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Talkspace Psychiatry Review 2024

Michael Graw

In a Nutshell

Talkspace Psychiatry is an online mental health service that gives you access to experienced psychiatrists. The platform starts out by matching you to a specialist who can best meet your specific needs. All sessions are by video chat, so you can meet with your psychiatrist from your own home. What especially stands out about this service is that all Talkspace counselors are fully licensed and can prescribe common medications.


  • Counselors can provide prescriptions
  • Schedule as many follow-up sessions as needed
  • Work with the same counselor or switch anytime


  • Follow-up sessions are expensive
  • Matching process can be irritating

Talkspace - Psychiatry at a Glance

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Talkspace - Psychiatry Talkspace - Psychiatry Visit Site

Therapist/Counselor Screening Process

Talkspace takes a strict approach to who it allows to work as counselors within its network. All therapists and psychiatrists must have at least 3,000 hours of clinical experience and must be licensed in the state in which they will be working. Talkspace also requires counselors to provide information about any past disciplinary actions taken against them or liability claims when applying to work for the service.

The majority of Talkspace Psychiatry therapists have advanced degrees, including PhDs, PsyDs, and LMFTs. At a minimum, all counselors must hold a National Provider Identifier number and must carry malpractice insurance to work with TalkSpace. Keep in mind that if you’re matched with a counselor you don’t like, you can switch at any time at no cost.

Get Help With:

Talkspace Psychiatry covers a broad range of counseling. You can get help with relationship issues, including marital issues related to finances, parenting, or infidelity. You can also turn to TalkSpace Psychiatry for anxiety, stress, or depressions, regardless of whether they stem from PTSD, a chronic illness, or another cause. The service can also help with most other mental health-related issues, including addiction and eating disorders.

Types of Sessions Available:

All Talkspace Psychiatry sessions take place over video chat using the Talkspace app. That means you must have a smartphone or tablet in order to access the service—unfortunately, it is not accessible through desktop computers at this time.

Note that when you first sign up, you will have to go through a brief matching session that uses text chat rather than video. This matching session allows Talkspace to identify a provider who specializes in treating the issues you present with. However, it can be a turn-off to have to talk about your issues with a provider who is then going to hand you off to another counselor.

Pricing & Special Offers

Talkspace Psychiatry charges on a per-session basis. Your first session costs $199, and every follow-up session costs $125. There’s no limit to the number of follow-ups that you can schedule—it’s up to you and your counselor to work out a schedule that works for you both—but the price can add up quickly over time.

At the time of writing, Talkspace Psychiatry offered 50% off your first session.

First Session
Additional Sessions
$125 each

What’s Unique About Talkspace Psychiatry?

Talkspace Psychiatry has differentiated itself from other online mental health services by building an incredibly high-quality provider network. The service has over 5,000 counselors, all of whom have more than 3,000 hours of clinical experience before they ever talk to a patient on Talkspace. Although Talkspace Psychiatry is online, it’s hiring practices are similar to what we’d expect from a traditional private practice.

The size and quality of Talkspace’s network matters because it directly impacts your treatment. Since there are so many providers covering a huge range of specialties, it’s easy to get matched with a counselor who truly understands how to best treat you. Plus, if you find that you’re not meshing with your counselor, you’re free to switch at any time.  

Another important thing about Talkspace Psychiatry is that all of the network’s counselors are licensed to prescribe medications. That means this service provides more than just therapy—it also offers active treatment with common pharmaceuticals. Some of the medications that Talkspace providers can prescribe include Adderall, Ativan, Vyvanse, Valium, Xanax, and Lithium.

What Users Are Saying About Talkspace Psychiatry

‘I love Talkspace. I have felt well cared for from the beginning. I was matched and communicating with my therapist within hours of setup. She allows me to set the pace, tone, and goals of therapy. This was also the most pain free finding and choosing a therapist that I’ve ever had.’—Erin H.

‘Best option for busy people ever. When time doesn't allow regular office hours, this is an amazing option.’—J.C.

‘I loved the fact I can use Talkspace as I need to. I come in for a few months. I go away for a few months. I check back in as I need. Their program is incredibly flexible, and that’s really the goal of good therapy.’—Claire F.

‘The interaction was extremely laid back and I didn’t even feel as though I was talking to a therapist. We created techniques that I can use to help not only push through these episodes but prevent them from happening all together. TalkSpace eliminates the stigma surrounding therapy and seeking help for problems that seem common or minor.’—Just A.

Scheduling Video Chats

Most therapists are available within 1 to 2 days from when you first sign up for the service and match to a counselor. After that, it’s up to you and your counselor to schedule a follow-up session or to set a regular schedule for your meetings. Most counselors have enough freedom to take up to 2 weekly meetings, although this varies according to your specific psychiatrist.

It’s important to note that counselors are typically based in the same state where they are providing care. So, you should expect your counselor to be available during normal daytime or evening hours in your area.

Talkspace - Psychiatry Talkspace - Psychiatry Visit Site

Customer Support

Talkspace customer support is available by email only. A representative from the company usually responds within one day. You can also use the extensive FAQs section on the Talkspace website to find answers to common questions.

Bottom Line

Talkspace Psychiatry is an online psychiatry service that mirrors many of the benefits of traditional in-office treatments. This platform has a massive network of highly trained counselors, so you can easily find a psychiatrist who understands your needs and is able to help. Importantly, Talkspace Psychiatry providers are licensed to prescribe medications, so you can get the treatment you need outside of therapy sessions.

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Talkspace - Psychiatry

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