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Last Updated: Jun 2024

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Best Long-Distance Moving Companies in Virginia

Moving out of state? Make your move easy and stress-free. Read expert reviews & compare the best long-distance moving companies in your area.

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Our Top 3 Moving Companies
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Colonial Van Lines
Colonial Van Lines
4.5 Trustpilot rating
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American Van Lines
American Van Lines
25+ years' experience
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very good
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Why Do I Need a Moving Company?

Most people have the same response when it comes time to move? Why do I need to hire a mover when I can do the work myself? There are many reasons why people choose to hire professional moving services. For example:

- Peace of mind

When you're moving house, there are a million and one things that only you can take care of. Moving isn't one of them. It's a lot easier to let someone else take care of the hauling, moving, and transporting. And it'll free you up to take care of the more important, technical details that only you can do.

- Reliability

What’s more, professional moving companies will have some sort of insurance on your stuff. So, if something breaks during the move, it’s covered. If you break something while moving it yourself, you’re out of luck.

- Time savings

What’s even more valuable than money? Your time. Hiring local movers can help you save a load of time. Sometimes, that’s worth the investment.

 - More efficient

Everyone's good at something, but few people are good at EVERYTHING. You might be really good at what you do. But you know what the best moving companies are good at? That's right, moving. They'll know how to pack up, haul, and unload your stuff in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. So you can get on with your life and start living in your new home sooner.

- It’s safer

Moving can be hazardous to your health for many reasons. But one of the biggest ones is the strain you'll put on your body. Professional long-distance moving companies know how to move large, bulky, and heavy items without hurting themselves.

How Can I Find a Moving Company Near Me

Bottom line, it's a good idea to hire one of the professional local or long distance moving companies out there, but make sure that you are working with someone that services your area. This is easily done by looking at their website to see the coverage area. Local movers will have a smaller coverage area than the major long-distance moving companies. But the coverage area doesn't have to be large. It just has to include you.

Check on the moving companies' websites for a section like moving companies near me. You'll put in your address or zip code, and see what areas they cover. You can also search Google for "movers near me." Choose from the list to ensure you're getting a mover that works within your area.

How to Choose a Mover

The best moving companies will offer value-added services, good reputation, and insurance for your belongings. Here are a few important features you should look for during your quest for good and cheap moving companies:

 - Reputation

Check out reviews online, ask around, and see if the company has a Better Business Bureau accreditation. A fair amount of good reviews will tell you that this company is worth investing in, will treat you well, and will get the job done right.

 - Type of move

Are you moving locally or far away? Depending on the type of move, different moving companies will be more suitable for the task. If you're just moving around the corner or a few blocks away, local movers will be more price-efficient. On the other hand, if you're looking for a long trek, long-distance moving companies will offer you the most professionalism, along with the ability to move you farther.

 - Amount of stuff

You also want to consider how much stuff you actually have to move. If you only have a small amount, 1 or 2 smaller appliances, etc., then you can opt for one of the cheap movers on your list. On the other hand, if you've got quite a bit of belongings to move, along with multiple major appliances, a more reputable moving service with insurance, is a safer bet.

What Is the Best Moving Company?

The best moving companies are the ones that fulfill your requirements, offer affordable pricing, and will work within your moving area. Those are the only things you really need to look for. It's also a good idea to check out the customer support experience. While this isn't always a necessity, it's nice to know that there's someone you can reach out to in case you have questions or in the event that something goes wrong before, during, or after the move. It is typically an excellent idea to read online reviews and hear what others have to say about a service, as well. This gives you an indication of the general quality of service you can expect from a moving company.

What is the Cheapest Moving Company?

Cheap moving companies are not unheard of. You just have to know where exactly to look. Start by getting a few online quotes. These are usually free, so don't pay for a quote. Once you've compiled a list of cheap movers, compare the different rates you received to find the most cost-efficient one.

But don’t just look at the price tag. After all, the best moving companies will offer added value on top of a standard price. That means they may be offering you more bang for your buck in the form of additional services, better coverage, or more flexible terms. So, don’t just pounce on the cheap moving companies. Weigh what you’re getting in the equation.

Also, bear in mind that cheap movers may not provide you with insurance. Often, the more professional movers will charge more because they come with the insurance and quality guarantee. If you're only moving a few items, insurance might not be that important to you, in which case, you should go with a cheap mover. But if you are moving valuable or expensive things, it's worth the investment to have an insurance policy in place.

Our Top 3 Picks

  • 1
    Colonial Van Lines

    Colonial Van Lines

    • Main services coveredLong-distance moving, cross-country moves, corporate relocation, packing, unpacking, and storage
    • Participating states48
    • Online quote toolYes

    Colonial Van Lines - Best moving company overall

    Colonial Van Lines is a carrier company that handles everything from coordinating the move to transportation and heavy lifting. With its expertise in long-distance relocations, it also offers a seamless experience for cross-state or cross-country moves.

    It’s streamlined the planning process with a free app full of moving resources and a direct communication channel with your coordinator. Plus, during the actual move, the company’s customer service team keeps you updated every step of the way. 

    It’s ideal if you need a moving company with storage, as you can keep your belongings safe in a climate-controlled facility. And despite limiting its default insurance to 60 cents/pound, its industry professionals are known to handle your items with care.

    Why we chose Colonial Van Lines: We chose Colonial Van Lines as our best moving company overall due to its two decades of experience as a full-service packing and storage company. It also has a detailed resources section with checklists, FAQs, and training videos on how to pack properly.

    Client perspectives: Christine (34) from Jacksonville said she liked that the quote tool “quickly generated a price” based on photos and videos of her apartment. She added that the company was “upfront about additional services included in the price, like packing and storage.” But since a truck couldn’t park near her place, she had to pick the shuttle service.

    • Offers corporate relocation services
    • Innovative app-based estimate system
    • Transparent about the factors that affect the price
    • No service in Alaska or Hawaii
    • Default insurance coverage is limited
  • 2
    American Van Lines

    American Van Lines

    • Main services coveredLocal and long-distance moves, packing and unpacking services, storage, moving specialty items
    • Participating states48
    • Online quote toolYes

    American Van Lines - Best for sustainability

    As a sustainable carrier-broker hybrid company, American Van Lines aims to reduce fuel consumption. It encourages employees to carpool and coaches dispatchers to plan efficient routes. Considering the transportation sector contributes to nearly one-third of US greenhouse emissions, it shows how important the initiative is.

    American Van Lines only directly handles relocations within North Carolina, Dallas, and Florida. If you live outside these areas, the company connects you with a local third-party carrier, so there’s always a risk of varying service quality and delivery care for your items.

    Why we chose American Van Lines: If you want an eco-friendly moving solution, American Van Lines can broker multiple third-party moving agents near you. The company establishes linerboard and paper product recycling initiatives for each of its partners, so you don’t need to look online for another sustainable company to recycle moving materials after you settle down.

    Client perspectives: Matt (27) from Raleigh appreciated that the moving crew called him to confirm his appointment and notify him that they might be late because of traffic. He added that “the coordinator went through all of the things [he] had to move over video call” before offering an initial quote.

    • Full-service moving options
    • Responsive customer service agents
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Using local contractors makes the overall quality of service inconsistent
    • More expensive than other companies
  • 3


    • Main services coveredShort and long-distance moves, short-term storage, packing
    • Participating statesAll states and Canada
    • Online quote toolNo

    Safeway offers reliable and secure moves, both long-distance and local all across the United States and Canada. Along with excellent reviews, Safeway is known for its professionalism and fairness. The company also has fair pricing and includes everything in the initial price quote. Unlike other services, Safeway includes packing, protective padding, and even disassembly and assembly of furniture items. What’s more, Safeway throws in a 30-day storage facility for those few belongings you aren’t exactly sure where to put when you first move into your new space.

    Safeway has no hidden fees and even covers things like gas, tolls, and any other transportation costs that arise during the move. You’ll get basic insurance coverage for free and you can opt for a more extensive coverage plan if you want. Safeway also works with condo associations, holding the proper licensing, insurance, and credentials to mitigate the risks involved in moving.

    • Excellent reputation for fairness and quality
    • Loads of extras included in price
    • Licensed and insured movers
    • You won’t get any info on the website
    • Can’t track shipments online