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Top 10 Best Organic Meal Kit Delivery Services of 2024

Ana Reisdorf
Best Organic Meal Kit Delivery
Eating out can be great fun - but home is where the heart is. There’s just something about coming home to a kitchen bursting with fresh organic produce, laying it out on the countertop and rolling up your sleeves to whip up something nutritious and homemade.

While cooking at home can save money and be a healthy and even therapeutic exercise, it’s not without its hassles. Creating wonderful organic meals for your family can involve multiple pricey trips to the grocery store. It's also not always easy to come up with new organic meal ideas.

This is where healthy organic meal kit delivery services have your back. If you’re trying to build a diet of organic, homemade food, signing up with one of the best 10 meal delivery services can make it easier than ever. You’ll be sent a revolving set of fresh ingredients and recipes that you can make on your own. Making brilliant organic meals at home has never been easier.

If you’re looking for fresh, organic and healthy food shipped directly to your doorstep, take a look at our picks for the top 10 organic meal delivery services.

Our Top 10 Best Organic Meal Delivery Services in 2024:

Our Picks for The Top 10 Best Organic Meal delivery Kits - Reviews:

1. HelloFresh

Eco-friendly emphasis on environmental sustainability.

HelloFresh Organic Meal Plan

In HelloFresh’s words, “some, but not all, of our ingredients are organic.” While some of the suppliers HelloFresh works with may provide certified organic ingredients, you cannot create an exclusively organic meal plan with HelloFresh.

If environmental sustainability is a reason you’re eating organic products, though, then HelloFresh is taking the right steps to move in the right direction. Their sustainability efforts emphasize completely recyclable packaging, supporting cleaner transportation systems, and working towards more humane animal practices.

Why we chose HelloFresh: You never have to get sick of eating the same old chicken breast and vegetables. HelloFresh ensures high-quality, flavorful meals with organic options in their diverse and an ever-changing menu that updates on a weekly basis. 

Price: $3.99 - $5.98 per serving

Shipping: Free


  • Organic options are available
  • Partner with Annie's, maker of organic baked goods


  • No entirely organic meal plan
  • Hard to identify organic ingredietns

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HelloFresh HelloFresh View Plans

2. Home Chef 

Sustainable meals with organic chicken.

Home Chef Organic Meal Plan

When it comes down to it, Home Chef does not have an organic meal plan, although they sometimes get their poultry from sources that are moving in a more sustainable direction.  Home Chef also isn't able to guarantee the use of organic ingredients or produce.  For some dishes, you can however use the "Customize It" feature to switch your protein to boneless skinless organic chicken breasts.

Why we chose Home Chef: We selected Home Chef for their customizable meal plans, which include Meals Under 30 Minutes and premium organic ingredients, making healthy and natural cooking feasible for busy individuals.

Price: $1.49 - $9.94 per serving

Shipping: $7.99 - $13.99


  • Can sometimes get organic or antibiotic-free chicken
  • Recyclable packaging and heat-to-eat gourment options


  • No organic options besides chicken breasts
  • No sustainability certifications

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Home Chef Home Chef View Plans

3. Fresh and Easy Organic Meal Plan

A decent selection of dishes with organic or antibiotic-free chicken.

Fresh and Easy Organic Meal Plan

Fresh and Easy is a meal delivery service created by Home Chef that emphasizes convenience by providing delicious, pre-prepared meals. While Fresh and Easy offers healthy, flavorful meal options, it does not specifically focus on organic ingredients. It is a sister brand of Home Chef aimed at providing a time-saving experience.

If you are looking for organic offerings, it would be best to explore Home Chef's customization options for a more tailored experience that includes organic ingredients where available.

Why we chose Fresh and Easy: Though Fresh and Easy isn't explicit about its organic offerings, it's fully prepped and portioned meals provide no-mess, healthy, and fresh food. 

Price: $1.49 - $9.94 per serving

Shipping: $7.99 - $13.99 per serving


  • Can request organic instead of regular chicken
  • Recyclable packaging


  • No organic options besides chicken breasts

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Fresh and Easy Fresh and Easy View Plans

4. Green Chef 

The original organic meal delivery kit.

Green Chef Organic Meal Plan

All of the produce and eggs Green Chef delivers are certified organic by the USDA and/or the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). When it's not possible to get organic ingredients — such as with wild-caught seafood — Green prefers to source from more sustainable options.

It is unclear whether Green Chef’s animal  products are certified organic, but all of their proteins are raised with high animal welfare standards. Aside from a heavy emphasis on sourcing high-quality, sustainable ingredients, Green Chef also delivers every meal in a completely recyclable kit whenever possible. 

Green Chef checks most of the boxes for an organic meal kit delivery service, and they’re constantly setting the standard for eco-friendly options. 

Why we chose Green Chef: Green Chef's dedication to certified organic ingredients and eco-friendly practices makes it an ideal choice for customers seeking environmentally responsible meal kit solutions.

Price: $11.49 - $12.99

Shipping: $7.99 per box (free shipping on first order)


  • Exclusively organic eggs and produce
  • Almost completely recyclable packaging


  • Can't customize orders based on food allergies/intolerances

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5. EveryPlate 

A great option for reducing food waste.

EveryPlate Organic Meal Plan

EveryPlate focuses on convenience and affordability, at the cost of a wide selection of organic meal kit options.  As with any meal kit delivery service, just by trying it out you may end up with less food waste. On the other hand, only some of the packaging is recyclable. Plus EveryPlate makes no other sustainability claims, so we can assume that having organic options is not on the top of EveryPlate’s to-do list.

Why we chose EveryPlate: EveryPlate ensures that conscious eating is accessible to a wide range of budgets with affordable and nutritious organic meal options.

Price: $4.99 per serving

Shipping: $9.99 per week


  • Emphasizes convenience, flavor and affordability
  • Some packaging is recyclable


  • Organic options difficult to find

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EveryPlate EveryPlate View Plans

6. Nutrisystem 

Meal plans tailored for individual caloric needs.

Nutrisystem Organic Meal Plan

Nutrisystem's approach to food has recently shown an interest in moving towards a more sustainable model, with recyclable packaging options and clean food choices. 

With a predominantly whole foods menu that couldn't make weight loss more simple, Nutrisystem has got a few things right. Ultimately, Nutrisystem isn't suitable for someone looking for a fully organic premade meal delivery service.

Why we chose Nutrisystem: Despite the fact that there are no completely organic options, Nutrisystem’s complete line excludes all artificial ingredients like flavors, sweeteners, and trans fats.

Price: $3.24 - $5.48 per meal + snack

Shipping: Free


  • Uses organic sugar in some shakes and snacks
  • Partially recyclable shipping materials


  • No fully organic options

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Nutrisystem Nutrisystem View Plans

7. Purple Carrot 

Clean-eating to promote a healthy lifestyle.Purple Carrot Organic Meal PlanPurple Carrot is one of the only 100% plant-based meal delivery services available. It abides by a clean-eating philosophy that aims to eliminate unhealthy additives and promote healthier lifestyles and a greener planet. 

Unlike other meal delivery options, Purple Carrot’s meals are never frozen. This means they take about 30 minutes to prepare, but the freshness pays off in dividends. You can also take advantage of healthy snacks such as bundles of oat chocolate bars and bulk protein bites. 

Why we chose Purple Carrot: We love Purple Carrot for their 100% plant-based organic meal kits, and direct appeal to vegans and vegetarians who prioritize clean, environmentally-friendly meal choices.

Price: From $4.30 per meal

Shipping: Free


  • Always fresh, never frozen meals
  • Plenty of healthy snacks


  • Takes time to prepare meals (avg. 30 minutes)

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Purple Carrot Purple Carrot View Plans

8. Freshology 

Get support from a team of health professionals.

Freshology Organic Meal Plan

Freshology claims to “use organic ingredients whenever possible” in their Diet-to-Go meal kits. However, according to their website, their stance on organic ingredients is somewhere in the “middle ground”. Freshology may be right for someone looking for a meal delivery service that partially emphasizes sustainability while always offering quality.

Why we chose Freshology:  Freshology is committed to wellness as the organic meal plans prioritize clean ingredients to achieve optimal health without compromising taste.

Price: $10.14 - $14.36 per serving

Shipping: $19.98 per order (weekly)


  • Support from health professionals 
  • Access to Diet-to-Go community
  • A 5-week rotating menu


  • Not an exclusively organic meal service

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Freshology Freshology View Plans

9. Sunbasket 

99% USDA-certified organic produce.

Sunbasket organic meal plan

When it comes to meat, poultry, and fish, Sunbasket continues to deliver on their organic promise. All meat is organic, and they up the ante by providing grass-fed, grass-finished beef. 

Sunbasket aims to get a minimum of 99% of their fresh produce, eggs, milk, and yogurt from USDA-certified organic sources. On the rare occasion that a non-organic item has to be included in your delivery box, Sunbasket lets you know so that you can make an informed choice of what you eat.

Why we chose Sunbasket: Beyond just the USDA-certified organic food Sunbasket offers, all of the seafood they provide is wild-caught or sustainably raised, as recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch ® program.

Price: $4.32 - $8.99 per serving

Shipping: $5.99 - $7.99


  • As close to completely organic as possible
  • Wild caught or sustainably raised fish


  • No single-serving options

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Sunbasket Sunbasket View Plans

10. Eat Clean To Go

Fresh and organic chef-prepared meals

Organic broccoli and spicy chicken stir fry over rice

Price: From $4.30 per meal

Shipping: Depends on location

Eat Clean To Go's meals are made with fresh, organic ingredients that have no added preservatives and are locally sourced whenever possible. All produce is non-GMO and organic while other ingredients such as meat, eggs and dairy products come from responsible farms that use ethical animal husbandry practices. This makes it easier for users to stick to a healthy lifestyle without having to worry about potential toxins in their food or unsavory farming practices.

Why we chose Eat Clean To Go: Eat Clean To Go sources organic ingredients from regional farmers, ensuring fresh, wholesome meals with reduced transportation emissions.


  • Meals change every week
  • Weekly membership plans
  • Locally-sourced foods


  • Contract-free delivery only in Florida

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Eat Clean Eat Clean View Plans

Compare the Best Organic Meal Kit Delivery Services:

Best Organic Meal Kit Delivery
Unique Features
Eco-friendly emphasis on environmental sustainability.
$3.99 - $5.98
Organic ingredients; recyclable packaging; supports eco-friendly transportation and humane animal practices.
Home Chef
Sustainable meals with organic chicken.
$1.49 - $9.94
$7.99 - $13.99
Sustainably-sourced poultry; option to switch to organic chicken.
Fresh and Easy
A decent selection of dishes with organic or antibiotic-free chicken.
$1.49 - $9.94
$7.99 - $13.99 per serving
By Home Chef; convenient, fresh meals; not strictly organic.
Green Chef
The original organic meal delivery kit.
$11.49 - $12.99
$7.99 per box (free shipping on first order)
Certified organic produce and eggs; high animal welfare; eco-friendly packaging.
A great option for reducing food waste.
$4.99 per serving
$9.99 per week
Emphasizes convenience and affordability; some recyclable packaging; limited organic options.
Meal plans tailored for individual caloric needs.
$3.24 - $5.48 per meal + snack
Shifts toward sustainability; recyclable packaging; whole foods; no artificial ingredients.
Purple Carrot
Clean-eating to promote a healthy lifestyle.
From $4.30 per meal
Fully plant-based; fresh, quick-to-prepare meals; healthy snack options.
Get support from a team of health professionals.
$10.14 - $14.36 per serving
$19.98 per order (weekly)
Organic when possible; promotes wellness; clean ingredients.
99% USDA-certified organic produce.
$4.32 - $8.99 per serving
$5.99 - $7.99
Organic meat; grass-fed beef; 99% USDA-certified produce; sustainable seafood.
Eat Clean To Go
Fresh and organic chef-prepared meals.
From $4.30 per meal
Depends on location
Non-GMO, organic produce; responsibly-sourced meat, eggs, and dairy; regional sourcing.

Why Eat Organic Food?

Organic food has gotten so popular that it’s almost hard to imagine that just a few years ago it was seen as something of a niche market. These days you can hardly walk down a supermarket aisle without finding an organic version of something, be it avocados, floor cleaner, or even dog food. 

Eating organic food is a great way to cut out potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides that are used on commercial agriculture, and to avoid food from animals that have been given growth hormones and antibiotics. These chemical additives make their way to consumers through the food we eat, and with organic food you can steer clear. 

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plants and animals that have been put through genetic engineering in order to make them more resistant to pests and weather, and more productive. Research has found that GMOs have the potential to harm us when we consume them, and by cutting them out you can avoid any health risks they may pose. In addition, studies have found that organic foods are healthier and more nutritious - and most of us can agree, more flavorful.

Also, if you’re concerned about conservation, the farming methods used for organic crops are more earth friendly and responsible.  

Nonetheless, even with the wide acceptance and mainstream popularity, buying organic produce can still be costly, and not every grocery store really delivers the goods. 

Eating Organic with Meal Kit Delivery

The meal kit delivery industry realizes how important organic food is to consumers, and most companies put their organic food front and center as a main selling point. Sun Basket has taken this principle all the way, and is a USDA-certified organic handler with over 99% organic produce. 

While few companies have purely organic ingredients, most offer a wide range of USDA certified organic food and GMO-free ingredients. Companies also put a big emphasis on conservation, with Blue Apron, for instance, touting their support of sustainable fishing through their partnership with Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch.  

Why Use Meal Kit Delivery for Organic Food?

Save money

Buying organic produce can be pricey at times, but partly that’s because it's hard to know how much to buy and the fresh fruit and veggies can go bad before you figure out what you want to make. With meal kit delivery, all of the ingredients are shipped according to precise portions so you don’t have to worry about waste or overspending. 

Spare yourself the headache

There’s no shame in admitting it - it’s hard to think of recipes or new dinner ideas every night. You may have no clue which extra ingredient can really take a dish to the next level, or which root vegetable you’ve never heard of goes perfect with that wine you like. 

With home meal kit delivery services, you don’t have to take a refresher course on organic ingredients or wait for a sudden stroke of inspiration. The company provides the recipes and the ingredients, you just have to put it together.

Home meal kits also save you the hassle of having to go out and shop for the ingredients, which in the case of organic foods can be more difficult than just popping down to the convenience store.

Live An Organic Life 

Our picks for the top 10 best organic meal kit delivery services are HelloFresh, Home Chef, Fresh and Easy, Green Chef, EveryPlate, NutriSystem, Purple Carrot, Freshology, Sunbasket and Eat Clean To Go.  

Organic food is more mainstream than ever and the benefits to the organic lifestyle have never been clearer. 

The home meal kit delivery industry has taken note, and if you’d like to incorporate more organic food into your healthy diet, there’s a clear way. 

So take some time to look at the options and what your household needs, and trust us - you’ll never look back.

Ana Reisdorf
Ana Reisdorf contributes to Top10.com as aa Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 13 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics. She has published three cookbooks, including her most recent release, "The 21-day Arthritis Diet Plan", and has written for many major health and nutrition brands like Viome, Abbott, Naturemade, and Walgreens.

*The information on this site is based on research, but should not be treated as medical advice. Before beginning any new diet plan, we recommend consulting with a physician or other professional healthcare provider. Results may vary based on various health factors, individual weight loss plans and adherence to the meal plan.