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Top Home Security Systems—Guides and Tips on What to Look for

Here's the lowdown on everything home security systems offer you to help keep your family and posessions safe.

Can You Guess Which 10 Celebrities Have Had Their Homes Broken Into?

In Sofia Coppola’s 2013 film “The Bling Ring,” Emma Watson joins an internet-savvy gang of burglars who use social media to track celebrities and b...
Mar. 29, 2020

10 Touching Quotes That Prove the Importance of Home

Humankind has been infatuated with the idea of home since dwellings first existed. From “The Odyssey” to “The Wizard of Oz”, the concept of home ha...
Feb. 23, 2020

Home Alone: How to Protect Your Home When Traveling for the Holidays

Going away for the holidays? Good for you! It'll save you the headache of meal prep, clean up, and expenses.
Sep. 25, 2019

Alexa, Can You Protect My Home? The Coolest Alexa Integrations Yo...

If you’re a happy Amazon Alexa user, then you’ll probably be pleased to know that the flagship virtual assistant device from Amazon can do much mor...
Sep. 20, 2019

Home Automation and 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Home security systems used to include sensors that were monitored by an off-site company, but those days are over. Known as home automation, advanc...
Aug. 25, 2019

The Best Home Security Cameras of 2020

We all want to protect our homes whether we’re inside them or out. Able to record activity, alert you of movement, and even show you your home wher...
Aug. 25, 2019

Best Home Security Systems for Homeowners

With so many options out there, how can anyone decide which is the right system for them? One system may be better for full-fledged homeowners, whi...
Aug. 25, 2019

The 5 Best and Most Affordable Home Security Systems of 2020

It goes without saying that having a reliable home security system is incredibly important, regardless of where you live or the size of your house....
Aug. 12, 2019

What Are the Best Home Security Systems for Renters?

If you think that you don’t need a home security system because you’re renting (as opposed to owning), think again! Home security systems are equal...
Aug. 04, 2019

Best Alexa Compatible Home Security Systems

How did we ever live without Alexa? From checking the weather to streaming podcasts to making to-do lists, Alexa has definitely upgraded our lives....
Jul. 31, 2019

The Best Google Home Compatible Security Systems

Do you love your Google Home system and want to link it with your home security system? You’re not alone. Many Google Home customers want the ease ...
Jul. 30, 2019

How Criminals See Home Security Systems

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to burglarize you.”
May. 02, 2019

What Families Need to Look for in a Security System

There are over 2,000,000 reported burglaries every year in the US, and a large portion of homes are occupied by families. Home security considerati...
Jul. 17, 2018

Home Invasions - 6 Reasons Why Your House is a Target

Professional burglars know how to quickly and efficiently walk in and out of your home, taking with them your most valued possessions. But why woul...
Jul. 17, 2018

5 Ways to Stay Safe When You Live Alone

One of the differences between living with others and living alone is that you have to rely mostly on yourself for protection when living alone. Yo...
Jul. 17, 2018

6 DIY Home Security Hacks

Even if you're already paying for a home security system, it’s a great feeling to make your home safer using do-it-yourself hacks. A security syste...
Jul. 17, 2018