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How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

Katherine Cullen - Writer for Top10
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Online Therapy Cost
Improving your mental health doesn’t need to break the bank. Luckily, web-based counseling offers a promising solution. But how much does online therapy cost, and how do you know which service is right for you?

To help you find a service that fits your mental health and financial needs, we’ve done an in-depth online therapy cost comparison that provides you with:

  • An overview of how they work

  • The subscription cost

  • Some recommended options for you to consider

Online Therapy Cost Comparison

Online Therapy Service


Additional notes



Price depends on location and provider availability



Psychiatry available for $206-209 per session

Faithful Counseling


Price depends on location and provider availability



Medication Management + Therapy for $365 per month



Premium plan for $110 per week includes 2 45-minute per week 



Price depends on location and provider availability

Teen Counseling


Price depends on location and provider availability

Pride Counseling


Price depends on location and provider availability


$170 to $240/session

Psychiatry available for $210-375 per session



Messaging+4 Live Videos for $89.99 per week 

Our Top 10 Leading Online Therapy Providers and Their Prices

Navigating the landscape of online therapy providers can be overwhelming with the variety of options available, as well as the different pricing structures they offer. This curated list includes some of the most reputable and effective online therapy services, tailored to meet a range of needs and budgets:

1. Betterhelp

Personalized and highly valuable therapy at your fingertips

Betterhelp Logo

4-week subscription 

$65-90 per week

BetterHelp ensures that every therapist is registered and in good standing. Each therapist is required to provide proper professional documentation and proof of identity that BetterHelp then cross-checks with the relevant organizations. If you need on-the-go advice or support, you can text your therapist at any time, and they’ll respond when they are available. And unlike with traditional therapy, this is included in your subscription, making your treatment more cost-effective.

Their expert therapists specialize in numerous treatments, including relationship counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD. This treatment variety makes it much more likely you’ll find a therapist that can treat your mental health condition, however rare it may be.

In addition to individual sessions and webinars, BetterHelp also offers optional group sessions, which include 1 group session per week. This option is an effective form of counseling since it connects you with people with similar mental health concerns, helping you build self-confidence and gain unique insights.

Why we chose BetterHelp: At $260 to $360/month, BetterHelp is one of the most affordable e-therapy services on our list. And by offering financial aid, they’re committed to helping you achieve your mental health goals, regardless of your financial situation. You can apply by filling out a digital form and submitting your proof of income, such as tax returns and salary records.

Our experience: I appreciated the thorough list of symptoms I could check off during sign-up, such as suicidality, substance abuse, and anxiety. This was helpful in matching me with the right therapist. Although I couldn’t select a specific therapist, they let me request a substitute if I wanted to. Between sessions, their journaling tools were useful for measuring and visualizing my progress.


  • Flat fee/week with no hidden charges

  • Therapists send you worksheets to supplement your treatment

  • You can switch your therapist anytime


  • Sessions will not be carried over into the following months 

  • Sessions may be limited to 30-minutes

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2. Talkspace

Insurance-friendly affordable care

Talkspace Logo


Unlimited Messages 

$59 per week

Video + Messaging Therapy 
$75 per week
Video + Messaging Therapy +Workshops
$99 per week


$206-209 per session

Depending on the location and the availability of counselors in your state, Talkspace allows you to choose between different plans like messaging-only and couples therapy, costing you $59 to $99/week. Their workshop subscription also allows you to participate in Zoom webinars on mental health and wellness topics without revealing your identity.

Talkspace offers a wide range of mental health professionals, including psychiatric services, making it a game-changer for individuals who need medication management as part of their treatment. Keep in mind, the initial assessment and follow-up sessions for psychiatry services can cost you between $206 and $299.

Talkspace also partners with a number of health insurance providers like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and HealthFirst. If you combine them with quarterly or biannual payments, the average cost of your online therapy could be as low as $30/week.

Why we chose Talkspace: Employees can benefit from Talkspace’s Workplace Wellness program. Monthly topics like Engagement and Mindfulness generate links to live and on-demand workshops led by certified clinicians. They’ll also have the option to complete personal development worksheets like “Navigating Conflict.”

Our experience: After signing up, they asked for a more detailed medical history, but I didn’t need to fill it out to be matched with a therapist. The patient dashboard section has a drop-down calendar that allows you to quickly book a session. However, be aware that you can only get a refund if you cancel a session more than 24 hours in advance.


  • Reimbursement receipts for the insurance company if you pay in cash

  • Psychiatric services with medication management

  • Available in all 50 states plus Canada


  • You can only get a refund if you cancel 24 hours in advance

  • Insurance coverage and costs vary from state to state 

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3. Faithful Counseling 

Effective therapy with a faith-based approach

Faithful Counseling Logo

4-week subscription 

$65-90 per week

Faithful Counseling offers Christian counseling services for individuals. Their network of licensed therapists is equipped to provide counseling services based on Christian values and beliefs.

The appointments are 30 to 45 minutes long, and the subscription ranges from $65 to $90/week, including webinars and a journaling feature. Additionally, they offer financial assistance to those who qualify, making their services available to a wider range of clients.

Why we chose Faithful Counseling: Faithful Counseling has a detailed journal section with a weekly calendar at the top that highlights today’s date. It provides several prompt suggestions, with the option to see everything or shuffle with the click of a button. They are grouped into different symptoms like anxiety and depression, and you can even discuss them with your therapist.

Our experience: Before booking a session, I had to pay through a calendar in the patient dashboard section. There’s no option to filter therapists by a religious group, so it took slightly longer to find one that aligned with the specific tenets of my faith. And though I could choose a counselor via the “work with” button, it didn’t guarantee that I’d be matched with them. However, I can easily work around this by switching my assigned therapist until I find the right match.


  • Nationwide service

  • You can show your journal to your therapist

  • Therapist-led group webinars on topics like relationships and anxiety


  • No medication management or prescription services

  • Choosing a counselor doesn’t guarantee they’ll be matched with you

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4. Cerebral

Medication management tailored to your needs

Cerebral Logo

Medication + Care Management
$99 per month


$259 per month

Medication Management + Therapy

$365 per month

Cerebral specializes in medication management and therapy for mental health conditions. Their app and website enable you to easily schedule sessions, monitor prescriptions, and engage in mindfulness meditation. Additionally, you’ll be offered cognitive behavioral exercises that can assist you in identifying negative thought patterns before they lead to harmful behavior.

They present three plans that can meet your specific needs. The “Medication+Care” includes an initial evaluation and diagnosis, monthly prescription delivery, and regular check-ins with your counselor. If you’d like a friendly ear, the “Therapy Only” plan provides weekly video and phone sessions with a provider and regular progress reports.

Finally, the "Medication and Therapy" plan combines the best of both worlds, offering an initial evaluation, monthly medication delivery, weekly video or phone sessions with your counselor, and continuous monitoring of your progress to ensure a holistic approach to your mental well-being.

Why we chose Cerebral: Cerebral is transparent about its fees and services because you don’t have to complete a questionnaire to learn the cost of online therapy. Aside from this, it offers treatment options for bipolar disorder and alcoholism, something we don't see with other providers.

Our experience: After creating an account, Cerebral asked me about major life events that could’ve contributed to my symptoms, such as a breakup or the loss of a family member. I then got a report on my condition and an option to check if my insurance covered their services. I also liked the symptom tracker tool, which helped me monitor my recovery progress.


  • Unlimited messaging with no added fee 

  • Offer low-cost prescriptions 

  • 6,000+ therapists specializing in Christianity-based counseling bipolar disorder


  • Not available for couples or people under the age of 18
  • You can only browse therapists after buying a plan

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5. Online-Therapy.com

Treatment designed to correct negative thoughts and behaviors

Onlinetherapy.com logo



$50 per week


$80 per week


$110 per week 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is generally considered preferred treatment for various mental health conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, panic disorder, and depression. Online-Therapy.com aims to make this well-researched method available to everyone by providing three tiers of plans: basic, standard, and premium.

If you only need basic treatment services, the basic plan offers an eight-section CBT program that includes worksheets, yoga and meditation videos, and guided journal activities. You even get unlimited messages from your counselor. If you want direct contact with a therapist, the standard plan includes everything mentioned above, plus one 45-minute video, phone, or chat session/week.

The premium plan is tailored to those looking for more comprehensive therapy. This includes two 45-minute sessions/week and expedited replies to specify how quickly your counselor should respond to your queries.

Why we chose Online-Therapy.com: Their plans offer many useful features that accompany your therapy, such as journaling, worksheets, daily planners, and meditations. Plus, you can take advantage of their services in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Our experience: I liked that I could browse therapists before choosing a plan. They automatically matched me with a provider, but I can request a different one. After the first 45-minute session, I can message my therapist anytime with additional questions. If I need to reschedule, I have to do so 24 hours before I can get a refund. However, this is usually the standard with most in-person appointments.


  • Online or in person at 300+ locations
  • You can find out who your therapist is and switch to a new one before paying

  • Flexible and transparent pricing model 


  • Restricted to those 18 and over 

  • Does not offer medication management

  • Does not accept insurance

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6. Regain

Reignite your love story with couples counseling

ReGain Logo

4-week subscription 

$65-90 per week

ReGain specializes in online couples counseling, which is ideal if you seek support for relationship- or context-based life concerns. For example, your sessions can target common relationship concerns, like fostering a harmonious living environment after moving in, improving work-life balance, and coping with the stresses of parenthood.

ReGain provides sessions with certified marriage therapists, psychologists, and social workers from a vast database of over 13,000 clinicians. Additionally, you can opt for a different therapist if the one you selected isn’t a good fit.

Why we chose ReGain: Since they’re owned by BetterHelp, the cost of online therapy sessions is affordable set between $65 and $90/week. The exact price depends on your location and provider availability, and you may qualify for financial aid. Most in-person practitioners charge upwards of $200/session, so the fact that ReGain offers relationship counseling at such low prices makes them a cost-effective and reliable alternative for couples seeking expert support.

Our experience: If I needed individual guidance regarding my relationship or if my partner was unwilling or unable to attend, I could conveniently conduct my session on my own. However, the sessions would’ve been restrictive if I didn’t live with my partner, since we’d have to attend the session with the same screen, under the same account. 


  • Financial aid available for low-income individuals

  • Webinars and a journaling function available between sessions

  • Frequent discounts for certain groups like army veterans


  • Sessions will not be rolled over to the following month

  • Couple therapy can be difficult if you and your partner are currently separated

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7. Teen Counseling

Guiding teens to brighter futures

TeenCounseling Logo

4-week subscription 

$65-90 per week

If you're worried about your child's mental and emotional health, Teen Counseling can provide a safe and nurturing space where they can address their concerns. Importantly, everything your child says is discreet, as only counselors can see recordings from live chat, video, or texting sessions.

They charge low rates, between $65 to $90/week, depending on your location and eligibility for financial aid. The cost is billed every four weeks and you can cancel your membership anytime. Additionally, they offer over 150 worksheets and journal prompts to enhance engagement outside sessions.

Why we chose Teen Counseling: You won't need to worry about a lack of therapists in your area, as they have over 13,000 licensed practitioners available from BetterHelp's network. Plus, you can create an account for yourself if you'd like advice on supporting your child and cancel anytime if the sessions aren't working out.

Our experience: I was glad to know that the questionnaire included topics more relevant to teenagers, such as frequent outbursts of anger. After paying, I could attend a dual session with my child or even invite them via email to create their own account and have an appointment with a therapist they were matched with.


  • Provides financial aid to those who qualify

  • Over 150 digital worksheets to support the therapeutic process

  • All therapists have at least three years of experience


  • Can’t offer prescriptions or diagnoses

  • Not suitable for teens in acute suicidal crises

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8. Pride Counseling

Empowering the LGBTQ+ community with affordable therapy

Pride Counseling Logo

4-week subscription 

$65-90 per week

With a direct focus on supporting LGBTQ+ patients, Pride Counseling offers affordable therapy at a flat rate of $65 to $90/week. If you live in an area with a general gender-discriminatory culture, or if you just need a counselor with the same gender identity who can empathize with you, this e-therapy platform offers a convenient solution.

Your therapist will help you gain unique and healthy insights into your gender identity while teaching you coping skills to practice outside of sessions. Their goal trackers, worksheets, and journaling features also allow you to explore your mental health concerns. You'll have the benefit of unlimited usage in a designated chat room to connect with your therapist regarding any mental health-related concerns.

Why we chose Pride Counseling: Pride Counseling connects you with therapists who are members of the LGBTQ+ community. This convenience eliminates the need to commute to distant areas to find counselors who have personal experience with gender identity. Additionally, you can request to be reassigned to a different therapist if you aren't connected to the one they matched you with.

Our experience: The questionnaire was inclusive, with topics relevant to the LGBTQ+ community, such as the impact of gender identity on mental health concerns. However, not all counselors can offer recommendation letters for hormone therapy or surgery, so you should ask them upfront if needed.


  • Gender-inclusive therapy

  • Monthly subscription includes four live sessions

  • Message your therapist anytime


  • Limited number of therapists who identified as LGBTQ+
  • Response times can be slow

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9. Thriveworks

Same-day online therapy appointments



$170 to $240/session


$210 to $375/session

With Thriveworks, you get to choose between in-person or online counseling across 40 states. They charge per session instead of using a monthly subscription, with therapy ranging from $170 to $240 and psychiatry between $210 and $375. However, the cost will vary depending on your chosen location and counselor.

Most counseling and psychiatry appointments last an hour, with follow-ups being around 30 minutes. They accept insurance, and depending on the provider, you could pay as little as $10/session. They also have patient educational resources, including free video courses and e-books covering topics like grief, media and mental health, and resolving relationship issues.

Why we chose Thriveworks: Thriveworks gives specialized treatment for adolescents under 12 years old. They offer play therapy, address behavioral issues, and provide guidance with developmental conditions like autism. They even have 19 physical centers called “TherapyLand” in 14 states.

Our experience: I liked the option to filter providers based on specialization, the age ranges they treat, and their available counseling approaches, like CBT. However, their strict cancellation policy charges $135 if you don’t cancel or reschedule 48 hours before your appointment.


  • Comprehensive therapy options

  • Extensive filtering option

  • Hour-long sessions


  • Provider availability is limited in some states

  • More costly e-therapy services

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Thriveworks Thriveworks Get Started

10. Calmerry

Data-driven insights for personal growth



 $56.99 per week 

Messaging+Live Video

 $74.49 per week

Messaging+4 Live Videos

$89.99 per week 


offers multiple online tools, such as being a Mental Health Assistant—a customer support agent who can answer questions about the services, help you switch counselors and schedule sessions.

Coa is an innovative therapeutic bot that will help you track your mood and symptoms with daily check-ins. This will help you better understand how and when your mood swings happen. To get the most out of this reflection tool, show your mood history to your therapist so they can get the most out of your sessions.

Why we chose Calmerry: Calmerry takes a data-driven approach to addressing mental health concerns. With reflection tools and daily prompts from the Coa, you and your therapist can observe fluctuations in your symptoms. By monitoring your mood over weeks or months, you’ll gain insights into patterns in your mental health and prepare for expected changes.

Our experience: I liked that they asked me to express reasons for seeking support in my own words during the sign-up process. After completing the questionnaire, Calmerry generated a well-being score, which showed projected therapeutic progress based on the information I provided.


  • Data-driven self-reflection and symptom tracker tools

  • Straightforward website and app

  • Discreet messaging between clients and therapists


  • Doesn’t treat children 

  • No psychiatry services

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Calmerry Calmerry Get Started 

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

Online therapy costs between $50 and $200/week, depending on the practitioners’ employment status. Independent counselors typically charge between $75 and $215/session, whereas app-based therapists charge anywhere from $50 to $200/week. You should check if your health insurance covers these expenses to save more money.

Most platforms don’t state it explicitly, but you need to be aware of cancellation fees and how long in advance you need to call off your session—you can contact their customer service to be extra sure. If you’d like to schedule additional appointments, join group therapy, or attend a webinar, you’ll need to pay extra fees.

How Much Does In Person Therapy Cost?

Depending on the counselor's experience, office-based therapy ranges from $75 to $250/session, but some can charge up to $300 or more. The more you see them, the higher the cost will be. However, some providers also offer a discount if you plan to see them more than once a week.

Office-based therapists are pricier because they often need to rent an office and buy additional equipment for your treatment. For example, bilateral stimulation devices when undergoing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy can be helpful for those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you can't make it to therapy on time, you'll have to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, they can charge you cancellation or rescheduling fees as high as the full session price. Finally, You’ll have to consider transportation fees like tickets if you're going by bus, and gas and parking if you have a car.

Is Online Therapy Cheaper Than In-Person Therapy?

Online therapy offers significant cost savings compared to in person therapy, with some analyses estimating savings of over $2,000 over the course of six months.

Consider the following benefits most online providers include in their plans:

Diverse Channels of Communication

Online therapists can leverage digital communication technologies, including instant messaging tools, voice calling services, and even video chats. Web-based services also employ extensive teams of remote counselors, channeling all communication through their platform, which leads to improved availability and cost-efficiency.

Some independent therapists prefer third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, and Google Meet since they typically offer free versions. 

Save on Commuting Costs

Speaking to a therapist at your convenience means you don't have to take time out of your day to commute to the therapist's office. This can be beneficial if your schedule regularly conflicts with the counselor's availability. After all, even if you find the time to go to in-person sessions, it can be mentally draining and potentially increase reluctance to attend therapy.

How Can You Lower the Costs of Online Therapy

To lower the cost of online therapy, consider the following strategies:

Check with Your Insurance: Some online therapy platforms are covered by health insurance, which can significantly reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Choose Sliding-Scale Therapists: Some therapists offer sliding-scale fees based on your income, making therapy more affordable for those with financial constraints.

Opt for Group Therapy: Group therapy sessions are often cheaper than individual therapy and can be found online as well.

Monthly Subscriptions: Some online services may require a monthly subscription, which could be more economical than per-session charges, especially for frequent sessions.

By utilizing these approaches, individuals can make therapy more accessible and financially sustainable.

The Different Types Of Online Therapy And How Much They Cost

Messaging Therapy: This is a text-based therapy option where clients can send messages to their therapists at any time. Plans for messaging therapy start at around $60 per week.

Basic Plan: Some services like offer a basic tier, which can cost as low as $50 per week. However, this plan may not include live sessions with a counselor.

Standard Plan: The standard plan often includes weekly live sessions along with additional resources and can vary in price.

Comprehensive Plan: This plan typically includes medication management and therapy services, with costs varying depending on the provider, but services like Cerebral, Amwell, Thriveworks, and Talkspace offer these at different price points.

Subscription Plan: Platforms such as BetterHelp or Talkspace offer subscription models that cost roughly between $50 to $110 per week, billed monthly.

It's essential to note that the costs can vary widely based on the provider, the type of care needed, and what is covered by insurance or health plans.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Online Therapy

Several factors can influence the cost of online therapy, making it important to consider these variables when choosing a service:

Therapist's Qualifications and Experience: Therapists with more training and experience may command higher fees.

Service Provider and Business Model: The cost may differ depending on the online therapy provider and whether the model is subscription-based or per-session payments.

Insurance Coverage: Whether or not the therapy service is covered by insurance can greatly affect the final cost to the client.

Specialization: Therapists who specialize in certain areas may charge more, particularly for high-demand specializations.

Therapy Delivery Method: The format of the therapy, whether it's text-based, phone, or video sessions, can also affect pricing.

By understanding these factors, clients can navigate the options and select an online therapy service that balances cost with their specific needs.

E-Therapy Is an All-Round Cost-Saver

Online therapy is generally more affordable and convenient than in-person counseling. With just a few clicks, you can find professional help from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the hassle of commuting and scheduling.

With increased availability, e-therapy can bolster your resilience in dealing with everyday stressors or more profound emotional issues. However, it’s not a substitute for emergency care. If you or someone you know is facing an acute mental health crisis, contact the 988 Lifeline for immediate support.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?+-

Online therapy costs between $60 and $200/week, depending on the practitioners’ employment status. Independent counselors typically charge between $75 and $215/session, whereas app-based therapists charge anywhere from $50 to $200/week. You should check if your health insurance covers these expenses to save more money.

How Much Does In Person Therapy Cost?+-

Depending on the counselor's experience, office-based therapy ranges from $75 to $250/session, but some can charge up to $300 or more. The more you see them, the higher the cost will be. However, some providers also offer a discount if you plan to see them more than once a week.

How much does a speech therapy session cost in the US?+-

The exact cost of speech therapy can vary, but a speech-language evaluation typically costs $150 to $400, and a half-hour therapy session may cost $65 to $175.

Are virtual therapy sessions worth it?+-

Online therapy provides an equally effective option for mental health support as face-to-face therapy.

Is there such a thing as free online therapy?+-

We could not find free online therapy from licensed providers. An alternative would be a provider who uses a sliding scale for payment. For platforms that accept insurance, you may have a relatively low co-pay through your insurance company.

Is online therapy trustworthy and safe?+-

Online therapy can be trustworthy and safe, depending on the provider you choose. The American Psychological Association recommends making sure that your therapist is licensed in your state and that the website confirms both your and your therapist’s identities.

Katherine Cullen - Writer for Top10
Katherine Cullen is a psychotherapist in New York City and co-author of The Truth About Exercise Addiction: Understanding the Dark Side of Thinspiration. Her work has been published by numerous outlets, including Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, and Self.

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