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Timeline for Registering a Non-profit

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Timeline for Registering a Non-Profit
At first glance, registering a non-profit may seem complicated. Many factors come into play, to be certain, and the process goes a lot more smoothly when you understand the basics. Hiring a service company can simplify things considerably, but it's still wise to have a basic understanding of the process.

Register the Name of Your Organization

Until you formally register a name with your local government, you can't use it while operating your non-profit. Until registration is complete, the name of your organization will default to your legal name.

Obtain a Federal Tax ID

You’ll need to obtain an employee identification number, or EIN, from the IRS. Not all businesses need an EIN, so the first step is figuring out whether or not you do. If so, you'll need to obtain your EIN before you can start conducting business in your state. To learn more, visit Bizee.

Prepare IRS Forms for Tax-Exemption 

To apply for tax exemption, you’ll need to determine your tax exempt status and fill out the appropriate form. Charitable, religious, and educational non-profits will need to fill out IRS form 1023; other non-profits will need form 1024.

While registering a non-profit involves numerous steps, the truth is that the process is fairly straightforward. Of course, mishandling any one of these steps can cause major delays and issues, so it's important to understand the process and to take care of the necessary steps in a timely manner. For the smoothest sailing, consider using an online registration company to help you register your organization.

1. Incfile

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Incfile’s award-winning approach has helped more than 250,000 small businesses incorporate. It offers a fast, smooth path to official incorporation with specialists who handle every step of the process, from registering a name to filing 501c3 forms and submitting them to the IRS. Awarded a Best Entrepreneurial Company by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2019, Incfile has earned the reputation as a reliable and supportive legal service provider that knows every step of the non-profit incorporation process. 

Reason to go with Incfile: Expert business specialists streamline the process for you

2. Swyft Filings

  • Simplified process with tons of support
  • 100% money-back guarantee 
  • Multiple support and customer service channels

Another widely recognized legal service provider, Swyft Filings stands by its services with a 100% guarantee. Transparency is at the core of Swyft Filing’s mission, and it keeps its clients informed and educated throughout the entire incorporation process. Swyft also boasts an excellent online learning center and helpful support staff.  

Reason to go with Swyft: Excellent customer service and support throughout the process

Swyft Filings Swyft Filings Visit Swyf Filings

3. Rocket Lawyer 

  • Qualified attorneys on call 
  • Create your own legal documents

Rocket Lawyer is a document creation service, which saves clients time and money by allowing them to create and customize their own documents under the protection of attorneys. Services cater to LLCs, corporations, and non-profits alike, and unlike many other services, they include post-incorporation legal guidance to keep clients on the right track. 

Reason to go with RocketLawyer: Facilitates quick and easy legal document creation

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