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Best Background Checks To Catch A Cheater 2023 - Find Cheaters Online Staff
Best Background Checks To Catch A Cheater
The searing pain is real and tangible. It’s as if the air has been stolen from your lungs, like a burning hot knife has been driven into your heart, like a fist that has been pummeled into your gut. Really, though, no words can accurately depict the acute pain that is felt when you first begin to realize that your partner has been unfaithful.

Whether your world comes crashing down around you or your defensive walls you’ve worked tirelessly to bring down rise once more, one thing is for sure. You’ll want to confront the person who is tearing your insides apart. 

But what would you say? How would you prove it? Where can you point your accusing finger? 

So they don’t slither out of their corner without taking responsibility for their heinous actions; you’re going to need concrete proof. 

And that’s why you need to run a detailed background check

Now it’s time to put those detective skills to work with some real-life practice. When you’re ready to start digging, here are a few of the top-rated background checks services in the country.

The Best Background Check for Cheaters in 2023:

Our Picks for The Best Cheater Lookup - Reviews:

1. CheckPeople

CheckPeople hits the nail on the head with its title. The service is perfect if you want to run multiple background checks (on your partner and their cheating friend, for example) because you can run unlimited background checks with a monthly subscription. 

CheckPeople also has a deep web search. So you can get even more information than the standard background checking services provide. CheckPeople has a convenient reverse phone number lookup option as well. So, if you have a number without a name, you can track down the other person and get information on them too.

2. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a big name in the background check circles, and it couldn’t be simpler to use. Perform a search using first and last name, or add details like city or state for more accurate results. You can also narrow down the results by including a middle name or an age. 

Considering that you are running this check on your partner, you ought to have all this information on hand for an accurate and detailed background check report.

TruthFinder goes back far with its research, 15 years in fact. Find things like social media profiles, assets and properties, licenses (including marriage and divorce), contact information, and known associates. 

3. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is known for delivering easy to read reports that are loaded with tons of details. Information is organized in a timeline, so you can quickly hone in on the most relevant data you need, and users can download the report as a PDF file. 

In this way, you can really rub it in their faces when you confront your unfaithful partner. Instant Checkmate reports hold details including location history, links to relatives, personal details, social media usernames, and accounts, estimated home value, average net worth, and more.

Tips to Catch Them in Their Dirty Lie

While it won’t catch every cheater all the time, background reports can dig up a lot of information that your partner has been hiding (or at least thought they were hiding) from the public eye. 

Here are a few tricks to getting the dirt you need to bring your lying partner to their knees:

Top background checks are one of the most recommended methods for catching a cheater. A report provides you with a multitude of informative details that you can use to verify your suspicions, back up your accusations, and discover more information about your partner and possibly the other party involved in the affair. A good background checks service can help you sniff out perfidy. Here are a few ways:

  • Social media accounts

A quick background check will reveal any social media accounts associated with your partner. An immediate red flag should go up if they have an account that you knew nothing about. Is this an alias? Are they using this account to converse with the object of their falsity? Does the account hold pictures or details about meetings the two have had? Discovering a hidden social media account is a wellspring of information that you can use against your two-timing partner.

  • Phone numbers and addresses you don’t know about

Same thing goes for unknown phone numbers. A background check will easily show you any associated numbers and addresses linked to your associate. If your partner has a phone number (and all the more so, an address) that you don’t know about, this is a clear indication that they’re hiding something. You can try calling the number or visiting the address if you want to gather even more conclusive evidence of the affair.

  • Worthwhile assets/properties

Once you’re certain your partner is the cheating type, it’s time to play the payback game. A good background report will tell you whether or not your partner has any assets (properties, businesses, investments, etc.) that you can capitalize on. It’ll also reveal the state of their finances. 

  • Any information that they’re hiding

Background check reports contain a lot of useful information if you’re playing amateur sleuth while snooping on faithlessness. Look through the report for any unusual details or strange information. It might be a business that you are unaware of or a phone number like we’ve already mentioned. Worse than that, you may discover that your partner was once married (or still is!) to another partner that you never knew anything about. Once again, these kinds of untruths are clear signs that something is amiss.

  • If you have a name, you can really dig in

If you’ve discovered the name of the other party, you can also run a background check on them. This can be helpful for finding out their home address, workplace, contact information, and social media profiles. You can then decide to get in touch with them directly or to keep digging to find out more information you can use later on.

  • Reverse phone search

If you don’t know the subject of your partner’s infidelity, there’s a simple way to find out. If you’ve noticed them talking on the phone, or texting more often than usual, going out of the room when they converse or acting suspiciously when you go near their phone, check out the phone records. Try and get a phone number. Then you can do a reverse phone search to get a name on your partner’s new fling.

Discover the Truth

A word of caution, though. What you discover from a thorough background check may alarm you. In fact, you might find out information about your spouse or partner that you wish you never knew. But there’s no taking it back once it’s been discovered. For this reason, we have to advise you to proceed with the utmost caution. 

Before running a background check on your partner, make sure you are ready to hear what the report has to say. Check other ways of determining whether or not they’re cheating, such as looking through Uber statements or Venmo payments, tracking their phone, or reading through some messages. 

If you do discover that your partner is cheating on you, once again, proceed with caution. Not for their sake, but for your own. Despite their infidelity, you’ve shared an intimate relationship with this person for some time.

 And even if you’ve decided to leave the cheating party, you’ll need to carry on carefully in order to spare your feelings and ensure that you can move on in a healthy and constructive way. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

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