Ready to Quit Making School Lunch? You're not alone. Staff
Ready to Quit Making School Lunch
All the great housekeeping parenting blogs advise packing school lunches at night. You know, it’s simply easier! Who has time to putz around in the kitchen while finding socks for everyone and checking homework and braiding hair? Of course, this is exactly what you want to spend your evenings doing!

They’ll also tell you 10,000 ways to make a healthy sandwich, pasta salad, or quinoa lentil patty (which your kids will eat), all with ingredients you should have in your pantry at all times. You do, of course. Doesn’t everyone?

Times Have Changed

90’s nostalgia and a love for Chipotle aside, this is not the food most parents want nurturing their kids’ brainpower throughout the afternoon. We may have grown up eating cold build-your-own-pepperoni-pizza and dipping our Wendy’s fries into milkshakes, but millennial moms are typically more health conscious about how they feed their kids. They work on those healthy sandwiches with homemade bean dip and avocado, right? 

Fabulous job to those moms who do it. If you have time (and energy) to whip up lunch food or if your kids get healthy meals in school, you’re doing just great. If you don’t, there’s another option out there.

You Can Buy Healthy Meals

The food delivery industry is now worth over $30 billion, and 20% of survey respondents use food delivery at least once a week. A lot of that is good old-fashioned food delivery. Companies like Domino’s Pizza retained $12.25 billion of the market share in 2017, but a large percentage of it is casual restaurant food for people who don’t feel like cooking or want to save time. According to GrubHub’s 2018 annual “Year in Food” report. GrubHub’s survey also offers that nearly every single parent surveyed (98%) has ordered food, mostly because “it feels easier.” 

Not Just Meals: School Lunches Too

If it’s so easy, why not do it more often? School lunch can be a hassle, and takeout is yummy. The high price point and health concerns may keep us from going all in, but there are more options out there. The most popular food delivery services, such as SunBasket, are branching into lunch and snack options for both adults and kids. They provide breads and spreads, such as red pepper hummus and Greek feta dip, as well as nuts, puffed seeds, and healthy crackers. SunBasket, for example, offers a “Chef’s Choice Family Plan” with kids-can recipe steps and in-box activities to get kids involved in easy meal prep and engaged with healthy food. The chefs only use organic, seasonal, locally sourced produce, and you can buy ready-to-eat veggie snacks (like carrots or bell peppers) to go along with your kid’s lunch. The box is even completely recyclable! 

Who Eats Breakfast?

If you think packing lunch is busy, talk about sitting down to eat breakfast. It’s rough. Kellog’s Breakfast Survey shows that 40% of parents surveyed said that their kids don’t eat breakfast every day, and the numbers get more abysmal as kids get older. Only about 36% of high schoolers eat before school, and they carry that trend into adulthood. Meal delivery services have you covered there too. SunBasket offers on-the-go breakfast bars, Greek yogurts, and superfoods cereals. No one needs to be hungry during first period. 

Quit Making School Lunch

Now’s The Time

With swim lessons wrapping up and back-to-school sales popping up everywhere, now’s a great time to imagine a calmer morning. You may be running around finding socks and shoes, but there’s no reason fast food’s got to be on the menu. It can be fast, of course, and easy, but with the best meal delivery for kids, it can be healthy too. If you’re on board with fancy sandwiches, meal delivery services like SunBasket are branching into those, and you won’t even have to remember to buy acai berries and goat cheese. They’ll do it for you. Granola butter? Coffee? Fresh pita or tortillas with spinach and artichoke or spicy buffalo dip? They’ve got school lunch covered, for you and your kids.

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