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LegalZoom Review

Jake ParkerByJake ParkerOct. 20, 2019

In a Nutshell

LegalZoom is an online legal services website that provides documents for businesses and individuals. It handles tax filings and offers legal advice through a network of unaffiliated independent attorneys. Through this platform, you can purchase monthly service plans, or a variety of standalone packages, for one-off tasks like LLC creation or estate planning.


  • Flat fees and no hourly rates
  • Wide range of legal services
  • Simplified forms and filing with easy-to-use questionnaires


  • Poor reviews on TrustPilot and BBB
  • No international coverage

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Best for?

LegalZoom is a great choice for landlords thanks to its range of property management tools. Bigger businesses will also appreciate that LegalZoom can be used to simplify complex legal tasks and produce one-off legal documents.

What Does LegalZoom Provide?

LegalZoom has 2 prepaid legal coverage plans as well as a series of one-off services that are charged for individually. Some of the services are self-guided, but you can also contact an independent LegalZoom attorney if you feel out of your depth.

For all services, LegalZoom offers a ‘Help Me Decide’ feature to make it easier for you to figure out what documents and forms are required for a particular legal process.

For Businesses

Most businesses will want to use one of LegalZoom’s specialized business plans. These are billed annually or bi-annually and cover consultations and document access. Plus, they include things like Franchise Disclosure Document Reviews and Trademarking services.

However, some corporations will be more interested in LegalZoom’s standalone services. These are comprised of packages for things like LLC incorporation, Federal Tax ID Registration, and Business Licensing applications.

For Individuals

Don’t get the wrong idea here. Although LegalZoom offers a fully-featured suite of tools for businesses, it’s not a solely business-oriented platform.

LegalZoom manages to squeeze a large number of services that are targeted toward individuals into the Legal Advantage Plus package. These include advice and assistance for legal challenges like estate planning, divorce, and bankruptcy filings, not to mention compensation disputes.

Pricing Plans for Prepaid Services

For most single users or families, the most suitable LegalZoom package will be the Legal Advantage Plus membership. This costs $9.99/month but is, in fact, billed at $119.88/year or $71.94 every 6 months.

On the other hand, Businesses looking for a prepaid service will be best off with the $36/month Business Advisory Plan which is billed at $375/year.

Pricing for LLC Formation

Do you need to create a new business entity like an LLC or a corporation? If so, LegalZoom offers a range of different packages which can help you do just that. The cheapest is the $79 Economy option, and the main difference between it and the other entity formation packages is the amount of time it takes for the process to complete:

Express Gold
Official Certificates
Not Included
VIP Processing
Not Included
State Attorney Rush Processing
Not Included
Not Included
Registered Agent Service
Federal Tax ID Number
Name Check

With the mid-tier Standard plan, LegalZoom will prioritize your processing time internally. But, with the Express Gold package, LegalZoom will pay your state attorney to rush your application too, meaning your incorporation should complete significantly faster.

LegalZoom Background

In the ‘90s, LegalZoom saw the opportunity to use the internet to help Americans receive equal access to legal services. It later went on to create a network of independent attorneys and a series of web-based legal products. LegalZoom has now expanded to cover the UK as well.

LegalZoom is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating but has received some unfortunate customer reviews on both the BBB’s website and through TrustPilot.

Given the underwhelming reviews, it is important to remember that legal services contracted through LegalZoom are not guaranteed to be of as high a quality as those provided by a one-to-one attorney. Additionally, services provided directly by an independent attorney through the platform fall outside LegalZoom’s Satisfaction Guarantee.

What Customers Say About LegalZoom

“Thank God for LegalZoom! Our family needed a power of attorney document on short notice and LegalZoom was able to deliver. They even expedited it so that we could make our only available time slot for all family members to be present before the bank closed.” 
 - Tommie H

“Definite way to go. I had a very easy process from the time I inquired about the living will to the time I printed the copy! I saved a bundle of money and did not have to travel anywhere to have this done. I already have recommended LegalZoom to others, and will continue to do so!” 
 - Ken H

Customer Service

LegalZoom’s customer care agents are available to answer questions and help you deal with concerns during standard PT working hours and on Saturdays too. In addition to their regular customer service line, LegalZoom also allows you to speak directly to an attorney for support.

Through agents, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase if you are not 100% satisfied with LegalZoom’s service. Some users report problems canceling their service or obtaining refunds through agents, so bear this in mind before purchasing a LegalZoom plan.

LegalZoom FAQs

What is a registered agent? Does LegalZoom have to be my registered agent?

A registered agent is an individual or company who can receive mail on your business’ behalf. LegalZoom does not have to be your registered agent but the service can be beneficial depending on your company size and needs.

How long does it take to form my business?

It depends on which state you live in and what kind of business you are forming. LegalZoom’s typical turnaround, including your state and LegalZoom’s processing time and shipping, is 15-37 business days for the Express Gold Package and 38-59 days for the Economy Package.

How do I cancel a LegalZoom subscription service?

You can call the customer service line during normal hours of operation or log in to your account and cancel online.

LegalZoom LegalZoom Visit Site

Bottom Line

LegalZoom is a good option if you are seeking a time-efficient way to form an LLC. It is also a great choice if you need access to a comprehensive suite of legal document creation at a low cost. Do be aware that some attorneys contracted through LegalZoom charge separately, and you may incur extra costs by using their services.

Jake ParkerByJake ParkerOct. 16, 2019
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