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RingCentral Alternatives: 5 Similar VoIP Services to Try in 2024

Cameron Coward
A woman wearing a headset sitting in front of a computer, using the best RingCentral alternatives.
As a specialist in telecommunications, I understand that seamless communication within teams, across firms, and between countries is crucial for small businesses. That's why choosing a reliable VoIP provider is essential.

VoIP technology is transforming business communications, and RingCentral is only one of the players in this field. While the platform offers a range of solutions, including text, voice, and video communication, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone.

Perhaps you need a specific feature, require integration with certain software, or aim to cut costs. Some alternatives include video conferencing from the get-go and allow up to 500 participants in higher tiers. I've compiled a list of five top-notch VoIP business phone providers that could better cater to your needs.

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Our 5 Best RingCentral Alternatives in 2024:

  • Vonage - Best RingCentral alternative overall
  • Ooma - Best for companies that need free IP phones
  • GoTo Connect - Best for global organizations requiring device compatibility
  • Dialpad - Best for sales and support services
  • Grasshopper - Best for teams calling from personal devices

A Closer Look at the Best RingCentral Alternatives in 2024

1. Vonage

A streamlined platform with access to a full menu of add-ons

  • Best for - Those who require a robust unified communications solution
  • Starting price - From $19.99/month/user
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

Vonage is a minimalist VoIP service with slick integrations. Think of it as a build-your-own VoIP because you can add a variety (more than 20) third-party apps on the basic plan. It's ideal for remote teams, providing unlimited calling, texting, and messaging from any device, anywhere. Plus, it has excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Vonage lets you host video meetings with up to 100 people, share screens, and use whiteboards. It's got strong spam protection and encrypts all texts. The Premium plan is useful for desk phone users, offering CRM (customer relationship management) integration and an auto-attendant.

What Makes Vonage a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

Vonage's most basic plan has a price point similar to RingCentral's Core plan if billed annually. But it includes fewer features. Still, Vonage lets you choose functionalities that best suit your team's evolving needs. I've found its Call Announce feature, which shows me the reason for someone's call, notably beneficial in a hectic call center setting.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Versatile system with plenty of integrations
  • Unlimited domestic calling and texting


  • Inconsistent customer service quality
  • Add-ons can get pricey

Vonage  Vonage Visit Site

2. Ooma Office

A straightforward VoIP solution for bootstrapping communications

  • Best for - Organizations looking for a simple, affordable VoIP solution
  • Starting price - From $19.95/month/user
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

Ooma Office only offers a few advanced features, but it does include some helpful call management tools, like call recording and a virtual receptionist. With no annual contract and a starting price of $19.95/month/user, it's a budget-friendly option that doesn't skimp on features.

You get all the typical VoIP functionalities like voicemail and ring groups, plus new additions like contact syncing and video conferencing. While it may not have some of the advanced functions of its competitors, its core capabilities are more than enough for startups looking to set up their communications systems without a significant investment.

What Makes Ooma a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

With the virtual receptionist feature, I can create custom messages, route calls, and even set up different language menu options. While the basic and pro plans are priced similarly to RingCentral, RingCentral has more features. However, I think Ooma's user-friendly software may be a more approachable choice for smaller businesses.

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  • Call recording
  • Free IP phones
  • Voicemail transcription


  • Limited software integration
  • Few advanced features

Ooma Office Ooma Office Visit Site

3. GoTo Connect

An easy-to-configure system for larger enterprises

  • Best for - Teams seeking effective remote collaboration
  • Starting price - From $27/month/user
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

GoTo Connect offers two plans, basic and standard. Prices start at $27/user/month for businesses that sign up for at least two accounts on an annual plan. It's suited to global teams, with compatibility across 180 desk phones and desktop or mobile apps. The platform's messaging and video conferencing tools make team collaboration effortless.

As a user, I appreciate the real-time analytics in the standard plan that help track phone traffic patterns and improve operations. It also supports enterprise single-sign-on, so you only need to remember one password. Plus, you can opt for multifactor authentication for added security.

What Makes GoTo Connect a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

GoTo Connect's dial plan editor provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for customizing call flows. I've found it particularly useful when setting schedules and defining rules for business hours. While RingCentral has its strengths, I haven't seen a direct equivalent to this feature.


  • Easy-to-use tools for video meetings
  • Offers limitless overseas calls to more than 50 countries
  • Round-the-clock customer assistance via email, phone, and chat


  • Mobile app has limited functionality
  • Some users have reported experiencing occasional glitches

GoTo Connect GoTo Connect Visit Site

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4. Dialpad

A cloud-based communication system leveraging AI-powered insights

  • Best for - Modern businesses that value integrations with cloud-based tools
  • Starting price - From $15/month/user
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

Dialpad supports call recording, routing, voicemail, and forwarding. It syncs with business software like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 for easy call management. It also comes with free HD video conferencing for up to five hours and 10 participants.

Its standout feature is the AI assistant that transcribes calls in real time, identifies tasks, and provides an after-call summary. It even includes live coaching by providing relevant information during calls based on detected words or phrases and alerts users if they're speaking too fast.

What Makes Dialpad a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

If your business call needs are minimal and you're looking for a basic solution that still incorporates cutting-edge tech, Dialpad is a strong alternative to RingCentral. It offers advanced customer engagement features, like predictive CSAT (customer satisfaction) and smart replies. I like this choice for businesses or startups just getting off the ground.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Advanced AI tech
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Full app integration only available with an upgrade
  • Limited meeting participants

Dialpad Dialpad Visit Site

5. Grasshopper

A virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • Best for - Entrepreneurs seeking a professional phone presence without a full system
  • Starting price - From $28/month/account
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

Grasshopper isn't the most affordable option, and it doesn't offer the most features. But, it could be a suitable choice for entrepreneurs and businesses with only a few employees. It includes an app that lets you take business calls on your own private smartphone, making it attractive for remote work.

Plus, it can handle multiple calls at once, so you're less likely to miss out on important communications. You can also set up custom greetings to give your interactions a professional touch. However, it doesn't allow for any integration with other business software.

What Makes Grasshopper a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

Grasshopper lets me add unlimited users without incurring additional charges. This contrasts with RingCentral, which charges per user. I also enjoy using Grasshopper's live receptionist service, which manages calls and adds a personalized touch to customer interactions.

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  • Free seven-day trial
  • Supports multiple extensions
  • Simple setup


  • No video conferencing tool
  • No direct third-party integrations

Grasshopper Grasshopper Visit Site

RingCentral Alternatives: Selecting the Best Option

RingCentral is priced well for the functionality it provides, but it isn't the cheapest option. From Vonage's integrations to Grasshopper's entrepreneur-friendly approach, each service on this list offers distinct advantages.

Assess your specific communication needs, consider the scale of your operations, and choose the provider that resonates most with your business goals.

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Cameron Coward
Cameron Coward writes for Top10.com and is a former mechanical designer, tech enthusiast, writer and published author. His experience as a tech writer spans 15 years, during which time he has written thousands of articles for a number of leading publications.