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Jake ParkerByJake ParkerJan. 23, 2020

In a Nutshell is a business-facing legal services platform. It can help you form a new business or find a fresh strategy to help an existing one succeed. It stands out thanks to its affordability and wealth of experience. But does this service live up to its reputation? Check out our review to find out.


  • $0 + state fee for filing LLCs & Corporations
  • Free year of registered agent service ($99/ year after that)
  • No hidden fees or automatic charges


  • Doesn’t work for international companies
  • Pushes you to upgrade to paid services

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Best for?

Anyone looking to start a business with a tight budget is sure to appreciate’s free business formation service.

What Does Provide?

As hinted at by its name, is all about incorporating new businesses. This is an all-inclusive service which can file all the paperwork you need to register a corporation or LLC on your behalf.

But what really wants to do is work with you post-incorporation. Once you’ve used this service to submit paperwork to your state attorney, hopes that you will keep coming back for your other legal needs. You can look to IncAuthority for website creation, business credit and funding, tax consulting, estate planning, and even business coaching.

For New Businesses

If you decide to open a business entity through, it won’t simply file paperwork on your behalf. For starters, it’ll make sure that no one else has registered an entity with the same name as yours through a 5 Point Name Check. will also store your registration documents digitally so that you don’t lose track of any important forms you need later. And, on top of that, it will provide you with a set of templates to record your initial resolution and meeting minutes. Be sure to take advantage of these, it’s important to make an official record of your company structure as early as possible.

For Businesses That Want a Premium Service

As we’ll talk about below, offers its basic corporation and LLC creation services for free. However, it does sell a range of premium add-ons for every company creation package. The majority of users incorporating for the first time should consider purchasing these as they can significantly reduce the legal workload associated with starting up a new company.

For most,’s tax ID number add-on will be a worthwhile investment. An EIN/Federal Tax ID Number is legally required for any business founded in the USA. If you select this option, will contact the IRS on your behalf to register your organization, saving you time to spend on more important matters.

You can also get a hold of a custom records package which includes a record book as well as ownership and stock certificates. For obvious reasons, a record book is vital if you want to start your business on firm legal ground, and most banks will want to see certificates before opening a business checking account.

As well as record packages and tax registration, other paid-for extras include website domain registration, state business licensing and expedited processing options. While these won’t be necessary for every business, it’s nice to see their inclusion.

For Individuals

Although is an unashamedly business-focused platform, it’s still got plenty to offer individual customers. When you register a personal corporation through, you’ll gain benefits such as protection from lawsuits, asset safeguarding, and tax deductions. S and C corporations, both of which can be registered with, are generally more suitable for individuals than LLCs.

Pricing Plans for Entity Formation

With, you can opt for 2 different entity creation packages. With the first, you incorporate for free and then pay separately for key add-ons such as tax registration. You can check out a break-down of the charges below:

Basic LLC or Corporation Formation
EIN/ Federal Tax Number Registration
Custom Operating Agreement
INC Protection Advisor
Business Essentials Record Book
Express Processing
Register Website
Business License Package

However, if you’d like to purchase multiple add-ons, it may be more affordable for you to pick up one of’s start-up bundle packages, which cost between $399 and $799. Background

Since its founding, has been on a mission to assist small and large businesses alike, providing the kind of legal services you’d normally only get face-to-face via the web. Over the years, it has provided filing services and advice to well over 117,000 organizations.

A quick look at’s Trustpilot page demonstrates how consistently it manages to achieve the goals it sets for itself. holds a 95% 5-star rating, with many users commenting on the attentive, personalized customer support they received.

What Customers Say About

There are over 3,000 5-star reviews for IncAuthority on Trust Pilot. Here are just a few of the wonderful things customers had to say about this service.

  • “ set up my first LLC for me. And yes, it was a free service! No scams, no pushy sales reps, no catches. Just good honest folks operating a top-notch business.”
     - Holistic Health and Gardens LLC
  • “My assigned consultant did a great job in knowing my industry and providing alternatives that both protected my interest and decreased my tax liability”
     - William Preston
  • “You guys are terrific and it was a pleasure doing business creating my LLC and EIN along with a laundry list of other things provided me with.”
     - Michael Grant

Customer Service

You can get in touch with customer service reps during PT working hours over the phone.

A very basic level of sales support is included with the free entity-creation package. However, most users would do well to purchase the INC Protection Advisor premium add-on which gets you unlimited phone and online support for things like IRS audits, accounting, and payroll funding. FAQs

What is the benefit of incorporating through

As a business owner, it’s hard to do everything at once. While it is technically possible to register a corporate entity by yourself, it’s not easy unless you’re a trained lawyer. There are lots of small details you could miss, so using will free up your time to focus on bigger picture issues.

Why should I create an LLC or Corporation?

A Limited Liability Company or LLC is a blend of a partnership and corporation, and is considered to be a flexible and adaptable format for a business entity. LLCs offer the same personal and financial security benefits that come with other company types.

What does’s Rush Service Do?

If you opt for express delivery, will prioritize the creation of your business over that of other customers. If one is available, it will also use the expedited registration service offered by your local state, resulting in a faster turnaround.

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Bottom Line

Do you want to create a corporate entity for free with a no-frills service? If you do, as we’ve seen in my review, this legal services platform is a good option. Plus, if you have a little more cash to spend, you’re sure to appreciate the premium packages and paid add-ons offers.

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