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Jennifer Fritz

In a Nutshell

BetterHelp is all about helping people live happier, healthier lives by giving them the tools and guidance needed to navigate the challenges life throws our way. With thousands of licensed professional counselors, BetterHelp is really a better way to get therapy.


  • Scientifically-proven results
  • Personalized service
  • Friendly and professional service


  • Not all therapists are good for specialty needs

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Therapist/Counselor Screening Process

BetterHelp currently employs over 3,000 licensed therapists. Each one is required to be fully licensed and insured. All BetterHelp counselors are licensed and accredited psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, or licensed professional counselors (sometimes counselors hold multiple licenses as well) holding a Masters Degree or Doctorate in their chosen field. Additionally, BetterHelp requires a minimum of 3 years and 2,000 hours of in-clinic work. It also asks that its therapists do a case study and pass an interview to make sure they're a good fit for online counseling.

Get Help With

Generally, once BetterHelp has reviewed your case, it will pair you up with a suitable counselor in less than 24 hours. So, you could be getting the help you need by the next day or sooner. Some of the areas that BetterHelp counselors specialize in include:

  • Addictions counseling and substance abuse
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Career counseling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Chronic impulsivity
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Educational assessments
  • Family counseling
  • Grief counseling
  • Health management
  • Intimacy issues
  • Sleep disorders
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Social behavior issues
  • Stress counseling
  • Trauma and abuse counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Teen counseling

Types of Sessions Available

Betterhelp offers a variety of session types, so you can pick the method you feel most comfortable connecting to a counselor through. There are:

  • Video sessions
  • Phone sessions
  • Live chat sessions
  • Messaging sessions

The most common method of communication is messaging because this allows you to send a text message to your therapist whenever you want or feel the need. This is good since it means you can jot down a few lines about how you're feeling in the moment and don't have to wait until an official session to try and remember what you were experiencing during the difficult time.

BetterHelp messaging is also convenient because it is an ongoing record of your conversation with your therapist. So, you can look back at comments and review tools or techniques the therapist gave you in a previous session without having to remember every detail by heart. All chat rooms are totally private. Nobody can access the room or the conversation except you and your counselor (not even other BetterHelp employees).

Pricing & Special Offers

One criticism we did have for BetterHelp was the pricing page, or rather, the lack thereof. BetterHelp offers plans that range from $60-$80/week, but it does not give a dedicated page with a break down of the plans offered and what is included in each plan. We’d like to see this improvement added to the site, and since BetterHelp is so responsive to customer feedback, we’re pretty confident that a pricing plan page will be added in the near future.

Regardless of the plan you choose to sign up for, you will receive unlimited chatting via the private chat room BetterHelp creates for you and your therapist. You can send messages 24/7 through this channel, and you'll be answered according to your counselor's schedule. Additional benefits like video and live chat sessions are available according to the plan you choose. Plans are billed on a monthly basis, and you can cancel at any time without being charged.

What’s Unique About BetterHelp?

BetterHelp has so much to offer those who are looking for guidance, including convenient, affordable, and professional counseling services. In addition, we found a few more features that really set BetterHelp apart from the rest. For example:

Scientific backing

Unlike many other online therapy services, BetterHelp is getting results and has the scientific proof to prove it. An independent study was done to see what effects online therapy would have on people suffering from depression.

As the study shows, individuals who participated in BetterHelp therapy sessions showed significant reduction in levels of depression symptom severity, particularly severely impaired clients.

Great client to therapist connection

That same study showed that BetterHelp helps create a better connection between counselors and their clients. The really impressive thing about this study is that it showed the connections were better between BetterHelp counselors and their clients than they were for traditional face-to-face therapy sessions. Making a strong connection is of the utmost importance in therapy, and BetterHelp does this well.

What Our Expert Says About BetterHelp

If you are looking to find an accredited and licensed therapist who can provide online therapy in a multitude of formats, look no further because Betterhelp is the place for you. Revered as one of the best telehealth sites in the industry, BetterHelp offers video, phone, live chat, and unlimited messaging. With thousands of therapists, BetterHelp has created a platform that is user-friendly and can be accessed via a computer or an app. The therapists are highly trained in a multitude of therapeutic approaches and can support you in dealing with almost any mental health issue. The initial sign-up process is straightforward, and within less than 24 hours you could be interacting with your new therapist. It is a wonderful way to begin or continue your therapy process, so give it a chance today. I highly recommend it!

What Users Are Saying About BetterHelp

BetterHelp has millions of clients, with over 1,000 new subscribers each day. Here’s what a few of those happy clients have to say about their sessions with BetterHelp counselors:

“Jodie Miller is a fantastic counselor with depth of skills and expertise. He really understands the client and does his level best to help them. He uses a lot of different methods to help the client understand the reality of the situation they are experiencing. I will recommend him 100%.” Member # 45011

“Mary is wonderful. She is very perceptive and gentle. She understands what I'm trying to express; has sound advice, and a comforting energy. I look forward to talking with her before every session.” Member #45008

“Evan has been extremely helpful to me. He is very calm and a great listener. He offers a lot of great advice and new techniques to use to help me with my problems. I always feel so hopeful after our sessions!” Member #44995

“He is very respectful and helpful and gives creative insight into what I am working on and through.” Member#44981

Scheduling Live Sessions

In addition to the invaluable open chat room that lets you message your therapist whenever you want, BetterHelp also provides live chats, phone calls, and video chat sessions for those who prefer this type of communication. Live chats are also texting-based, but your therapist answers you right away. So, you’re getting the session in real time without having to wait for a response. This is a good option if you have a specific question that needs an immediate answer. Otherwise, the open forum method is usually enough for most things.

Video sessions are just like a Skype call. Your therapist initiates the call, and you sit in a face-to-face session over a video conference channel.

Regardless of which one you prefer, the scheduling method is the same. You’ll arrange with your therapist a time that fits both of your schedules. At the time of the session, you’ll log onto your BetterHelp account, you’ll confirm, and the session will begin. Availability hours and how much in advance you can schedule a session varies based on your counselor.

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Customer Support

BetterHelp offers an online contact form if you have any questions about registration, BetterHelp services, or other support-related topics (but don’t use the contact form for counseling questions, that’s what the chat room is for). You can also send an email or browse the FAQ section on the website.

Bottom Line

BetterHelp has been rapidly growing its services since 2013, and in that time, it has created a solid network of professional counselors, an easy-to-use online therapy platform, and a team that really cares. These and lots more reasons are why more than 1,000 people sign up for BetterHelp every single day. BetterHelp truly stands by its mission statement to help anyone struggling with life's challenges get help "anytime, anywhere." The only thing we'd add is ‘anyone.'

Frequently Asked Questions
Is BetterHelp legit?
BetterHelp has received positive press in The Wall Street Journal, American Psychological Association, and The Atlantic. All of its counselors are licensed and accredited psychologists, family therapists, or clinical social workers.
Is BetterHelp worth the money?
BetterHelp is a good alternative to in-person therapy for those seeking mental health support but either can't visit a therapist in person or can't afford traditional rates. Its therapists are all licensed and accredited and it offers a reliable platform for counselors and clients to communicate on a wide variety of mental health issues.
How much does BetterHelp cost per month?
BetterHelp's prices vary based on a number of factors. The average price of a session costs between $60-$80 per week, so the monthly cost depends on the frequency in which you speak to your counselor. If you speak once per week, an average price might be $240-$320 per month.
Jennifer Fritz is a Licensed Social Worker. She received her MSW and PhD from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and has been an online therapist for several years. She specializes in areas such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger, self-esteem and abuse.

We invest a lot of resources into bringing you high-quality content. However, the information on this site should not be treated as professional advice, be it medical or any other. Before choosing an online therapy service, we recommend consulting with a physician or other professional healthcare provider. Please do not use this site if you or someone you care about are in a crisis or may be in danger. These resources can provide you with immediate help.

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Ease of use

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Value for money

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Service quality

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

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Top Reviews

Jena, IA
a year ago

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Because it's a great company and I would use it again and I like it. I liked that it was always is easy to use as well.

Paris, CA
8 months ago

I like the convenience of this form of therapy because it works around your schedule and it's hassle free.

Millie, NJ
a year ago

I don't think that the online model to therapy is really helpful. Sometimes the responses felt really robotic.

7 months ago

It's very accessible and very affordable for the service it provides. I like that it offers a range of options for communication, and allows the user to remain anonymous if they prefer.

Brylee, NE
5 months ago

I really liked that it was online, thus reducing having to find a time to go to an office for therapy sessions. I also liked my counselor and having therapy at my fingertips. The only thing I disliked was the price, and that I wasn't able to use my insurance.

Maisie, TX
7 months ago

With my personal therapist she was understanding and worked with me on what I needed and wanted to accomplish. She was helpful and positive when I just needed a vent. She helped me clear my head. However, the price was high. I don't have insurance and even with a "financial plan" the monthly amount was insane!

7 months ago

It is a form of therapy to use at all times and a way to make me forget the terrible ordeal

Saanvi, IL
5 months ago

Betterhelp was a literal life saver. So easy to use and the counselors actually help. It was actually easier for me to open up when my counselor isn't right in front of me.

Samira, TX
6 months ago

Betterhelp is amazing! The customer service is available at great hours, easy to communicate with as well.

Zachary, CA
5 months ago

They are truly the best in terms of the services they offer for therapy. The money spent is more than worth it . I was able to get the help that I needed. They are the true professionals.

Anonymous, CA
7 months ago

Great program for mental health that is really effective and is useful during this time period we're going through.

Anonymous, MI
7 months ago

My counselor was a very good person who was happy to give all of the help she could. She was very accessible. She wasn't a good "fit" for me though, and I managed to get a counselor in person through insurance.

a year ago

They have the easiest access and a service that helps connect you in a comfortable fashion.

Jessica, CA
a year ago

I love this online platform. It is very easy to use, with wonderful communication options. The only flaw that I find is that having only 30 minutes to talk with your therapist is not quite long enough. I'd like for there to be an option to have 2 - 60 or 3 - 46 minute sessions rather than 4 - 30 minutes sessions.

Leo, PA
10 months ago

It's a good service and I guess you are paying for the convenience of not having to physically go to the office, but sessions are actually cheaper through my insurance. In general, it was helpful and easy to use.

Kae, WI
8 months ago

I think they helped me very nicely, however the price ($40 a week) was a little too much for me.

Ashley, TN
8 months ago

I was able to receive the quality of help that I desperately needed at a time when I wasn't comfortable seeking help in a real world environment.

Cynthia, OH
7 months ago

It is very convenient, but I ended up cancelling my service because it did not quite provide the level of care I wanted for the price I was paying. I still think it might be a good choice for others.

Kristina, MI
7 months ago

I was matched with a great and understanding counselor, I am able to chat and schedule appointments with confirmations also. The price is also affordable as well.

Lissa, MI
a year ago

Just a little confusing to use at some points, but they are very detailed and nice and helpful.

65 reviews