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Faithful Counseling Online Therapy Review 2022

A top-rated online counseling service

very good
Jennifer Fritz

In a Nutshell

Devout Christians have often suffered in silence, unsure of where to turn with major life issues like depression, addiction, anxiety, and sexual orientation concerns. With traditional therapy missing a key component, religious followers were left to their pain...until now. Faithful Counseling is an online therapy service devoted to providing successful, compassionate, and affordable counseling to Christians in need. Let’s see what it’s all about.


  • Christian faith-based counseling
  • Good variety of communication options


  • No free trial
  • No phone customer support

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Faithful Counseling Video Review - 10 Reasons to Try Faithful Counseling

Therapist/Counselor Screening Process

Counselors who work with Faithful Counseling are all highly trained in their fields and have been selected by the service for their professionalism and expertise. All counselors are licensed and accredited in their appropriate fields from psychologists to licensed professional counselors, family therapists, and clinical social workers. They are required to have at least 3 years of experience and 1,000 hours of actual counseling under their belts.

In addition to the normal standards of screening and credentials requirements, Faithful Counseling has another prerequisite for its counselors. To work on Faithful Counseling, you must be a practicing Christian. Why and how this works itself into the therapy forum will be discussed below.

Get Help With

People struggling with emotional, psychological, or social issues can turn to Faithful Counseling for direction and professional advice on working through these difficult challenges. Some of the many areas these counselors are skilled in include:

  • Addictions counseling and substance abuse

  • Anger management

  • Anxiety

  • Career counseling

  • Conflict resolution

  • Chronic impulsivity

  • Depression

  • Eating disorders

  • Educational assessments

  • Family counseling

  • Grief counseling

  • Health management

  • Intimacy issues

  • Sleep disorders

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Social behavior issues

  • Spiritual strengthening and clarity

  • Stress counseling

  • Trauma and abuse counseling

  • Couples counseling

  • Teen counseling

Types of Sessions Available

As you’ll see below, Faithful Counseling offers unlimited text messaging to all its members. Additionally, you can schedule video or phone sessions if you prefer to hear or see your counselor during your session. Video sessions are pretty common among online therapy services, but phone calling is less available. So, if the phone session is a more convenient option for you, you’ll be happy to know that Faithful Counseling offers it.

Pricing & Special Offers

Faithful Counseling offers plans that start at $60 per week and go up to $80 per week (though you’ll be billed monthly, regardless of what you opt for) depending on how many and what type of sessions you are looking for. When you sign up for a Faithful Counseling membership, you will be entitled to unlimited chat messages every month. Faithful Counseling opens a private chat room for you to share with your counselor, and nobody else has access to this area. You can send out as many messages as you want (it's literally unlimited), you will not be capped or cut off at any point.

Additionally, you will be allowed to schedule video or phone sessions with your therapist each week. This service is also included with the monthly cost of your membership. Faithful Counseling lets you cancel your plan at any point without repercussions.

What’s Unique About Faithful Counseling?

Faithful Counseling definitely has a lot going for an online therapy service. There are more than 3,000 qualified therapists to work with, as well as phone, chat, and video session options, and reasonable rates that would put any traditional therapist to shame. But there are some things that make Faithful Counseling truly unique in this industry. Here are a few of those features:

Detailed questionnaire

Many online therapy services ask you a few questions to pair you up with a suitable therapist, but Faithful Counseling does this better than most. In keeping with the holistic approach used in all its therapy sessions (more on that one below), Faithful Counseling asks you pointed questions about key areas of your life to build a holistic picture of you and your current life situation. For example, one of the questions asked is whether or not you are eating properly. While this may seem irrelevant, mental health professionals will attest to the fact that an unhealthy diet can actually contribute to or exacerbate symptoms of depression. With all of these questions, Faithful Counseling is getting at the core issue by painting a full, well-rounded view of your entire situation. Many of the questions asked have to do with your religious beliefs as well, which brings us to our next feature...

Spiritual, holistic approach

The thing that really sets Faithful Counseling apart from other online therapy services is its holistic approach. As its mission statement spells out clearly, Faithful Counseling believes that healing comes from a holistic treatment of an individual. So, in addition to dealing with the psychological triggers and symptoms, Faithful Counseling focuses on spiritual wholeness as well. Employing therapists who are also devout Christians helps Faithful Counseling provide the most complete treatment for any ailment. Leaving theological differences behind, Faithful Counseling has a clear statement of faith that embraces the fundamental healing of a higher power.

In a word, Faithful Counseling attempts to invite God into the healing process by combining the expertise of professional counselors with the age-old wisdom of the Bible. If you're a Christian believer suffering, Faithful Counseling is definitely the solution for you. That being said, it's worth noting that this service does not differentiate between Christian denominations. What's more, it does not restrict its counseling services only to Christians. Any faith and even non-denominational clients are welcome to benefit from the online counseling as well.

What Our Expert Says About Faithful Counseling

Looking for a trained professional therapist from the lens of a practicing Christian? Then Faithful Counseling is the therapy site for you. The therapists hold their values and beliefs in the highest regard as they foster your growth and assist you in your daily struggles. The therapists are trained to take a holistic approach to healing from a spiritual aspect and will offer support of your mental health needs from this perspective. Faithful Counseling is a subset of BetterHelp and offers the same benefits such as a multitude of therapeutic approaches and the option to change therapists if you are not completely satisfied. There are live session options too, which include synchronous chats, and phone and video calls. It is a win-win situation for those who want the affordability of therapy with a Christian perspective and easy access right at your fingertips!

What Users are Saying About Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling has been extremely successful at helping its clients work through both minor and major life difficulties, traumas, and disorders. Here are a few of the real-user testimonies that show how successful this online therapy tool can be:

“I have been working with Steve for about 6 months now. He is exceptional to work with. He is extremely attentive and helps me understand and talk through issues from a biblical and unbiased, judgement free perspective. If you're thinking of working with him, you will not regret it.” Member #44984

“Sharlese Jones has taken the time to listen to me and counsel me in troubling times. I value her prayers and insights.” Member #44992

“She is thought-provoking, inspirational, professional, kind and compassionate. She also gives you wonderful tools and guidance.” Member #45012

“He is great. Responsive, empathetic, and Godly. This is what I need.” Member #44982

Scheduling Live Chats/Video Chats

You can schedule a live chat (which is basically texting in real time rather than waiting for a response) or video sessions directly with your therapist. You’ll discuss what times are best for your respective schedules, and close on a session time.

At the time of the session, you’ll:  

  1. Log into your Faithful Counseling account.

  2. The therapist will ask you to initiate the call/chat.

  3. Your session will begin.

Faithful Counseling Faithful Counseling Visit Site

Customer Support

Faithful Counseling offers 2 methods of customer service; an online contact form or an email address. You can fill out the contact form if you have basic questions about the Faithful Counseling service, billing related questions, or other technical support issues. Alternatively, you can send a more detailed email if you’d prefer to elaborate on the question or issue at hand.

Bottom Line

Faithful Counseling is a top-rated online counseling service that finally brings the all-important assistance of therapy to everyone in need. There aren't many places where you can get a qualified counselor to help you through your issues for just $60 a session, so this service is really revolutionizing therapy for the average person. Adding the Christian element to the therapy makes this even more comfortable and suitable for Christian members. For anyone who hasn't been able to get the counseling they need because of finances, time restraints, or contradictions of faith, Faithful Counseling is truly a godsend.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Faithful Counseling legit?
Faithful Counseling is owned by BetterHelp, one of the largest and most respected online therapy platforms in the field. All of its therapists and counselors are licensed and accredited in their fields and boast at least 3 years and 1,000 hours of experience.
How much does Faithful Counseling cost?
Therapy services on Faithful Counseling range between $60-$80 per week.
Is Faithful Counseling free?
No, Faithful Counseling charges a weekly rate of $60-$80.
Jennifer Fritz writes for and is a Licensed Social Worker. She received her MSW and PhD from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and has been an online therapist for several years. She specializes in areas such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger, self-esteem and abuse.

The author of this article has been paid by Natural Intelligence to write this article. Neither the author nor Natural Intelligence provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local emergency number immediately.

Faithful Counseling customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

1 years ago

They were just completely amazing. Actually listened and cared. They weren't in a hurry to kick me out. It was amazing

1 years ago

Very easy to use and can video call or just email. Sometimes people don't want to video but just chat

1 years ago

They are a huge blessing. They truly take their time with their customers and listen to them. You just have to find the right counselor for you.

1 years ago

Faithful Counseling is the best online therapy system and I believe they deserve a five star rating

1 years ago

You can't talk to everybody, but when you find someone rare that you can open up to it's different. Loving the fact to express person problems that goes on without judgement

1 years ago

It's a wonderful Institution you talk about your family and their emotions. I enjoyed having someone to talk to that I didn't already know

1 years ago

Inspires with good information and unique ways of learning to help people on with what they are looking for in their lives

1 years ago

I like how dedicated they were as a brand. They knew the problem immediately and help me work my way up to fixing it.

1 years ago

Super helpful made me feel better about myself through tough timesm I reccomend

1 years ago

With their high quality of service I am able to complete tasks quickly and easily. Their make my life better

1 years ago

They give me actual things and tricks to maintain my mental issues. They also don't judge me.

2 years ago

Hard to find faithful counseling that take V.A. payments for vets. They say they put faith and caring first but it comes down to money. Which is sad!

2 years ago

Its convenient for people who work full time and have children that can't always get to appointments. Easy to use and puts my mind at ease feeling like someone is always there.

2 years ago

Faithful counseling is really good. It helps you understand a lot and be able to get through a lot.

2 years ago

I have only had 5 sessions so far and I can already see a difference in myself. The service made sure that I am happy with my counselor( I was given (for free) my choice, even as far as free sessions with others, until I found the right person for me. I have gotten so much out of the service. Definitely worth the price. I could go on forever, I just don't want to reveal too much.

2 years ago

Due to the therapy provided by Faithful Counseling, I was able to move forward and start my new life.

2 years ago

Excellent service, was definitely a huge help in my life, would for sure recommend to people friends and family.

2 years ago

They were based on my beliefs there was no fee. Being able to have someone to talk to. I will use Faithful Counseling again.

2 years ago

Gave me advice for my marriage that worked. I feel like my marriage was saved from Faithful Counseling. My husband was very open to taking the advice.

2 years ago

It is a very good and helpful brand. I can find the help I need easily on there at a low cost.

50 reviews