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Fresh and Easy Meal Delivery Review (2023)

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Ana Reisdorf

In a Nutshell

Fresh and Easy, the newest offering from Home Chef, is the company’s next step in catering to those who want fresh, healthy food, but lack the time. Fresh and Easy sends chef-prepared, low or no-prep meals straight to your door with all of the ingredients washed, portioned, and packaged in heatable pans and grillable bags. This makes Fresh and Easy super convenient, even for kitchen beginners.


  • No cutting or prep work needed
  • Meals served in oven- and grill-ready dishes
  • Streamlined order and delivery process


  • Limited dietary preferences
  • No plans for singles

Fresh and Easy Fresh and Easy Visit Site

Best For

  • Quick and easy recipes
  • Meals with customizable proteins

Fresh and Easy Meal Plans

Fresh and Easy’s chef-prepared meals make getting dinner on the table a snap. To cater to busy families Fresh and Easy offers meal plans for two, four, or six people. There are five Meal options to choose from when building your box.

Fast & Fresh meals

The Fast & Fresh meals are ready to go when they arrive. Just heat them in the microwave or oven and dinner is served.


Oven-Ready meals arrive in an oven-safe aluminum tray, ready for you to pop them straight in the oven with minimal preparation required. 


Fresh and Easy also offers meals that are ideal for grilling. Their grill-ready meals require simple assembly of the ingredients in a grill-safe bag. Just throw it on the grill for a quick, flavorful meal. 

15 Minute Meal Kits

For those who prefer to do a little bit of work themselves, the 15 Minute Meal Kits are slightly more hands-on, but still, make dinner easy to get on the table in a short period of time. 

Entrée Salad

This is a nice option from Fresh and Easy for those days you want to eat something light. You get fresh vegetables that are pre-portioned (and pre-cooked if they include roasted veggies) - just toss everything together and you’re good to go.

Fresh and Easy Dietary Options and Programs

Unlike other meal delivery services, Fresh and Easy doesn’t offer dietary plans that fit a variety of eating patterns, but you can customize their existing plans to suit your needs.

There are two dietary options to choose from, Calorie-Conscious and Carb-Conscious.

Calorie-Conscious meals are designed to support weight loss.

Carb-Conscious meals are made to help with weight loss and/or blood sugar management.

You can also exclude common allergens from your menu, such as fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. Dairy-free and gluten-free meals can be chosen as well.

The Calorie-Conscious or Carb-Conscious options can be made vegetarian by choosing “no beef, no pork, no poultry, no fish, no shellfish”. A dairy-free meal option is not available, though dairy could be avoided depending on your meal choice.

Our Favorite Fresh and Easy Meals

A great selection from the Calorie-Conscious menu is the Honey Cashew Shrimp, a delicious and calorie smart shrimp dish, served with savory broccoli fried rice.

The Carb-Conscious menu also has some tasty dishes to offer, including a Peruvian-inspired steak, a Basil-Parmesan crusted salmon, and a sherry glazed roasted chicken.

Our Favorite Fresh and Easy Meal - Honey Cashew Shrimp

How Much Does Fresh and Easy Cost?

There is no membership cost for Fresh and Easy. Prices are estimated based on the per-serving price of $8.99. Actual prices may vary depending on meal selections. Shipping is $8.99 for orders $50 and up and $13.99 if under $50.

Price per Serving
Price per Week
Shipping Costs
2 people for 2-6 meals per week
$35.96- $107.88
4 people for 2-6 meals per week
6 people for 2-6 meals per week

Fresh and Easy offers numerous options depending on how many people you want meals for and how many meals per week you’d like. The 2-person box is perfect for couples while the 4- and 6-serving boxes are great for families.

How Does Fresh and Easy Work?

Placing an Order With Fresh and Easy

The first thing you need to do is press the Get Started button on the Fresh and Easy website. You’ll then choose between the Calorie-Conscious or Carb-Conscious options, and flag the foods you’d like to avoid.

Next, you’ll be asked to sign up, after which you’ll be asked a few questions such as how many people you’re cooking for, and how many recipes you’d like to receive each week. Next, you’ll provide your shipping information and enter the date you’d like to schedule your first delivery.

After the delivery date is confirmed, you’ll need to enter your payment information. Once you’re done with all that, you can make your meal selections for the first delivery.

Placing an Order With Fresh and Easy

How to Choose Meals with Fresh and Easy

Within the dietary option you’ve selected (Calorie-Conscious and Carb-Conscious), there will be five options to choose from: Fast & Fresh, Oven-Ready, Grill-Ready, 15 Minute Meal Kits, and Entrée Salads.

These customizable meal plans allow you to choose which foods to avoid. You can also tailor your meals to your dietary needs by selecting vegetarian or dairy-free options.

How to Choose Meals with Fresh and Easy

Does Fresh and Easy Come With Cooking Instructions?

Recipe cards are provided with each order and are easy to follow step-by-step instructions and images. In addition, if you lose or misplace your cards, images of meal components and the finished product are provided on the Fresh and Easy website.

Nutritional information is also provided per serving of each meal, so you can always keep tabs on the nutritious value of what you’re eating.

Additional ingredients like cooking oil, salt, and pepper may be required. Recipes may be modified at home with the addition or deletion of ingredients.

What Makes Fresh and Easy Stand Out?

Fresh and Easy uses fresh, seasonal ingredients are used in every meal and may vary by location. They also offer a variety of heat and eat options that can be popped in the microwave, making it very quick to get dinner on the table.

Fresh and Easy also offers a collection of high-end meals. These are offered at a higher price and can be used for occasions (or just a fancy Tuesday night) and contain a selection of premium ingredients. For example, high-end protein options such as Ahi tuna, salmon, and shrimp are offered regularly.

As part of the Home Chef collection, Fresh and Easy meals may be available at the Kroger family stores including Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, King, and Smith’s.

Home Chef supports Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Employees, First Responders, and Teachers. Verify with at checkout to receive an exclusive discount.

How Are Fresh and Easy Meals Packaged and Shipped?

Fresh and Easy meals are delivered in a recyclable box on your chosen day of delivery. The delivery day options are usually Monday through Friday but will depend on where you live. The boxes are designed to keep the food refrigerated for up to 8 hours, but it is always best to put it in the fridge right away. 

Since the meals are designed to be easy to prepare, they arrive in individual bags organized by recipe. Oven or grill-ready meals arrive in individual containers that can be used to cook in. 

The protein is packaged at the bottom of the box to prevent cross-contamination with other ingredients. Protein is also packaged with additional ice packs to keep it at the right temperature. 

Much of the packaging and liners are made of biodegradable material or can be recycled after use. 

Is There a Fresh and Easy App?

Fresh and easy has an app that’s easy to use and includes all the features available on their regular website including meal selection, shipping, and payment processing.  In the app, you can modify your meals and look ahead for what meals will be offered in the future.

How to Contact Fresh and Easy Customer Service

  • Methods of contact 872-225-2433 or 855-949-3049 Toll-Free, via web site: Submit a request – Home Chef
  • A chat “bot” is available on the site for basic FAQs.
  • Getting refunds: For help regarding in-store purchases, contact Kroger Customer Care at 1-800-632-6900
  • Supporting documentation and additional reading can be found here. 
  • Hours of operation Monday-Friday, 9 am-6 pm CST, Saturdays 10 am-2 pm CST, Sunday Closed

How to Pause or Cancel Your Fresh and Easy Account

You can cancel or pause Fresh and Easy at any time by clicking Account in the upper right corner of your dashboard. Go to Account Settings, then Pause Subscription at the bottom of the options on the left. There is no cancellation fee.

How Fresh and Easy Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

Fresh and Easy is unique because of their low to no-prep ingredients with reusable pans and grill bags included. Calorie-Conscious meals designed by Skinnytaste - Delicious Healthy Recipes Made with Real Food are available. Other services are similar in price but may offer different meal plans, dietary restrictions, and shipping fees.

Fresh and Easy
Blue Apron


From $8.99/meal

From $7.49/meal

From $8.99/meal

From $7.99/meal

Dietary Needs

Calorie-conscious, Carb-conscious

Vegetarian, Diabetic

Gluten-free, Low carb, Low calorie, Vegetarian, Vegan

Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Low carb

No. of Meal Plans





Prep Work

Low to moderate


Low to moderate

Low to moderate


Partially recycled cardboard

Cardboard box

Go-Green plastic containers

Partially recycled cardboard

Fresh and Easy vs Blue Apron

Fresh and Easy is different from Blue Apron in that it offers 6 different dietary restrictions compared to Blue Apron’s 2 options. Fresh and Easy is slightly less expensive and meals are prepped and ready to eat in less time.

Fresh and Easy vs Freshly

Fresh and Easy varies from Freshly in that meals are more convenient to make and also less expensive. Freshly offers free shipping. Both Fresh and Easy and Freshly companies use eco-friendly packaging for their meals. Both offer pre-cooked and pre-portioned meals for busy people.

Fresh and Easy vs HelloFresh

Fresh and Easy is similar to HelloFresh in that both have oven-ready options. HelloFresh is known for their sheet pan dinners, which require more clean up than Fresh and Easy. Fresh and Easy offers less prep time overall.

Is Fresh and Easy Worth It?

Fresh and Easy draws from Home Chef’s experience in meal delivery including easy ordering, reliable deliveries, and chef and dietitian-approved meals.

Fresh and Easy is best for singles, couples, or busy families that want quick, home-cooked meals without all the fuss of chopping and prepping ingredients. Meals are easy to fix and come with pans or grill bags, to make cleanup a snap.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between meal kit delivery and Fresh and Easy?+-

The main difference is the ease of use. While all meal kit services offer convenience, the Fresh and Easy plan takes this agenda to the next level – it is indeed the “Easiest Meal Kit Delivery Plan”. Ever! While Home Chef offers a broader selection of 30 and even 60-minute meal kits, Fresh and Easy's menu is exclusively made up of meals that come portioned, chopped, and pretty much ready to cook. Microwavable “heat and eat” options are also available.

Which is cheaper, Home Chef or Fresh and Easy?+-

Surprisingly, Home Chef and Fresh and Easy are the same price per meal. Regardless of whether you’re cooking your meal or it’s arriving pre-made, you’ll be able to take advantage of the same pricing. Shipping is $8.99 on orders over $50.00. Fresh and Easy is great for couples or families that want quick meals that taste “chef-prepared” without the cost or clean-up. Delicious, nutritious meals are minutes away.

Does Fresh and Easy offer allergy-free meals?+-

Their recipes are categorized according to allergens, meat vs. vegetarian, etc. You can single out your favorite fish and seafood recipes, find recipes without soy, and more. Along with this, as you order your Fresh and Easy meals, you can choose which ingredients you do and do not prefer. Fresh and Easy Meals do not cater to stricter diets (i.e. gluten-free or dairy-free) at this time, though meal choices can be made to exclude them.

Ana Reisdorf is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 13 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics. She has published three cookbooks, including her most recent release, "The 21-day Arthritis Diet Plan", and has written for many major health and nutrition brands.

*The information on this site is based on research, but should not be treated as medical advice. Before beginning any new diet plan, we recommend consulting with a physician or other professional healthcare provider. Results may vary based on various health factors, individual weight loss plans and adherence to the meal plan.

Fresh and Easy customer reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

9 months ago

Fresh & Easy is a great app when it comes to meals and delivery. I have tried numerous other delivery apps. This one seems to be the best one so far.

9 months ago

Great variety of food options and the delivery and the cost are very good. It is a great value.

10 months ago

It was fast. I received the exact items I ordered. I found their food to be high quality, and the delivery man was very polite.

10 months ago

They have delicious meals, fresh veggies, meat and salad and sometimes dessert. It depends on what you want to eat. I definitely will order more. The veggies are delicious. So are the meats. Sometimes, I wish there was more food included in the packages.

a year ago

I wanted a meal delivery service to save me time and having it all in a box and ready to cook. Fresh & Easy is perfect and gave me everything I wanted.

a year ago

The food is always delivered on time. The meals are fresh and delicious, with easy and fast prep time.

10 months ago

They offer a good service but it's not as it looks on tv and was a little disappointing. The meals should be easier to prepare.

10 months ago

Fresh & easy offers a good selection of meals to choose from and makes the preparation easy. There's really nothing they need to do better.

10 months ago

We use Fresh & Easy's service for a lot of our meals. They are especially good for preparing healthy meals and helping you stick to a good diet.

10 months ago

Food delivery is great because it's pretty convenient, but Fresh & Easy is not that amazing. It is good overall, but they should work on making the delivery fees more affordable, as they required tip for their delivery.

a year ago

The app was very easy to use. Their delivery was extremely fast, and most meals were fairly tasty. I would use them again.

a year ago

Fresh & Easy is great because it makes preparing healthy meals a lot easier, and gives me time to take care of the more important things that I have to do.

a year ago

Good quality food at a fair price that is delivered at a reasonable time. I will definitely use Fresh & Easy again.

a year ago

Fresh & Easy delivers the best meals. They're tasty and easy to prepare. They would be better if they had a faster delivery time.

10 months ago

I don't really like it, as the quality is not very good. There is a sparse amount of food and ingredients in each meal kit that I have received.

a year ago

Their delivery service gets meals delivered to my home with a quick and easy click of a button. I like that they offer a wider variety of choices.

a year ago

This is a great meal delivery site. Fresh & Easy is inexpensive and has fast delivery, but I'm a picky eater so they have a lot of stuff on there that I don't like.

a year ago

Sometimes the food arrives late, and it gets soggy. When I order it, I usually say one thing about how I want it prepared, but then when I get it, it doesn't always come the way I asked. Sometimes, it's just easier to pick up in person. But it's useful if I don't want to go out.

10 months ago

They are not really fresh and easy. I have gotten rotten food from them on 2 occasions. They have really descent prices though. All they need to do is have better food.

10 months ago

The food was terrible and didn't come in the time they said it would. When it arrived it was cold and stale. I would not use them again.

21 reviews
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