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Securitypricer Home Security Price Comparison Tool Review 2023

Compare Home Security Fast

very good
Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell is a home security system price comparison tool. It has a wide network of security providers and helps homeowners find the best one for their needs. Just put in your location, and will do the rest. Partners include major home security companies like Vivint and Protect America, so you can rest assured. And the best part is that is totally free.


  • Fast way to get the most competitive prices
  • Easy platform to use
  • Partners with the biggest names in home security


  • Not a direct home security provider
  • Scant amount of information on the website
  • No live chat

SecurityPricer SecurityPricer Visit Site

Ideal For

  • Homeowners looking to save time and money

  • Anyone trying to find a home security system for the first time

  • You, if you want to learn more about home security in your area

Why Choose makes finding the best home security service provider for you a cinch. Instead of shopping around the internet, going to various sites, reading through endless pages of features, and trying to hold each one up to the other in a vacuum, lets you quickly and easily do your comparison shopping online.

Just put in your info, and instantly see various security providers in your area with quotes to compare. It’s never been easier. has a wide network of only the best home security companies like ADT, Protect America, and Vivint. So, no matter which one you get from your search results, you know you are seeing quality services.


The biggest feature of a site like is usability. makes it extremely simple for consumers to quickly and efficiently shop around for home security systems. Since the service is so easy to use and provides all the information you need, you’ll save hours of time and headaches. Plus, since only works with industry-leaders, you won’t waste your time looking at home security companies that aren’t worth your time or money.

While each home security company provides slightly different services and features, here are some of the options available through partners:

  • Relocate with systems

  • Wireless sensors

  • Touch control panels

  • Event triggered alarms

  • Customizable event triggers

  • Multiple user access codes

  • Mobile app

  • Smart device and home integration

Among many others. partners with the best of the best when it comes to home security services to ensure that its customers get the top quality features that will keep their homes and families safe at all times.

Security Services

As mentioned above, does not directly provide consumers with home security services. Instead, it pairs you up with a suitable security company that works in your area and fits your criteria. Among the security services that are given via the network are important measures such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring by professional monitoring centers

The most important security service is professional monitoring. This will have someone constantly watching over your home and available at a moment’s notice in case of an emergency. partners with top companies that offer superior quality monitoring services, so there’s never a moment when you and your family aren’t safe.

  • DIY or professional installation

Consider yourself handy with a screwdriver? Or maybe you just don’t want to wait. Either way, has home security systems that are easy and fast to install on your own. Alternatively, you might like to let the professionals handle installation. In which case, will pair you up with a security company that offers this service and will take care of all of your installation and setup needs.

  • Variety of cameras partners offer the most state-of-the-art security equipment, including a wide range of cameras. Homeowners will appreciate the smart indoor cameras available today from these companies. Indoor cameras can be set to ignore small pets, put on away timers, and used to record activity within the home.

Outdoor cameras come with wider viewing range, night vision, and automatic record triggers. Tile and pan cameras offer the widest range of vision, so you can see more of your outdoor space. These cameras provide you with live surveillance at all times. Doorbell cams are available, so you can see who is at your door and communicate with them even when you’re not home.

  • Environmental sensors and protection

In addition to door and window sensors, partners offer a range of environmental sensors and protection devices. These are meant to alert you to a hazard within your home early, so you can resolve the issue and get to safety quickly. Sensors include carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, flood sensors, temperate change detectors, and more.

Monitoring Services

As previously discussed, partners offer full 24-hour monitoring services. These monitoring centers are manned by professional security personnel, and many of the home security services require their employees to take full security courses, training, and refreshers periodically. This is all done to ensure the maximum safety and security of your home.

Monitoring services are a way of keeping your home and family safe. If an alarm or sensor is triggered, the monitoring center is automatically alerted. Someone will contact you immediately to see what the problem is. If you do not answer or if you require assistance,’s partner monitoring service will instantly dispatch the local emergency response team appropriate for your emergency.

Alternatively, if you prefer to save some money, most partners also offer self-monitoring systems.


Many of the partners within the network provide systems with the latest technological advancements in home security. These generally include full or partial smart home integration. For example, you can connect your home security system with your smart thermostat. This way, you can control the temperature remotely and via your home security system. Other features include:

  • Turning on or off lights even when you’re not home

  • Opening or closing garage doors remotely

  • Syncing with Alexa to read your child a bedtime story

  • Integrating with Google Home to play music when you’re on vacation, so the house appears to be occupied

Mobile Readiness

Most of the services that partner with have smart mobile apps that are sleek, easy to use, and offer full control with the tap of a finger. You can arm or disarm your home security system, change permissions, and watch live video surveillance feeds directly on your phone.

Help & Support

The customer support you receive will come from the home security system you choose ultimately. itself has good customer support in case you have any questions before deciding on a particular alarm system.

Bottom Line offers consumers a free comparison tool that makes finding and comparing home security systems in their area a breeze. The network is extensive and filled with the best names in home security systems today. The services provided cover the spectrum from full professional monitoring to installation, smart home integration, and live surveillance feed recording. Handy mobile apps are available from partner brands as well. is free and simple to use, so consumers have nothing to lose.

SecurityPricer SecurityPricer Visit Site

About is owned by QuinStreet, Inc. a huge marketing and media company. Launched in 1999, works as an online marketplace for homeowners and renters looking to compare local home security systems and their pricing. partners with major names in the security industry, including ADT, Vivint, and more.

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Phone number: (650) 578-7700

Sarah Badani writes for and has extensive research and review experience in the finance industry. With a degree in psychology and education, she brings a level of depth and understanding to her writing along with her own flavor to spice up each topic in a unique and inviting way.

SecurityPricer customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

8 months ago

It offers affordable security with cameras to monitor my home and 24-hour video recording that saves to my phone. It make me feel very safe, and I think that's the best part about it.

9 months ago

Security Pricer is awesome. I am a very satisfied customer. Highly recommend. I told my friends and family good things about them.

9 months ago

Security Pricer is unique and very diligent. They don't charge too high of a price for their services. I like how they stay up to date with all the top security providers' information. They find the lowest costs and provide the best services for a great fee and we can always count on them when needed for a good price.

10 months ago

I truly recommend it to others that are looking at adding a home security system. They have great security options. You can watch your home security system through your phone, tablet or computer - just about anywhere. It is a great system to use.

10 months ago

Security Pricer is the best Home Security app I've came across so far. When any of my friends decide to get their own home security, I recommend Security Pricer. I love their low prices.

a year ago

So far, out of all the Security apps, this has become my favorite one. I like this one a lot because it gives me everything that I need all in one place. I would recommend this to everyone who has home security system and is looking to upgrade or is in need of a new home security system.

a year ago

Because it worked the best and my entire family uses it. It makes us feel safe and secure

a year ago

It's been very helpful for me and my family and its very easy to use to get a great price - I really like this company its been very helpful and very good

a year ago

I love the system I bought for the price they showed me a lot of real security and gives the feeling of being safe it is also easy to use and good for value

a year ago

Easy to use, freindly user easy to navigate. Work done right away, more time to relax after

a year ago

I feel comfortable with the security service my home is secure and protected

a year ago

I liked this protection because this service in one time we are saved in a special moment of my life to a 2 thefts in my house

a year ago

Is pretty much and safe I recommend it if you want to buy a home security system

a year ago

We haven't had for very long, but so far it's been a great company to deal with. They are always able to answer any questions. The customer service is great.

a year ago

This is a high quality security system which is a great resource for consumers who need peace of mind at home/work. These alarms can reduce the threat of crimes significantly

a year ago

overall it is affordable, good services and fast installation. I feel a peace of mind when have the service/product in my house hold.

a year ago

it's really easy to use, so an older person that's not great with technology could easily use it. Also it's very trustworthy

a year ago

It is extremely easy to learn how to use and setting up in a house is a breeze

a year ago

It was good, but a little bit hard to use. I'm a bit slow with technology, but I've made it work excellently.

9 months ago

I feel like I can go out and I know my home is protected and my kids are protected. With their high quality cameras I can see everything that's going on outside my home. I can see who's coming up to my door before I even answer it and I can view them on my TV and my phone so I don't have to get up and look out the door. This to me is just an overall great experience.

56 reviews
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