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SentryLink Review StaffMar. 25, 2019

In a Nutshell

SentryLink is a Maryland based background screening service with a more than a decade of experience in data security. Focusing on Criminal Background and Driving Records, SentryLink covers the majority of the United States along with the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. With a comprehensive feature list covering a number of international locations, SentryLink has a hard earned reputation for accuracy, clarity and reliability.


  • One simple price
  • Reports generated quickly


  • No discount for multiple reports
  • Information not sorted chronologically

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Available Searches

Search Inquiries
Accuracy Grade
Background Search
People Search
Criminal Background Search
Reverse Phone Number Search
Reverse E-mail Search
  • Background Search
  • Built upon the Social Security Number tracing tool, SentryLink’s Background Search function is an exhaustive aggregator which pulls a wealth of useful information from databases around North America. The search will return information including names and associated names, along with a full address history of residence for the target.
  • Criminal Background Search
  • The Criminal Background check of the SentryLink toolkit is a nationwide analysis of the criminal past of any given candidate. With the right information, SentryLink can search a number of prestigious databases from national, county and federal levels. The report will show the same basic information as a background check – but will also expand upon the information with individual offences, including serial numbers, dates, descriptions of offence and sentence. Individual comments and release descriptions are also held on file and can be included in the report.

Case Study

To assess the validity and accuracy of SentryLink’s services – we attempted to find the information about its Chief Information Officer– Frank McLean. Unfortunately, SentryLink doesn’t offer free trials or basic search facilities to non-paying customers and we were unable to run a search. The tool is designed for use at a personal or corporate level – meaning that to conduct a search one has to be in possession of private data such as driving license number or social security number. If you do in fact sign up for a membership, you can expect the search to be conducted simply and easily and with the data-based nature of the system, results will appear within seconds.

Key Features

SentryLink is an established background screening service with a tried and tested method of success. However, building on the formula for identity checking – SentryLink has introduced a Property Background Search which offers an in-depth history of a property, rather than a person. Useful when considering entering the real estate mark, the Property Background Search reveals information to potential buyers including owner history, sale and mortgage cost, dates of construction and details of renovation. 

The more in-depth property reports also include assessor’s comments and legal descriptions about the property itself. SentryLink also has an extensive database of the actual Property Documents – available for download as PDF files. The Driving Record Check details seven years of activity on a driver’s history including all violations in the given period.


  • Single Report
  • $19.95

If you are looking for a more in-depth report, and one that focuses on an individual's legal history, a single Criminal Background Check report may be purchased for $19.95. Despite not having a free trial or membership opportunity, discounts are available for corporate or high volume checks. Additionally, Driving Records are available from $19.95 to $31.95 depending upon the state, whilst Property Records range from $9.99 to $29.99.


SentryLink doesn’t offer any verification features – meaning that the majority of its reports are available instantaneously. Social Security Traces (Background Checks) consult a national database and will return basic information (names, addresses etc.) on the same day of order. More extensive information including the Property/Driving Records may require up to 3 business days for the SentryLink research team to fully analyze.


SentryLink has a long history of delivering fast and accurate reports to clients around North, South and Central America. With more than 500 million records in the criminal database, aggregated from federal records – the SentryLink data is unrivalled in its clarity. Online reviews of the Maryland-based background checker are almost universally positive and commend the service for its no-nonsense approach to reporting. Only the most relevant and useful information is included within the clients’ reports.

Safety & Security

SentryLink is a company with a long history of ensuring data security and client confidentiality. The website is protected by a Deluxe SSL certificate – affording the data portal an incredible level of encryption security to ensure that no data can be leaked or intercepted. All customers are verified and ratified, whilst accounts are locked behind usernames and passwords known only to the client.

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Customer Support

The automated nature of SentryLink’s reports ensures a smooth and hassle-free process, though the customer support team is available to assist with problems between 9am - 6pm (EST). E-mail is the quickest and most effective method to reach customer service, through a support ticket system – whilst the company also holds a retail outlet in Greenbelt, Maryland and multiple telephone lines.

Bottom Line

SentryLink is one of the oldest and most successful background screening agencies on the internet. The crowning feature of the Maryland-based outfit is the Criminal Background Check, though the Social Security Trace, Driving Records and Property Background Searches are also comprehensive systems. The SentryLink website might look a little dated to modern users but it runs on a powerful engine that delivers excellent results. StaffJun. 18, 2019
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