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Pride Counseling Online Therapy Review 2023

Specialized Therapists for the LGBTQ+ Community
By Crystal JacksonBy Crystal Jackson -
Last updated: Mar 28, 2023
42 reviews
very good
very good
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Modes of communication
Text, video, audio, and weekly live sessions

Our Verdict

Is Pride Counseling Worth It?

Pride Counseling provides therapy for people of all types, but has a special emphasis on helping members of the LGBTQ+ community. You can easily book live chat, phone, and video sessions that meet your schedule and are 100% discrete. When you sign up, the service will ask you a series of questions in order to determine which counselor to link you with. The service charges a flat rate per week and you can cancel anytime.

Modes of communication
Text, video, audio, and weekly live sessions

Pride Counseling at a Glance

Editorial Score


$60-$90 weekly, billed monthly, financial aid available

Therapist Network

Matched to therapists who specialize in LGBTQ community, licensed, therapists with 3 years and 1,000 hours of experience+

User Access

Accepts all people, accessibility preferences, discreet, available on any device

Communication Tools

Via phone, video & messaging, can reread messages anytime

Customer Support

Easily switch counselors, cancel anytime, contact form

Pride Counseling Pros & Cons


LGBTQIA+ specialty counseling
Affordable rate for multiple sessions
Treats an extensive list of mental health issues


Does not offer HRT letters in most cases
Doesn’t accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid

Top Pride Counseling Reviews

, AR
Over all a great service. Although, there is room for improvement when it comes to response time from customer service when people are in need of assitance.
, GA
It is a great deal and it is unique.
, CO
I like everything about it they are very helpful and supportive. I would for sure reccomend them to family and friends.
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Pride Counseling Pride Counseling Visit Site


Pride Counseling Online Therapy Services Video Review


How Pride Counseling Works

Signing up 

The Pride Counseling signup process is quick and easy. You’ll have to provide your gender, preferred pronouns, sexual orientation, age, relationship status, and information about your past experience with therapy, if applicable. 

Screening questions check for self-harm and refer you to resources for immediate assistance. The website also specifies that it will not treat minors or those in the care of a legal guardian, those in crisis, those with court-ordered therapy, and those who don’t have internet access or a reliable internet connection. 

Furthermore, in the Frequently Asked Questions, you’ll find that many therapists on the platform will not provide letters of recommendation for Hormone Replacement Therapy due to the online nature of the service. Ask your individual therapist if they are willing/able to provide HRT letters if needed.

Getting matched with a counselor

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be matched with a counselor within a few hours to a few days, depending on availability. You are not able to choose your therapist, but you can elect to be rematched if the one chosen for you is not a good fit. All prices are the same, and any counselor on Pride Counseling has a background in LGTBQ+ counseling. 

There are no reviews of specific counselors online, and you aren’t able to rate individual counselors. Additionally, there is no information on the site regarding blocking a therapist or adding them as a favorite. 

Booking sessions

Speak to your therapist to schedule a therapy session. You can review your therapist’s availability at the bottom of the “therapy room” screen and click to schedule an appointment. You can also message the therapist and request a particular time.

Messaging, live chat, live phone, or live video sessions are available, and you will use the therapy room to communicate with your therapist during a session. The therapy room is also where you can cancel or reschedule appointments as needed.

Features and Functionality of Pride Counseling

Are Pride Counseling Counselors Licensed Professionals? 

Pride Counseling counselors are licensed, trained, qualified, and experienced. They include licensed and accredited professional therapists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, and accredited psychologists. There is a minimum requirement of a Master’s degree in a relevant mental health field with three years and 1,000 hours of experience. All specialize in LGBTQIA+ therapy.

Pride Counseling is a part of the BetterHelp community. Counselors can apply for Pride Counseling on BetterHelp’s website. The therapists hired are independent contractors who work for BetterHelp or one of its sister companies such as Pride Counseling. All credentials are verified in the hiring process.

Pride Counseling Specialties and Areas of Expertise

All Pride Counseling therapists specialize in counseling the LGBTQIA+ community. On top of this, they must meet state standards for licensure, including education, experience, and training. Profiles for Pride Counseling therapists will include their name, a personal statement, their specialties, relevant licensure, and reviews from past clients. 

The areas of expertise offered include the following.

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety
  • Issues with coming out
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Eating 
  • Sleeping
  • Trauma
  • Anger
  • Family Conflicts
  • Grief
  • Self-Esteem
  • Communication Problems
  • Life Purpose
  • Isolation/Loneliness
  • Self-Love
  • Social Anxiety and Phobia
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Post-traumatic Stress
  • Panic Disorder and Panic Attacks
  • Control Issues
  • Forgiveness
  • Caregiver Issues and Stress
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Attachment Issues
  • Abandonment
  • Body Image
  • Mood Disorders
  • Impulsivity
  • Workplace Issues
  • Money and Financial Issues
  • Chronic Pain Illness and Disability
  • Women's Issues
  • Men's Issues
  • Sexuality
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Narcissism

Pride Counseling Apps

Pride Counseling is available as a mobile app. You can download it on either iOS or Android. This makes therapy more convenient than ever. The app offers all the same features as the website with the benefit of on-the-go mental health assistance. 

The app itself is free, but therapy services will cost the same as the online monthly subscription fee. Whether you choose a therapist on the website or on the app, all the licensed professionals are trained to provide accessible, affordable, inclusive counseling for the LGBTQIA+ community.

How Does the Pride Counseling App Work? 

You’ll find that the Pride Counseling app offers video chat, text chat, phone chat, and live therapy. You’ll be able to communicate directly with your therapist in the privacy of the app’s therapy room. The user-friendly interface has all the benefits of the website with all the convenience of an app.

Apple users rate Pride Counseling with 4.6 stars out of 5, while the app is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on GooglePlay for Android and is rated E for Everyone.

Pride Counseling Customer Support

Help and support are available on Pride Counseling’s website as well as in the mobile app. You can read through a list of thorough Frequently Asked Questions, email customer support with your questions, or simply fill out a contact form for more assistance. 

Upon receiving an inquiry from you, PrideCounseling will send an automated message acknowledging receipt. The email further states that you’ll receive an individual response within one business day of your message. Business hours are listed as 9am-5pm PST Monday through Friday, and out-of-hours messages could result in a delay. 

A crisis number is also listed for emergency response, and a 24-hour hotline is included for those who need an immediate response to their mental health issue or site inquiry.

Phone and instant chat options are not available. You can read through the website’s Terms and Conditions for answers to any questions you may have about the site’s functionality, privacy policy, or other concerns. You can also review the Accessibility page to see how Pride Counseling accommodates members with disabilities.

Pride Counseling Pricing

How Much Does Pride Counseling Cost?

Pride Counseling offers a straightforward payment plan. Therapy services are available for $80 per week, charged every four weeks at $320. This service includes text, video, and audio sessions in addition to live weekly therapy.

Type of Plan
What’s Included
Cost per week
Cost per month


Text, video, audio, and weekly live sessions



Is Pride Counseling Covered by Insurance?

Pride Counseling is not covered by insurance. In fact, in the Frequently Asked Questions, the site specifies that while some insurance companies offer full or partial reimbursement, their copays could be higher than the fee for Pride Counseling. Additionally, a diagnosis, which would be added to your medical record, may be required for insurance to cover counseling. 

Some financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Pride Counseling Alternatives

There are many e-therapy providers on the market. Pride Counseling’s competitors include BetterHelp, Teen Counseling, and TalkSpace. 

Pride Counseling
Teen Counseling

Cost per Session





Modes of Communication

Text, video, audio, and weekly live sessions

Video, message, live chat, and support group

Video, chat, phone 

Video, text, and audio message






Accepts Insurance





24/7 Access





Pride Counseling Pride Counseling Visit Site

Pride Counseling vs. BetterHelp

When comparing Pride Counseling to BetterHelp, it’s important to know that Pride Counseling is the sister company of BetterHelp. What sets Pride apart is its specialty in serving the LGBTQIA+ community. The one advantage BetterHelp has over Pride Counseling is that it offers group therapy support. Otherwise, Pride Counseling is likely to be a better fit if you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Pride Counseling vs. Teen Counseling

Pride Counseling and Teen Counseling have comparable rates, services, therapists, and access, but they differ in terms of specialties. Both Pride Counseling and Teen Counseling have therapists who’ve been trained for LGBTQ+ issues, but Teen Counseling’s target demographic is youth. They are comparable services otherwise, so age will be the primary determining factor in your choice.

Pride Counseling vs. TalkSpace

Pride Counseling and TalkSpace both offer 24-hour access and licensed professional counselors, but TalkSpace has two primary advantages over Pride Counseling. The rates are lower for weekly sessions, making it the more affordable choice, and TalkSpace also takes some insurance. Budget could be the determining factor when choosing between these two e-therapy options. 

Bottom Line

Pride Counseling’s online therapy service is fully-inclusive and accessible for the LGBTQIA+ community. This e-therapy provider offers text, video, audio, and weekly live sessions at an affordable weekly price. It’s available on mobile for both iOS and Android devices. 

Pride Counseling’s one missed opportunity may be its lack of support group options. While it does not offer insurance billing, Pride Counseling does have a low weekly rate that can cover multiple counseling sessions, making it a budget-friendly online therapy option for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Pride Counseling any good?+-

Pride Counseling is a great option if you’re seeking an affordable online therapy service tailored to the LGBTQIA+ community. All of its practitioners are highly qualified, and it offers a wide range of consultation options.

Is Pride Counseling the same as BetterHelp?+-

Pride Counseling is a sister company of BetterHelp that focuses on serving the LGBTQIA+ community. The counselors and therapists available through Pride Counseling are employed by BetterHelp but have applied specifically to work under Pride Counseling.

Is Pride Counseling legit?+-

Closely related to BetterHelp, Pride Counseling is very much a legitimate company. Its therapists are highly qualified and experienced, with a minimum requirement of a relevant Master’s degree and three years of experience. All practitioners specialize in LGBTQIA+ therapy.

Crystal is a former therapist turned writer and dating advice columnist and dating writer for Top10. She is the author of the Heart of Madison romance series, while her non-fiction work has appeared in such well-recognized lifestyle publications as Medium, Elephant Journal, Elite Daily, The Urban Howl, and The Good Men Project.

The author of this article has been paid by Natural Intelligence to write this article. Neither the author nor Natural Intelligence provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local emergency number immediately.

Pride Counseling customer reviews

Based on 42 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

3 years ago

Over all a great service. Although, there is room for improvement when it comes to response time from customer service when people are in need of assitance.

3 years ago

It is a great deal and it is unique.

3 years ago

I like everything about it they are very helpful and supportive. I would for sure reccomend them to family and friends.

3 years ago

I use their counseling a lot.

3 years ago

I love the service that I received and the opportunities it gives me, (a lot.)

3 years ago

They have the best software services provided with excellent features compared to other online counseling services.

3 years ago

They are very knowledgeable, fit into my work schedule and affordable for the price they are offering.

3 years ago

They're very professional and know exactly how to help people struggling with being themselves / struggling with people judging them. They helped me come to terms with who I am and they were so helpful and kind.

3 years ago

They made me happy being gay. I have a girlfriend now and we are doing very well. Pride Counseling had a big influence on feeling good about who I am.

3 years ago

Pride counseling has helped me through the toughest of situations, and has helped me develop many coping skills.

3 years ago

I give pride counseling that score because they are the best in service to help me with my personal needs.

3 years ago

They provided me with exactly what I needed when I needed it in an non-judgmental and efficient way.

3 years ago

This has been an l amazing experience. They have great therapist's and give you the choice to change if things don't fit. The price is affordable and everyone is very caring and don't judge you. It's a great resource for LGBT people.

3 years ago

They do their best, it's like they're a work in progress and I don't mind watching them grow as they help me grow as well. I appreciate them very much, they've made me feel more ok with being myself despite the multitude of negativity that surrounds me at home. It's ironic because I'm actually going to school to become a counselor as well. But I've come to realize that it's ok for me to take care of myself even though I'm learning to take care of others.

3 years ago

I liked it because I needed the advice. If I had a chance to do it again them I would I like it very much.

3 years ago

It's a helpful site very sweet counselors who listen to you if you're under any distress I am non-binary, confused about sexuality and they have helped me.

3 years ago

Service quality, I really like the brand and it has helped my family a lot. My son is now more open with us.

3 years ago

It is helpful and very easy to use, it truly fits all of my needs promptly and precisely. I will come back for more help in the future and I will also recommend it to all my friends and relatives.

3 years ago

The counselor was welcoming and made me very comfortable, the Pride Counseling session I had really helped me improve my mental health.

3 years ago

I like them. They are reliable and easy to use. It has helped me in many different ways.

Pride CounselingPride Counseling
42 reviews
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