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ZenBusiness Legal Services Review 2022

Fast Legal Services for Less

Eileen Bailey

In a Nutshell

ZenBusiness makes starting a business easy by providing solid products, services, and support every step of the way. It uses technology and automated processes to give entrepreneurs a fast and simple way to form and manage a business. This, along with its worry-free services and 100% accuracy guarantee, is why ZenBusiness is the standout choice for business formation.


  • Complete LLC filing from $49 + state fees
  • Expedited filing options and expert support
  • Registered agent & worry-free compliance


  • No non-profit filing options

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Best For:

ZenBusiness is the legal services provider of the future. No time to deal with tricky legal matters? Need a document filed yesterday? ZenBusiness offers businesses the kind of speed that helps them stay on top of their paperwork. The automated online process ensures that all requests are handled efficiently and effectively, minimizing both processing time and human error. 

What Does ZenBusiness Provide?

ZenBusiness is an all-in-one platform that keeps legal documents, like EINs and Operating Agreement templates, easily accessible, and in one place. As an added benefit, ZenBusiness offers a Registered Agent Service, which satisfies legal requirements set by the state.

ZenBusiness handles all of your legal requirements including:

  • Name availability search
  • Articles of incorporation
  • State filings
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Operating agreements and bylaws
  • Worry-free compliance guarantee
  • EIN
  • Banking resolution
  • Statement of organizer
  • Business email addresses, domain names, and domain privacy protection

Other standout features include:

Worry-Free Compliance - ZenBusiness is the only formation service to offer worry-free compliance, and it's included in both Pro and Premium plans at the same price as its competitors.

Website Builder - ZenBusiness distinguishes itself by including a website builder as part of its Premium plan services - at the same price or lower than the competition in this space.

All-in-one Dashboard - ZenBusiness provides an all-in-one dashboard that allows businesses the resources and services they need to run and grow.

ZenBusiness provides personalized service to fit your specific needs. You get the speed and convenience of automation with the personal attention entrepreneurs need to address their unique problems all at a fraction of the standard cost.

Pricing Plans for Business Formation

ZenBusiness offers 3 different plans. You can choose the Starter plan, which is $49 which will get you started with your business, with Pro and Premium Plans, you get a lot more bang for your buck. Here’s what you can expect from each package:

Starter Plan*
Pro Plan
Premium Plan
$49 per year
(+ state filing fees)
$199 per year
(+ state filing fees)
$299 per year
(+ state filing fees)
Formation Timeframe
3-4 weeks
1-2 weeks
3-5 days
LLC Filing

Operating Agreement

Annual Compliance Service**

Expedited Filing Service

Name Availability Search

Phone and Email Support

Online Document Access

Statement of Organizer


Virtual Business Guide

Google Ads Credit

Business Website***

Business Domain Name***

Business Email Address***

*Does not automatically renew after first year
**Automatically renews anually at $199 a year after first year
***Automatically renews anually at $99 a year after first year

ZenBusiness also has a la carte services, including:

Employer identification number
$70 one-time charge
Registered Agent Service
25% off first year
Worry-free guarantee
$129 yearly
Business filing services

ZenBusiness' starter plan option begins at $49 plus state fees and includes a name search, which verifies if your business name is available, company filing (submission of articles of incorporation and other required business paperwork), top-of-the-line customer support. ZenBusiness also offers a 100% accuracy guarantee. 

This is a service that will help you keep track of filing deadlines, and stay compliant. For $49, your business gets compliance simplicity. 

ZenBusiness Background

Combining technology with legal prowess, ZenBusiness offers state-of-the-art solutions to businesses’ growing legal needs. ZenBusiness provides low-cost services manned by professional, caring business experts. The company excels at giving back, especially with its Pay-It-Forward program, through which minority-owned business owners can receive loans. Today, ZenBusiness is a PBC corporation with a 4.8-out-of-5 star rating on Trustpilot.

What Customers Say About ZenBusiness

“ZenBusiness was a God Send for me. I have been in business before and I used Legal Zoom to set up my corporation and they milked me for every penny adding on unnecessary fees and services to jack the overall price. ZenBusiness did exactly what I needed no more no less and it was a more personal service that allowed me to manage my business while they managed the paperwork! Thanks ZenBusiness for your service.” - Render Your Paws LLC.

“ZenBusiness helped me get my new media and marketing business started in no time. The team was super easy to work with and answered any questions I had for them. Very impressed with this service!” - C3 Media LLC.

“Thank you so much ZenBusiness!! I just got my LLC through you guys. You saved me so much money. I filed for an LLC (I won’t say what company) but I paid about $800 in total. I paid $250 with you guys. You saved me $550 👍” - Davis Realty Investments LLC.

Customer Service

ZenBusiness’s customer service is available during extended business hours through multiple channels. You can send an email, speak to a representative over the phone, or even live chat from your computer or mobile device. You can also read through the helpful FAQ section to get answers to the most commonly asked questions.



512-237-7349 Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Central Time

Live chat:

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Central Time

ZenBusiness ZenBusiness Visit Site

ZenBusiness FAQ

Q: How long does it take to form an LLC or Corporation?

A: How long it takes to form an LLC will vary from one state to the next because different states have different requirements. Processing times can range from a few days up to five weeks depending on where you live.

Q: How much does it cost to form an LLC or Corporation?

A: Like processing times, state LLC and corporation fees vary from one state to another. In Michigan, it'll cost you $50 while in New York, it'll cost you $200. ZenBusiness has a convenient online tool that provides information on state fees and processing times throughout the country.

Q: What are some business tax deductions available for LLCs?

A: Becoming a legal business offers several perks, one of which is a long list of tax deductions. The list varies, but some of the deductions include:

  • Business use of car
  • Business meals and entertainment
  • Legal and professional services
  • Half of your SE tax
  • Interest on business loans
  • Software purchases

Bottom line

ZenBusiness provides a great service to businesses of every size. Whether you are just thinking about forming an LLC or corporation, need yearly taxes filed, or have various legal questions that pop up from time to time, ZenBusiness offers fast, easy, reliable, and affordable legal services.

With automated service, business owners can get everything done quickly and efficiently without ever leaving their homes. New business owners appreciate that they can incorporate for free with ZenBusiness, and everyone enjoys its competitive rates. The ZenBusiness staff is professional and courteous, and they are always available to provide you with the legal advice you need.

Eileen is a freelance legal writer who writes for She earned a BA in English Literature on the mean streets of the University of South Dakota in 1983, and that’s the degree of which she’s most proud. Finally, her daughter studied modern dance and her son studied game design in college, and they are both currently gainfully employed.

ZenBusiness customer reviews

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Brand satisfaction

Value for money

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Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

a month ago

I like that ZenBusiness provided me with step-by-step instructions of how to do everything the proper way and was easy to follow.

a month ago

I like ZenBusiness because it's a very good and helpful app. Customer support is very knowledgeable and helpful.

a month ago

ZenBusiness makes it simple and painless to register your LLC. It is handled professionally, quickly, accurately and affordably.

1 months ago

They do a great job showing you what all you can do using ZenBusiness to set up your business. With ZenBusiness, the possibilities are endless.

2 months ago

ZenBusiness is a great example of LLC registration because it provides information and services that are needed to complete business services.

2 months ago

It is very helpful and supportive in setting up your business or LLC and there are many people in need of this type of technology today.

2 months ago

It has customer satisfaction. It is easy to use, and you get value for your money.

2 months ago

The customer service is very good, the service all together is awesome, and the registration process is simple.

2 months ago

It's easy to use. It helped me with setting up and maintaining my business. It was very easy for me to use, and easy to set up my business in full detail. I registered my LLC easily and the process was fast.

2 months ago

It is easy to use and when I accidentally purchased something in error (that I did not need) they gave me a refund.

2 months ago

I use ZenBusiness to handle registration for all new LLCs, they are easy to use and quick. It took five minutes for me to launch an engineering firm.

2 months ago

It's amazing that we can get so many things done by just using ZenBusiness. Sometimes it isn't possible to get exactly what you want but I am really very happy about the LLC registration process through this business.

2 months ago

It's a great business. t's a company to trust because it has acreditions and accountable things.

2 months ago

It's a very simple program, it's really great to have, and easy to work with.

2 months ago

Easy to use, thorough, affordable, great customer support, user friendly, and accomplished the task needed.

3 months ago

I found it to be a very efficient way to register my LLC and very easy to use. The installation process was very easy as well.

3 months ago

It is better to use it than any other website and I love it. It is very necessary to have one.

3 months ago

I liked their layout when it came to the presentation of their business and how to use their platform. I would definitely use it again in the future.

3 months ago

ZenBusiness makes it easier to go through the proper steps and channels of the Small Business Bureau. It made it a lot less complicated to do things like getting my pin number from the IRS. It also made things easier as where to and how to register my business with the state that I reside in.

3 months ago

ZenBusiness was easy to use and helpful when making my LLC. Everything that I needed was provided, it makes creating an LLC easier, not as confusing, and that's what I was going for.

129 reviews