more extensive calling plan. By the way, OnSIP allows you to try out the software for free with its 30-day free trial offer. This is a generous gesture that not all VoIP providers will make, so take advantage of it and give OnSIP a try.

    • Unwavering reliability
    • 30-day free trial
    • Lots of integrations
    • Have to know (or learn) SIP
    • Ala carte style can get expensive
    Read OnSIP Full Review
  • 9


    Best in class VoIP for SMBs
    • No. of usersUnlimited
    • Pricing$24.99-$34.99
    • Best forSmall businesses of up to 10 people

    CloudPhone is known to be a great business VoIP solution for smaller businesses. Everything from its pricing structure to its features tells us that it is working hard for the little guys in the industry. And it shows. With a CloudPhone unified communications solution, even the smallest businesses can put up a big front, winning the respect and the clients they deserve.

    Some of the great features you can get with a CloudPhone account are toll-free numbers, automatic call distribution, and call recording. Businesses will appreciate the Find Me Follow Me feature, which basically has a call ring to each of the designated phone lines one after another until the caller finds you. So, it’ll ring at your office desk first, then your home phone, then your cell until you finally pick up. It’s a very convenient feature that ensures you won’t miss an important business call because you stepped out for a few minutes or had to leave the country for some reason.

    CloudPhone plans also come with privacy and call control features like caller ID, call blocking, and auto attendant. You can use the call recording feature to record calls and play them back later to get more details or remind you of important points in the conversation. CloudPhone lets you BYOD, so no matter what type of phone, computer, or mobile device you are using, you can access your VoIP services on it. 

    CloudPhone has some other impressive business features like business SMS, voicemail to email, and voicemail transcription. This last one will allow you to read your voicemails when listening to audio is out of the question. CloudPhone accounts are fully manageable via the convenient mobile app, a good option if you are away from the office frequently. And despite the fact that this service caters to smaller businesses, CloudPhone offers unlimited users. This tells us that CloudPhone is a fan of scaling up and believes that your business can do it!

    CloudPhone has 3 pricing plans to choose from. Get the Basic plan for $24.99 a month for a single number and 2 extensions with one virtual receptionist. Basic also comes with voicemail transcripts, WiFi calling, call transfer, fax, and mobile app. The Professional plan is $34.99 a month and comes with 3 numbers, 6 extensions, and 2 virtual receptionists plus conference calling and business hours. Finally, the Small Business plan is $64.99 for 10 numbers, unlimited extensions, unlimited virtual receptionists, call recording, professionally recorded greetings, and more.

    • Unlimited minutes and SMS
    • Integrates with existing devices
    • Lifetime 50% off Small Business plan
    • No video conferencing
    • International calling isn’t unlimited
    Read CloudPhone Full Review
  • 10

    Alliance Phones

    Great service, extra features
    Alliance Phones
    • No. of usersUnlimited
    • Pricing$19.97-$29.97
    • Best forSimple business VoIP service

    Alliance Phones is about the customer all the way. This brand offers fast and easy setup, unwavering reliability, third-party app integrations, and tons of tools to make your business communications run effortlessly. Offering 24/7 customer support via various methods, cloud-based contact management system, and deep savings with all of its plans, it isn’t hard to understand why customers love using Alliance Phones.

    Alliance Phones has the VoIP features you’ve been looking for. Get caller ID management and complete control over incoming and outgoing calls. You can use call forwarding to send calls to the right department or staff member to field the call, and you can set call controls according to the inbound number. Managers will appreciate the convenient tools on their dashboard that make selecting, delegating, and automating call flows a breeze. Features like call rules, call screening, and call logs also help maintain consistency and control. Call recording is a good feature for managers to help them stay on top of new employees who might need a little coaching from time to time until they learn the ropes.

    With your business VoIP plan, you can get toll-free numbers, local numbers, and the ability to port your number as well. Alliance Phones plans also offer integration with some of the most commonly used business apps out there like Filemaker, Microsoft Outlook, and SugarCRM.

    Alliance Phones even offers cloud PBX features to give your business that extra professional edge. Avail yourself of tools like hold messages or music of your choice, cloud content management, and an auto attendant. Alliance Phones lets you set up multiple extensions, so you can direct calls to the right department or look like you have multiple departments even if you’re the only one answering the phone.

    Alliance Phones lets you choose from 3 pricing plans that cover users from 1 to 100. How’s that for flexibility? The Easy Plus plan is $29.97 a month per user, and that’s ideal for 1-3 users. The Simplicity Plus plan caters to 4-20 users and costs $24.97 per user per month. The Effortless Plus plan is $19.97 per month per user and fits 21-100 users.

    Alliance Phones plans are all monthly contracts, so there’s no long-term commitment to worry about. Plus, you can try out any of these Alliance Phones plans for free for 30 days. And if you don’t like it, you haven’t lost a thing.

    • Unlimited minutes
    • Free trial for 30 days
    • Lots of integrations
    • Extra call recording gets expensive fast
    • No proprietary softphone
    Read Alliance Phones Full Review

Unleashing the Power of VoIP for Your Business

If you’re running a business in 2019, then chances are, you have already heard of and might even use some form of VoIP or internet phone service through your business phone line. If you’ve ever used Skype or Facebook Messenger—or any kind of internet service to make a call—you’re experiencing the power of Voice Over IP (VoIP).

VoIP systems have become the norm for businesses large and small, as they provide an easy, surefire way to make telecommunications more efficient—and affordable. For small and medium-sized businesses, these savings can make a big difference. The efficiency of a VoIP system can also ease some headaches for companies that may not have the manpower to handle complicated or less streamlined communication needs. Small businesses generally don’t need some of the more sophisticated VoIP features—like video conferencing that can accommodate 100 or more participants—but the flexible pricing, ease of operations, and customer service offered by many VoIP providers can be of real assistance.

Finding the Right VoIP Fit for Your Business

When it comes to integrating VoIP into your business, there are some factors to consider before you choose a provider. The top VoIP providers can help you lower costs, reach more customers, and even enhance your mobility and productivity.

The most important features to look for when searching for a VoIP solution are:

  • Ease of operation and setup
  • Reliability and customer service
  • Features and customizability
  • Mobile options
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing

Switching to a VoIP system entails some initial costs, which are quickly offset by the savings. VoIP services can also increase the efficiency, convenience, and flexibility of your communications and help you incorporate the business tools of a larger company. Before you choose your VoIP provider, try to determine how easy it will be to adopt the system and operate it, and also if it has any specific features you need.

Benefits of Having a Business VoIP Phone System

The full benefits of having a business phone system will depend on the size and type of business you own. However, loosely speaking, many businesses benefit from:

Lower Costs

Businesses, on average, see costs reduce between 50% - 75% after switching to VoIP, which is a combination of reduced communication expenses and logistical benefits.

Greater Productivity

Investing in internet phone allows a company to let its employees work remotely, which can increase productivity by almost 20%.

More Reliability

Because of QoS (Quality of service) protocols, more common issues like jitter, latency, or delay are all monitored for a satisfactory standard for business practice. A recent study showed that less than 0.5% of survey respondents reported being dissatisfied with VoIP call quality.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Rates

Unsatisfied customers would rather switch services than complain, so customer service needs to be more aware of visitors needs than ever before. Giving your customers more ways to reach your business is simple, with the help of VoIP. This could be helping employees work remotely, increasing office hours, or just offering the customers a number to call when a problem arises.

Types of VoIP Systems

The biggest difference in cost is going to depend on the type of VoIP service you choose for your business. There are 3 main systems available:

Hosted System

Similar to a website hosting plan, this means that the vendor owns the hardware, and your business leases or buys the phones. Maintenance will be handled by the vendor, too. Companies will usually charge a subscription to use the internet business phone system.

Best for: Smaller businesses

On-Premise System

In this scenario, your business owns the hardware, which means you are responsible for any upgrades or maintenance work. This sort of setup can be prohibitive for a smaller business because of the higher initial costs of purchasing the hardware. In addition, the upkeep may require the manpower that a small company doesn't have. On the other hand, these systems can provide better options for customization and a higher level of security.

Best for: Larger businesses

Managed System

With this system, the business still owns the equipment, but the vendor is in charge of set up and maintenance. This is a great “best of both worlds” option, in that it allows the customer to use their own equipment—like with the on-premise system—while still being able to enjoy the assistance provided by a hosted system.


How do I choose the best business VoIP provider?

There are several factors you’ll need to consider when comparing VoIP providers. The best one for you will check off the most boxes, ensuring that it provides the most value for your company. The main factors to consider include:

  • Robust features set
  • Mobile access and/or app
  • Sophisticated call routing management
  • Video conferencing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Third party integrations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ease of setup and use

What are the benefits of using a business VoIP?

Business VoIP can help your business save money, handle larger call volumes, and create a more professional impression for your customers. In fact, the list of all of the benefits goes on for miles, but here are a few of the most important gains you'll get from business VoIP:

  • Lower costs
  • Greater productivity
  • More reliability
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Increased flexibility
  • More mobility

How can VoIP save you money?

It's a well-known concept that business VoIP saves businesses money; the question is how. Well, the number one answer is, through the reduced phone bill. Since calls are often free (unlimited minutes, etc.) or offered at an incredibly discounted rate per minute, businesses save thousands of dollars on their phone bills alone. Additionally, you can save money with a VoIP by:

  • Utilizing remote workers
  • Direct inward dialing
  • Voicemail-to-email ensures faster response times (and time is money)
  • Conference bridges and video conferencing
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Free SMS

How can VoIP enhance your business’ efficiency?

As with financial gains, VoIP services offer tremendous boosts to your productivity as well. Here’s how:

Increased productivity with great collaboration tools

Team members can text for free, share files, and swap phone calls from clients. Remote workers can sit in on conference calls, staying up to date and in the loop.


Since you can take your business on the go, you can get more work done wherever you are. And you’ll never miss another business call again.


Voicemail on VoIP is the ultimate efficiency. Instead of checking multiple phones and accounts, all of your voicemails come to one location to be checked. Plus, you get an alert whenever a voicemail comes in, so you are on top of things faster. Even voicemail transcripts let you read your voicemails, so you can make the most of those boring hours spent in meetings.

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