Best Business VoIP Providers of 2019: Comparison of Features, Plans and Pricing StaffMar. 25, 2019
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Businesses of all sizes are leveraging hosted VoIP to reduce phone bills, increase mobility, and communicate more effectively internally and with clients.

But while the core technology behind VoIP is the same for a 10,000-person operation as it is for the Skype app on your home computer, the larger VoIP packages offer a wide variety of features that can improve efficiency in all departments of your organization.

As you will see, the options on the below list provide top-notch features and services. All that’s left for you, is to pick which one is best suited to your organization’s specific needs.

1. Vonage Business

  • 40+ built-in features 
  • In-house customer & tech support
  • Amazon Chime included at no extra cost
Monthly price per user
Less than $14.99
Less than $24.99
Less than $34.99

 *Prices apply to businesses buying over 20 lines. 

One of the best-known names in VoIP, Vonage started as a consumer-oriented service but now caters to businesses ranging from SMBs to large enterprises.

Vonage Business Cloud offers a suite of 40+ features, including seamless integration with Salesforce, Amazon Chime, Google G Suite, Zoho, and other third-party tools. 

Vonage doesn’t publish the prices of their Vonage Business Cloud solutions for companies with more than 100 users, but the maximum price your company will pay is $34.99 per user per month. The Advanced package is designed for medium-to-large businesses with a split between office and remote employees, and includes unified business communications and related features. It also includes a dedicated team for setup and onboarding.

Larger companies can take advantage of Vonage’s Enterprise plan, a scalable system operating on a private, fully managed network. Vonage Enterprise includes dozens more features not included in Vonage Business Cloud, including full call center functionality and enterprise-grade conferencing for up to 300 people. For large business that use data-heavy apps, Vonage applies SmartWAN to optimize your network and ensure that your most important calls, videos, and data have their own dedicated bandwidth.

For a deeper look, check out this in-depth analysis of the Vonage features and packages, or visit the Vonage website directly.

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2. RingCentral

  • 100+ premium features
  • Unlimited calls, fax/SMS, and video conferencing for large groups
  • 30-day free trial period for all company sizes
Price (per user per month)

A Tier-1 provider with 17 international data centers, with its own networks in Asia, Europe, and the US, RingCentral caters both to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. Like Vonage, RingCentral has developed a reputation for a highly reliable service and the ability to quickly deploy new features. All packages contain 100+ features.

The Premium plan includes unlimited video and audio meetings with screen sharing on desktop and mobile, with a max of 100 participants per conference session. It also guarantees 2,500 minutes in toll-free calls per month.

The Ultimate plan has a maximum of 200 participants per video and audio session and up to 10,000 toll-free minutes each month. Both packages offer integration with 10 third-party tools including Salesforce and Zendesk, as well as single sign-on, voicemail transcription to text, and audio recording.

RingCentral Enterprise

Subscribers to RingCentral Enterprise packages get access to a dedicated team of service and support professionals for personalized assistance. Services include technical account managers and customer success managers who are there to provide advice on the best approaches for deployment and management of features and tools.

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3. 8x8

  • 99.9983% uptime
  • Best option for free calls to multiple countries
  • Enterprise-level analytics 
  • Unlimited SMS, fax, voicemail, and team messaging
Monthly price per user
X2 Edition
X5 Edition
X8 Edition

8x8 is another top cloud-based VoIP known for high call quality and close to 100% uptime. Its enterprise-level packages are priced by number of users and the level of features and functionality. The X2 and X4 editions are comparable to the packages offered by other top VoIP providers for medium and large businesses, while X6 and X8 are designed for multinational organizations with offices in several countries.

The X2 plan comes with unlimited calling to 14 countries, meetings for 100 participants, company-wide team messaging, virtual office analytics, one click from chat to voice to video meetings, and integration of Salesforce, Zendesk, G Suite, and NetSuite.

The X5 plan extends global calling to 32 countries and adds call recording, plus automated call handling with Switchboard Pro.

The X8 plan is good for companies that have multiple locations or special requirements. For example, they include thousands of free minutes from calls made within 47 countries, as well as functions like native CRM integration, interactive voice response and outbound predictive AI dialer that go beyond the usual VoIP offerings.

For a more about 8x8 VoIP solutions please see this detailed 8x8 review, and or visit the 8x8 website directly.

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4. Jive

  • 80+ features
  • Free calling to 52 countries
  • Options for long-term contract or monthly payments
  • Numerous 3rd-party integrations
Monthly price per user

While other VoIP providers offer basic packages and then charge extra for add-ons, Jive works the opposite way. It offers all its customers—no matter how big or small—unlimited access to its 80+ features and bills based on the number of users. This makes it a good option for medium and large businesses that are on a tight budget. The max price for 100+ users is $19.95 per user per month, and the larger your company the better position you’re in to negotiate a lower per-user price.

The setup is simple, and managing your account is straightforward enough for a novice.

If you need phones, Jive offers a variety of options at discounted prices. The company lets its customers choose from a long-term contract or monthly payments, giving you a choice between reduced rates or increased flexibility.

Key features include unlimited free calling to the US, Canada, and 51 other countries; an online portal to control and update your phone from any device with an internet connection; and time-based routing and custom schedules to accommodate for day/evening hours, weekends and holidays. Because Jive offers the same all-inclusive package to all its customers, even smaller operations can benefit from their enterprise-level features.

For a more about Jive VoIP services please see this detailed Jive review, or visit the Jive website directly.

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5. Onsip

  • 50+ features 
  • Full integration with Zendesk, Salesforce, and Slack
  • Fully scalable, unlimited users
No. of Users
Per Minute Plan
per month + 2.9¢/min
Per User Plan
$18.95 per user per month

OnSIP is another VoIP provider that offers an all-inclusive package for customers ranging from medium-sized businesses to multinationals—with an impressive list of clients including Mozilla, Disqus, and Ars Technica.

Per Minute Plan: Most VoIP providers started out offering per minute plans but OnSIP is one of only a handful of operators that still sell these types of packages today. Per-minute plans are good for businesses of all sizes that speak more internally than externally or don't need to speak often but want high-level functionality.  

Per User Plan: For all other types of businesses, OnSIP’s per user plan is fully scalable, so you can start with hundreds of users and keep using it if your workforce expands into the thousands. It includes a desk phone or headset for every user and a selection of more than 50 features, including: unlimited local calls, voicemail box, auto attendant, and ring groups. It also includes the option of paid add-ons such as call recording (at $4.95 per user per month), enhanced music on hold ($19.95 company-wide per month), and inbound bridge ($1.95 company per month + 0.005 / min).

Setup is quick and easy and OnSIP also offers customer service by phone and email that consistently receives high marks from users.

For a more about OnSIP VoIP services please see this detailed OnSIP review, or visit the OnSIP website directly.

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The bottom line

No matter which provider you choose, VoIP services provide a reliable, portable solution for businesses of all sizes, and—compared to traditional landlines—cost a lot less while offering a lot more.

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