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Amwell Online Therapy Review (2023)

A flexible way to make appointments with telehealth therapists
By Emily Calorino-sipeBy Emily Calorino-sipe -
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2023
very good
very good
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From $109/session
Modes of communication
Video only

Our Verdict

Is Amwell Worth It?

Amwell offers telehealth via a website, an app, and a network of 350 professionals, including a variety of specialists. A key benefit is that its physicians and psychiatrists are able to write prescriptions for most kinds of medications. 

Amwell doesn’t match you with a single, regular therapist but instead lets you make appointments based on availability. This provides more flexibility, but no possibility for communicating between sessions.

From $109/session
Modes of communication
Video only

Amwell at a Glance

Editorial Score


$79 a visit, depending on therapist's credentials, flat rate regardless of time/day

Therapist Network

Amwell Medical Group doctors, board-certified, licensed & accredited behavorial health therapists

User Access

Accepts many forms of insurance, app available, credentialed for all states, accessibility preferences

Communication Tools

Speak with doctor 24/7, video call visits, access to community portal

Customer Support

Easy to switch therapists, easy cancellation process, customer care available 24/7

Amwell Pros & Cons


Select a therapist and make an appointment straight away.
Covered by most insurance providers
Get a prescription without visiting a doctor’s office


Doesn’t offer service outside of the United States
Amwell doesn’t display detailed client reviews of its therapists
No communication possible between scheduled appointments

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Amwell at a Glance

Are Amwell Counselors Licensed Professionals?

Amwell has a network of 350 professional therapists, which includes psychologists, social workers, and counselors. All of them are required to have an active license and must hold an advanced degree (master’s or higher) from an APA accredited institution. Furthermore, a minimum of one year’s experience is required for its practitioners. 

Before therapists can join Amwell’s network, their credentials are verified by an onboarding team. Regular quality assurance reviews take place throughout the partnership between Amwell and its therapists, in order to guarantee a high level of service. 

Amwell Specialties and Areas of Expertise

Amwell's therapists specialize in a variety of mental health issues and disorders, including

  • Anxiety

  • Social anxiety

  • Stress management

  • Bereavement/Grief

  • OCD

  • PTSD/Trauma

  • Couples therapy

  • LGBTQ+ counseling

  • Panic attacks

  • Insomnia

  • Depression

  • Life transitions

A major advantage is that Amwell’s network includes physicians and psychiatrists that can offer prescriptions online. During your online session, your therapist can direct you to someone qualified to write you a prescription if needed. You can then collect this prescription from a pharmacy of your choice.

The medications that your physician or psychiatrist is allowed to prescribe depend on his or her credentials. Amwell is unable to issue all types of prescriptions. The following are excluded:

  • Controlled substances (anxiety medications, narcotics, ADHD medications)

  • Medications for erectile dysfunction

  • Muscle relaxants

  • Any additional state-specific controlled medications (additional pain medications, pseudoephedrine)

How Amwell Works

Features and Functionality of Amwell

How to Get Started with Amwell

Signing up

The signup process for Amwell is quick and straightforward. It doesn’t require any payment information, just your full name, the state that you reside in, and your birthdate. You need to be 18 years or older to sign up, or you can be added to the existing account of an adult. You also need to be located in the United States.

Your Amwell account will give you direct access to its online therapy platform, in addition to the many other offered services. This includes the ability to schedule a doctor's appointment for yourself or your child, book a session with a nutritionist, or request a second opinion.

Getting matched with a counselor

After completing the signup process, you will be directed to Amwell's homepage, which lists all the services that it provides. 

Once you click on "Therapy," you will be directed to a page where you can select a therapist. Amwell doesn't offer a matching process, but instead provides you with the ability to choose your own therapist for each session. 

Amwell provides a number of convenient filters to help you find the right therapist. These include gender, therapist availability, or therapist specialty.

Based on your filters, Amwell offers a list of therapist profiles to choose from. These include the following information:

  • Language spoken

  • Professional education and university

  • Years of experience

  • Location

  • Interests

  • Affiliations

A therapist's profile shows an average client satisfaction rating, ranging from one to five stars. However, you are currently unable to read any detailed client reviews. Amwell also doesn’t allow you to create a list of favorite therapists.

Booking sessions

No matter what time of day it is, you can schedule a therapy session as long as a therapist is available. I’ve found that there are usually therapists available for a session on the same day if you start looking in the morning.

After selecting your therapist and appointment date and time, you are directed to a payment page. At the moment, you can only pay via credit card. 

All the online therapy sessions on Amwell’s platform are video calls. Unfortunately, Amwell doesn't give you an option to contact your therapist outside of your sessions. If you miss your appointed session, Amwell may charge a $40 cancellation fee.

Confidentiality and Privacy

While Amwell’s documentation doesn’t clarify whether or not video calls are encrypted, the company is HIPAA compliant, which means that your records cannot be accessed by an unauthorized party. Furthermore, online therapy sessions are never recorded or stored. This secure process ensures that your health data will never be made public in the case of a data breach or leak.

Amwell Apps

Amwell offers a free app that has all the essential functions that its website has. You can schedule and attend video sessions with a therapist all from within the app.

The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets through the Google Play Market and the App Store. Amwell was the most downloaded app in the telehealth category in 2018.

How Does the Amwell App Work?

The Amwell app works exactly as its website works. After downloading the app, you will be asked to create a (free) account. After providing your personal information and insurance data, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment right away. 

The app allows you to conduct online therapy sessions through a video call on your device. If you're directed to a physician or a psychiatrist, you are able to receive a prescription through the app. This can be sent to a pharmacy of your choice, all without you having to exit the app.

Prices of therapy sessions are the same on the app as they are on the Amwell website.

Reviews of the Amwell app are generally very positive. Its Android app is rated 4.3 stars, based on over 8,000 reviews on the Google Play Store. Its iOS app has a rating of 4.9 stars, based on over 33,400 reviews on the App Store.

Amwell Customer Support

Amwell offers support through email and phone. There is currently no chat support available.

Phone support is available 24/7. After a brief menu of choices, I was connected to a customer support representative within two minutes.

Amwell’s website does not mention typical reply times for its email support. However, I emailed its support on a Tuesday morning and received a reply before the end of the day.

Additionally, Amwell’s website contains 23 FAQ pages that cover most questions about its online therapy service. Amwell also has a blog on its website that is frequently updated with helpful articles about online therapy.

How Amwell Compares to Other Online Therapy Providers





Cost per session

Either $109 or $129




Modes of communication


Chat, phone, video

Chat, phone, video

Chat, video






Accepts insurance





24/7 access





Amwell vs. BetterHelp

Amwell provides an easier signup process and offers more flexibility in choosing a therapist. Additionally, Amwell is more widely covered by insurance providers, and professionals can prescribe medication through its platform. However, BetterHelp has a significantly larger network of over 33,000 licensed professionals and more specialties available. BetterHelp also connects you with a therapist through a chatroom, allowing for 24/7 messaging.

Amwell vs. Talkspace

Talkspace offers a free consultation to match you with a licensed therapist. You can connect through a chatroom, allowing for 24/7 messaging. Amwell, however, offers more flexibility in choosing your own therapist. Talkspace is not covered by insurance, whereas Amwell is connected with 125 insurance providers. Talkspace has a bigger network of over 5,000 licensed professionals with a wider range of specialties, but unlike Amwell, they cannot prescribe medications.    

Amwell vs. Calmerry

Calmerry customers subscribe to a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual plan, whereas Amwell maintains a pay-per-appointment pricing model. Calmerry matches you with a therapist based on a questionnaire, while Amwell offers the flexibility to pick your own therapist based on your own preferences. Calmerry is not covered by any insurance providers, and its therapists are not allowed to prescribe medications. 

Amwell Pricing

How Much Does Amwell Cost?

Amwell charges between $109 and $129 per digital therapy session, depending on the experience and the credentials of the therapist. The costs remain the same regardless of the time and day of the session.

Type of Plan

What’s Included

Cost per session

Cost per month

Master’s level

A 45-minute session with a therapist with a master's degree.


$436 (assuming 4 sessions per month)

Doctoral level

A 45-minute session with a doctoral-level psychologist.


$516 (assuming 4 sessions per month)

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Is Amwell Covered by Insurance?

During the sign-up process, Amwell allows you to connect your existing insurer to your account, by choosing from a list of 125 providers. This includes the biggest industry names, such as Anthem, Aetna, Blue Care, and Blue Cross. 

If your healthcare plan covers Amwell's online therapy, you’ll be able to collect reimbursements for your sessions depending on the level of your deductible. Some insurance plans will give you full coverage, but you should check with your provider if this is the case or not.

Bottom Line

Amwell differs from other online therapy providers, as you can connect to any professional in its network based on availability. You don’t have to sign up for a subscription, and you only pay for scheduled appointments. Amwell’s network of professionals can write you a prescription if necessary. 

While Amwell doesn’t offer any way to communicate with your therapist in between appointments, it’s connected to 125 healthcare insurance providers which can lower your out-of-pocket costs. Instead of going to a doctor’s office for a prescription, Amwell allows you to take care of your mental health from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long is a typical online therapy visit on Amwell?+-

A therapy session on Amwell’s platform typically takes 45 minutes, but the length and number of sessions required will depend on your personal needs.

Is my online therapy visit private and secure?+-

Amwell’s service is fully HIPAA compliant, and sessions are never recorded or stored. However, it’s unclear from its documentation if communication is encrypted or not.

How much does a visit cost?+-

An online therapy session at Amwell costs either $109 or $129 depending on the credentials of your online therapist.

Will I be charged more if I talk to a therapist on weekends, holidays, or at night?+-

Amwell maintains a flat fee per appointment. The pricing remains the same, regardless of your scheduled appointment times.

Emily Calorino-Sipe holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, focusing on international communication. She is a relocation expert that helps clients through each stage of their journey worldwide. Her writing is a clear, informative, and reliable resource for anyone planning a move.

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