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Last Updated: Jun 2024

Top 10 Best LLC Services of 2024
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What Are Legal Services?

You can think of them as an alternative to a traditional law firm. An online legal service site connects you to independent legal experts who can help you form an s-corporation or c-corporation and offer bespoke legal services on an as-needed basis. If you don’t want to hire a personal attorney, a legal services site will find you a qualified expert to help you apply for licenses, create contracts, or submit documents without the commitment or fees associated with a traditional law firm. Legal services typically cater to small and medium business owners, though some offer services for personal legal matters as well.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple, which of course is the point. After submitting a form explaining the service you need, you’ll be assigned a professional who will discuss the particulars involved in that specific task. A lawyer can research, complete, and submit documents for you, or simply provide you with template forms and guidance to do it yourself. The process varies depending on the task needed, but the goal is to reduce the legwork on your end, whether by transferring it to an expert or providing as-you-go guidance to expedite the process.

What Is an S Corp, C Corp and LLC?

One of the first choices a business owner faces is deciding which kind of business entity to open—a C corporation, S corporation, or LLC. Here’s what you need to know about each entity.


Limited Liability Company is an attractive concept for business owners, providing some personal financial protections from business downturns as well as flexibility in taxation and management. It can be taxed as a sole-proprietorship or multi-proprietorship, but either way, business owners avoid corporate tax and keep their personal bank accounts separate. Owners of LLCs are generally considered self-employed and subject to self-employment taxes. However, they may not issue stocks, they need to obtain a business license, and their businesses are not recognized outside of the United States. They are not subject to double tax either, so CEO’s will only pay personal taxes, which also, incidentally saves them a lot of time filling out paperwork.

C Corporation

A corporation is a company that is its own legal entity in the eyes of the government and is owned by shareholders. The stocks will belong either to the founders of the company or individual investors (or both). Like an LLC, it’s an official business that needs a business license and is separate from personal liability and personal assets. Because it’s taxed as an entity, shareholders will be “doubly taxed,” once on personal income and once on business income. This structure allows businesses to earn money or build partnerships abroad using investor funds to get the business off the ground. Nevertheless, a corporation must select a Board of Directors, and there is significantly more bookkeeping and reporting requirements than with an LLC.

S Corporation 

A small business corporation is not actually a business type—it’s an IRS tax classification. Your business will be registered as either an LLC or C corp, but then it can qualify for S Corp status. Your business can become an S Corp business as long as it’s based in the U.S., has fewer than 100 members, and—if it’s a corporation—has only one class of shares. In an S corp, the corporation doesn’t pay tax on its profits, so they are only taxed as individual shareholders. This saves owners from the double taxation that C corps usually face. S corps are also subject to slightly less frequent reporting, which is a benefit over a traditional C corp tax classification. An S corp is subject to some additional scrutiny by the IRS, and it isn’t great for companies looking for venture capital funds.

What Services Do They Provide?

The majority of legal service sites, including ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent, are directed at the needs of small or emerging C corporations and S corporations. Services range from opening your business to drawing up contracts, researching bylaws, registering trademarks, and applying for permits.

That said, there are online legal services that help with personal matters as well and pair you with legal experts who specialize in mortgage agreements, matters of immigration, power of attorney, and living wills.

How to Choose the Right Legal Services Site for Your C Corporation or S Corporation

The first step is to decide how much involvement you’d like to take on. Some sites offer legal forms and templates for you to fill out yourself, along with step-by-step instructions, guidance, and real-time edits to help you along. Other services offer to take care of the documentation themselves. For more extensive projects and those that require field research, such as patent and copyright filing, it’s best to find providers that understand the field and specialize in the intricacies of the matter at hand. If you’re launching a new business, you’ll want to find an expert who understands taxation, licensing, and state and local laws pertaining to C and S corporations.

Most importantly, though, you need to find a trustworthy company. Regardless of what you’re using the service for, chances are you’ll be sharing sensitive information and dealing with important matters. It’s important to pay attention to the company’s reviews and reputation. Make sure the website is professionally designed and includes working contact information. See how active they are on Facebook. These are all important factors in choosing the right legal service provider.

How Will a Legal Services Site Help My C Corporation or S Corporation?

First and foremost, legal services will help you—the business owner—which will help your business develop or begin on the right foot. By taking on difficult legal procedures, such as forming a corporation, parsing out licenses and permits, and researching bylaws, a legal service site can eliminate hiccups that could easily stall the process, distract you from your business plan, and lead to fines and other red-tape violations. They can save you the expenses of a personal attorney while at the same time leaving you free to shift your attention to the specifics of your vision and the implementation of your business plan.

Navigating BOI Compliance for LLCs

(This content was written with AI)

In the realm of legal entities, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) stand out for their operational flexibility and protection features. However, as straightforward as managing an LLC might seem, there are critical compliance requirements to heed, notably the BOI reporting mandates. Beneficial Ownership Information reporting, or BOI reporting, is a pivotal process for LLC owners, designed to enhance transparency and combat financial crimes.

BOI reporting for LLCs requires entities to disclose certain information about their beneficial owners. This is where BOI services and BOI filing services come into play, offering specialized assistance in navigating the intricacies of BOI form completion and submission. The BOI LLC form is a fundamental document that captures essential data about who benefits from, controls, or has substantial influence over the company. For LLCs, adhering to the BOI rule for LLC is not just about legal compliance; it's a step towards fostering a transparent business environment.

The Importance of Timely BOI Reporting

Meeting the BOI report deadline is critical for LLCs to avoid penalties and ensure uninterrupted operations. Engaging a BOI filing service can simplify this process, enabling business owners to focus on core activities while ensuring compliance. These services facilitate BOI reporting by providing expert guidance on BOI report filing requirements, including the BOI report online submission processes.

For LLCs, utilizing an online platform to file BOI reports represents a shift towards digitization, offering a streamlined and efficient approach to compliance. The BOI report for LLC is a crucial document that must be handled with accuracy and timeliness, underlining the value of professional BOI filing services in the current business landscape.

Adopting a Proactive Approach to BOI Compliance

LLCs stand to benefit significantly from adopting a proactive stance on BOI reporting. Understanding the BOI rule for LLCs and leveraging BOI filing services can make a substantial difference in how smoothly and effectively a company meets its legal obligations. With the BOI report deadline looming, it's advisable for LLCs to seek professional assistance to ensure that their BOI report filing is comprehensive, accurate, and timely.

In conclusion, Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) reporting represents a critical compliance frontier for LLCs. By embracing BOI filing services and adhering to BOI reporting requirements, LLCs can navigate the complexities of modern business regulation with confidence and integrity. Whether it's completing a BOI LLC form, meeting the BOI report deadline, or submitting a BOI report online, the emphasis on transparency and accountability in BOI reporting is unmistakable and invaluable for the business community.

Our Top 3 Picks

    Completely personalized serviceVisit Site
    • Price plus state fees - Starts at $0 + state fees
    • Refund policy - 60-day money back guarantee (minus expenses)
    • Signup process - Simply select a plan, your state, and your entity type
    Completely personalized service
    Visit Site

    ZenBusiness makes starting a business simple and straightforward - by providing superior products, services, and support every step of the way. This service uses technology and automated processes to provide entrepreneurs with a fast, low-cost way to form and manage businesses. Over 50,000 new companies have already trusted ZenBusiness for formation in 2020.

    Its all-in-one platform keeps legal documents, such as EINs and Operating Agreement templates, easily accessible and all in one place. As an added benefit, all ZenBusiness plans include their Registered Agent Service, which satisfies all legal requirements set by your state.

    All of this, along with their 100% Accuracy Guarantee, is why ZenBusiness is a standout choice for business formation. We trust they'll help you get your business up and running in no time.

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    ZenBusiness Pros & Cons


    Live chat support
    100% accuracy guarantee
    Rush & expedited filing options
    Upfront pricing with no hidden fees


    No cancellation once submitted to state
    Lack of nonprofit filing options
    zenbusiness logo
    Visit Site
    Tailor Brands
    Form an LLC, get a registered agent, and moreVisit Site
    • Price plus state fees - From $0
    • Refund policy - None
    • Signup process - Easy
    Form an LLC, get a registered agent, and more

    Tailor Brands makes it easy to set up an LLC for your business in any state. The company offers a simple online application and charges start from $0 for a standard LLC filing. Processing typically takes 4 weeks, but you can opt for expedited processing that takes as little as 6-8 business days. Tailor Brands can also help you get an employer identification number (EIN) and write an operating agreement for your LLC.

    Tailor Brands also offers ongoing support for your business. The company can provide a registered agent in any state as well as file annual compliance paperwork on behalf of your business. In addition, Tailor Brands offers services for branding your business, including logo and website builders, SEO support, and more.

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    Tailor Brands Pros & Cons


    Costs as little as $49 to register an LLC
    Expedited processing available
    Support by email and live chat


    Operating agreement costs extra
    Standard processing time is 4 weeks
    tailor-brands logo
    Tailor Brands
    No contracts. No hidden fees.Visit Site
    • Price plus state fees - $0
    • Refund policy - $30 cancellation fee
    • Signup process - Choose formation type and state
    No contracts. No hidden fees.

    Bizee was named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 360 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America this year, and it lives up to expectations. The $0 + state fees starting point is a super bonus, but the pros far exceed this low price point. Whether you’re forming an LLC, an S-corporation, another kind of corporation or a nonprofit, Bizee has got you completely covered. All plans include name verification, articles filing, 1-year of free Registered Agent Service, online order tracking, and a free business tax consultation. What’s more, there’s next business day processing and a lifetime customer support promise - along with lifetime alerts, so you’ll never need to wonder how, when, or where you need to file something. 

    If you’re just starting your new business journey, Bizee has business checklists for every step along the way, including business license requirements and startup guides. The service is completely transparent and you’ll always know what’s going on, what’s due when, and what to expect next. 

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    Bizee Pros & Cons


    Online access to documents
    Lifetime alerts and customer support
    Attractive pricing


    Additional features require additional fees
    Less informative for established businesses

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