Green Chef Review

Kerstin KuhnByKerstin KuhnJan. 16, 2020

In a Nutshell

Green Chef, which is a certified USDA organic company, has a mantra of “you are what you eat.” Its family of meal plans gives you enough choice and flexibility to make up your own mind about who you want to be. Whether that’s an omnivore, carnivore, pescatarian, vegan or vegetarian, paleo or keto follower, its 7 different meal plans have your eating habits covered.


  • 7 different meal plans to choose from
  • Wide range of restaurant-quality meals
  • 2-person, 3- or 4-person family plan


  • You need to pay extra for shipping, approx $9
  • Doesn’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii or parts of Louisiana

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Green Chef meal options

Ideal For

  • People with specific dietary needs 

  • Anyone short on time 

  • The eco-conscious

What’s Unique About Green Chef?

A fully certified USDA organic company, Green Chef is a one-stop shop for chef-driven recipes using organic, non-GMO, and sustainable ingredients from trusted suppliers. Green Chef achieves this through a cooperation with farmers, producers, and fishermen, bringing you the kind of top quality ingredients you’d otherwise have to hunt around for at your local farmer’s market. 

Everyone knows sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be expensive and difficult time-wise. Green Chef removes the fuss of researching recipes, prepping shopping lists and grocery shopping. Offering 7 different meal plans, Green Chef puts the fun back into following a truly green lifestyle by making healthy eating more convenient. The service is fully customizable so you can decide on how often you want to cook. There's no minimum commitment, which means you can skip orders and easily change or cancel your subscription. All meals are designed to be prepared within 30 minutes. 

Green Chef dinner options

Keeping with the green theme, Green Chef comes with eco-friendly packaging and sends you exact quantities of food so you’ll never have to throw anything away. Its raw ingredients are responsibly sourced from sustainable growers.

How It Works

Joining Green Chef is straightforward. To sign up you’ll need to put in your email and ZIP Code. Next, pick the number of people you’re going to be cooking for, between 1 to 4 people. Then you’ll want to pick your choice of 7 healthy dietary plans. Once you’ve entered your delivery address you’ll be directed to payment. Deliveries will be made to your selected address from Monday to Friday (you can select the day that suits you) and between 8am-9pm. The last step is to put your feet up and wait for your pre-portioned box to arrive with absolutely everything you need to produce delicious meals. 

Green Chef box

Meal Options

Green Chef offers 7 different types of dietary plans: 

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Paleo
  • Gluten-free
  • Keto
  • Omnivore
  • Carnivore 

On each meal plan the recipes are varied so you’ll never get bored of a certain dish. With Green Chef, you can’t choose specific recipes, only meal plans, which may be disappointing for some customers, but it does keep your palate surprised and refreshed. You’ll receive a different menu weekly and every box you receive has color-coded recipe cards so you won’t get confused.

Favorite Green Chef Meals

1. Vegan ‘Crab’ Cakes

Diets: vegan  | 920 calories per serving | Prep & cook time: 35 minutes

Vegan ‘Crab’ Cakes

2. Sage Pesto Baked Cod

Diets: paleo  | 633 calories per serving | Prep & cook time: 35 minutes

Sage Pesto Baked Cod

3. Cumin-Spiced Steak 

Diets: gluten-free  | 789 calories per serving | Prep & cook time: 30 minutes

Cumin-Spiced Steak


Meal Plan
























*Based on 2-Person Plan: 1 box contains 3 dinners for 2 people

Green Chef Green Chef Visit Site

Help & Support

Green Chef has an easy-to-use and extensive help section. With categories ranging from “managing my subscription” to “safe food handling,” you can pretty much find an answer to any question in the form of an FAQ. If you want to contact Green Chef directly you can either email, (you’ll get a response within 24 hours) or call the hotline (Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm). There’s another really convenient feature where a little support widget pops up in the bottom right hand corner and you can search for any topic. 

Green Chef - It's What's for Dinner

If you’re committed to following a specific dietary lifestyle, Green Chef is your strongest contestant. With high-restaurant quality ingredients, combined with original and refreshing recipes, you definitely won’t get bored with your meals. What’s nice about Green Chef is that you’re still cooking home cooked dishes—so it doesn’t feel like you’re getting ready-made meals. It’s just a really simple way of saving time in the kitchen and money from your pocket—not to mention following a truly healthy, and green lifestyle. 

Kerstin KuhnByKerstin KuhnOct. 23, 2019
Kerstin Kuhn is an award-winning journalist and food writer, who has traveled and eaten her way around the world and written about it. She is also the founder and CEO of Little Foodie Club, the California baby food delivery company that is revolutionizing the way babies eat and learn about healthy food.
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