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Reviews of Top Online Therapy Services

Compare features, pros and cons, prices and plans of the best online therapy services to decide which is best for you.


Apr. 14, 2023
Find out what you need to know about BetterHelp, an online therapy service offering affordable, convenient, and successful counseling for everyone.


Mar. 28, 2023
Check out our review of Cerebral online therapy services which provide affordable talk therapy services for anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Mar. 28, 2023
Is right for you? Check out our review of to see how it compares to other leading therapy platforms.


Feb. 14, 2023
Thriveworks provides high-quality therapy online and face-to-face with top-notch customer service to match


Mar. 28, 2023
In our ReGain review, we examine the costs and features of this online relationship therapy provider, to help you decide whether it's the right fit...

Pride Counseling

Mar. 28, 2023
Read our in-depth Pride Counseling review to see if this affordable, accessible, inclusive therapy might fit your needs in {year}.


Mar. 28, 2023
Check out We review everything you need to know about Talkspace online therapy, from pricing, features, and clinical information, so you can decide...


Mar. 28, 2023
In our Calmerry online therapy review, we take a look at an affordable, evidence-based platform that provides advice, tools, support, and counselin...


Mar. 28, 2023
Our experts review everything you need to know about Amwell online counseling. Find out its features, pricing, and if it’s the right fit for you.

Faithful Counseling

Mar. 28, 2023
Our review explains everything you need to know about Faithful Counseling. From therapy specializations to pricing, discover if it's the right fit ...


Mar. 05, 2023
We analyzed JustAnswer from top to bottom to see how it can be used for online therapy support. Find out if JustAnswer can help you in this in-dept...


Mar. 05, 2023
Oliva emphasizes proper matching between therapist and patient, rigorous standards for all its therapists, and evidence-based, clinically-verified ...


Mar. 05, 2023
We analyzed Brightside from top to bottom to see how it compares to other leading therapy platforms. Find out if Brightside is right for you.

Panic Away

Mar. 05, 2023
In our Panic Away review, we analyze its self-help content for anxiety and panic attacks. Get guidance here on pricing and how to get started.

Marriage Fitness

Mar. 28, 2023
Is Marriage Fitness right for you? This review contains all the information to help you decide, including its self-help content, privacy, and prici...


Mar. 28, 2023
We analyzed PrestoExperts’ instant counseling process. Check out our comprehensive review of this fast therapy to see if it could work for you.


Mar. 05, 2023
With iCounseling you have more options for making a connection than with almost any other company. We take a look at how the company can help you.

Talkspace - CouplesTherapy

Mar. 05, 2023
This Talkspace Couples Therapy review takes a close look at a leading online relationship therapy service.

Talkspace - Teen Therapy

Mar. 28, 2023
We review Talkspace’s special counselling for teenagers to see if it can provide the same benefits of other therapy methods conveniently and afford...

Talkspace - Psychiatry

Mar. 05, 2023
In our Talkspace Psychiatry review, we take a closer look at this online mental health and prescription service.

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