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Find the Right Diabetic Meal Delivery Service for You Staff
Image - The Best Diabetic Meal Delivery Services

If you’re diabetic, you know that the key to controlling your blood sugar and staying healthy is a lean eating plan. But sticking to a diabetic eating plan can be hard, especially if you’re a busy parent and lack the time needed to find recipes and go grocery shopping. This is where the best diabetic meal delivery services come into play.

Diabetic meal delivery services ship ready-to-eat meals to your home, tailored to your dietary needs. We've reviewed dozens of meal delivery plans to see which ones qualify as the best diabetic meal delivery plans.

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  • Diet-to-Go -
  • Magic Kitchen -
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The Best Diabetic Meal Delivery Services - In-Depth Reviews

  • 1


    • PriceFrom $9.99
    • Great forNutrition-minded people who love gourmet food
    • Special offers25% off+free shipping

    BistroMD is a doctor-designed weight loss meal delivery service that plans, prepares and delivers meals to you. Chefs created a menu with over 150 meals, including vegetarian, low sodium, gluten free, vegan, heart healthy and dairy free options. There are five main weight loss options made specially for women, men, diabetes, heart health and menopause. 

    No more meal planning and prep work with set menus developed by BistroMD’s team of dietitians. You can choose your own meals or make a change to the menu choices. All meals are prepared and ready to heat and eat. BistroMD pairs the science of weight loss with the deliciousness of chef-prepared meals delivered right to your door. 

    • 200+ meal options available
    • Science-based diet plans for optimal health results
    • Personalized weight loss and diet support
    • Really expensive shipping fees
    • Requires a lot of freezer space
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    • PriceFrom $9.19
    • Great forAnyone serious about weight loss
    • Special offers10% or 15% off your first week’s order

    Diet-to-Go has a 30-year history of delivering weight loss results. No more planning and preparing meals on your own, Diet-to-Go meals are delivered to your door. Its entire menu focuses on nutritionally dense, low-calorie entrees for weight loss and optimal wellness. Take a free diet analysis to find the meal plan that is right for your age, body type, and activity level. 

    You can find keto, low carb, and vegetarian versions of Diet-to-Go’s Balance weight loss plan. Depending on your geographic location, you can access fresh or frozen meals. Choose from their 5-week rotating menu or make changes according to what meals sound good to you. Get help and support from their team of nutrition experts who will create your custom plan. If you’re looking for quality, fresh ingredients in prepared meals for weight loss, Diet-to-Go is the plan for you. 

    • Special diabetic-friendly plan
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Plans built for weight loss
    • Outrageous shipping fees
    • Limited calorie meals can be hard for some people to maintain
  • 3
    Magic Kitchen

    Magic Kitchen

    • Price$10 - $14 per meal
    • Great forSeniors with dietary requirements
    • Special offersN/A

    Magic Kitchen is great if you're looking for a meal delivery services that is affordable and can address different dietary needs and restrictions.  Featuring an abundant variety of specialized meals, there something to suit pretty much any lifestyle.  Meals are delivered frozen and can be heated in minutes. With meals starting at $10, and the ability to cancel your plan without any obligations, Magic Kitchen is a great choice for anyone looking for a help when it comes to getting food on the table.

    • Huge variety of specialized meals
    • Homestyle cooked meals
    • Heat and eat, ready in minutes
    • No vegan options
    • Shipping starts at $18.95
Comparing the Top Brands
Magic Kitchen
Reviews30 reviews30 reviewsWrite Review
From $9.99
per serving
From $9.19
per serving
$10 - $14 per meal
free on some orders
$18.95 per delivery Free for orders over $125
Delivery areas
All 50 states
Continental US
Continental US
Great for
Nutrition-minded people who love gourmet food
Anyone serious about weight loss
Seniors with dietary requirements
Special offers
25% off+free shipping
10% or 15% off your first week’s order

Importance of a Diabetic Meal Plan

For starters, a diabetic meal plan can help you not only control your blood sugars, but manage your weight, and control other risk factors often associated with diabetes like heart disease and high blood fats. Diabetic meal plans can help you stay on top of your health by managing your food intake and calorie count. 

A good diabetic meal plan should be nutrient-rich and as low in fat and calories as possible. The main components of a good diabetic diet are fruits, vegetables, and plenty of whole grains. Essentially, it’s about eating healthy foods and sticking to a regular eating schedule.

There are many recipes out there that are specially crafted for diabetic diets. These recipes are often low in carbohydrates, as carbs are the foods that get broken down into sugars and raise your glucose levels. Since calorie counting, carb counting, and sticking to a diabetic meal plan can be tough, many people turn to meal delivery service for one or more to take the stress off. 

Frozen vs. Fresh for Diabetics 

People are often stuck between choosing the right meal kit service for them, and go between frozen and fresh ones. Fresh meal kits can be better for diabetics because fresh produce, meats, and poultry contain more nutrients than frozen. Either way, there's a diabetic meal kit out there that's right for you.

Fill Your Body With the Best  

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to mean hungry days or boring meals times. Learning about diabetic-friendly meal plans is the key to staying on top of your health and ensuring you maintain proper blood sugar levels. A diabetic meal delivery program, like the ones mentioned, help make sticking to a diabetic diet easy, convenient, and hassle-free!

Frequently Asked Questions
Which meal delivery service is best for diabetics?+-

BistroMD is a popular and well-respected diabetic meal delivery service that offers meals specifically tailored to diabetics. Diet to Go is another service that focuses on medical diets and offers meals designed for diabetics and people with other health and diet concerns.

What's included in a diabetic meal plan?+-

Diabetic meal plans include pre-made or ready-to-make meals with diabetes-friendly ingredients. They're typically made by dieticians and health experts who understand what diabetics need to eat.

Can diabetics order meal plans?+-

Some top meal delivery companies offer meals exclusively for diabetics. These meals are designed by dieticians and doctors and fulfill the needs of a diabetic diet.

*The information on this site is based on research, but should not be treated as medical advice. Before beginning any new diet plan, we recommend consulting with a physician or other professional healthcare provider. Results may vary based on various health factors, individual weight loss plans and adherence to the meal plan. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.