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In a Nutshell

Vonage VoIP Business Solutions are a good option for small-, medium-, and enterprise-level businesses that need a scalable, easy to use VoIP platform with premium voice clarity and a wide array of solutions for specific business needs. A long-time industry leader in VoIP, Vonage also provides business integrations and unified communications features that stack up well against the competition.


  • Superior voice quality
  • Mobile and desktop calling apps
  • Affordable international calling rates


  • Some features that are standard elsewhere require upgrading
  • Call recording is only on advanced plan and 15 hours/month max

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Vonage Business Cloud for SMBs

For a small- or medium-sized business, any Vonage Business Cloud package will come with a standard set of features that will improve telecommunications capabilities without breaking the bank. These include: unlimited calling, bandwidth, and SMS messages, as well as 99.999% uptime and clear, premium voice quality which makes great use of Vonage’s massive telecommunications infrastructure. Every plan also comes with the VonageFlow team messaging feature, which means that even a small company with only a few VoIP lines can get all of its employees sharing files and communicating by group chat and voice or video calls.

Vonage Business Cloud Plans and Prices


Unlimited calls & SMS, Team messaging, Call group, Desktop & mobile apps


Includes Mobile Plan plus: Call recording, Amazon Chime, Multi-level auto attendant


Includes Premium Plan plus: CRM integrations, Visual voicemail, Orange glove setup

* all prices listed are per phone line per month on the 1-4 lines plan. With each plan, as the number of phone lines increases the per line price decreases.

What’s included in each Vonage Business Cloud plan?

Mobile Plan

The entry-level mobile plan, starting at $19.99 per month per user, comes with a set number of features including unlimited calls and SMS, the Vonage Flow team messaging system, and desktop and mobile apps. It should be enough for a small company that doesn’t need features like auto attendant or video-conferencing, which are more suited to larger businesses with more employees and a higher volume of calls.

Premium Plan

If you’re only using 1-4 lines, moving from the mobile to premium plan will cost you an additional $10 per line per month. This is pricier, but it means you can take advantage of additional features like auto attendant and video conferencing.

Advanced Plan

The advanced plan, starting at $39.99 per month per user, lets you take advantage of all of Vonage’s business software integrations such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and G Suite. And if you are running an Ecommerce store, the Vonage Advanced plan offers an AI-based chat support bot to help customers get the information they need to make a purchase.

Vonage Advanced also has call groups, so you can forward calls to up to 28 separate extensions at the same time or in sequence. A valuable tool if you deal with a large volume of customer calls that you need to send to multiple associates simultaneously.

You will also get vonage visual voicemail. Now, this isn’t a hologram that pops up and reads you a voicemail, rather, its a service that transcribes your voicemails into text and then emails them to you—a great way to keep documentation of voice communications that you can easily refer to, or search through, later on.

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Vonage Enterprise

For larger, enterprise-level companies, Vonage provides an extended, feature-rich plan that includes video conferencing and a long list of unified communications tools to help bigger operations create the telecommunications platform they need.

Vonage Enterprise VoIP Plans

Enterprise Basic Includes

  • Local telephone number
  • Authentication
  • Call return
  • Call forwarding
  • 3-way call
  • Basic call logs
  • Call trace
  • Privacy
  • Call number delivery

Enterprise UC - Includes Enterprise Basic features plus

  • Local telephone number
  • Authentication
  • Call return
  • Call forwarding
  • 3-way call
  • Basic call logs
  • Call trace
  • Privacy
  • Call number delivery

Enterprise Plus - Includes Enterprise UC features plus

  • Visual voicemail
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Automatic call back
  • Busy lamp field
  • Call forwarding selective
  • Customer admin portal
  • Directed call pickup
  • Unified messaging
  • User portal
  • Virtual numbers
  • Vonage “Anywhere”
  • Hoteling guest
  • Hoteling host
  • Portal call management
  • Push to talk
  • Last number redial
  • Sequential ring
  • Remote office
  • Shared call appearance
  • Simultaneous ring

*With local TN included per customer with purchase of at least one Enterprise Plus seat. Additional charges may apply for multiple hunt groups and auto attendants.

Vonage Enterprise Prices

For Vonage Enterprise prices inquire with Vonage

What’s included in each Vonage Enterprise plan?

All Enterprise plans include a number of other features standard, including basic call logs, call forwarding, and 3-way calling.

The Enterprise Plus plan is the most extensive option. It is the only way to make use of a number of essential features such as auto attendant, hunt groups, a mobile connect softphone, and the mobile connect collaborate tool, which allows desktop sharing for up to 8 participants.

You can add a number of additional features to your enterprise plan, including conferencing for up to 300 associates, call recording, HD video conferencing, digital fax mail, speech-recognition based directory, and more.

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Vonage - In Its Own Words

A query send out on the Vonage live chat on a weekday morning was answered within seconds by a company representative who seemed eager to talk about the product. The rep was helpful, informative, and was able to quickly and thoroughly answer each question.

When asked what sets the company apart from the competition, the rep said that no matter which plan you use, Vonage provides “+40 powerful features for you to have a reliable business communication set-up for your customers.” In response to a query about the quality of the phone calls, the rep said “Vonage Business was built with this in mind so reliability and quality is our number one goal! We provide true digital sound through IP phones that are designed for cloud-hosted VoIP.”

He added that all plans on mobile are month-to-month with no contract.

The representative described Vonage as a company that specializes in small business solutions with “features designed to benefit different industries.”

About Vonage - The Company

Headquartered in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, Vonage was founded in 2001 as a residential telecommunications provider but today is focused on using its cloud-based telecoms solutions to help businesses “collaborate more productively and engage their customers more effectively across messaging, chat, social media, video, and voice."

Vonage CEO

In recent years, the company has won a number of industry awards, including:

  • TMCnet’s 2018 product of the year award,

  • The 2018 UC Today most innovative product award, and

  • A 2018 Channel Partners Circle of Excellence award.

Bottom Line

Vonage products are designed for the needs of growing businesses from small to large. Starting at an introductory level it provides high-quality phone services, inexpensive international phone call rates, and 40 business-friendly features. Its month-by-month payment plans make it possible for customers to leap into the Vonage Business Cloud without feeling locked in. Vonage has earned its place as an leader in business communications—with a wealth of industry awards to show for it—and is a solid choice for most any business from small to large.   

To find out more about Vonage's products, or to ask questions from the US-based Vonage support team visit the Vonage website.

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