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The Best Business Security Systems of 2023 Staff
Business Security System
According to a recent study, burglaries amounted to $800 million in losses for U.S. businesses this past year. And what’s more alarming is that businesses without a security system are 4.5x more likely to be broken into. It’s readily apparent that the need for a solid business security system is very real in this day and age.

 If you own a business and want to keep your inventory, customers, and reputation safe, read on to learn what to look for, how to keep your business secure, and which are the best business security systems in 2023.

Key Features You Should Look for in a Business Security System

It’s pretty impressive what some security systems can do today. Everything from syncing up with your smart devices to instant and automatic remote access and control comes neatly packaged in these state of the art security devices. But before you go signing up for just any service, make sure your next business security system checks off these important features:


A business security system that doesn’t come with 24/7 professional monitoring is next to useless. After all, it won’t do you much good to check the video cameras and see a hooded figure breaking into your store a day after the robbery. Top security systems come with plans for professional monitoring, so someone is keeping an eye on your business at all times.

Wireless connection

Along the same line of thinking, you want to make sure your system is connected wirelessly. Older systems that are hard-wired to the electrical system are easily bypassed by simply cutting the electrical connection. Modern systems are connected wirelessly, so even if a burglar cuts the electricity, your business is still being protected.

Alarm system

Close to 75% of interrupted break-ins were due to an alarm going off. Loud and attention-grabbing, an alarm sounding is a great way to scare off potential ne'er do wells and protect your store from being robbed.


The best business security systems will have plenty of camera options for you to choose from. From high definition live video streaming to footage storage and remote access, decked out security cameras are the most effective tools for preventing and persecuting burglars in 2020. Particularly good are the night vision features that ensure you can see your store at any time of night or day. Check that your system comes with the right combination of cameras for your business.

Employee monitoring

Most business security systems will have some form of employee monitoring, at least the good ones. These systems can track when each employee is entering or leaving the building and lets you keep detailed records of activity. They can also allow you to grant time-controlled permissions to areas of the building or the entire building if you want.

How to Protect Your Business from Break-Ins

In addition to having a strong security system, here are a few best practices to help keep your business burglar-proof:


It’s shocking how few businesses invest in this simple and seemingly obvious security measure. A strong set of locks can help prevent thousands of dollars worth of damages and lost inventory.

Proper lighting

Roughly 1.5 million break-ins occurred during the night hours last year. That’s because darkness is the perfect setting for a burglary. Thieves don’t like to be in the spotlight. So, flood your store with plenty of lighting to keep shifty characters at bay.

Smart key habits

Be smart with your keys. Know who has your keys at all times, avoid making duplicates, keep a log of key ownership, and re-key your store if one is ever lost or unaccounted for.

Window screens

Invest in heavy metal window screens. These are cheaper than you’d think, and they’re a great way to keep burglars out of your business.

The Best Business Security Systems of 2023

Keeping your business safe should be one of your top priorities, and that means choosing the right security company for your needs. In addition to searching for a brand that boasts the above-mentioned features, here are the best business security systems of 2023 for keeping your business your business.



  • Wireless cellular connection
  • 8 seconds or less response time
  • Total automation system in one


  • Expensive cancellation fees
  • Several complaints online
  • $99 moving fee to take system with you

is a high-end business security system that offers nothing but the best for its customers. Systems are made with state of the art technology and the most durable hardware you’ll find. The Vivint business package includes a sleek touchscreen panel, three door/window sensors, a motion detector, key fob, and Vivint security system sign to hang in your window or in your business yard. What’s more, you can get video surveillance, energy management, remote access, smartphone notifications, and motion detection.

Vivint Vivint Get Quote



  • Affordable plans for all businesses
  • Flexible contracts and no early termination fee
  • Duress pin code


  • Have to pay for equipment upfront
  • Smartphone app only available with some plans
  • Limited security camera options

is one of the most affordable business security systems out there, but that doesn’t make it any less reliable. Small businesses will appreciate the price tag along with great features like 30-day security footage storage, the ability to download video footage or share it with others, night vision, end-to-end encryption, SSL security certificate, 256-bit encryption, WiFi and cellular connections, and super cool self-diagnostic. Plus, a duress pin code ensures that even if you or an employee is forced to unlock the doors, help will be sent out immediately.

SimpliSafe SimpliSafe Get Quote



  • Lots of strong features to choose from
  • Variety of cameras and sensors
  • Price-lock guarantee and lifetime warranty


  • Only DIY installation option
  • Not a specific business security system
  • No touchscreen panel

is a great happy medium: affordable services with great features and plans to choose from. What's also great about Frontpoint is that you can choose from several cameras and sensors, including door and window sensors, motion sensors, and environmental sensors. These work to keep employees and inventory safe from flood, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning. You can also get a panic pendant for emergency help activation. Frontpoint even offers a lifetime warranty on the entire system, so you'll never have to worry about faulty or broken parts.

Frontpoint Security Frontpoint Security Get Quote



  • Flexible access controls
  • Industry-recognized name and quality
  • Lots of plans to choose from


  • Pricey option
  • Professional installation only
  • Long contracts required

ADT is one of the biggest names in home security, and it has an excellent business solution as well. It's been around for decades and offers solid equipment and monitoring services. Security systems come with all the bells and whistles, including backup battery, 2-way voice technology, and wireless monitoring ensure that your business is safe at all times, even when you're asleep.

ADT ADT Get Quote

Accept Nothing Less Than the Absolute Best for Your Business Security

Your business is yours to run, to build, and to protect. Don’t rely on anything short of the best when it comes to business security systems to keep your customers, sensitive data, employees, and inventory safe 24/7. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.