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Top 10 Best Moving Companies That Will Store Your Stuff (2023) - Choose Your Storage Options

Cassidy Horton
Top 10 Best Moving and Storage Companies
Looking for a safe spot to stash those boxes filled with forgotten treasures while downsizing or heading cross-state? You’re not alone.

If you’re among the 22 million Americans who book moving services yearly, you may also need a safe place to keep your belongings.

We analyzed and compared the best moving companies that’ll store your stuff. These services offer affordable pricing, secure storage, GPS tracking, and trustworthy packing and loading to help you navigate your next move with peace of mind and ease.

Our Top 10 Best Moving and Storage Companies:

Our 10 Best Moving and Storage Companies - Quick Reviews:

1. Allied Van Lines
Allied Van Lines - Best for keeping track on shipments with GPS

  • Main services covered - Storage services, long-distance, local, interstate, corporate, international, and household moving

  • Participating states - 44

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included - Yes

With over 90 years of experience, Allied Van Lines employs a vast in-house network of movers to ensure crew availability. This carrier company also provides temporary storage units, which is ideal if you face a short-term relocation due to work. Its online quote tool creates an estimate by calculating the weight of your items and the total mileage.

Brandon Yang, owner of Affordable Home Movers, says that when it comes to interstate transfers, Allied Van Lines has “excellent customer service.” He adds that if he’s ever swamped and can’t take on a job, he has “full confidence in referring clients to them for a smooth and reliable move.”

Why we chose Allied Van Lines: The variety of moving boxes for household items, combined with its ability to handle long-distance relocation, makes Allied Van Lines our best moving company with storage services overall. Plus, its transparent prices can simplify budgeting since there aren’t any hidden fees.

Client experience: Peter (43) from Chicago recently booked a move with Allied Van Lines and explained that he liked the 90-day storage period because “[he] was selling [his] apartment and wanted to wait for the best possible offer.” He added that he “could even switch to a permanent warehouse if [he] needed more time to find a new place.”


  • Short- and long-term storage solutions

  • GPS tracking on all shipments

  • Uses its own trucks for vehicle relocations


  • Prices are somewhat higher than competitors

  • Not available nationwide

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Allied Van Lines Allied Van Lines Visit Site

2. North American Van Lines
North American Van Lines - Best for ensuring workers are trustworthy

  • Main services covered - Local and long-distance moves, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, satellite tracking, in-transit storage, vehicle transport

  • Participating states - 48

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included - Yes

As a carrier company specializing in international moving, North American Van Lines can assist with customs clearance, ensuring you declare your belongings correctly to avoid unnecessary charges. You can also request on-arrival services in your new country, like unpacking your belongings.

Kyle Bazylo, a relocation expert and founder of Moving To Winnipeg, says he’s used North American Van Lines for multiple relocations and is always “happy with the attention to detail they provide.” He adds that the staff was “friendly,” “responsive,” and “willing to go the extra mile to ensure [his] moves were smooth and efficient.”

Why we chose North American Van Lines: North American Van Lines can help you plan your international move, including obtaining visas and shipping your belongings overseas. It uses security systems approved by the US Department of Defense and regulates the temperature of its facilities to keep sensitive items like electronics safe from extreme weather.

Client experience: Martia (25) used North American Van Lines for her overseas move. She booked them because she was leaving to study abroad and “wanted to bring [her] entire wardrobe with [her].” She mentioned that she “even used its satellite system to track [her] shipment during its transport.”


  • Runs background checks on all movers before hiring them

  • Helpful website tools for estimating packing and moving supplies

  • You can track your items via GPS


  • Some services require third-party companies

  • Storage options are limited

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North American North American Visit Site

3. U-Pack
U-Pack - Best moving and storage company overall

  • Main services covered - Container and trailer shipping, storage, shipment tracking

  • Participating states - 50 states, plus Canada and Puerto Rico

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included- Yes

With U-Pack, the weight of your items and the mileage don’t affect the cost. Its DIY approach—where you can rent part of a container—can save you money since you only pay for the space you use. 

Plus, it doesn’t require a deposit, so you can book a moving date even if you’re one paycheck short. U-Pack’s trailers also have ramps you can use to speed up the process and avoid injuries while you load your items.

Why we chose U-Pack: With U-Pack’s clear pricing model, you know exactly what you’re paying for before you book your move. This transparency can help you avoid unexpected costs and make budgeting easier. You can also drop off or pick up your stuff at a service center, a retail store, or your new home.

Client experience: Barry, a 42-year-old from Tulsa, used U-Pack for his move to Oklahoma City. While he wasn’t thrilled about the three-day packing window, he cleverly “booked his container on a Friday to get two extra.” He also said that his “pod arrived on time, and the price was more affordable than other services.”


  • Multiple sizes of containers and cargo trailers

  • Up to 100% money back if your items don’t arrive on the agreed date

  • Only charges you for the space you take in the container


  • Solely accommodates moves further than 150 miles

  • You get six business days total to pack and unpack

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U-Pack U-Pack Visit Site

4. U-Haul
U-Haul - Best for DIY moving and storage

  • Main services covered - Truck and trailer rental, container delivery, self and auto-storage, local moving assistance

  • Participating states - 50

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included - No

U-Haul provides truck rentals with crate moving. You order and pack the container, and then the company transports it to one of its facilities. It maintains constant temperature and humidity in its network of warehouses across the US and Canada to protect sensitive items like electronics and antiques from adverse weather conditions.

Understanding the price terms upfront helps you budget effectively and prevent additional charges. That’s why U-Haul’s contract lists the gas price, the drop-off location, and the deadline for returning the truck. During summer, the demand for its vehicles tends to be high, so book the services in advance to avoid scheduling setbacks.

Why we chose U-Haul: U-Haul covers all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. Because you can choose specific pickup and drop-off dates, you get complete control of your moving schedule. Plus, you can pay extra to hire local movers to speed up the packing process.

Client experience: Caleb (26) from Toledo recently moved to a new neighborhood and shared his insights after renting a truck from U-Haul. “I had to bring a valid driver’s license to secure a truck,” he said. “I paid in cash, so I had to make a deposit, but I got a refund after returning the vehicle. You don’t have to pay it using a major credit card like American Express.”


  • Climate-controlled storage units available in various sizes

  • Ideal for smaller moves

  • You can use vans instead of trucks to save money on fuel


  • Some users report unreliable reservations

  • You need to pay extra if you want help with moving

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U-Haul U-Haul Visit Site

5. 1-800-PACK-RAT
1-800-PACK-RAT - Best for local moves

  • Main services covered - Local and long-distance moving, storage, packing and loading, valuation protection

  • Participating states - 31

  • Online quote tool - Partial (requires phone call)

  • Insurance included - Yes

1-800-PACK-RAT offers a straightforward crate-moving solution. Its employees carefully pack your fragile items in custom-made containers to protect them while moving. There’s also a 30-day minimum storage rental period, which is more suited for long-distance moves than local ones.

If you need multi-day moves, home staging, or long-term furniture safekeeping, you can ask for 6-, 8-, and 12-foot weatherproof portable containers. They have large barn doors, so you can safely load your bigger and heavier items.

Why we chose 1-800-PACK-RAT: It includes 30 days of storage and $10k insurance—with the option to purchase more—in the base price. You also get a free container lock for extra security.

Client experience: Jane (50) from Salt Lake City used 1-800-PACK-RAT to store her furniture while she renovated her house. She appreciated the option to “schedule a time to access [her] storage unit.” However, “because of some no-shows in the past,” the staff waited for her to arrive before retrieving it.


  • Convenient for local moves

  • Free supplies, like boxes and tape, for long-distance moves

  • Flexible change and cancellation policies


  • Only available in 31 states

  • Container rentals are for 30 days or more

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1-800 Pack Rat 1-800 Pack Rat Visit Site

PODS - Best for low and transparent prices

  • Main services covered - Local and long-distance moving, packing, unpacking, car shipping, storage

  • Participating states - 50

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included - Yes

PODS is a crate-moving company with over 240 warehouse locations. It holds the largest network of portable storage units in the US, which makes it more likely to have a container available in your area.

It also sells moving supplies, such as boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap, which you can order with your container. PODS keeps your items in a climate-controlled facility until you can move into your new place. Although, in high-demand states such as Florida, you may need to book a date in advance.

Why we chose PODS: Your first move may take a little longer. That’s why PODS gives you unlimited loading and unloading time. It also has a flexible cancellation policy, so you can get a refund if you change your mind.

Client experience: Sandra (33) from Dallas used PODS for a cross-country move with her husband. She advised, “Always check the coverage area before relocating the container.” They had moved their container early and later discovered the services weren’t available in that area. However, Sandra added, “We secured everything as recommended, and our items were all intact. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”


  • Unlimited loading and unloading time

  • Low and transparent prices

  • Flexible reservation and cancellation policies


  • Storage units aren’t climate-controlled

  • You don’t have 24/7 access to your container

PODS PODS Visit Site

SMARTBOX - Best for loading containers without dangerous ramps

  • Main services covered - Local and long-distance moving, DIY moving, corporate moving, commercial moving

  • Participating states - 23

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included - Yes

SMARTBOX is a crate moving company offering portable 8-foot wooden boxes suitable for smaller, corporate, and commercial relocations. Plus, you get a personal lock and key if you opt for a long-distance move.

The containers can hold up to 3,000 pounds—the contents of about one and a half rooms—so you can group your belongings by living areas if you want. You can also load items from ground level, so there’s less chance of slipping or falling from higher platforms.

Why we chose SMARTBOX: Its price-matching guarantee can be a convenient way to manage your moving budget without compromising quality. Besides that, SMARTBOX offers discounts for college students and military personnel.

Client experience: Jessica (36) recently hired SMARTBOX to move from her apartment in San Francisco to a new home in Los Angeles. She said, “The customer service was great, and the movers were professional and efficient.” She had a few friends help her since she lived alone. They liked that the crates were on the ground level; “it made loading all the furniture easier.”


  • Moves up to eight individual storage containers in a single trip

  • Storage calculator available on the website

  • Containers have waterproof canvas coverage


  • Only one container size available

  • Limited insurance options


8. Bekins
Bekins - Best for international moves and specialty items

  • Main services covered - Full service, specialized, and senior moves, storage, corporate and commercial relocation

  • Participating states - 50

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included - Yes

Bekins is a moving brokerage offering full-service cross-country relocation, including loading, unloading, transportation, and furniture assembly. It hires a network of third-party companies to ensure that climate-controlled storage is available throughout the US.

It also offers discounts and flexible plans so that, so you can manage the costs of a more comprehensive move. Although it may be a bit difficult to navigate its website at first, Bekins’ support agents are available 24/7 to help.

Why we chose Bekins: If you need to store commercial products, Bekins can provide you with premium logistics. Its warehouse managers also have experience in short- and long-term asset management to help you track your business’ inventory.

Client experience: Brandon (51) from Cleveland has used Bekins for several moves over the last five years. He liked their recommendations on the right container size, noting, “They calculate the container size based on your items’ weight, size, and quantity.” He also said that “the team handled all his valuables with care and ensured they weren’t damaged during transport.”



  • The website isn’t very user-friendly

  • Some customers reported issues with damage claims

Bekins Bekins Visit Site

9. Bellhop
Bellhop - Best for picking and reviewing your own movers

  • Main services covered - Local and long-distance moves, packing services, storage, valuation protection

  • Participating states - 24 + Washington, DC

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included - Yes

Bellhop is a moving brokerage geared toward college students. It has an app similar to Uber’s that connects you to laborers who do hourly work, including loading, unloading, and delivering items. But you need to pay upfront when booking these services.

For storage, it partners with companies like PODS. You can schedule times to pick up and drop off your belongings at a secure unit. The final price varies depending on the size of the container, rental time, and the facility’s location.

Why we chose Bellhop: You can rate its agents after they finish the job, which can be valuable information for others looking to use its services. Bellhop also offers last-minute moves if you need to complete the whole process on the same day.

Client experience: Adam (19) used Bellhop to move into his dorm and liked its user-friendly app. “It made it easy to select and book local movers,” he said. “I only had to pay for the contractors I needed, but I had to wait a while to find one that was available.”


  • Flat rates with no hidden fees

  • Movers go through a vetting process when applying for a job

  • You build your service according to your storage needs


  • Only available in 24 states

  • Doesn’t handle specialty items

Bellhop Bellhop Visit Site

10. Wheaton Worldwide Moving
Wheaton Worldwide Moving - Best for insurance plans

  • Main services covered - Commercial and residential moving, storage, packing, valuation protection, relocation management

  • Participating states - 50 + Canada and Mexico

  • Online quote tool - Yes

  • Insurance included - Yes

Wheaton Worldwide Moving is a carrier company that helps businesses move their offices. In addition to transportation, it offers packing, loading, and unloading. Plus, you can extend its in-transit storage services for up to 180 days.

Its storage facilities are secure and climate-controlled, so you can rest assured your belongings are safe from break-ins and extreme heat. Wheaton can even move your company vehicles using its in-van service or a third-party carrier.

Why we chose Wheaton Worldwide Moving: Wheaton Worldwide Moving offers a priority service where you can get your own guaranteed van if you’re in a rush. You can also arrange all-inclusive relocation services to transport valuable items safely to your new office.

Client experience: Kendall (38) liked that the Wheaton Worldwide Moving support team “quickly answered [her] questions about what was included in the estimate.” She read the FAQs while waiting for her quote and “really liked the packing tips.” They helped her keep her things organized and “made unpacking easy.”


  • Extensive experience in commercial relocations

  • Up to 180 days of storage

  • Comprehensive insurance and coverage plans


  • No online shipment tracking

  • Slow claims process

Wheaton Worldwide Moving Wheaton Worldwide Moving Visit Site

How We Reviewed the Best Moving Companies - Our Methodology

To find the top 10 best moving companies that’ll store your stuff, we evaluated and ranked each company based on:

  • Number of storage facilities

  • Range of services

  • Customer reviews

  • Pricing transparency

  • Insurance and liability coverage

  • Experience and reputation

  • Booking availability

  • Customer support

  • National coverage

How Moving Companies With Storage Work

Moving companies that include storage services keep your items safe before, during, and after a move. Their packers securely transport and store your belongings in a designated unit until you can move into your new home.

Most moving companies offer three types of storage options:

  • Self-storage units: Individual lockable containers in a larger facility you can access whenever you need. One example is U-Haul’s standard self-storage units.

  • Portable storage containers: Companies like U-Pack can bring a storage unit directly to your location so that you can pack at your own pace. When you’re ready, they pick it up and transport it to a secure facility.

  • Warehouse storage: This option is suitable for long-term storage. For example, Allied Van Lines ensures your items are kept in a climate-controlled warehouse, safe from extreme weather conditions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Moving and Storage Company

Read reviews from previous customers to gauge the company’s reputation and quality of service first. Then, check its movers’ credentials and licenses to ensure they’re qualified to do the job. Also, request quotes from a few companies to get an idea of pricing and features they include.

Consider these additional factors when finding a legitimate moving company that’ll store your stuff:

1. Services Offered and Flexibility

Ensure the company provides the necessary services, whether brief in-transit storage or a long-term safekeeping solution. If it offers a range of options, you can better customize the service to match your needs.

2. Security and Insurance

Ask if the company has surveillance and verify its insurance coverage. Find out how it delivers your belongings. Does the company transport them themselves, or does it hire a third party to do the job?

3. Transparent Pricing

Pick a moving company that lists transparent prices. Also, watch out for unusually low quotes, as they may indicate subpar service.

4. Customer Support

A company with responsive customer service can address your concerns promptly and make your moving and storage experience smoother.

5. Experience and Reputation

Choose a company with positive reviews and a strong reputation, as it’s more likely to provide reliable services and handle your belongings with care.

How to Take Advantage of Storage When Moving

Storage can give you enough time to coordinate whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home, renovating, or moving to a new city or country.

To make better use of your storage, try the following moving tips and hacks:

  • Declutter before packing: Organize your belongings and make a list with categories such as keep, donate, sell, or toss out. Use the storage unit to house the ones you plan on posting online or donating so they’re out of your way while you prepare for movers to come.

  • Pack in stages: Separate your packing in stages to stay coordinated. Start with items that aren’t crucial before the move, such as old CDs and documents. This lets you focus on essentials as moving day approaches.

  • Use temporary storage: If there’s a gap between leaving your old home and moving to the new one, use temporary storage to keep your items secure while you wait.

  • Store belongings during renovations: If you’re moving into a new home that needs renovations, store your items until the job is done to ensure they’re safe.

  • Use storage to get your place just right: Moving can reveal the need for adjustments in your new space. Use a storage unit to temporarily stash bulky furniture or items that don’t fit well so you can decide what works best for your new home.

  • Take your time unpacking: Don’t unload everything at once, as it can overwhelm you. Keep some items in storage and unpack them gradually so you can better organize the layout of your rooms.

How Much Do Moving and Storage Services Cost?

Local moves typically cost between $1,000 and $3,000, while long-distance relocation ranges from $2,000 to $10,000. Some companies charge by the hour, around $80 to $120, based on who you hire. Others have a set price, which may be a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

The price can vary according to:

  • Distance: Long-distance moves generally cost more due to the transportation time and fuel costs.

  • Size and weight: You may need more time and resources to manage large, heavy items.

  • Additional services: Packing and specialty item handling services often cost extra, so consider if they’re necessary.

  • Storage duration: Determine how long you’ll store your items, as extended periods may incur higher charges.

  • Season and demand: Peak moving seasons, such as summer, may lead to higher prices due to increased demand.

Going Forward: Find Your Moving and Storage Solution

A moving company that also offers storage can make your move easier. They can keep your belongings safe, whether you store them for a short or long time. So, if you need storage during your move, start your search with some of the companies on this list. Grab quotes from at least three services to find the right one at the best possible price.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you find the best moving and storage company?+-

To find the best moving and storage company for you, compare options by reading reviews, checking credentials, and requesting quotes from popular moving companies.

When do you pay for moving and storage?+-

You generally pay your total bill before the movers unload your boxes. Sometimes, a company may ask you for a deposit to secure your spot before you start relocating.

How do you pick boxes for moving and storage?+-

When picking boxes for moving and storage, opt for sturdy, corrugated cardboard boxes in various sizes to accommodate different items. Ensure they’re in good condition without tears or damages to protect your belongings during transport and while being stored.

What is prohibited in moving and storage?+-

It’s strongly advised not to transport flammable liquids, explosives, and perishable foods during moving and storage.

What kind of insurance does one need for moving and storage companies?+-

When using a moving and storage company, you need in-transit insurance to cover the costs of damaged, lost, or stolen items.

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