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SearchQuarry Background Check Review 2024

Dave Platt

In a Nutshell

SearchQuarry is one of longest running background check sites in the industry. The way this company operates is, essentially, to aggregate information from a huge number of private and public sources and then bring this to their users. They go through a huge number of criminal records, civil records, lien data and even driving information in order to bring you the results you need.


  • 5-day trial available
  • Multiple contact methods


  • May encounter hidden fees
  • Reports generated instantly

SearchQuarry at a Glance

Editorial Score

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Available Searches

Search Inquiries
Accuracy Grade
Background Search
People Search
Criminal Background Search
Reverse Phone Number Search
Reverse E-mail Search
  • Background Check

SearchQuarry also supports full background checks. These reports and searches are also much more advanced.  They reveal employment history, former addresses, names of people associated with the target and more. You do need to become a member of the site in order to gain access to these types of reports but they have a lot of useful information and data, so the membership may be worth it. SearchQuarry earned a “B” due to the fact that it can  be a bit challenging to navigate the membership site. However, results are still quite accurate. 

  • People Search

The most basic search offered by all background check sites is called a people search. The idea here is to basically discover basic personal information. Some also call this phone book information since it basically includes the name, address and phone number of the target. In some cases there might also be ages and former addresses included. Here they do a reasonably decent job earning an “A” grade since our tests did show a high level of accuracy, and the searches all were conducted very quickly (within about 15 seconds, even when there was limited supporting information).

  • Criminal Background Search

The main bread and butter of SearchQuarry is their ability to conduct full, comprehensive criminal record checks. Within a single report you will be able to find  felonies, misdemeanors, driving offenses, liens/bankruptcies, etc. The list goes on. Each search is done through federal databases, state databases, and county databases as well as hidden online profiles; so you know SearchQuarry does a thorough job.

Case Study

In this case study we first attempted to find information on the owner of SearchQuarry. However, this was much easier said than done. It might be part of a private corporation or something else, but this information was just not readily available. Because of this, we decided to conduct a search on one of our friend's.

This began by conducting a basic people search, which resulted in a number of different possible options being presented as our target. We should also mention that in this case, their name and state was entered. It is also possible to simply enter a name to conduct a nationwide search. Normally just inputting a name will result in a pretty long list of possibilities unless your target has an unusual or distinctive name. In this case, we were quickly able to discover exactly who we were looking for right away.

The next step basically told us that to go further we would need to either purchase the fullreport and/or a membership. It also displayed a nice little map showing exactly where this person is (or had previously) living. That was a nice touch, especially since it was also accurate.

Key Features

The thing about SearchQuarry that we really like is that it is very easy to use. They do not really complicate things, unlike other people search sites, and put the main tool right upfront . They also include a fair amount of information for those who are interested. Another useful thing we found is that once you become a member there are a number of really interesting searches that can be run., For instance, you can conduct license plate searches. You can also run a free search for contact information on police and sheriff’s offices anywhere in the United States. The company even provides identity protection which runs regular identity searches on the dark web to protect their subscribers. These are certainly unique features that could be very useful in a number of cases.


5-Day Trial

The pricing policy for SearchQuarry is pretty straightforward. You will be offered the option to start a trial membership for just $5. If you take them up on this offer, you will be granted access to the site for five days and will also see a copy of your report. After the trial is over, membership will automatically begin at $24.95 per month.


The methodology used by this site is pretty simple and clear cut. They have obtained access to a large number of databases. Some are private but most are actually public records. In other words, you put in the information, and their system searches through millions of records and brings back your results.


The reliability of the searches here really depend upon which specific databases they are going through. However, the company does have a system in place to cull duplicates and the information does seem very accurate and reliable according to tests. This is a great track record for an aggregator service.

Safety & Security

When compared to other similar companies, especially other public record searching companies, SearchQuarry does come off as one of the safer and more secure options. This all starts with their commitment to full SSL data encryption and the guarantee of fully confidential searches. Of course, much of the information is publicly available, but finding it on your own can be difficult.

Customer Support

As far as customer support goes, many people searching companies are not designed to do much in this regard. However, SearchQuarry actually makes it easy to get in touch with the support staff. They have an email address and actually answer inquiries in a relatively short period of time (about one day or so). You even will receive a toll free customer support number to call with questions. They also have a presence on several social sites like Facebook. This makes it easy to interact with them should the need ever arise.

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Bottom Line

The main strengths of this site are its ease of use, and the ability to conduct several different types of searches.. Their search services are fully integrated with their full background check partner, so their processes just flow naturally into allowing people the option to join as members.

Note: This Background Check service is not FCRA compliant. You may not use SearchQuarry's service, or the information it provides, to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. This is applicable, but not limited to, a Background Search, Credit Background Check, Criminal Background Check, and/or Driving Record. SearchQuarry is not a consumer reporting agency and does not, and cannot, provide consumer reports. These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.

David Platt is an expert in background check and data management, with vast experience in military access credentials through SureID, a biometric security provider. His understanding of internet security has been enriched by a Bachelor of Science degree at Portland State University. Recognized for his deep expertise, David contributes insightful articles for top10.com.

Note: Some or all background search services featured on this site are not subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA") In order to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance, make sure you choose the appropriate service for you. Be advised that only consumer reporting agencies may provide consumer reports. This is applicable, but not limited to, a background search, credit background check, criminal background check, and/or driving record.


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