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Top 10 Best Background Check Sites, Companies & Services 2022 - Uncovering the Truth

Dave Platt
Best Background Check Services

Whether you're doing it for the safety of your family, or you're just plain curious about an ex; online background checks can be a very useful tool. There are a dozen reasons to run one, and the best background check companies can get your answers in minutes.

So what is a background check, how much does it cost, and which are the best background check sites to go with for fast, convenient, and of course, confidential results? There are lots of options from high end to really cheap background check services, and you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth without getting ripped off. So, dig in to find out everything you want to know.

Here are our best background check services, updated for 2022.

Top 10 Best Background Check Sites In 2022: 

BeenVerified: Best overall

CheckPeople: Best for uncovering mugshots

TruthFinder: Best for searching public records

InstantCheckmate: Best for ease of use

Intelius: Speedy results

PeopleFinders: Best database

US Search: Best for affordability

IDTrue: Best for employee screening

PeopleLooker: Best for number of information points

PeopleWhiz: Best for complete criminal records

Compare the Best Background Check Services
Instant Checkmate
US Search
ID True
Reviews105 reviews117 reviews104 reviews60 reviews61 reviews58 reviews59 reviewsWrite Review61 reviews64 reviews
Best for
General public records searching
Criminal records searches, screening numbers
Accurate and thorough reports
Discount trial period, faster, easier process
Sleek reporting, great first-month offer
Finding people you’re looking for
Digging up buried info, most search options
Fast results, people search directory
User-friendly, extensive reporting
In-depth background searches
From $22.86
per month
From $17.16
per month
From $28.05
per month
From $27.82
per month
From $14.95
per month
From $4.95
per month
From $14.95
per month
per month
From $14.62
per month
Subscriptions starting at $27.99/month, criminal background checks for $19.95/person
Reports Offered
Criminal records, people lookup, phone search+
Public records, criminal records+
Social networks, Dark Web, public records+
Criminal records, sex offender database+
Background checks, criminal records+
Background checks, criminal background
Property records, social media reports+
Current location, sex offender status+
Property records, known relatives+
Personal information reports, criminal background checks
Search parameters
People, phone, email, address
People, reverse phone lookup
People search, dark web, public records
Email, location, reverse, phone, people, inmate lookup
Name, phone, address
People search, reverse phone number, reverse email address
People search, reverse phone, email search, social network search, property search
People search, reverse phone lookup
People, phone, email, property
First name, middle initial, last name, city, stage, age
Smartphone Apps
iOS, Android, Apple Watch apps
iOS and Android apps
iOS and Android apps
iOS and Android apps
iOS and Android apps
iOS and Android apps

The Best Background Check Services - An In-Depth Look

  • 1


    • Best forGeneral public records searching
    • PricingFrom $22.86
    • Reports offeredCriminal records, people lookup, phone search+

    BeenVerified has been a trusted name in the world of background check companies for over a decade. In that time, it’s helped more than 1 million customers find and verify information for their individual purposes. BeenVerified allows you to do a number of searches, including people searches, reverse phone lookup, criminal records, reverse address lookup, email search, and public records search. 

    It scours millions of data points to find compelling data that is relevant to your search criteria, whether that's social media profiles, photographs, or assets that need to be uncovered. BeenVerified has even been used as a safety precaution for clients, running background search on themselves to see what important information comes up. Whatever your reasons, BeenVerified is a solid background search solution for getting the answers you need quickly.

    • 7 million downloads to date
    • One of the most affordable options
    • Complete confidential searches and search history
    • Legally can’t be used to do employment checks
    • Can’t search for people outside the US
  • 2


    • Best forCriminal records searches, screening numbers
    • PricingFrom $17.16
    • Reports offeredPublic records, criminal records+

    CheckPeople is a background check site that focuses most of its attention on criminal records, including arrests, prosecutions, and mugshots. You'll also receive other important information like current and prior addresses, immediate and distant relatives, and marriage and divorce records. If you are trying to figure out if someone is who they say they are, you can browse through possible aliases and alternate social media accounts taken out under various names.

    CheckPeople offers reasonable monthly rates, and you can run unlimited people searches for a low price. What's more, every search done through CheckPeople is completely confidential. Nobody can see who you're searching for, and the person you run a background check on will never find out.

    • Specializes in online criminal background checks
    • Billions of records to search
    • Unlimited search with monthly plans
    • No employment records
    • No pricing info published
  • 3


    • Best forAccurate and thorough reports
    • PricingFrom $28.05
    • Reports offeredSocial networks, Dark Web, public records+

    TruthFinder is a basic public records search engine. It allows you to find a whole slew of information on people from birth and death records, to possible relatives and relationships. Anyone can use the service to find information about potential dates, possible roomies, or long lost relatives you’re trying to rebuild a relationship with. TruthFinder packs a lot of info into its reports, including assets, business affiliations, trademarks, bankruptcies, weapons permits, professional licenses, and more. 

    TruthFinder is easy to use for searching for social media profiles, contact information, and other public records. The site can be a valuable tool if you’re trying to get information on a new romantic partner, online seller, or family member you’ve lost contact with. TruthFinder is also useful if you want to check if your child’s school teacher, softball coach, or new neighbor is on a sex offender registry.

    • Unlimited background checks with plan
    • Easy to sign up
    • Loads of info in the reports
    • Can’t buy a single report
    • Have to manually cancel auto-renewal
  • 4
    Instant Checkmate

    Instant Checkmate

    • Best forDiscount trial period, faster, easier process
    • PricingFrom $27.82
    • Reports offeredCriminal records, sex offender database+

    Wondering what your favorite celeb does in their free time? Need to find info about a hot date you’re interested in? Or maybe you want to know if the new friend your son brought home comes from a stable family. Whatever your reasons, Instant Checkmate is available to get you the answers you need. With extensive public records access, Instant Checkmate delivers loads of information within minutes. And with affordable plans, you can run multiple checks without worrying.

    Instant Checkmate pulls data from official public records, court documents, police records, government databases, and online sources like social media accounts, and more. You’re getting solid information from real sources. And what’s more, Instant Checkmate donates to a variety of charities and non-profits as a way of giving back to the community.

    • 5-day trial for $1
    • Extensive customer support
    • Lots of extra information on the site
    • No detailed pricing page
    • Reports take a long time to load
  • 5


    • Best forSleek reporting, great first-month offer
    • PricingFrom $14.95
    • Reports offeredBackground checks, criminal records+

    Intelius is one of the most popular public data background check engines available today. It’s used for everything from identity protection, to criminal records scanning, Intelius is a secure, reliable, and thorough way to get information you need fast.

    With Intelius, you can do basic background checks, people searches, and reverse phone or address lookups. For example, this is helpful if you are being harassed by an anonymous  prank caller. Intelius also offers in-depth reports that include full names and aliases, age and date of birth, employment and education records, social networks, and much more. With Intelius Premium Plus membership, customers can run unlimited background checks for one flat fee.

    • First-time members get 50% off Premium Plus plans
    • Intelligent, secure searches
    • Reports are fast
    • Plans double in price after the first month
    • Some searches turn up multiple possibilities
  • 6


    • Best forFinding people you’re looking for
    • PricingFrom $4.95
    • Reports offeredBackground checks, criminal background

    PeopleFinders is one of the oldest background check companies around today. In business for more than 20 years, PeopleFinders has more than 10 billion public records to search through.  When you're looking for information, and it feels like there's no stone left unturned. You can get background checks, people searches, criminal reports, or even use a reverse lookup for phone numbers as well as email addresses.

    PeopleFinders has a cool feature that lets you look up people based on their genealogical history. So, you get their relatives along with any info about the specific person you’re searching for. This is incredible if you are researching a possible relative you’ve never met. What’s more, PeopleFinders offers single report pricing, something that most other background check sites do not do.

    • Genealogical pathfinder
    • One-report pricing available
    • Billions of records
    • No social media info
    • Employment history is vague
  • 7
    US Search

    US Search

    • Best forDigging up buried info, most search options
    • PricingFrom $14.95
    • Reports offeredProperty records, social media reports+

    US Search is a PeopleData-driven background check search engine. Even if you haven’t used this popular service before, you might recognize the name since it's been featured on prominent news channels, including The Wall Street Journal and 60 Minutes. It’s a fast and efficient way to get acess to criminal records such as sex offender records,  felonies, and misdemeanors. 

    With this background check site, you can search local databases, state registries, or even full nationwide database searches, depending on what you need to find out. US Search also offers the most search options possible gathering specific types of information. You can run a people search, a reverse phone lookup, an email search, a social network search, a property records search, and a criminal records search, as well as a complete background check.

    • More search options than most
    • Get a money-back guarantee
    • Extensive search databases
    • Not the cheapest option
    • Reports could be organized better
  • 8
    ID True
    • Best forFast results, people search directory
    • Pricing$9.95
    • Reports offeredCurrent location, sex offender status+

    Whether you need to take control of your own online presence or want to know more information about a questionable party in your life, ID True makes it simple to get the details you need quickly and painlessly. You can run a completely anonymous search on anyone in the United States confidentially and without anyone ever knowing. You’ll unearth lots of interesting information with these reports, including hidden social media accounts, criminal records and arrests, sex offender status, and any known business associates.

    ID True will deliver results in under a minute, something that most other background check companies can’t come close to offering. You’ll be able to run a manual search, sort results by last name, or launch a full background check on that person of interest. ID True even has a welcome offer for new members that gives you the first month for almost a quarter of the regular price. It’s well worth the trial to see what ID True is all about.

    • Excellent first-time offer
    • Easy-to-use search features
    • Fastest results
    • Very expensive after the first month
    • Not as many search options as others
  • 9


    • Best forUser-friendly, extensive reporting
    • PricingFrom $14.62
    • Reports offeredProperty records, known relatives+

    There are many ways you can use PeopleLooker. If you're trying to search for an old friend or a relative you've lost touch with, need to get information on a potential love interest, or want to get some background details on a potential roommate, PeopleLooker is a great place to look.

    What’s more, many people use PeopleLooker to get information on things that aren’t necessarily people. For example, if you’re looking into a property, you can get more information, such as the number of owners, who lived there previously, and who most recently sold the property.

    PeopleLooker offers reliable and up-to-date information, so the records included in your report are accurate and complete.

    • Great app
    • Nice user interface
    • Email, property, and phone lookups
    • Have to pay more for certain parts
    • Can’t use it to hire household workers
  • 10


    • Best forIn-depth background searches
    • PricingSubscriptions starting at $27.99/month, criminal background checks for $19.95/person
    • Reports offeredPersonal information reports, criminal background checks

    PeopleWhiz is a background screening company that offers subscription plans and individual background checks.

    With access to over 67 billion public records, PeopleWhiz’s propriety screening technology allows it to generate background reports in minutes. It offers affordable monthly subscription plans and criminal history checks to users through its simple-to-use search tool. Customer service is available 24/7 to assist users with generating reports and answering questions. 

    • Easy to use
    • 24/7 service
    • Multiple subscription options
    • Extended subscriptions must be paid upfront
    • Criminal background checks cost extra