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Grasshopper VoIP Review (2023)

A phone system designed for entrepreneurs

Hailey Lucas

In a Nutshell

Grasshopper is a VoIP provider with lower-cost plans than most of the competition. It includes the most important features entrepreneurs look for when they seek VoIP, such as custom phone numbers and voicemail transcription. It lacks more advanced features many growing businesses require, though. We recommend it only to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to leverage the flexibility that VoIP offers at a low cost.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Good features for inbound calls
  • Nice desktop and mobile apps


  • Requires a separate landline or mobile phone plan
  • Limited features for outbound calls and call monitoring

Grasshopper Grasshopper Visit Site

Grasshopper Pricing & Plans - How much does Grasshopper cost?

Grasshopper has 3 plans—Solo, Partner, and Small Business. These are priced very competitively in the SMB virtual phone service market. You can choose to pay monthly, but annual payments get a discount of around 10%.

All Grasshopper plans have the same features, but they differ on the number of phone numbers and extensions you can use. 

A few features cost extra. Additional phone numbers each cost $10/month. Call blasting (where every call-forwarding number is rung at the same time to reduce wait times) costs $10/month. You can also order a professional voice greeting from a voice actor for a one-off fee of $75.



Small Business





Phone numbers








Grasshopper Available Features 

Grasshopper punches above its weight in features, offering a long list of calling features. You get unlimited calls in the US and Canada, and it’s possible to add international calling for an added fee.

Custom phone numbers

One of Grasshopper’s most important features is the ability to have multiple custom phone numbers and extensions. The phone numbers you choose can be in different area codes, and you have the option of combining local numbers and toll-free numbers if you choose multiple phone numbers. Vanity numbers (e.g., 1-800-TECH) are also available.

Extensions can be set to forward calls to different phone numbers or to route all calls to a single number. 

Grasshopper Review Features

Automated greetings and hold music

You can set up different automated greetings for callers using Grasshopper. For instance, you can have a greeting for when you’re available and another for when you’re out of the country.

Grasshopper also has several hold music options that can keep your business calls sounding professional.

Voicemail transcription

When you receive a voicemail on your Grasshopper number, it’s automatically transcribed and sent to your email or Grasshopper app. You get a text representation of the voicemail alongside an audio recording of the voicemail, so you can quickly decide which voicemails require immediate action.

Text messaging

All the users on your Grasshopper plan can send texts to each other at no extra charge. Employees can send and receive messages on the Grasshopper desktop and mobile apps.

Virtual receptionist

For an added fee starting at $199/month, you can have a real receptionist answer your calls from a remote location. The receptionist can offer a company-specific greeting, schedule appointments, and answer basic customer FAQs. This is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time receptionist.

Security and Reliability

Grasshopper doesn’t mention anything about the security and reliability of its products on its website. It does promise a 99.999% uptime, so reliability shouldn’t be an issue. Grasshopper uses cloud-based servers with backup servers in multiple geographic regions, so downtime is very rare.

Grasshopper is not HIPAA compliant, meaning it isn’t the right choice for companies that need to protect and secure people’s healthcare data.

Grasshopper Mobile App

Grasshopper has a mobile app for iOS and Android. You can make and receive calls just like you do with your mobile phone normally, but your Grasshopper Caller ID keeps your business looking professional.

The mobile app is perhaps the most convenient way to use Grasshopper, as you can use the app wherever you go. You can use the dialer to place calls, check your voicemails, and keep a list of contacts. When you move between WiFi and call networks, Grasshopper continues to work seamlessly.

Other features include the ability to transfer calls and dial extensions. This can make your business appear more professional while still allowing you to work from wherever you want.

Grasshopper Review App

Grasshopper Integrations

Grasshopper doesn’t directly integrate with any other platforms, but it’s possible to use it alongside some other software solutions. You can use Grasshopper with Skype, for example, by forwarding your Grasshopper number to your SkypeIn number. This also works with Google Voice.

Grasshopper can be used with marketing automation systems like HubSpot or customer relationship management software like Salesforce, but there’s not much in the way of automation between the systems. In many cases, agents are required to enter call details manually into the CRM.

Help and Support

Grasshopper has an informative, well-laid-out support site. FAQs are numerous and well-written, so it’s easy to find answers to the queries you have. An AI chatbot can quickly guide you to the articles you need.

Technical support over the phone is also available on a 24/7 toll-free basis, although the number is hard to find on the Grasshopper support site.

How Grasshopper Compares to Other VoIP Providers


Ooma Office



Base price

$23/month for 3 extn.




Free trial

7 days

30 days

30 days


Mobile app





Video calling







Most major CRMs

Many third-party apps

Many third-party apps


24/7 phone, support site

24/7 phone, live chat

24/7 phone, online ticketing

Business-hours phone, 24/7 live chat

Grasshopper Vs Ooma Office

While Ooma Office is pricier than Grasshopper, it does make up for this by including some useful features. For a start, it’s possible to use Ooma Office with analog phones through the purchase of an Ooma Base Station.

Ooma Office has a more advanced IVR (interactive voice response) system than Grasshopper. With IVR, callers can make choices from a set of pre-recorded messages by responding with their voice. Ooma Office’s IVR system can be used to transfer calls to specific individuals depending on the choices the caller makes. It also includes call recording and a video-conferencing tool, features that Grasshopper lacks.

Grasshopper Vs RingCentral

Grasshopper is lower-cost than RingCentral, particularly if you just need a single phone number with 3 extensions. 

But RingCentral offers significantly more features. There are extensive tools for team collaboration, such as team chat and whiteboarding, and you can use RingCentral for video conferencing.

RingCentral also offers good integration with key software like Zendesk and Salesforce, though you do need to pay for one of the higher-tier monthly plans to unlock this feature.

Grasshopper Vs Vonage

Vonage is designed as a complete replacement for your traditional landline phone service. Where Grasshopper is a purely software-based solution, Vonage can be used with physical phones using an adapter. And unlike Grasshopper, Vonage includes 911 support.

Vonage is a better option for your business if you just want an inexpensive replacement for your physical phone. But Grasshopper has better mobile and desktop apps, making it a more solid softphone choice.

Is Grasshopper Right for Your Business?

Grasshopper’s best feature is its low price, particularly if you run a small team, as you get 3 extensions on the lowest-priced Grasshopper plan. Its desktop and mobile apps are user friendly, and the option to use a real receptionist can enhance the professionalism of your business.

But Grasshopper doesn’t integrate well with other systems like customer relationship databases, and using a physical phone with Grasshopper is clunky at best. So, we recommend Grasshopper to smaller businesses that don’t need these features but are looking for a great price on a VoIP service.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Grasshopper safe to use?
Grasshopper is a well-known VoIP business phone service. It’s owned by LogMeIn, one of the biggest players in the online security space. This should give you confidence that Grasshopper is a safe choice for a VoIP solution
Can you use a regular phone with Grasshopper?
You can use Grasshopper with a regular landline phone for both incoming and outgoing calls. To receive Grasshopper calls on your regular phone, simply set it up as the call-forwarding target in the Grasshopper online interface. Now, all calls to your Grasshopper number(s) will be forwarded to your desk phone. To make outgoing calls through Grasshopper on your regular phone, you’ll have to call (888) 989-8688 from your registered number. After you hear a message stating that your phone number has been recognized, you then dial the phone number you want to call.
What does Grasshopper integrate with?
Grasshopper has relatively few integrations with other popular apps. You can use it with other VoIP programs like Skype and Google Voice. This is done by setting your Grasshopper numbers to forward to your VoIP number (like your SkypeIn number).
Can I use Grasshopper outside the U.S.?
Grasshopper supports international dialing, but signing up for the service requires a U.S. phone number. Calls from international numbers to your Grasshopper number are available by default. To make outbound international calls, you are required to pay a $500 deposit. Any Grasshopper charges will be deducted from this deposit until it is depleted or you cancel your account.
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Grasshopper customer reviews

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Brand satisfaction

Value for money

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Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

5 months ago

Grasshopper is my favorite VoIP service because I get to keep my phone number or change it at any time with no hassle. Their customer service is always helpful with a good positive attitude and upbeat spirit.

6 months ago

Overall an ip phone service is important for those who need special services to communicate effectively with their company or for those working from home. Grasshopper is a great service with no issues with dropped calls.

7 months ago

Grasshopper's phone service is great for small businesses and doesn't require extra equipment.

7 months ago

They provide consistently good service with no dropped calls. Calls always ring on the first try.

7 months ago

Grasshopper is very easy to use and install. It comes in handy for safety reasons when you don't want to give out your personal number to strangers.

3 years ago

just easy to use and navigate. never stalls always quick and accurate. easy to train others and new employees because of integration with your phone.

3 years ago

Grasshopper is an amazing service. They never let me down in any way and I suggest it to my family members.

3 years ago

Never had any issues. I like their different services they offer definitely online management. Dislike the fee amount.

3 years ago

Grasshopper is commonly known and used because it's easy to access, step by step instructions, and runs easily once setup.

3 years ago

This is perhaps the best virtual phone system out there for small businesses such as mine. My experience thus far with this company has been excellent.

2 years ago

Grasshopper works seamlessly on my phone. I rarely even have to use the app as it syncs with my phonebook. I receive calls and check voice messages as I would with a regular phone call.

3 years ago

I like it and it's been good at our business. It's not as good as ones that have more features that I've used in the past, it's decent enough to get a good rating.

3 years ago

Grasshopper works for what it is. A simple service that allows us to make phone calls over WIFI and get voicemails on our cellphones from a work number.

3 years ago

They provide a really good and useful service for someone like me. I think they are very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone that needs a phone service for their business.

5 months ago

Grasshopper could be better by reducing prices for their basic services so that more people can afford them. Their service is great. It's just too expensive.

6 months ago

Grasshopper offers great services and lots of options for business and personal use. The service is fairly priced, and you get a free trial period to check it out before you subscribe.

6 months ago

I have no issues with my Grasshopper service. It works well, and they are very easy to contact if I have a problem like dropped calls.

7 months ago

I have only used it for business conference calls and, in that respect, I have had no problems. The price is good and the service is reliable.

7 months ago

I think they are just as good as any of their competition with good, consistent service and affordable pricing.

8 months ago

With Grasshopper you can have one or multiple business numbers, depending on your plan. They offer call forwarding and texting with all plans. They make it easy to manage everything through their website or the app.